Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress Review 2024

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With over five decades in the business of guaranteeing you a good night’s rest, Signature Sleep is no stranger to mattresses. With a reputation that speaks of its commitment to making high-quality mattresses with no compromises, Signature Sleep memoir mattress found their way into a million homes last year alone. Geared towards comfort at a reasonable cost, these mattresses let one indulge in luxury without the exorbitant price tags that these products usually come with. They promise to provide customers with a mattress that caters to their signature style by providing unique offerings that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Be it their Signature Collection that offers nothing but the very best or their Nanobionic Collection that offers an augmented and enhanced sleep recovery, their collections have become a household name across the globe. With an eye for the environment as well, they ensure that their products tread lightly upon the Earth. They also offer other bedding products, from an exhaustive list of pillows to mattress toppers, bed frames and more.

Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress

Renowned for their superior comfort and features that guarantee a warm embrace every time you use them, Signature Sleep’s Memoir range of mattresses have garnered an incredible reputation as pieces of bedding fit for royalty. With rave reviews from critics and customers alike, here’s why you should take a look at this compelling mattress for your home. With a layer of memory foam that conforms to your body’s natural shape and a layer of high-density foam that guarantees top-notch edge sleep support, this mattress is an expression of ultimate comfort and opulence. It promises an experience that no springs or other forms of foam can provide in a mattress.

Material And Design

This mattress consists of foam that has gone through intense testing and certification procedures by laboratories to ensure that performance, indoor emissions, and environmental impact are kept at satisfactory levels. The soft, breathable knit fabric cover protects the mattress and offers a pleasant feel for your skin. It is a non-washable and a non-removable cover, so don’t remove it. Some customers have reported irritation and burning sensations on trying to wash it. Use a slip-on cover over it if you wish to customize your bedding space.

Signature Sleep Memoir mattress material and design

A flame retardant layer is provided inside the mattress to ensure that the bed is not a fire hazard in your home. But that does not mean that it is fire-proof. We suggest you refrain from using flammable items such as matches or cigarettes near it. Underneath this layer lies a few inches of memory foam that offer balanced support and reduce motion transfer. This ensures that you aren’t disturbed even when your partner shifts about in bed. It shifts based on your body structure, promising supreme comfort and support. This also assists those who suffer from various forms of body pain, offering them relief and uninterrupted sleep.

A final layer of high-density support foam offers a firm foundation for your mattress, offering a solid sense of comfort and stability. Those looking for firm mattresses won’t be disappointed as it offers the right balance of flexibility and ruggedness.

Support And Comfort

The Memoir range of Memory Foam mattresses come with a variety of features that guarantee comfort and peace of mind. Its breathable fabric ensures that your sleep is uninterrupted and it comes packed to the brim with a variety of features that not only prioritize comfort but also assist you with maintaining alignment of your spine with the bed. This is a boon, especially for those who suffer from joint pain, back pain, and other forms of chronic pain. The conforming memory foam changes form based on the shape of the individual, offering stability and comfort. It also relieves pressure points, cementing its place as a haven for your body.
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Variants In Thickness

Each variant offered by Signature Sleep varies in the thickness of the memory foam and the high-density foam layers. The thicker the layers, the higher the cost and the more expensive the mattress becomes. Strike a fair balance based on the level of comfort you desire and the size of your wallet.

6 inch – This variant consists of a 1.5-inch layer of Memory Form in addition to 4.5 inches of high-density foam. The most affordable of the lot, this is the right choice for those on a tight budget.

8 inch – This variant offers 2 inches of premium Memory Foam over 6 inches of high-density foam and offers markedly improved comfort and durability over its cheaper alternative. While it does come with a price premium, it will certainly pay off in the long run.

10 inch – With a 2-inch layer of Memory Foam atop an 8-inch layer of high-density foam, the 10-inch variant enters the exquisite territory, well outside that of some buyers. Opt for it if the added luxury and ruggedness appeal to you.

