Top 12 Best Bookcase Headboards – Ultimate Guide & Review in 2024

Bookcase headboards are functional and save space. With urban living spaces becoming dearer, smaller flats and apartments are the norm nowadays. Consequently, the focus and preference are more for functionality than esthetic appeal and luxury. This probably is the reason for the popularity of bookcase headboards. Before understanding more about bookcase headboards, we need to know a few basic things about a bedroom, bed, and headboards.

Best Bookcase Headboards

When it comes to a home, one of the main elements in the bedroom. Why a bedroom is considered so important? Because, every human spends 8 hours a day in his/her bedroom, which adds up to about one-third of the entire life. Therefore, when setting up a bedroom, one should consider many things. Among these are the theme of the bedroom, bed frame, mattress, and the “focal point.” What is the focal point?

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The “focal point” is the most important feature of a bedroom, especially the bed, which is a “headboard.” It is considered as the “focal point” because it is the first thing that a person notices the moment he/she enters the bedroom. Let us learn about the significance of headboards through its history.

The History Of Headboards

Archeological evidence points to the ancient Egyptians as the first users of headboards in their beds. In those days, headboards were mostly considered as a symbol of societal status and esthetic appeal rather than with any practical purpose. Rich and prosperous people’s headboards were decorated with gold and diamonds. On the other hand, people who were considered poor either did not have headboards or covered one with cotton clothes.

Later, it was the Greeks in the 10th century BC, who used headboards for a practical purpose. The purpose was to provide insulation from cold. During these times, headboards were mostly made of thick wood. Since wood is a good thermal insulator, when the headboard is placed against the wall, it prevented the bed from the coldness of the walls.

In the 19th century, headboards made of steel made into the markets. These were strong and reliable compared to the wooden headboards. However, they did not survive long, as they could not serve many practical purposes.

Today, headboards are far more advanced and practical compared to the past. A headboard adds to the esthetic appeal of a bedroom, insulates the bed from cold, and serves as a bookcase or storage facility. Nowadays, more than the decorative appeal and insulation from cold, people are looking for headboards that provide storage facilities. Hence, bookcase headboards are growing more popular.

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What Is A Bookcase Headboard?

A bookcase headboard is a specific type of headboard, which is designed to hold your favorite books. Obviously, book lovers would love the idea of a library that is handy when they are in their beds. They can just roll over and reach for a favorite book and spend a relaxing hour or two reading before sleep catches up. A relaxed mind also means a good night’s sleep and waking up fresh the next morning!

Types Of Bookcase Headboard


standard bookcase headboard with white color

It is a normal bookshelf headboard without any sort of extravagance. Consequently, it is simple, functional and serves as a combination of headboard and bookshelf. In addition, they are certainly very affordable. Standard bookcase headboards are basic in style and do not add much to the decorative appeal of the room.


A sliding bookcase headboard has two or more sliding plates, which helps to open and close the access to the shelves. These sliding plates can be made of either glass or wood. This, in turn, makes it easy on the eye and improves the decor of the bedroom to a certain extent. Further, compared to the open shelves, shelves closed with a slider provides better comfort on reclining.


A doored bookcase headboard is a headboard, which has doors attached with hinges. It allows the shelves to be closed and opened manually. It provides a safe storage facility to keep your valuable items, which can be reached with the stretch of your hand. The knobs of the door can be decorative to add a luxurious look to your headboard.


Wall bookcase headboards are expansive. As the name suggests, the headboard occupies the entire wall. The headboard starts with a stitched leather layer that provides the reclining space and spreads out to cover the entire wall with layers of shelves. Since it provides a large storage area, it helps to maintain an extensive personal library just behind your back. Further, it transcends a luxurious theme to the bedroom.

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Material Used in the Bookcase Headboards


wood bookcase headboard is good for your books

As mentioned earlier, wooden headboards are the most ancient. Wooden headboards are generally made of oak, pine, and walnut. Since wood can be easily carved and designed, it provides a wide range of esthetics to suit your bedroom. Further, wood is a warm material, which could easily synchronize with the warm theme of your bedroom.

There is only one drawback concerned with wooden headboards. Because wood is susceptible to wear and tear due to weather and naturally attracts bugs, regular cleaning and maintenance are required.


