Top 10 Best Queen Bed Frame with Headboard – Ultimate Guide & Reviews of 2024

A good bed frame is known to increase the longevity of the mattress and ensures a good night’s sleep. Therefore, the queen bed frame with headboard is one of the most common and essential pieces of furniture in our homes. They are necessary to support the mattress and sleeper. Some are even designed to support the foundation of the mattress, while some can support the mattress without a base as they come equipped with slats.

Best Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

There is a wide range of queen-size bed frames with headboards in the market, which makes it difficult to make the right decision. In order to eradicate that difficulty in choosing the right bed frame, you must consider a variety of factors such as the bed frame’s type, design, size, and material before setting out to make a purchase. Read our review guide about king bed frame with headboard.

In this guide, we shall be exploring different types of queen size bed frames, their designs, and popular materials. Keep on reading to gain a better understanding of how to buy the best queen size bed frame with headboard that suits your needs.

Types of Queen Size Bed Frames

Bed frames are standalone structures that can independently support the base and hold up mattresses. Following are some of the common types of bed frames:


These beds are made to support the mattress and require a box spring. They are constructed with simple metal and wooden bed frames or other heavy-duty materials, which makes them bulky but durable.


Canopy beds refer to the type of bed whose four posts are attached to an overhead frame, which is called canopy. The overhead can be used to hang drapes, curtains or other decorations. The purpose of hanging drapes is to maintain the privacy of the sleeper. Read on our ultimate guide about the best canopy bed frames.

These beds were famous back in the 19th century but are now making a comeback with trendy designs that can change the whole look of the bedroom. Today’s canopy beds are minimalistic and slimmer, while the traditional ones are ornately crafted.


Flat wooden panels are used for the construction of this type of bed, hence the name “panel bed.” The wooden panels are used to make the footboard and headboard. They tend to be taller than other types of beds and have side rails to support the mattress as well as the base. They are also knowns as box spring beds.


These bed frames are capable of holding up the mattress without a foundation as they feature evenly placed slats that are made of metal or wood. For different sizes such as Queen and King, they often require reinforced center support bars. Platform beds have another type called ‘storage platform.’

Storage Platform

These are just like standard platform beds with storage compartments or drawers on either side of the bed and are also known as a captain’s bed. These frames are perfect for those looking to free up some space in the bedroom.


They have a rounded surface as they feature a curved footboard and headboard, resembling wooden sleighs. Sleigh beds are considered comfortable for sitting up in and are usually made of wood, but metal frames are also available.


This type of bed comes with hinges that can allow the bed to be easily folded. It is ideal for those who want to create extra space in the bedroom and have a small home. They can easily fold the bed away when they are not using it and turn the bedroom into a lounge of sorts.

Choose your style

The style of the bed frame depends on your taste, your needs and the ambiance you want to create in your bedroom. Therefore, it is totally on you to decide which style to opt for.

There are a lot of options in the market. Modern, traditional, contemporary, mission, cottage, vintage,  bohemian and Scandinavian are just a few types that are popular and common among bed frames. If you like a minimalist and modern design, contemporary and modern styles would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are more into the classic look, you can go for the traditional and vintage styles.

Materials used in the best queen bed frames and headboards

Bed frames are made with a variety of materials. You should choose the one that best meets your needs.


wood bed frames with headboard

Wooden bed frames are the most traditional as they were first created back in the 14th century. Over the course of time, bed frames made of steel or iron were preferred as they were considered safer, unlike wooden ones that needed a lot of maintenance. However, wooden bed frames are more versatile as they can be painted or stained and designed with contemporary or classic lines.


Metal bed frames are often preferred because of their sturdiness and durability. With metal, people do not have to worry about it breaking or getting weak. Moreover, it can be easily maintained and with proper care, it can last for years looking just like new.

Instead of providing a solid backdrop, a metal bed frame offers open designs and wood can also be incorporated. The pattern on the metal rods can create vintage or modern styles, though they are mostly used in contemporary styles. Some of the finishes on this durable material include brass, wrought iron, and brushed steel.