12 inch – The 12-inch variant offers an incredible 4 inches of Memory Foam over 8 inches of high-density foam. The most expensive of the lot, it comes with a significant premium. It offers incredible durability and reliability. At a higher cost than the 10-inch variant, we recommend that you perform due diligence before splurging for this one.

Available Sizes

These mattresses come in a variety of sizes that caters to most households. They come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King variants that offer flexibility based on the size of your beds and bed frames.

Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress available thickness and sizes

Twin – This variant of Signature Sleep’s premium mattresses measures 75 inches by 39 inches. Their smallest variant on offer, it is perfect for those who have small rooms. 39 inches is the minimum space one would require for a comfortable snooze.

Twin XL – This variant is longer than the regular Twin variant. It measures 80 inches by 39 inches. This one is for those who stoop to enter rooms, the taller ones among us. This bed can only fit a single individual.

Full Size – A Full mattress is significantly wider than Twin ones, measuring 75 inches by 54 inches. Indulge in a bit of luxury as you gain more space to wiggle in. But be prepared for a trade-off; a compromise in living space.

Queen – The most popular mattress size today, Signature Sleep’s Queen mattresses measure 80 inches by 60 inches. They expand both in length and width from the Full variant. Opt for these if you wish to share your bed with a partner or a pet.

King – Offering the most amount of sleeping space, the King variant is larger than all the other mattresses, at 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. It’s perfect for those with a partner, be it a person or a pet.

When picking the size of your mattress, there are several factors one must take into account. If living space ranks higher up on your priorities, a smaller mattress may be more suited to your needs. If you wish to share your bed, a bigger one will certainly be necessary. Your sleeping posture also plays a role. If the sleeper is tall, a Twin bed will not be up for the occasion. And you do not have to worry about sizing when it comes to bed frames, these mattresses are compatible with any of the standard-sized bed frames on the market today. Signature Sleep’s Memoir range of Memory Foam Mattresses does not currently provide Narrow Twin and California King variants to customers.


One can consider Signature Sleep’s Memoir range to be moderately priced. At its price, it offers several features that make it a worthy proposition. The cost varies based on two factors, the size of the mattress and its thickness. The thicker or larger the bed, the higher the cost. But sometimes a larger mattress is an absolute necessity, especially when you need to share it with a partner. Thicker mattresses offer more comfort and will last longer, so do keep that in mind as well. Spending more now might make a significant impact on how long the mattress will last. From under a hundred dollars to over four hundred dollars, the range offers something for everyone.

Its rock-solid durability ensures that it will be an investment that will pay off in the years to come. You won’t have to think of replacing your mattress for a while. A 15-year limited warranty also provides peace of mind while ensuring that you can always do something if something goes wrong.  

Good For Those Who

Signature Sleep memory foam mattresses are a paragon of versatility and flexibility. Catering to the needs of a variety of sleepers, its conforming memory foam and high-density foam layers guarantee a peaceful sleep to those who use it. Lose yourself in endless comfort and luxury.

Signature Sleep Memoir mattress pros

Those Who Prefer Firm Memory Foam

With a high-density rating, the second layer of foam offers a firm and reassuring feel in comparison to other variants of foam with lower densities. Despite its firmness, it will still shift based on your body’s shape as you lie upon it. It also ensures that it will not sag or break down after you use it. This is perfect for people who do not wish to feel as though they are sinking into quicksand and those who prefer a solid feel.

Those Who Suffer From Back Pain And Other Ailments

Unmatched flexibility ensures that the unique contours of your body are taken care of by the mattress. It guarantees that it provides a customized solution to your body’s requirements. This is a godsend for those who suffer from joint pain and other forms of chronic pain. It offers no resistance as you delve into it, it cradles you as you venture into bliss. Pressure points are also effectively tackled by this premium mattress, ensuring a restful sleep.

