Top 10 Best King Size Bed Frame With Headboard – Reviews & Guide of 2024

The base for a comfortable bed is its frame. Bed frames are available in a wide range of varieties. Hence, choosing the right bed frame that can accommodate you and complement your bedroom ambiance might be quite difficult for many. Since bed frames are durable and used for more than a decade, careful consideration is required before buying them. Here, let us discuss King size bed frame with the headboard that might suit your needs.

Beds are not only a place to sleep but also to read books and watch movies. Indeed, the pleasure of reading books or watching your favorite movie with your partner under the warmth of a thick blanket is indescribable. So, wouldn’t it be comfortable for your bed to have a headboard that allows you to comfortably do all these?

King size bed frames are the most preferred type of frame. It can accommodate a large mattress and allows you to roll on comfortably without the fear of falling down during sleep. Further, sharing the bed with your partner is not a problem, as it has enough room for each of you to stretch to the fullest. Usually, the dimension of a king-sized bed frame is 76”x80’, which has a width twice as much as a double bed – 75”x52”. That is already super comfortable. So, to make it more comfortable we need a headboard. A headboard is a vertical attachment that allows you to recline yourself.

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Benefits of King size Bed Frame

Sleeping in a crowded bed is the main reason why many people suffer from insomnia. That is exactly the main reason for the popularity of the king-size bed. It provides a very large space for a couple to peacefully sleep through the night. A good night’s sleep provides many other benefits like being fresh at work the next day.

Benefits of King size bed

Imagine a large bedroom, a bedroom that can spaciously accommodate a large bed, a coffee table, and two cozy chairs. How nice would it be to sit at the coffee table, sharing a cup of coffee with your loved one, and look at everything that is illuminated by the first rays of the sun in the morning? The imagination by itself is very pleasurable! To enjoy such beautiful moments, you and your partner must first need a good night’s sleep.

For a good night’s sleep, you would need a spacious and comfortable bed. Do you think any other bed than a large king-size bed can offer you such space? A king-size bed is the only type of bed, which can provide you and your partner enough space for a comfortable sleep and make sure you wake up the next day fresh and ready to attend to your work.

Better Blood Flow: As you can spread out comfortably, it ensures proper blood flow throughout your body.

No Pain In Joints: Cramped sleeping place causes sour ankles and knees. It can aggravate health issues such as arthritis and joint injuries. Therefore, when you are able to stretch completely, you do not have to experience such pain.

Breathing Easier: Some of us or our partners have sleep apnea and associated snoring. This can cause problems for your partner or you. A king-sized bed allows sufficient space for both and mitigates the issue considerably.

Fewer Disturbances: Whenever you or your partner is flipping or rolling during sleep, it would never bother the other on a king-size bed. The large bed surface allows you to sleep peacefully.

Healthy Sleeping Positions: When you have a comfortable space to sleep, you can concentrate on your sleeping habits. You can adapt to healthy sleeping positions that can provide you complete rest. A large sleeping surface means numerous pressure points to distribute your weight, which helps alleviate medical conditions such as neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, etc.

Cozy Sunday Morning: When you have a big family with kids and pets, what would be better on a Sunday morning than cuddling with everyone on a large king-size bed? Not even a queen size bed can offer you such a pleasure.

What are the special advantages if the King bed with a headboard?

Many would wonder about the purpose of a headboard. Historically, headboards were used in Egyptian civilization only as a feature of decoration. Later, in the Roman Empire, the headboards had purposes that are more practical. Today, headboards are more functional than ever.

special advantages if the King bed with a headboard

The Focal Point: Inarguably, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. A headboard gives a final addition to the bed, improving its aesthetics.

Prevent Marks And Stains On Wall: People who place their bed close to the wall might often notice stains and marks on the wall. The sweat and oil from your hair is the reason for the stains. Thus, washing the headboard fabric is comparatively easier and less expensive than painting the walls frequently.

Comfortable Reclining Position: Sitting against the wall is neither comfortable nor good for your back. Therefore, having a fabric covered headboard can provide you comfortable sitting position on the bed.

Pillows Are Safe: Many people face the problem of losing their pillows in the middle of sleep and consequently losing their sleep. Headboards are quite efficient in keeping the pillows in position and make you less vigilant about the midnight pillow rescue.