Wicker and Veneer

Wicker and Veneer Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

Wicker is a light and sturdy material that comprises of plastic or plant is woven into the wooden side rails of the bed. Veneers are basically the layers composed of some other material or wood which is applied on the surface. It is an inexpensive option and an alternative to wooden frames.


These frames include materials like leather, velvet or linen that offer comfortable support for leaning back. They provide a padded backdrop, which can be either simple or elaborate. Some of the common finishing touches for this type of frame includes button turfing, welting, and nailhead trim. These bed frames can be designed with classic as well as modern styles.

Pay attention to these matters before buying a queen bed frame with headboard

Dimension and Support

There is no standard size as the sizing differs depending on the bed manufacturer and country or region. Therefore, it is recommended to research the sizing of your bed beforehand. Standard or common bed sizes range from single and twin beds to queen and king-sized beds.

In general, the queen size bed frame is large enough to accommodate two adults and provides a comfortable sleeping experience.

the size of Queen Bed Frame with Headboard

Your height is another important factor in determining the size of your bed frame as the height of different bed frames may differ. The wise thing to do is to get a bed frame that is 3-4 inches longer than your height. For width, the same thing can be done, but it also depends on the size of your mattress. If you have already bought it, that would make it easier to select the size of a bed frame.

The dimensions of the slats and their thickness also play a role in making the bed comfortable for the sleeper. Therefore, the number of slats, their thickness, and the space between them must also be considered.

Accessories and Decorations

Decorating the room depends on your imagination and the ambiance you want to create in the bedroom. It also depends on the interior design of your room. Do take into consideration the furniture and design of the room before buying a bed frame so that it can complement the rest of the elements in the room.

Accessories can include bedroom curtains, bed skirts, nightstands, and overbed tables. Again, their selection depends on your taste and preferences.

Price Range

Metal bed frames usually range from $50-$150 and are considered to be the cheapest among all types. However, this type of frame requires a box spring, so its price should also be considered.

Wooden frames are quite expensive and fall in the price range of $130-$2500. The price depends on the design, quality and type of wood used. Like wood, sleigh bed frames are also expensive, though cheaper than wood, as they can range from $500 to $1000.

Platform beds usually cost less than $200, whereas storage platform beds can range from $300-$800. Panel frames cost less than $300, and canopy ones fall between $200 and $1000.

Now that we have gone through the factors to consider before purchasing the right bed frame, we will review some of the best queen-size bed frames and headboards so that you can gain an insight into which bed frame would be the ideal choice.

Top 10 Best Queen Bed Frames with Headboard in 2024 – Reviews & Chart

1Novogratz Kelly Bed Frame, QueenModern design4.5
2Prepac BBQ-6200-3K Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, BlackCombining gorgeous style3.5

Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers Warm Brown

Maple veneer, particleboard, hardwood, pine, beech, and MDF4.1
4Zinus Korey 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frameupholstered headboard4.6
5Ecos Living queen Wood Platform Bed Frame with headboardContemporary bed Frame with storage4.4

Olee Sleep Solid Wood Platform Headboard Bed Frame, Queen, Natural

required hardware and tools are included4.0
7Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Platform BedEASY TO ASSEMBLE PLUS4.3
8DHP Rose Storage Upholstered Bed, Gray Velvet, Queenbutton-tufted details in the headboard4.0
9eLuxurySupply Metal Bed Frame - Queen SizeEasy Assembly with Headboard and Foot Board4.6
10Brighton Upholstered Platform Bed | Headboard and Wood Framethe wooden upholstered platform, beautifully designed, headboard and bed frame4.5

1. Novogratz Kelly Queen size Bed Frame with Headboard & Storage

Novogratz Kelly Bed Frame

This queen bed frame with headboard has simple lines with linen upholstery and is designed in a modern style. It has chic colors incorporated into a well-designed bed frame that is convenient to use with storage compartments on each side of the bed. Storage drawers can create extra space in the room and keep the room clean.

The bed only requires a mattress and you are good to go. It does not need a box spring or foundations. The wood used in the frame is sturdy and has a secure supporting rail system as well as a wooden slat system.