Those Who Change Positions While Sleeping

Regardless of how you sleep, be it on your stomach, back or on your side, this mattress keeps your spine in a neutral alignment and supports your back. Even if you change positions mid-sleep, the memory foam layer will change its shape to adapt to your every move.

Those Who May Be Allergic To Chemicals

With a CertiPUR-US certification, this mattress does not contain any harmful substances, from formaldehyde to phthalates. What this means is that your mattress will not emit any smells that may trigger an allergic reaction. This makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to certain chemicals or are allergic to some forms of substances.

  • Offered in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King variants
  • CertiPUR-US certified mattress, guaranteed performance with minimal indoor emissions and environmental effects
  • Comes with a variety of thickness options
  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Memory foam conforms to the body and eliminates motion transfer
  • Offers back support, distributes weight effectively and relieves pressure points
  • Up to 15-year limited warranty
  • Not available in Narrow Twin and California King variants
  • Some models, especially the 12-inch ones, are expensive
  • Might be too firm for some
  • Non-removable and non-washable fabric cover

Warranty Offered

Signature Sleep has 50+ years of industry experience and offer up to 15 Year warranty of all the mattress

Signature Sleep offers its customers a 15-year limited warranty on its Memoir range of mattresses. One can claim their replacement if the product they received is either of defective material or inferior workmanship. Keep your original bill of purchase ready in case something of the sort occurs. Additional charges in the form of replacement fees, shipping, and handling fees may apply. Claims may be rejected if they are due to accidental spills or other forms of damage.


Once you’ve got yourself a solid mattress from Signature Sleep’s range, assembling it is no trifle. It ships in a box that is very easy to transport. And at less than 40 pounds, one can easily lift it and take it to their bedroom without much of a hassle. One can bid farewell to those days of perfectly lining up their mattresses to get them through their bedroom doors. Now that you’ve got the box in place, pull the mattress out, cut the outer bag, and roll out the compressed mattress on a flat surface. Once the mattress is in position, cut the outer layer of plastic with a pair of scissors. Give it 72 hours to expand to its full size, you can start using it before that as well. And there you have it, your very own memory foam mattress!


Now that you have your brand-new memory foam mattress, here are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure that it is in its peak form for longer and lasts in your household for years to come. Follow these steps and your mattress will serve you for a long time.

  • Give your mattress sufficient time to air out and expand completely. Don’t assume that your mattress is defective until you wait for the stipulated amount of time for the expansion to occur.
  • Clean your mattress often to ensure that foreign elements don’t cause allergic reactions. Use a slip-on cover to protect your mattress from dust, spills and other mishaps. Don’t be tricked by the fabric cover that the mattress comes with by default, because it can neither be washed nor removed. Buy a new one to customize the visual appearance of your bedroom while ensuring that your mattress is protected as well.
  • Rotate your mattress periodically. This will ensure that all sides of the mattress wear out evenly.
  • Refrain from spilling fluids onto your mattress. They may damage the foam, causing materials to compress which may result in the mattress beginning to sag or break down.
  • On that note, do not attempt to use cleaning fluids on your mattress, for they may have the same consequences as spilling liquids onto it.
  • If you have children in your home, do not let them jump or bend your mattress. Damage caused in such a manner will void your warranty.


With impressive reviews across the board, with customers praising it for the features it offers to provide a delicate and dreamy experience, Signature Sleep’s Memoir range of Memory Foam mattresses is one that we highly recommend. From adapting and offering customized solutions to a variety of ailments to lasting through the rigorous routines that life may throw at it, it has earned its solid reputation among households. This mattress is certainly a welcome addition to your home, with features that will make every night feel like the first one.

Ensuring efficient weight distribution, keeping the spine neutrally aligned and offering pressure relief to its users are features that are very much sought-after in the bedding space, things that this mattress provides and then some. The firm high-density foam ensures that the bed provides you with a solid feel, every single time. And with a 15-year limited warranty, you can be sure of keeping it around for a while. Here’s your chance to revamp your sleeping experience with a mattress that offers more than what meets the eye!

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