Vibe Mattress Reviews in 2024 – Gel Memory Foam & Hybrid Mattress by Classic Brands

vibe mattress reviews

Classic Corporation was started in 1971, vibe mattress is one of its product lines. They made their fortune and created a name for themselves by selling waterbeds. Three decades later, in 2002, they became Classic Brands. Having become the best waterbed manufacturer out there, they decided to expand their enterprise, and enter into the production of mainstream bedding. They also began manufacturing affiliated bedding furniture, and have stepped up their delivery game a notch since 2018. Classic Brands is a well-known name in bedding and furniture in the USA today.

They operate from two warehouses – one located just outside Baltimore, and the other in Los Angeles. Forty years in, the company has not strayed from its goal of giving its customers the most satisfying and restorative sleep possible.


They manufacture many things including, but not limited to, bedding mattresses (hybrid, cool gel, memory foam, and innerspring), sofa and futon mattresses, adjustable bedding bases, and various pieces of furniture. Aiming to let their design quality and aesthetics speak more than they do, the people at the company have taken care to craft each piece of furniture and accessories with care and precision. Some pieces of furniture include storage and simple benches, bookcases, daybeds, loveseats, tables, etc.

The accessories produced by Classic Brands have the same minimalist design language adopted in all their mattresses. Some accessories of theirs which are doing very well in the market include pillows, mattress toppers, and protectors, metal bed frames, and bedsheets.

This article aims to give you an insight into the features that come with the Vibe 12-inch mattress series from Classic Brands. The three flagship mattresses produced under this series include the Memory Foam Mattress, the Hybrid Foam Mattress, and the Adjustable Frame With Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Each review will cover the following aspects – make and thicknesses of the foam used, ratings, and reviews on Amazon, packaging, and other special features if any.

1. Vibe 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular over the years owing to the comfort they provide to the users. The ones produced by Classic Brands are no exception.

The Vibe 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of the cheapest mattresses of its kind, available online. With an exceptionally low cost of under $300, as compared to the average $950 or so, this mattress is a steal.

vibe mattress - medium plush, gel infused memry foam, breathability, self ventilating

Construction & Materials

The mattress has three layers, namely gel memory foam, comfort foam (gel-infused poly contouring type) and high-density base foam.

The gel memory foam forms the top-most layer and is 2 inches thick. This layer ensures that the sleeping surface remains cool at all times, thus paving the way for a comfortable night’s sleep. This layer is also hypoallergenic and meets the standards as mentioned in the CertiPUR US for performance, durability, and emissions. Further, this layer is also resistant to dust, mites, bacteria, and the like.

The poly contouring gel-infused foam is set in between the memory foam layer and the base layer. This layer acts as the shock absorbent and is responsible for conforming to your shape every time you change positions in your sleep. This layer is three inches thick.

The last layer in the mattress is that of the high-density conforming base foam. This layer is 7 inches thick and is the one responsible for transferring your load to the bed frame. It also ensures surrounding support and provides relief to the user by evenly spreading pressure points.

vibe gel memory foam mattress layers review

Ratings & Reviews

This mattress ranks #8 in the category of mattresses on Amazon and has exceptional reviews from almost all those who purchased it from the online retail store. Out of the 2000 odd ratings, around 80% are positive (4 stars and 5-star ratings). Very few people had any complaints to give about the mattress. Those who did saw the redressal of the same by Classic Brands in a matter of days.

However, some users have qualms ranging from the packaging being improper to the mattress not retaining its memory foam after barely any usage. But the ratio of the positive reviews to the negative ones is huge, and thus, the chance is one worth taking, while purchasing this mattress.


vibe mattress in a box

The mattress ships compressed, rolled, and fit into a box that is then delivered to your address. Making way for a hassle-free experience of unpacking, and setting up, the mattress takes around 2 days to reach its advertised thickness of 12 inches.

The package that reaches your doorstep will weigh 82.3 pounds, with the packaging accounting for 0.3 pounds. A Queen size 12-inch bed will be compressed enough to fit within a box of 62” x 15” x 15”. Although the dimensions may seem daunting to someone who has got to lug the package by themselves, it is a piece of cake if you get some help.

Special Features

The mattress does have a couple of special features, which are listed below.

  • Stretch Knit Quilted Fibre Cover – The mattress comes with a quilted fiber cover which is luxurious, yet functional. Considering the breathable nature of knitted fabrics, they are an asset to any mattress. This is because they do not hamper the conformation of the mattress to the body shape of the sleeper. Also, the cover of this mattress is aesthetically simple.
  • Adjustable Base Friendly – Unlike your generic mattresses which cannot bend in any way, the Vibe 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is very flexible. It can conform to any base shape, not just a flat rectangle, which makes it a valuable asset for those who need the frame to be bent in different ways for comfort purposes.
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty – The mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years, which once again goes to speak about the quality promised by Classic Brands.