As mentioned earlier, metal headboards are recent innovations. Metal headboards are generally made of aluminum, brass, iron, and steel. Compared to wooden headboards, these are strong, sturdy and highly reliable. Most importantly, insects, bugs and lice do not affect it as much as wood. Occasional maintenance could keep the metal headboards look anew even after several years. If your bedroom has a modern theme, then metal headboards are the best to choose from.

Poor range of designs and lack of esthetic appeal can be regarded as a major drawback of metal headboards.


These are headboards, which has a wooden frame covered with leather. This could be faux leather or genuine leather. Compared to other materials, these are high – expensive, premium appeal and comfort. They also require high maintenance and purchase of specific products for cleaning.

Benefits of The Bookcase Headboards

There are several benefits, which one could enjoy by owning a bookcase headboard. Here are a few obvious ones that make a strong case for bookcase headboards over other types.

Room Decoration

room decoration

A bookcase headboard does not only hold books, but it can also be used to hold several other things. In the aspect of enhancing the theme of the room, one can place beautiful crafts, puppets, clay dishes and family photos on the shelf. Every morning when you get up to the sight of your favorite things, it will cheer you up.

Read In Bed

An avid reader will find a bookcase headboard very useful. You can easily read your favorite books before going to sleep. Furthermore, a bookcase headboard provides a safe place to keep your phone while sleeping.

Reduced Space Consumption

In the absence of a bookcase headboard, you need to install separate storage spaces in your bedroom. This can take up a lot of space and if left scattered around could spoil the ambiance of your bedroom. On the other hand, having a bookcase headboard can reduce space consumption and provide easy accessibility to your things.

Added Safety

The bookcase headboard will never fall over even when your kid jumps over the bed. It can be sturdily attached to the bedpost. Contrarily, having a separate bookcase near the bed could be a magnet for kids and invite disaster!

Features You Should Look For While Buying The Best Bookcase Headboard


An ideal bookcase headboard should contain an ample amount of storage space to satisfy its purpose. The user can look for deep storage pockets, a number of compartments with different sizes and most of all, a structure that is balanced along with the frame. By owning a bookcase headboard, one should be able to eradicate the necessity of buying extra storage facilities and occupying more space in the bedroom.


A bookcase headboard has to be economical in terms of both the space used and the money spent on it. The price should justify the quality one is looking for and satisfy the purpose of it. It is advisable to consider established suppliers who provide a product that is value for money.


A bookcase headboard is not only highly functional, but a good choice can also make your room more attractive and delightfully trendy. So a wise choice will help you choose a set which goes well with your already existing furniture or helps set up a luxurious looking bedroom. This particular choice of furniture can change the complete outlook of one’s room. Making it congested with several pieces of furniture will only make the room look clumsy. A decent bookcase will not only serve the purpose but will also make your room look luxurious.


A good bookcase headboard should be able to accommodate various stuff a person would need near their bed. A lot of bookcases come with reasonably spaced compartments that can hold various things like mobiles, books, little decorative pieces, flower vases, kid’s toys, alarm pieces, and various other things. A buyer should also have in mind the quality of the structure which goes a long way. It can help the user to store heavy books eliminating the need to buy an additional book rack.

Top 12 Best Bookcase Headboards in 2024 – Chart

PreviewBookcase HeadboardsMaterialsAdvantagesOur Rating

1. Prepac Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard, Black

laminated composite woodsThree storage compartments4.0
Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard, Espresso

2. Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard, Espresso

woods and a sturdy MDF backerTwo storage compartments4.2
BLOSSOMZ Brisbane King Storage Headboard, Black

3. BLOSSOMZ Brisbane King Bookcase Headboard, Black

MDF6 compartments
deep bookcase-style
MDF top and side moldings

4. Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Full/Queen

Pressed woodfeatures a generous display area
two small storage drawers
enclosed back panel

5. Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Twin

Engineered wood constructionJamocha Wood finish
hidden storage behind flip-up drawer front

6. South Shore Little Treasures Bookcase Headboard with Storage

Country Pine woodSIMPLE & RUSTIC STYLE
Made in Canada

7. REALROOMS Lacey Full/Queen Storage Headboard, Espresso

laminated particleboardAdd more storage options
predrilled holes

8. Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard in Diamond Ash

Medium-Density FiberDiamond Ash Finish
Enclosed back panel has cord access

9. Revere Bookcase Headboard with Drawers Storage Queen/Full Size

Engineered wood constructiona large cubby in middle with drawers on each side4.2
BOWERY HILL King Bookcase Headboard in Cherry

