GhostBed Mattress Reviews 2024 – 11,13 Inch, Coolest Luxe Gel Memory Foam & Adjustable Power Base

The GhostBed is a renowned mattress making company of the United States of America, which is not only highly rated for their products but also from past 100 years they are maintaining their product quality through specifications by almost five generations. Marc L. Werner, the present CEO of this company, has told about the ultimate hardworking and researching about mankind’s relaxing types of equipment like mattresses. But in this era, not only quality matters with the competition but also a customer wants more and more specifications and features within that price. So the company search new taste of sweet sleep and rolled out these kinds of mattresses.

Accordingly, Werner has 35 years of experience in designing the mattress, and moreover, the products of this company maintain all kinds of uniqueness from specifications to price maintaining. So, the mattress production company GhostBed is considered that it is one of the leading mattresses making companies all over the world. Not only they have only the production of the mattress, but also they have ladders that are made of fiberglass and also aluminum. Those are also strong for carrying weight and also light for carrying. So, the company always tries to make that kind of product, which do not only feature full but also has good longevity to the consumer so that they can give the company a 5-star rating. Also, check our latest reviews about the Mend Adapt adjustable mattress.

Best GhostBed Mattresses & Custom Adjustable Power Base in 2024 – Chart

1GhostBed Mattress 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box, QueenCooling Gel Foam
Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam
Made in USA
20 Year Warranty
2GhostBed Luxe Mattress-King 13 Inch-The Coolest Mattress in the WorldGhost Ice Fabric
Ghost Bouncer Layer
25 Year Warranty
3GhostBed Split King Custom Adjustable Power Base and GhostBed 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattressultra premium foams
full head and foot adjustability
20 year warranty
4Ghostbed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base | Adjustable in a BoxDual Interactive Massage
Wireless Backlit Remote
USB Ports on Both Side
Under-Bed LED Lights

1. GhostBed 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box Review

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress in a Box-Most Advanced Adaptive Gel Memory Foam–Coolest Mattress in America-Made in the USA–Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

This product is one of the best creations from the leading mattress company. Its specifications and features are unique from all and also have good reviews on the eyesight of consumers. For this one can sleep on it or relax on it with proper sustain of living and it is comparatively cheaper rather than other mattresses. Here we go through some technical specifications through reviews.


Touch of Experts:

The GhostBed mattress company has hired more than 150 workers and employees to make this project fruitful and well-rated. They just focused on the peaceful sleeping equipment like the mattress. Their technology, their ambition, their honesty and there are hardworking are cleared in that product’s zero faulty. Over 15 years, they are researching for the smart mattress that is not only special but also addresses to a nice deep sleep to the relaxing lover.

Super Choosing of Material:

The fabrics that are chosen and also taken are so much selective and also being consumed as higher quality than others. The fabrics are so good that they are not being compressed so much by applying a little bit of a load of consumers. GhostBed Cooling Gel memory foam mattresses and fabrics are long-lasting and also have a good elasticity manner.

Multi-Layer of Foam:

3 layers of GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress has two layers of foams. One is the high-density support core and another is the aerated latex. The high-density support core is a thick layer of good quality foam which supports all types of compression load as the mattress quality. The Aerated Latex layer creates a cover over the layer of the cooling gel-like layer of foam on the cooling gel layer. The design symbolizes a scientific mattress that can give ultimate pleasure. Sometimes for the bad quality of foam consumers feel body pain, so they cannot experience good sleep. But this foam is a little bit curved by the application of loads.

High-density Cooling Gel:

It is a good creation of these companies that providing a cooling gel layer between foam layers so that one may not feel warm at the time of deep sleeping. It provides a mild fresh atmosphere to the body so that one can breathe in deep sleep easily.

Separated Size Availability:

As, having a USA certified company, the mattresses have six different models. Those are well known as the Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, king, and the California king. The prices of the models are 495 Dollars, 650 Dollars, 755 Dollars, 799 Dollars, 879.94 Dollars, and 993.36 Dollars. Accordingly, as a requirement, one can choose the right side of the bed. All models are perfect for the couple. If anyone wants more must go for a bigger one.

Lifetime and more Warranty:

The mattress company ordinarily provides 10 years of warranty inside the country. But this company provides 20 years of international warranty to the consumers with 100 trail of sleeping. It is a big deal for the consumers to get this product after experiencing the sleep on it.