Top 10 Best King Size Bed Frame with Headboards in 2024 – Chart

#OverviewBed Frame NameAdvantageOur Rating

Zinus Korey 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard, King

Metal Platform Bed Frame
Upholstered Headboard
Strong wood slat

Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Style King Platform Bed with Headboard

Rustic wood paneled headboard
strong wood slat

Mantua Kenville Black Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed, King

Easy to Assemble
Faux Leather Upholstered

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood King Platform Bed with Headboard

Box Spring Optional
Wood headboard

MUSEHOME Upholstered Knighthood Platform Bed/No Boxspring Needed, King

All-in-One style

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed, King

Knitted Polyester
Easy Assembly
Dark Grey

DHP Dakota Upholstered King size Platform Bed with Headboard and Storage Drawers, Black Faux Leather


Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed, King, Grey

Industrial modern design
High-quality with affordable price

Crown Mark Erin California King Bed Gray

Complete bed packaged in one box3.8

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard - Adjustable Height from 34” to 46” - King/California King - Stone

solid Siberian Larch wood
Headboard fits most bed frames

1. Zinus Korey 14 Inch King Metal Bed Frame with Headboard

Wood Slat Support Metal Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard, Mattress Foundation

Fundamentally, Zinus is an online-based company, which was initially focused on outdoor furniture like tents. However, today, they are a producer of a wide range of indoor products with more focus on bed frames and mattresses, catering to various lifestyles. The highlighting characteristics of its products are affordability.


The simple and elegant look of the bed frame makes it one of the typical Zinus products. This platform metal bed frame is best suited if you are looking for something that is simple yet effective. The grey-toned headboard upholsters and the white paint of the wall would give a contrasting theme to your bedroom.


The frame is made up of steel. There are an extra railing and leg in the middle, which makes the frame considerably strong and provides good support. It also features a grey fabric upholstered headboard, which is quite comfortable with 1.5” thick foam. Non-slip tapes run across the frame that prevents the mattress from moving.


The use of high-quality wooden slats eliminates the need for a box spring. The wooden slats are available in two sets of seven slats each. The steel frame is lined with foam-padded tape that reduces the noise during movement. Due to minimal material and effective usage of rubber in the structure, the frame is almost noise-free. However, there are certain complaints after prolonged use. Many complain that the slats sag after a few months and cause noises on vigorous movement.


Strong wood slats mattress support prevents sagging and increases mattress life. Initially, the bed feels strong and sturdy. After some time, the legs tend to become weaker, making the frame vulnerable. However, the company provides a 5-year limited warranty that must come in handy.

Additional Features

The 14’’ ground clearance is more than enough to be used as a large storage space. Besides, it does not offer any other additional features. Further, there are no color variants available. The bed comes in a compacted box, which makes it easy to drag it into the bedroom. The bed frame can be assembled in a few minutes. It requires only a single tool to fix all the parts together and this is provided with the product.

  • Simple
  • Easy to assemble
  • Upholstered foam cushioned headboard
  • Poor customer service
  • Long-term usage raises uncertainty

2. Zinus Adrian King Size Wood Bed Frame with Headboard

Rustic Style Platform Bed, Wood Slat Support, 12 inches, 5-year warranty


It is another affordable innovation by Zinus. The rustic style of the frame blends well with any décor. The nature-inspired texture to the frame and headboard gives a rugged and simple look to it. Further, it adds organic warmth to the ambiance and provides a welcoming look. It offers a high-quality aesthetic appeal at a very low price. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble and does not require box springs.

Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Style Platform Bed with Headboard / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support, King


Instead of hardwood, the frame and headboard are made from pinewood stained to a particular color, which offers good strength and texture. The slats are made of plywood. The wood-paneled headboard does not feature a fabric upholstery and foaming, which makes it uncomfortable to recline.


The slats are attached with Velcro straps at the ends that help them hold at a fixed position on the railings. Since the slats have arrested movement with respect to the railing; they do not disintegrate and avoid slipping of the mattress. Since the slats are made of plywood, they offer a good cushioning effect by absorbing the vibrations during tossing and turning. A mattress with memory foam will make sure your partner never even recognizes when you wake up in the early morning. The only drawback is the headboard, which does not have to cushion.


