Guide to Buying a Memory Foam Mattress According to Your Bed Frame

Did you get yourself a brand new Memory Foam Mattress? That’s great but does it match with your bed frame? Wait, you never heard of it before. Well for your kind information, bed frames play an important part for good night sleep. So don’t ignore it. They support your heavy mattress or else your bed will break, and you will have to sleep on the floor. To make sure that doesn’t happen, follow this quick guide on the bed frame and make a better decision.

Best Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

A Memory Foam Mattress for sure has its benefits, but the contouring effects can make your experience even better. These impacts can help you get rid of back pain by providing a natural resting place for your spine.  These mattresses can also provide you more heat. Considering the fact Memory Foam Mattresses are heavy as compared to a spring mattress. These beds need sturdy foundation frames that fit well according to their size. It supports increased weight better.

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The Foundation and Size of your Frame

Bed Frame Sizes

The platform for Memory Foam Mattress needs to be made of heavier materials. These frames should be done up of thick layer plywood for extra support.  To adjust your foam better, it is advised that the wooden slates are placed horizontally.  In case you are using your mattress without a firm foundation, make sure your wooden bars are wide and close to each other.  The metal bed frames are specially designed for spring mattresses.

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Using a metal frame for your Memory Foam Mattress will provide excellent support. The only problem is; metal frames only work with queen and king sizes, not smaller ones. So, you need to enjoy the ultimate comfort with your foam, pay attention to the size of your mattress and bed frame. To help you out, below we are giving you the most common Memory Foam Mattress Sizes. Learn about these different sizes and make a well-informed decision.

  • Twin (38×74)
  • Twin XL (38×80)
  • Full (54×75)
  • Full XL (54×80)
  • Queen (60×80)
  • King (76×80)
  • California King (72×84)
  • Dual/Split Queen (30×80 (x2))
  • Dual/Split Queen (38×80 (x2))
  • Dual/Split California King (36×84 (x2))

We realize the different Memory Foam Mattress brands can come with size differences. If customers want, they can even come up with custom beds thanks to the simple demands of these mattresses.  We are giving you a few uncommon sizes you may come across with due to brand differences.

  • Twin XXL (38X84)
  • Full XXL (54X84)
  • Split Queen (30×80 (x2))
  • Split Kind (38×80 (x2))
  • Split California King (36×84 (x2))
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