Kelly has a very convenient and modern design that can be easily assembled, sparing customers from the hassle of hiring a professional. In addition to that, its queen-size has 4 storage drawers, 2 on each side of the bed, which are spacious enough to store quilts, bedsheets, and other accessories. The drawers can be easily locked into place.


This bed does not require a box spring and foundation, sparing the extra cost. It has a very secure bentwood slat system, and the metal side rails and central legs provide additional stability and support that prevent sagging in the long run.

  • It is quite spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price range
  • Modern and chic
  • Flimsy plastic drawers


This modern storage bed is a worthwhile investment for those who want a sturdy yet stylish bed at an affordable price. It has a good slat and support rail system for preventing sagging over the course of time. Its quick assembly is also a positive point. However, the storage drawers are made of just frosted plastic and the material is quite flimsy. The drawers can be improved, but other than that, it is a good choice.

2. Prepac Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with Headboard

Prepac BBQ-6200-3K Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, Black

This is a stylish queen-sized platform storage bed that offers 6 spacious drawers, 3 on each side. It is the ideal choice for those who have small rooms and need more space in the bedroom.

The drawers slide open and glide back on the metallic rollers, which allow the users to smoothly operate them. The bed frame is also very easy and quick to assemble. In addition to that, a high-quality, laminated composite wood has been used for its construction.


This queen-size bed frame is capable of storing almost everything, from shoes to linens and quilts, in its 6 storage drawers. The storage drawers are 18-inch deep and can take care of the extra clothes or shoes lying around your bedroom.
It minimizes the clutter in your room while maximizing storage. It does not need a box spring and the frame is simple yet stylish enough to suit any room.


The wooden slats are well-positioned and distanced from each other to ensure a peaceful good night’s sleep. The frame is made of CARB-2 compliant and laminated composite wood.

The drawers have built-in safety stops and metal gliders on which they roll out and in smoothly. The assembly of the queen size bed frame is quick and easy as it comes with an easy-to-follow manual so that anyone can do it.

  • Quick assembly
  • Extra space can be created by the bed with its 6 storage drawers
  • Made of solid and sturdy material
  • Can be difficult to transfer


This is a great bed for storage purposes as it has quite a large storage capacity than many other beds on our list. It is made of a sturdy material that is designed in a stylish way and is supposed to last years. However, the bed frame does not come with a headboard. With the addition of a solid headboard, it would be a great investment.

3. Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers Warm Brown

Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers Warm Brown

This bed features a bookshelf headboard that improves its functionality. The Phoenix has two drawers in the center and two felt-lined open shelves on the headboard. It does not end here as the bed has a spacious under-bed storage as well.

It has a deep cappuccino finish that can bring sophistication to the bedroom. The bookcase shelve is perfect for avid readers or for those who like to have a light read before sleeping. The bed is laden with drawers and has tons of storage. You won’t even need an additional nightstand with this bed.


It is a beautiful piece of furniture that is made of solid, sturdy and high-quality material. It is in queen size and has veneers placed strategically in places like drawers. Plus, the bed frame does not require a box spring.

It stands at a height of 13 inches, which can further be increased by adding a foam of 5-8 inches. It comes in three sizes: King, Queen, and California King. The queen size of this bed frame is suited for generic needs.

The bed has wooden slats that are very secure and placed in a way to prevent sagging. The overall style of the bed is very stylish.


The queen-sized Phoenix has a whopping 8 drawers, each of which is spacious enough to contain half of the wardrobe of an adult. There are 4 drawers on the tailboard and 2 drawers on each side of the bed. They are very robust and smoothly slide in and back.

The bed also has pretty good space beneath it, which can be used for under-bed storage.

  • Tons of storage available
  • Very reasonable price
  • Sturdy and solid slat system
  • Robust drawers
  • Bookshelf headboard
  • The instruction manual that comes with the bed is lousy


The overall look of the bed is classic with plenty of storage. It is constructed with high-quality wood and has a particularly good slat system. The drawers come in handy for creating extra space in the room. However, assembling the bed can be difficult, especially when the instructions are lousy. Other than that, it is a good bed in a reasonable price range.