Long story short, this mattress is one worth investing in, for the price at which it comes in. Nearly $700 lesser than its counterparts from other brands, this mattress gives you the highest value for money possible, when it comes to bedding deals.

2. Vibe Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress Review

Before we jump into the review of the Vibe 12-Inch Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress, let us understand what a pillow top mattress is. A pillow top mattress is called so owing to the presence of an additional cushioning layer that is sewn on to the mattress. This layer can be made of multiple materials including foam (polyurethane or memory), batting, or latex.

For the mattress in the discussion, the pillow top is made of memory foam. This adds immense value to the mattress as it puts the comfort of the user above everything else.

Another thing of note is the price of the mattress. Hybrid pillow-top mattresses generally run you a little over $1200. This mattress proves to be a notable exception in that regard with a price tag of just $2**. For this price, the quality and the warranty you’re being promised are deals you do not want to miss out on.

Vibe pillow top hybrid memory foam mattress

Construction & Materials

The mattress comprises of two layers, broadly speaking. One is the memory foam layer, while the other layer is that of the wrapped innerspring coils.

The memory foam layer can further be split into one layer of memory foam, which is sandwiched by the polyurethane conforming foam. The polyurethane foam absorbs the shock of your movements during your sleep and adjusts its shape to complement yours.

The next distinguishable layer is that of the wrapped inner coils. This is the base layer of your mattress in which the spring coils move with you, but independently of each other. This mechanism helps transfer your load on the mattress to the bed frame.

Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Top 12-Inch Mattress layers

Ratings & Reviews

This mattress also ranks #8 in the category of mattresses on Amazon and has over 1.5k reviews. Most of the reviews are positive, with very few customers having the same complaints as they did with the memory foam mattress. They found the packaging to be inadequate and felt that the mattress did not live up to its promised quality.

However, the number of positive reviews outnumber the negative reviews on a ratio of 9:1. This implies that the margin of expected dissatisfaction is significantly low, as compared to other companies that manufacture mattresses. Further, Classic Brands’ mattresses come with a long warranty, thus adding to their credibility.


The mattress is smartly packaged and comes in a box that is merely a third of its size. The box, when it comes to your doorstep, will measure 60″ x 15″ x 15″ and will weigh around 97 pounds. With the carbon footprint of the mattress reducing because of the efficient packaging and transportation, the mattress proves its worth in all aspects.

Special Features

  • Stretch Knit Quilted Fibre Cover – The mattress comes with a sapphire blue quilted cover which gives it an appealing look. As mentioned before, the nature of knitted fabrics ensures that they move with the bed, and do not impede its movements in any way.
  • vibe mattress is adjustable bed friendlyAdjustable Base Friendly – The mattress can conform to your shape, while changing its own, according to the base on which it is placed. This is one of the best features of the mattress as you don’t have to restrict yourself to sleeping on a flat surface if you don’t want to. Needless to say, this quality of the mattress proves that something can be sturdy yet flexible at the same time.
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty – Classic Brands is a brand that does justice to its name. This is evident from the 10-year warranty they provide for almost all their mattresses.

In all, it suffices to say that the money you spend on this mattress will not be an expenditure. It will be an investment. It is extremely cheap for the quality it brings along, and for that one reason alone, it is worth being in all our bedrooms.

3. Vibe Adjustable Base With Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The show-stealer in this combo is the adjustable base. For various reasons, some of you may not prefer the flat design of bed frames. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to go for adjustable bases. But, a problem you might run into is that of your mattress not adjusting to the shape of the base, and jutting in an awkward angle.

You can rest assured about the absence of such issues, provided you invest in the right mattresses. Two mattresses that definitely will not be problematic in this aspect are the aforementioned 12-inch mattresses from Classic Brands.

Other times, you can avail deals where you get both your adjustable base and the mattress in one go. The combination in question is one like that. You can get both of the bedding materials for $900. Around $200 of the amount is for the mattress (the usual price) and the rest of it is for the adjustable base with the gel foam.

The base is one that can be assembled with ease at home, even though it comes with a lot of fancy features including dual USB ports, a wireless remote with a flashlight, and adjustable heights for legs and head elevations.

Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Vibe Adjustable Base

Construction & Materials

The base mattress that comes attached to the frame is a generic mattress with no special qualities as such. All it does is support the other mattress that you will be putting on the frame for added comfort.

The mattress in the combination being discussed here is the one elaborated upon, in the first section of this article. This mattress consists of three distinct layers, namely gel memory foam, comfort foam (gel-infused poly contouring type), and high-density base foam.

The 2-inch thick gel memory foam layer keeps the surface cool while you sleep. It is the topmost layer and thus is the most sensitive to your movements. The hypoallergenic layer meets the standards set by CertiPUR US and is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, etc.