Good Customer Review:

Customer Reviews of the GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

According to Google certified customer reviews, it has about 10,000 positive reviews. That signifies a good product for the consumers. It is also exclusively sold in the Amazon. From there, the product achieved 4.8 stars within 5 stars. From the above certifications, it is the almost errorless product, manufactured by the company.


No various Colors: Only light Grey color is present. So if any buyer is finding for multicolor, he would not find out in this edition. From the next edition, there can be multicolored mattress by this company

No edge Support: There is no edge support, which is a little bit less safe for sleeping children. The next edition may have solved this error.

2. Coolest GhostBed 13 Inch Luxe Mattress Review

Ghost Ice Fabric and Ghost Bouncer Layer, Made in USA–Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty

GhostBed Luxe Mattress-King 13 Inch-The Coolest Mattress in the World

This company has one of the coolest mattresses which is not only larger than all but also having good cooling gel ventilations for peaceful oxidized sleeping. It is probably the second edition of the first one and won the sleep awards 2018. The king-size mattress has good features so that many consumers are giving good and positive reviews of this product. Here we go through some reviews through some technical features.


Multi-Layer of Cooling Feature:

ghost bed mattress cooling features

This edition of the mattress has a multi-layer of cooling pads that support a deep and calm sleep to a tired person. Many of the people have body pain for the daily stresses or foraging problem. This product provides freshness to the wounded side so that all over the time, while he is relaxing on it, experiences better.

Good Quality of Fabrication of Foam:

The mattress has two layers of foams. One is the high-density support core and another is the aerated latex. The high-density support core is a thick layer of good quality foam which supports all types of compression load as the mattress quality. The Aerated Latex layer creates a cover over the layer of the cooling gel-like layer of foam on the cooling gel layer. The design symbolizes a scientific mattress that can give ultimate pleasure. Sometimes for the bad quality of foam consumers feel body pain, so they cannot experience good sleep. But this foam is a little bit curved by the application of loads. Moreover, for an extra layer of cooling gel, the foams become fresh and soft which effects and snatches all tiredness of a body of relaxing one.

Genius cutting:

The mattress cloths as the cover of the foam have a good cutting by the experienced worker. One cannot get single cotton is hanging from it. The cutter machines are so modern that one can get a sharp corner trimming on it. Neat and clean work sometimes attracts consumers.

Nice Sewing and Finishing:

GhostBed Luxe Mattress makes you feel like floating

The experienced worker always designs and also manufactures these products with quite an attention. Another side, the interlocking style of stitching and overall finishing attracts the consumers. They pay the main attention before and after stitching, that their work must have zero error. Moreover, by applying the load of ultimate, the sewed area must not be torn easily.

Suitable Warranty:

This mattress seller usually provides 10 years of warranty from which country you purchased. However, they also provide 20-years of extended international warranty to the buyers. You can also apply for a 100 trail of sleeping. Its the nicest deal you may receive from an international product seller company.

Soft Pillows:

GhostBed Luxe mattress comfort scale

this product comes with a set of softy pillows that provides good comfort and freshness under the head. Cotton and foam are very highly collected. So, one can get joy by sleeping on them.


Less Colour Variation: – As a customer’s choice, there must be some color variation. But this edition has only two colors. One is the dark charcoal black and the other is white.

No dustproof layer: The product does not contain any dustproof cover with it. One plastic cover will be provided before wrapping. One can use it as the dustproof one.

3. GhostBed Split King Custom Adjustable Power Base with GhostBed 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

GhostBed Split King Custom Adjustable Power Base and GhostBed 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Pre-mentioning that, this company always searches for a new type of item to find out the solution of the tiredness of mankind. This model of the mattress is an ideal symbol of mattress cum massager from head to toe. It can be considered as a smart device of relaxation. Here not only the people can sleep but also use this mattress for various spa-like items as massager mainly. It is a complete package of pleasure in a room.


Unique Design:

The product has a length of 11 inches. The mattress is looked like a common wall. But its internal specifications are greater than the ordinary one. It is made of a multi-layer of foams between layers of soft cooling gel. So, naturally, it has all like the common mattress one.