The frame features six legs rather than the usual four legs. This reduces the stress on each leg and helps spread the pressure evenly. The extra three two legs in the middle add to the strength of the frame and avoid early sagging of the slats. Further, the 14 slats made of plywood curves optimally on load, which ensures the mattress does not undergo high wear and tear. Unlike the Zinus Korey, it is significantly durable for a long period. Although few complain that the frame is flimsy, the frame is sturdy and solid.

Additional Features

The 8” ground clearance is less compared to the Zinus Korey’s 14”. However, it considerably sufficient to add a few racks to store books, clothes and other items. Besides, there are no additional features available in the bed frame. Further, only one color option is available. The frame is easy to assemble and it takes only 45 minutes to do it.

  • Visual Appeal
  • Low cost
  • Uncomfortable headboard
  • No additional features

3. Mantua King Leather Bed Frame with Headboard

Kenville Black Upholstered Platform Bed King Beds, Model design Faux Leather Bed and Headboard

Mantua is one of the leaders of the sleep products industry. Headquartered in Ohio, the company rides on the reputation it has built since the embarking in 1952. The family-owned manufactures and distributors specialize in steel bed frames and adjustable beds.


The premium black colored bed is an eye-catcher the moment you enter the bedroom. The platform bed upholstered with leather offers a perfect finishing touch to any bedroom. The bed gives a sense that the manufacturer has made it with intentions of pure art and luxury. The sleek leather upholstering enhances the décor multiple times. This bed complements a contrasting white and black theme. The leather imparts a high-end look and smooth finishing.


The frame is made of wood and is upholstered with fabric. The fabric used is faux leather. It is used for both the frame and the headboard.  Faux leather is coated with vinyl that makes it charming. The headboard is cushioned with foam. The square tufted headboard makes the bed more beautiful.


The supportive slat system ensures that there is no need for box springs. Numerous slats run across the railings providing good support and cushioning to the mattress. The slats are considerably thick and curved, which improves the comfort of the bed. Further, the split slats reduce the friction with the center railing and decrease noise generation on flipping and moving. The leather-padded frame suppresses the noise due to friction, providing a disturbance-free night sleep. One of the drawbacks is the thin-foamed headboard, which does not provide the required comfort while sitting back. Another drawback is the very low height of the bed, which makes it difficult to get on and off the bed.


Many proclaim that this bed is significantly sturdy and can last for a long time. It features 4 corner legs and 3 legs attached to the center railing, which ensures a strong base. Although the exterior looks smooth and soft, the bed in solid and durable.

Additional Features

It includes a foot footboard and side railings. Thus, it ensures you do not fall along any side of the bed as you are in deep sleep. The frame can accommodate both king and California king size mattresses. The product is available in three colors: black, brown and taupe. It is easy to assemble and all the hardware necessary for the assembly is provided along with the product.

  • Premium look
  • Quite
  • Low height
  • Uncomfortable headboard

4. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard, King-size


If you are looking for the best quality for the money spent, Zinus Suzanne must be your first choice. It has a much better quality to cost ratio compared to the beds of Ikea. With a metal and wood construction, Suzanne offers a modern look. The headboard is stylish and suits modern décor. In general, it can fit into any style of bedroom.


Zinus Suzanne is made of steel, which makes it sturdy. The construction makes the bed firm and stable. It is slated and has wooden slats, which are 2.9” apart each. Memory foam or spring mattress suits this bed frame. However, if you want to increase the height of the bed, you can use a box spring under a spring mattress. The headboard is made of wooden panels, stained pine wood, that run across the metal frame.


The wooden slats run the whole length of the bed, which helps in holding the mattress and providing maximum comfort. Usually, the contact between the metal and the wood is responsible for the squeaks in platform beds. In Suzanne, the direct contact between the metal and wood is avoided with the help of foam tape. A heavy-duty foam tape runs along the bottom, where the wood and metal meets. Thus, it ensures noise-free sleep. The major drawback of the bed is that the headboard does not feature a fabric and foam construction, which can be hard on your back.


Since construction is mainly using high-quality steel, it does not creak or squeak. The presence of thick and slightly curved wooden slats makes the bed withstand heavy loads without evidence of much strain.

Additional Features

The 7” rise in the bottom gives you a little extra room to stock things underneath the bed. It is available in two variants, one with the footboard and the other without a footboard. The assembly of the bed is very easy with the help of the straightforward instructions. It takes only half an hour for the process. Further, a ratchet is provided along with the bed to help in assembling. It rules out the necessity for any extra tool. Therefore, it can be easy to shift and reassemble your bed when you are moving to a different place.