4. Zinus Korey 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame and Headboard

Zinus Korey 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

The Zinus Korey has a grey foam-cushioned upholstered headboard with a secure wooden slat system. Memory foam, spring mattresses, and latex are strongly supported by its slat system. This queen-sized bed also has plenty of storage under the frame.

The bed frame adds another element of style and comfort to the bedroom. The strong metal frame of the bed provides sturdiness and stability. It is perfect for those looking for a simple bed with a headboard.


The fabric used in the headboard is of high quality. The cushioned upholstery just adds another factor of comfort and provides a peaceful night’s sleep. The makers have claimed that the metal frame is covered with a cushion so that it will not squeak. This bed is ideal for those who wake up at the slightest noise.


The metal frame is well-made and designed almost intelligently with its attempt to minimize noise by using a rubber strip on the support beam. The longevity of the frame is ensured by the addition of Velcro that comes with the slats and can easily be attached to the frame.

The wooden slats provide support for various kinds of mattresses. Furthermore, the bed frame has quite a spacious under-bed storage as it stands at a height of 14 inches from the floor.

  • The high-quality fabric has been used in the upholstered headboard
  • Sturdy metal bed frame
  • 5-year warranty
  • Claimed to be non-squeaky, but according to customer reviews, the bed actually does squeak


This queen-size bed has a simple design made with a sturdy material that provides comfort and it is highly affordable. It offers good value for money and when it comes to durability, it seems to be doing great so far. However, the comfort level is reduced with the squeaky noise the bed makes. All in all, it is a good choice for those who want a simple bed with a headboard but are on a tight budget.

5. Ecos Living Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard, Queen Size

Ecos Living Wood Platform Bed Frame

This unique 14-inch high, rustic, wooden, queen-sized platform bed is simple with a solid headboard. It is a gorgeous piece of furniture that has a sturdy frame, which supports the mattress and prevents any sort of slipping.

This Ecos Living platform bed frame will breathe a new life into your bedroom. It is a hassle-free frame that will make your life not only comfortable but easier too.


This queen size bed frame has a very convenient and compact design. The frame is supposed to enclose the mattress completely, which prevents it from slipping and is one of its core advantages.

Moreover, the headboard at the back is made of wooden planks that are placed and distanced smartly, making the headboard perfect for relaxing and leaning back for support. In addition to that, the assembly of the bed frame is very convenient and requires almost little to no effort as it is quick and easy. Hence, you will not have to go through the hassle of calling in a professional.


The bed frame is made of a solid wood that is supposed to last years. If taken proper care of, the sturdy material can outlast its lifespan.

The wooden slat system supports and increases the lifespan of the mattress. Additionally, pinewood construction provides strong support.

You will also get a lot of under bed storage space, which can be used to keep luggage, out-of-season clothes, quilts, bed accessories or anything else you like.

  • Simple yet unique
  • Easy assembly
  • High under-bed storage
  • Convenient and durable design and build
  • Very reasonable price
  • Bed squeaks
  • Stain odor is very strong


This is a simple and sturdy wooden platform bed frame in queen size that falls in a very reasonable price range. However, the bed can initially have a very strong stain odor, which can put off some people. The odor does wear off eventually and other than that, it is a beautiful, strong and solid bed. It is perfect for those who are minimalists and prefer simplicity.

6. Olee Sleep Queen size Platform Bed Frame with Wood Headboard

Olee Sleep VC40SF02Q Platform Wood Bed Frame

This queen size bed frame is another beautiful piece of furniture that is simple yet alluring and is made of a solid, sturdy material. The bed frame looks expensive and definitely feels the same, but it falls in an affordable price range.

The bed frame is sturdy and easy to put together. The well-made design of the frame allows a significant amount of storage space underneath it, which adds more to its simple yet efficient design.

Unique and Sturdy Design

The bed frame has a very compact and chic design that is capable of enclosing the mattress, hence preventing it from slipping. The design is very user-friendly and provides plenty of storage space under the bed, which always comes in handy.