Remote Controlled:

Ghost bed Custom Adjustable Power Base Remote control function diagram

It is controlled by a mini remote that has various buttons of action. One can maintain the position of the Lounge and Zero Gravity. Again, the head side and foot side can be ups and down by controlling. There are also massage modes from head to toe. One can get the joy of massaging by keeping dark in the room because there are LED bright light under the mattress.

Affordable Sizes:

This smart model of mattress is revealed in three different sizes. One can get the models through size as the Queen, Split king, and the Twin XL. Both of them are 11 inches and separated from carrying the load. If there are more than two people it is advised to take the bigger one for more spacious.

Automatic action taker:

The battery-operated remote has various programs so one can get the ultimate pleasure. One can increase or decrease the speed of massager by pressing the button. The actions can be memorized by the user. For this, the programs will be scheduled and there is no more necessity for being busy for the next operations.

Good massager:

There are several micro rollers by whom one can get the acupressure like massages on the wounded body. Today’s daily life makes more and more lactic acid so that muscles become run unusually. The mattress provides from head to toe massages.

Suitable for all kind of place:

One can use the mattress mainly for sleeping. But, there one can bend the head part and toe part to ups and downs. Another side one can use it as a relaxing item and it can be turned out for the pool party relaxing.

Extended Warranty:

GhostBed Custom Adjustable Power Base and GhostBed 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Ghostbed mattress providers normally offer 10-years of in-country warranty. Also, as a bonus, they additionally provide 20-years of long international warranty. Certainly, they have a trial offer, in which you may sleep over the product up to 100 times, and then decide, whether you want to buy the mattress or not.


Electric Point is required: Forgetting these AI actions, one 100v DC supply is needed for this model. Otherwise, this electrical action may not be used.

Less efficient: For using more and more the battery of remote must be changed. That is a little bit of loss of efficiency to the user for the spending power of electricity.

4. GhostBed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base Review

Ghostbed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base

It is also the same product as above. The specialty of the product is that it has a strong power base that is foldable at the side of the head and toe for partial sitting and also relaxing. It is different from the previous product from some electrical specifications. It can be also considered as a smart mattress. Here we are describing some useful reviews of purchasing it.


Various Modes of Massages:

This product has also various rollers, which maintain acupressure on the various corner of the body. So, one feels the luxurious massages by sitting at the home. The daily massages keep your body painless and you will be ready for the next day’s challenge.

Nice Stitching:

One can get here to see nice stitching by the highly specified machines. Because pre-mentioned that the company is running by hiring most of the advanced and experienced workers. The interlocking style of stitching is famous in western countries and has also good longevities. If the stitching zone is right there is less chance of tearing.

Adjustable Size:

The base can be compressed or illustrated as the user want. The remote says the control station to the consumer. The remote needs two AAA sizes of batteries. By the remote, the full gadget like mattress can be controlled easily. Moreover, this model contains two USB ports for charging mobile like mini gadgets. The mattress contains LED bulbs for a better view at the night.

Tubular Steel legs:

This base has six steel made tubular legs for taking the compression load of more than two people. The steel is used for bearing the ultimate compressive stress and impact loads. The six legs are perfect to maintain perfect balancing.

Main features of Ghostbed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base

Anti Skidding:

The model Queen and Twin XL are skidding less. It is a big security positive factor for a consumer. Sometimes for no equal distribution of loads, the bed may be misbalanced. For this, there may be an accident. There is no risk of skidding.

Superb Finishing:

Each item is inspected after manufactured by the worker. So, the consumer can get an errorless product. Because having negative reviews are not so good for accelerating the company in marketing.

Long Time Warranty:

Superb Finishing GhostBed Custom Adjustable Power Base

The Ghostbed mattress first grants 10-years of in-country warranty. Plus, they also offer 20-years of long international warranty, any part of the world. Positively, their trial offer is the unique offer a buyer can receive. One may sleep on the mattress up to 100 cycles, after that, the buyer can decide, whether the product is suitable for their family or they just let it go!


No more colors: Unfortunately, this model is revealed with one gentle gray color of the base and white color of the base. It can be hoped that the next edition will come with some monotonic colors.

No side Bracket: There is no side bracket for child safety. It is a very minor error in this product.

From the above reviews, we can conclude that these products are very specific and luxurious within the price. The company has a good reputation in the worldwide competition full market. If anybody is searching for long-lasting normal specifications full mattress for multi-uses at affordable prices must go through this company.

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