  • A modern and sleek look
  • Noise-free
  • Highly comfortable
  • Cost worthy
  • Easy to assemble
  • The headboard is not comfortable
  • Lacks luxurious aesthetics

5. MUSEHOME Upholstered Knighthood Platform Bed /No Box Spring Needed

Musehome is committed to providing your bedroom with world-class beds. Although the company is not very popular, they offer very high-quality products.


Musehome Upholstered Knighthood is a brilliant blend of modern and classic styles. The dark-grey faux-linen upholstered frame transcends modernism and the glacier-toned color of the fabric gives it a classic look. Despite being a blend of two contrasting styles, it is simple and elegant. The bed does not flaunt, but its presence is felt only as a gracefulness.

MUSEHOME Upholstered Knighthood Platform Bed/No Boxspring Needed, King


The frame is primarily built on metal, iron. The metal frame is then upholstered with a fine quality faux-linen. Since it is a platform bed, it has wooden slats made of pinewood. There is a wooden lining along the metal frame to accommodate the slats in their position. The headboard is also upholstered with linen-faux and stuffed with foam. Since the fabric used is a single piece and unwoven, they offer a great texture and touch. In addition, the headboard features stitched buttons.


The wooden slats are made of high-quality pinewood, which eliminates the need for a box spring. The use of linen-faux to upholster the frame enhances the comfort of the bed. Linen has considerably high porosity, which enables the free flow of air. Thus, it helps your skin breathe and relaxes throughout the night’s sleep. If you are living in regions of high humidity, this bed ensures that your body is kept cool. Moreover, the linen becomes softer with use, thus providing a high-level of comfort.

There seems to be no plastic covering to protect the direct contact between the wooden slat and the side wooden railing. Thus, while tossing and turning, the bed makes some noise.


The fabric used for upholstering the frame is highly durable. It does not wear and tear easily. Further, it is highly stain-resistant and requires only occasional cleaning and maintenance. The use of plastic legs as support instead of metal legs reduces the strength of the bed. There is a high risk of breakage and a complete wreck of the bed. Therefore, the frame needs separate metal support to avoid any such potential disaster.

Additional Features

The product comes home with various additional features such as the footboards and sideboards. So many additional features at a low price are quite amusing. It serves as a compromise for its certain drawbacks. It is available only in one color variant, dark grey.

  • Unique style and simplicity
  • The comfort and style linen-faux offers
  • Overall strength
  • Squeaks on heavy loads

6. Zinus Shalini Kingsize Upholstered Bed Frame with Headboard – Diamond Stitched Platform Bed


Zinus Shalini is a very inexpensive platform bed. Whilst many use it as the master bed, it is more suitable as a guest bed. The dark gray fabric gives a classic look at the bed. The bed should blend well with cool themes. Rooms that are predominantly white, gray or blue color will provide an environment to place the bed.


The frame is made of metal, steel. The platform bed consists of wooden slats made of pinewood. The metal frame is upholstered with a thick and tight woven synthetic fabric. The fabric seems to be a kind of polyester. The color of the polyester is similar to that of a business suit; it is uniformly gray without any white splashes.

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support / Dark Grey, King

The headboard is also upholstered with the same material, and it is provided a diamond stitching. Further, the texture of the headboard is enhanced with a couple of layers of stitched buttons. The headboard is hollow at the back and a thin layer of padding is provided at the front.


The bed and a 12’’ mattress can offset the bed to about 2 feet, which makes it easy to get on and off the bed. The bed does not require box springs as the slats provide enough suspension. However, the suspension is not very good and sometimes you may feel the need for a box spring to improve comfort. Velcro is provided to hold the slats in position, but it does not work efficiently. Hence, you can feel jibes on turning.

The padding provided in the headboard is not sufficient to recline for a long time. It causes back pain and irritates the spine. Further, it does not provide a good sitting position. A thicker layer of foam should have been comfortable.


The polyester used to upholster is very closely stitched, making the fabric strong. It also helps absorbing noise due to friction. The presence of a large number of legs ensures a strong base that provides good stability.

One negative remark about the construction is the space of more than 3” between the wooden slats. This increases the strain of the mattress. Thus, the mattress may wear and tear quickly.