The next layer – the poly contouring gel-infused layer – acts as the shock-absorbent for the most part, and transfers the load from your contact to the lowermost layer of the mattress.

The lowermost layer of the mattress is high-density conforming base foam. Seven inches thick, this layer is the one which makes the bed sturdy. It provides surrounding support and relief to the user by evenly spreading pressure points. It also takes care of transferring the load from the mattress to the bed frame.

Ratings & Reviews

The mattress is ranked 6th on Amazon in its category, and is #622 in the category “Home and Kitchen”. The 2000 odd reviews present for the mattress are also split in the ratio of 9:1 like its predecessors, in favor of positive reviews.

Some customers have voiced their qualms about some packaging flaws. Also, other users felt that the mattress did not fully expand to its advertised size, thus raising a few questions about the authenticity of the brand. However, the most recent reviews pose no such questions, which leads us to assume that their queries have been attended to.


Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Vibe Adjustable Base packaging

Considering that the frame ships along with this mattress, the size of the package is considerably larger than the cuboid that is expected. The package contains all the pieces of the frame assembly, and you’ll need to assemble it at home. You might find the task too daunting for one person to handle. Thus, it is advised that you take some help while putting together the adjustable base.

Special Features

This combination has a lot to offer to buyers from health benefits to heavenly pre-programmed settings. Most of these are listed below and elaborated upon, to help you make an informed choice if you’re looking to buy an adjustable base for a mattress.

1. Those Of Health

This bed helps people with conditions like heartburn, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) to sleep better. Also, the pre-programmed settings help the user sleep better, and thus lead a better life.

2. Dual USB Ports And Wireless Remote

The frame comes with two USB ports to connect your smartphones or tablets and helps you stay focused on your work, without having to move to places for charging your devices.

The frame also comes with a wireless remote that helps you adjust the position of your bed frame without having to sweat. The battery-operated remote does the work of changing to different positions for you.

3. Separate Head And Foot Elevation Positions

The elevations offered for your head and legs differ in the contraption. You can choose the exact combination of elevations needed to free yourself from the muscular or orthopedic pains you may be facing.

4. Adjustable Heights For Leg Elevations

Elevating your legs to levels higher than or equal to your heart increases blood flow to them. This, in turn, ensures that the legs do not swell due to a lack of blood.

With multiple heights possible for your legs, the adjustable frame strives to make you feel comfortable, no matter how high or low you want your legs lying, with respect to your body.

5. Head And Foot Dual 3 Speed Massage Feature With Massage Timer

This title is self-explanatory. The remote-controlled adjustable base also acts like a masseuse on command. You can get your head and/or feet massaged at three different speeds for a period that you deem fit.

This rids you of your dependence on others and makes you less imposing on those around you.

6. Anti Snore Pre-programmed Settings

Considering that snoring is prevalent among a lot of people of late, connoisseurs in matters development have taken efforts to mitigate snoring in the users of their mattresses. There is ongoing research to establish and explore the relationship between sleeping positions and snoring.

Elevating your head and legs and sleeping has fared well in comparison to other positions concerning their effect on snoring. This specific position is one that comes pre-programmed in this base, thus making your life easier.

7. Versatile Enough For Your Lounge With TV/PC

The base is extremely sleek in appearance and is sure to fit in with any kind of decor you may have in your lounge with the TV/PC set up. The frame also lets you be the ultimate couch potato by giving you everything you need without you having to move a toe.

Also, the variety of positions that you can configure the frame ensures that you don’t get cramps while gaming or bingeing on your favorite games and TV shows. This lets you focus on whatever you’re doing wholeheartedly, even if the activity is playing games for hours on end.

8. Zero Gravity Pre-programmed Settings

The frame has a pre-programmed zero gravity position in the settings of the frame. This is a NASA innovation. This position is one in which you don’t feel gravity act on your body at all, thus making you feel instantly more relaxed.

All of the aforementioned special features are just those of the frame. The previous section highlights the features of the mattress, and need no further elaboration.

In a nutshell, this frame and mattress combo have a lot to offer for the price it is offered for. Coming along with a warranty that promises quality and client satisfaction over everything else, this deal is a steal.

The only problems you may face are those of setting the frame and mattress up. After that, the sailing, according to around 1600 people from all over the US, should be smooth.


Classic Brands delivers all three products reviewed here at your doorstep. You also need not worry about defective products or any compromise in the quality of the product. Redressal mechanism is much easier nowadays with the online handling of complaints and companies respond quickly to customer feedback and queries. Buying one of these mattresses is sure to elevate the quality of your sleep and ensure that you wake up fresh to start the next day.

Why wait? Get in your order today!

We hope this short guide has helped you in making a discerning decision to buy the right mattress. Do let us know what you think in the comments section.

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