The parts of the bed frame are very easy to assemble, which takes about an hour. All the hardware parts, tools, and headboards are compatible with each other. The wooden slats also provide ample support to the mattress, thereby increasing its lifespan.


The bed frame is quite convenient as it promises to never squeak and wobble. The available dimensions for the assembled bed, box spring and mattress are already given so as to save the customers from all the hassle of measuring and deciding which thing comes first.

The dimensions for the bed are 62.38 x 82.38 x 40.5 inches, and the dimensions for the mattress and box spring are 59.5 x 79.5 inches.

It also comes with a 5-year warranty and the delivery of the furniture is quick and efficient.

  • Easy assembly
  • Solid material
  • Chic design with ample storage
  • 5-year warranty
  • Strong odor


This is a decent queen-sized bed frame in a good price range that provides ample support and storage. The material is sturdy, and the design is pretty chic. Another plus point is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. However, the odor of the stain is very strong and takes time to wear off. If you can get past that, it will be perfect for you if you want a unique design but a sturdy material.

7. Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed and Headboard

Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed

This queen size platform bed has a 51-inch upholstered headboard and a classic design. The bed is well-made and has a sturdy construction. It comes in a wide range of colors and shades to perfectly match the décor of any bedroom.

Life Home bed frame is a durable yet beautiful piece of furniture, which will definitely add another layer of depth and sophistication to your bedroom. It is an ideal bed for those who like decorated, upholstered headboards and easy-to-assemble, sturdy bed frames.

Classic Design

The appearance of this queen size bed is expensive as well as alluring with its classic headboard. It is upholstered with premier polyester linen and made with sturdy and solid wood. The elegant headboard is decorated with button-tufted accents and metal studs that make it suitable for a wide range of interior décor.

Sturdy Construction

To avoid sagging of the memory foam mattresses and inner springs, the solid wooden slat system has been carefully put into place to provide strong support. It does not require a box spring. Plus, the mattress slats are made of hardwood that not only prolongs its lifespan but also provides durability.

  • Classic and modern design
  • High-quality fabric and wood
  • Affordable but looks expensive
  • The assembly of the parts can be tricky


The overall impression of the bed is classy and expensive, but it falls in a reasonable price range. The fabric used is of good quality, and the wooden slat system provides ample support. The queen size bed is very well made, and the design speaks for itself, which is modern and chic. However, it can take up a lot of time to assemble. All in all, it is a good investment if you want to have a classic-looking bed that suits your room’s décor.

8. DHP Rose Storage Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard, Queen

DHP Rose Storage Upholstered Bed

DHP is known for providing solutions for issues related to small spaces, which is why most of its products are unique and compact. It offers its products at a reasonable price and with a trendy design that solves the problems of small rooms or small homes.

This queen-sized bed frame is elegant and simple and provides ample storage to create extra space in the room. It has a mid-century style mixed with a modern design. It is upholstered and comes with drawers for storage.

Support System

It has a bentwood slat support system that provides enough support to not require any extra foundation or box spring. The wooden slats also prolong the longevity of the mattress and keep it in perfect condition for a long time.
There are four contemporary legs that round off the modern looks of the bed as well as additional center legs that provide extra support.


The queen size bed frame has been designed to save space in order to eradicate the problems of small spaces. For storage purposes, it has an additional 4 drawers that are present in pairs on each side of the bed. The drawers have ample storage for clothes, bedsheets and other such items. The headboard is upholstered in linen and decorated with tufted buttons.

  • Provides ample storage
  • Stylish design
  • Well-made
  • Curved slats of the bed are quite thin
  • Assembly can be time-consuming


The bed is ideal for those who want a queen-sized, stylish bed in a decent price range. In addition to that, the bed has drawers that provide plenty of storage, which makes the bed great for those who have small homes or rooms. However, the curved slats are thin and do not make the bed sturdy. With improvements in the slat system, this bed can become a good option for those looking for space-saving, stylish beds.

9. eLuxurySupply Metal Queen Size Folding Bed Frame with Headboard

eLuxurySupply Metal Queen Size Folding Bed Frame

It is a folding bed frame in queen size with a weathered nickel finish and a classic vintage style. The bed frame is made of solid and sturdy material. In addition to that, it provides plenty of storage space underneath it.