Additional Features

It is available in two color variants: dark grey and sage grey. The product does not come with additional features such as sideboards, footboard or drawers. All the parts required for assembly comes in a neatly packed zippered compartment at the back of the headboard.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good color and texture of the fabric
  • Low on comfort
  • Possible quick wear and tear of the mattress

7. DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Headboard and Storage Drawers, Black Faux Leather, King

Spread across 25 countries, Dorel Home Products is an expert in home furnishing products. The company produces products that are innovative and trendsetting.


This product by DHP is relatively expensive compared to other beds in the list. This stylish bed frame offers a contemporary and chic look with button-tufted diamond detailing. The provision of storage drawers within the frame of the bed is substantial. It is relatively expensive compared to other products on the list.


DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers, Black Faux Leather, King

The frame is constructed using a hardwood that includes the wooden slats, center rail, and supporting side rails. It provides a sturdy build and looks. White faux leather is used to upholster the entire frame, giving it a luxurious feel. The headboard and footboard are also constructed using the same wood and upholstered with the same fabric. In addition, diamond-shaped tufted buttons on the footboard and headboard enhance the style of the bed.


The optimal spacing of the wooden slats provides proper suspension and allows air circulation, which in turn ensures a good night’s sleep. There is no need to use a box spring. The plastic covering at the ends of the slats helps positions of the slats firmly on the side rails. This ensures reduced movement of the mattress and avoids slipping. The leather covering reduces noise due to friction between the parts of the frame.


The center railing and extra legs made of solid wood provide a sturdy structure to the bed. Although there have been complaints about weak legs, they seem to be strong. The legs are made of high-quality steel, which provides a strong base to the bed. By choosing an apt mattress along with the frame, it can be considered as a one-time investment for several years to come.

Additional Features

The frame features storage drawers on either side of it. It can be considered as a very useful add-on, which can reduce the need to buy extra storage furnishes. Overall, it saves space and money. Further, the simple slide in and slide out mechanism of the drawers makes it easy to store and take from it. The upholstered faux leather is available in three color variants: black, brown, and white. It is very easy to assemble and has an easy-to-clean surface that wipes clean with a damp cloth.

  • Stylish and luxurious aesthetics
  • High comfort
  • Useful additional features
  • Expensive

8. Novogratz Bushwick – Cheapest King Size Bed Frame with Headboard

Novogratz is a lifestyle brand, which is committed to creating products for modern families in pursuit of adventure. The company tends to design products that bring the boutique vibe into the living space.


Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed, King, Grey

It is a sturdy curved metal frame with a headboard and footboard. It combines industrial and contemporary design elements. The gray tone of the bed suits the best with white and cool colors. Generally, it enhances the beauty of any décor. It has a unique design, which makes it a focal point of the bedroom. This bed frame is the cheapest on the list.


It is made of metal, wrought iron. The side rail, center rail, slats, headboard, footboard, and legs are made of the same metal. The bed frame does not feature any fabric upholstering over the entire frame. The frame consists of plastic locking sliders to keep the metal slats in place.


The bed provides reasonable comfort for its cost. Nevertheless, the bed is very poor in terms of comfort compared to other beds with wooden slats. The slats provide a very low cushioning effect. Thus, it feels like sleeping over a hard surface. The plastic locking sliders are not very efficient in keeping the slats confined. Thus, it creaks and squeaks on tossing and turning.


The metal side rails provide guaranteed stability and durability. The center metal rail and legs provide additional support. The high-quality metal construction of the frame makes it unquestionable in the aspects of strength and sturdiness. However, there have few complaints about the weak center leg. This might be due to poor welding practices. Providing support at the bottom can reduce the risk of breakage.

Since the slats offer a very low cushioning effect, the mattress undergoes significant strain. As a result, the life of the mattress is reduced.

Additional Features

The height of the frame is adjustable between 6” and 11”. This improves the storage capacity under the bed. The bed frame is available in five different color variants: black, blue, gold, grey and white. Following the instructions provided, it takes only about 20 minutes to assemble the frame.

  • Inexpensive
  • Artistic
  • Weak middle leg
  • Low on comfort

9. Crown Mark Erin California King Bed With Headboard, Gray

Crown Mark is one of the leading importers and distributors of home furniture. They sell both expensive and medium-cost furniture throughout the country.


This product by Crown Mark provides a cozy atmosphere. The stone khaki-colored upholstery covering the metal frame is a perfect suit for gray and light-brown toned bedrooms. It is stylish and sleek.


Crown Mark Erin California King Bed Gray

The frame is mostly made of metal, wrought iron. The side railing and legs are made of metal. The four slats and the linings on the side rail are made of hardwood, pinewood. The headboard is also made of metal, covered with the stone khaki fabric and is heavily padded. The headboard is tufted with shiny silver buttons along its border, which gives a glossy look to the bed.


The mattress has to be laid on top of a box spring. Although most bed frames are of platform type these days, this bed frame feels to be quite out of the contemporary. Nevertheless, using a good box spring makes the bed very comfortable. Using a box spring increases the overall height of the bed, which makes it easier to get on and off the bed. The height of the headboard is sufficiently high to support the back and neck properly. The provision of extra padding to the headboard is soothing to the back.


The use of box spring helps in distributing the load evenly to all the supporting legs. Two columns of metal legs in the middle of the frame provide good stability and strength. Sometimes on heavyweight, the legs may break. Therefore, by adding additional support at the bottom can avoid any potential risk.

Additional Features

It is available in three color formats: black, stone and grey.

  • Visual appeal
  • Good elevation from the ground
  • Well designed and comfortable headboard
  • Need to buy separate box spring
  • Unreliable supporting legs

10. LUCID Mid-Rise King/California King Upholstered Headboard – Adjustable Height from 34” to 46”

LUCID is a company that produces sleep products. They specialize in headboards, producing high quality and stylish designs that cater to the needs of all types of lifestyles.


LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard - Adjustable Height from 34” to 46” - King/California King - Stone

The king size headboard is sleek and luxurious. The stone-colored headboard suits well with light-themed bed and wall. It is also perfect for earthly themed bedrooms. As mentioned earlier, this stylish headboard serves as a beautiful focal point to the bedroom. In general, this modern headboard can be used with any type of bed.


The frame of the headboard is made of Siberian Larch wood. The high quality of the hardwood provides strength and stability to the headboard. It is upholstered with a linen fabric, which adds charm to the entire room. The upholstering is available in two types of tufting: diamond and squared tufting. The headboard is adequately padded and lined with foam.


LUCID mid-rise upholstered headboard is one of the most comfortable headboards available in the market. The headboard has a sufficient width to provide maximum comfort to both your back and head. The extra padding and stuffed foam add to the cushioning effect of the headboard.


The headboard is has a high lastingness. The use of high-quality wood such as the Siberian Larch wood enhances the sturdiness of the headboard. The producers are highly optimistic about the strength of the headboard that they offer a lifetime warranty.

Additional Features

The special feature of the headboard is that it is height adjustable. The board’s height can be increased by 2 inches from 34” to 46”. This makes the bed highly functional and usable with all most all types of bed frames. Further, the holes are pre-drilled and provide options to wall mount the headboard. Wall mounting the headboard adds to the stability of it. The headboard is available in four different colors: charcoal, cobalt, pearl, and stone.

  • Luxurious design
  • High-quality material used
  • Maximum comfort
  • Height adjustable
  • Expensive

Buying Guide of King Bed Frame With Headboard

A bed is not only a place to sleep on but dream! Whether your sleep is filled with dreams or nightmares partially depends upon the way you sleep and that in turn depends on your bed! We hope our little guide helps you pick the bed that’s just right for you and may your sleep be filled with sweet dreams!

What Material Should I Choose For My King Size Bed Frame?

The next step is to decide the right type of king size bed frame. King size bed frames vary in terms of the material used, box springs or platform beds, headboard features, and other features. Let us discuss the various types of frames based on the abovementioned aspects.

Wood: Historically, bed frames made from wood have been used widely. They have been in existence since the beginning of the 14th century. Oak, mahogany, pine, and walnut are the material used in wooden frames. Wooden bed frames are good if you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. They can be easily carved and designed. Wooden frames look classy and rich and they can be matched easily with the rest of the room’s decoration plan. Although wooden frames look stylish, they do come with few drawbacks. They require regular maintenance and cleaning since they can be infested with termites and other boring insects and can carry lice too.

Metal: Metal bed frames came to existence in the 19th century. Generally, they are made of steel, iron, brass, and aluminum. These frames offer a solution to the problems faced with wooden frames. They are strong, sturdy and endure for a long period without weakening. With proper maintenance, they will look brand new even after several years. They offer a cool theme for your bedroom. The only drawback of a metal frame is that they lack the aesthetic appeal of the wooden frames.