The frame also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. It also has a 19-inch tall footboard and a 48-inch tall headboard.

Design and Style

This queen size bed frame is capable of supporting about 650 pounds as each foundation has been constructed and engineered in such a way that it provides excellent durability. The steel slats and outer steel frame are sturdy and provide ample support so that the bed frame can last for years.

The bed has hints of vintage brass and modern brushed nickel finish. The edges of the bed are round that are pleasant and easy on the eyes.


The bed frame is very easy and quick to assemble, making it a hassle-free task for the customers. All tools and hardware are included, and a simple 4-step assembly design is given, which can be followed easily by the users. The bed also has a built-in support system with folding side rails, which makes the assembly all the more efficient.

  • Easy assembly
  • Vintage design
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Underbed storage
  • Middle supports are short


The eLuxurySupply metal bed frame is a solid product with a vintage design. The material is robust, and the slat support system makes the frame last longer than others in the same price range. However, the center support slats are not as good and are shorter. With improvements in the support system, this bed can be a good choice for those who dig a solid metal bed frame.

10. Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed with Headboard

Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

This queen-sized sleek and timeless upholstered platform frame can make a significant difference in any room. It is a classic frame made with durable and sturdy material and a wooden slat support system. The metal tubing of the bed is long-lasting and lightweight.

The bed is an ideal choice for adding a classic and traditional element in the bedroom. This Coventry queen-sized bed is low-profile and comes with a button-tufted fabric in the upholstered headboard. It is supported with robust, 8-inch wooden legs, and the headboard is almost 4 feet tall.


The bed has a sturdy center support. Furthermore, the slat wood foundation is very robust and makes this timeless piece of furniture a durable one. The support system is capable of holding any type and size of the mattress, from latex to memory foam. It does not require an extra foundation or box spring, and all the hardware and tools for its assembly are included.

Sleek Design

The Coventry bed has a classic design. The headboard is upholstered with linen, decorated with tufted button accents, and diamond-stitched. The dowelled legs are short and made of solid wood. It has the capacity to hold about 700 pounds, and the bed is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Durable due to the strong center support and wooden slat foundation
  • Easy and quick to assemble as well as disassemble
  • Linen upholstery adds more to the style
  • Some people found it to be smaller and thinner than advertised


This Coventry upholstered platform bed is perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings. It has a strong support system that makes it durable. It also offers easy assembly. However, some people found it to be smaller than shown in the pictures, while others found it be completely true to size.

Other considerations when buying queen bed frame and headboard

Below are a few other factors to consider before purchasing the bed frame:


You should know how much you can and are willing to pay for a bed frame. If you are on a tight budget, metal, panel and platform beds will be a good choice. However, if you have enough money and want a classic or vintage look, go for wooden ones. The choice entirely depends on you and your pocket.

Bedroom Size

It is important to measure the size of your bedroom so that you will know which bed frame size would be more preferable and look good in the bedroom. The height of the room is also important to measure if you are going for a canopy bed frame.


Always get a product that comes with a warranty. It is like a backup option in case things go south, so always remember to check the warranty. Most bed frames come with a warranty of 1 to 5 years.


The profile of queen-size beds come into play when choosing the right frames. People who do not weigh much feel comfortable in low-profile beds, but heavier people may not find them comfortable. Thus, the profile of the bed frame should be considered with your weight in mind.


The headboards and footboards of the queen-size bed frames should be compatible or else they can disturb the alignment of the bed frame, resulting in an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Thus, always check the compatibility of the different elements involved.

Final Thoughts

Bed frames are the most prominent aspect of your bedroom décor. They can make or break the whole look of the room, so it is better to take your time and carefully select which bed frame would be appropriate and suitable for the room as well as meet your requirements.

After determining your needs, room décor, and other considerations, move on to the comparisons and make a shrewd decision. It is essential to do proper research as to what kind of bed frame you really require.

The bottom line is that bed frames should be bought wisely and properly taken care of so as to spare yourself the hassle of replacing them every now and then.

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