Leather: Leather bed frames are available in both genuine and faux leather. Usually, the frame is made of wood and wrapped with a layer of leather. This gives a premium look compared to other frames. These kinds of bed frames require a lot of maintenance and purchase of certain products to clean them specifically.

Box Springs Or Platform Beds?

Once you have decided about the material of the frame for your bed, the type of support for your mattress must be decided.

Box Springs

Box springs are usually boxes filled with springs. Until the 1990s, the mattresses produced needed cushioning support to ease the pressure produced when getting on and off it. This support was provided by the springs in the box. They tend to reduce the tear and wear of the mattress. Consequently, making the mattress durable and last long. Further, box springs provide an added elevation to the bed, making it easier to get on and off it. This feature is very useful for elderly people.

Platform Beds

Platform beds primarily use a sequence of orderly placed slats to cushion and support the mattress. When buying platform beds, the distance between the slats needs to be considered. The more the distance between the slats, the more the tear and wear of the mattress. A slightly curved and thicker slat will provide more support. Unlike box springs, platform beds do not provide added elevation to the bed. They are relatively closer to the ground, which makes it difficult to get on and off the bed.

What Are The Features Should Look For In A Headboard for King Bed Frame?

In a king-size bed, the headboard spans approximately over a length of 7ft. Hence, it serves as a focal point of your bed in the aesthetic sense. The moment you enter into the bedroom, the looks of the headboard draw your attention than any other feature of the bed in the first place. Therefore, the headboard needs careful consideration in line with the theme you are opting for the bedroom.

Apart from the visual appeal, the headboard should be comfortable enough to recline and relax. In certain cases, headboards are also designed to act as a storage space. Hence, features like the headboard upholstering fabric and height of the headboard need to be highly considered.

Upholstering Fabric

A visually appealing fabric can add to the looks of the bedroom. Since the headboards can be customized based on the existing décor of the room, you can choose from a wide variety of material, texture, and prints. Further, to add a luxurious feeling to your bed, embellishments and buttons can be weaved on the headboard fabrics.

Certain other aspects need to be considered when choosing the fabric for your headboard. Beds are of everyday use, they can be easily dirtied. Therefore, the fabric chosen must be easy to clean, durable and stain-resistant.  Further, the location of the bed matters. If your bed were near direct sunlight, you would need a fabric that does not fade easily.

Most commonly used fabric: county check, house linen, faux suede, pure cotton, and textured weave.

Height Of Headboard

The height of the headboard is a crucial part of the selection process. It should be high enough to support your back, neck, and head. If not chosen properly, they may result in neck and back problems. When choosing the headboard height, factors like the width of the bed, ceiling height, and space required must be pondered.

Other Features

Space: One of the most important factors to be considered when purchasing a bed frame with a headboard is the space available in your bedroom. King size bed frames occupy a lot of space. It may reduce the space available for other items in the bedroom. Thus, to save space you can incorporate certain storage aspects within bed’s structure. For example, you can add drawers underneath the bed to keep cloths or add an extension to your headboard to hold phones that avoid an extra table near the bed.

Moreover, there are certain bed frames that provide space to accommodate television at the foot of the bed. That really conserves space. These types of features available in king size bed frame can help people live in small spaces but want a large comfortable bed.

King Size Vs. Cal King

Mattresses are available in a variety of different sizes. There are twin, extra-long twin, full size, queen, king size and California king. The most popular sizes for the master bedroom are king and the California king. Many people after they purchase the bed forgets if they had bought a king or California King bed.

Length, width, and height of king size bed frame with headboard

King is also known as the Eastern King. It is 76” x 80”, which is almost a square. It is also available in variants such as 78” x 80”. It is comparatively more popular than the California king. The California king is 72” x 84”, which is a little narrower and a little longer compared to the Eastern king. Exceptionally tall people will find the California king useful. Thus, relatively there is only a small amount of difference between king and California king.

A lot of bedding components are the same and they are interchangeable. Things like the flat sheet, duvet cover, shams, pillows, pillowcases, and blankets are the same. The two things that are not interchangeable are the fitted sheets and dust ruffle. A king fitted sheet will not be suitable for a California king bed and vice-versa.

As mentioned earlier, the California king is not very popular. Hence, you may find the choice in bedding components to be less.

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