10. BOWERY HILL Bookcase Headboard, King, Cherry

medium density fiberboardhigh quality, laminated composite wood product construction with attractive profiled MDF 3.9

11. StarSun Depot King Size Bookcase Headboard

composite woodsAdjustable Shelf
Cherry Finish

12. Epic Furnishings Stockholm Bamboo Solid Bookcase Headboard

solid Bamboo hardwoodAttaches to any bed frame
easier assembly

1. Prepac Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard, Black

Prepac is a North American designer, manufacturer, and drop-shipper of home-based furniture. Their products reach your doorsteps within your days of receiving the order and are very easy to assemble. It promises a hassle-free experience that way.


Prepac Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard, Black

The Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard is a sleek and stylish product that anyone would want it in his or her bedroom. The color and texture of the headboard will perfectly suit white and black themed bedrooms. This headboard can be used with both twin size beds and standard king size beds. The polished black color of the headboard gives a premium look. It has a stunning fresh white laminate finish, which is certified as non-toxic in nature. The headboard concurs with every single manufacturing and safety standards.

Material & Construction

The headboard is said to be manufactured from the finest woods from Canada. As mentioned earlier, there is a layer of lamination over the wood, to provide soft touch. The headboard is constructed with considerably thick wood. It has six compartments with varying sizes. Thus, it can be used as a multi-purpose storage facility. In addition, the presence of a wide slab over the compartments, adds to the storage capacity. The edges of the headboard are nicely rounded to avoid sharp edges. Although it appears to have a smooth finish, it feels like the matte finish on touching over a few places.


The manufacturer has tried to maintain the I-shape throughout the construction of the headboard. Technically, I-shaped structures reduce space and material consumption, while improving the strength and weight carrying capacity of the structures. Hence, the headboard can withstand considerable weight. Further, by proving a large base, the manufacturer intends to give the customers a long-lasting product.

The major drawback of the headboard is that it does not have the proper provision of holes to attach it with the bed frame. However, it is very easy to drill a couple of screw holes and attach them with the bed frame. The product comes in a flat package, making easy to carry to your bedroom from the doorstep. Further, the overall assembly time is less than an hour, and you can do it all alone.

2. Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard, Espresso

Being in the industry for around 30 years, Prepac is a producer of stylish and purposeful home furniture. The state-of-art-logistics of the company allows it to process orders every single day of the year, which makes it an award-winning shipping company.


Prepac Twin Bookcase Headboard, Espresso

This particular product of Prepac is simple and elegant in its looks. The coffee-themed bookcase headboard should be a good choice for earth-themed bedrooms. It is ideal for small bedrooms and people who are looking for simple and practical headboards. This headboard can be attached to a twin-size bed. It has a thick brown color, similar to the Italian Espresso that has been just brewed. The espresso lamination adheres to the regulation norms of CARB (California Air Resources Board). The headboard is available in black, white and brown colors.

Material & Construction

The material used is high-quality pine wood. The wood is laminated to enhance its smoothness. The headboard is constructed with thick wooden sheets to provide adequate strength. It has two equal-sized compartments, separated by a vertical wooden sheet. The large compartments offer enough space to keep books, artifacts and teddy bears. The self-standing headboard has a large base to support heavyweights. The wide wooden slab over the compartments, adds to the storage capacity.


The simple construction of the headboard reduces the possibility of a weak structure. The side rails of the headboard are thick to provide enough strength and support to the wooden sheets laid across. The base of the compartments appears to be strong and sturdy, because of the use of a single and thick wooden piece.

The headboard has a large surface area for reclining. However, the wood used to support the back seems to be thin and fragile. Therefore, it has reduced comfort on leaning back. Although it is claimed as a self-standing headboard, if the provision of holes to attach to the bed had been provided it would have been more useful. Since the headboard is not anchored to either the wall or the bed, it is susceptible to falling over.

The product is delivered ready for assembly, which can be done in a couple of hours with the help of instructions provided with the package. For assembling, all you need is a screwdriver and a hammer.

3. BLOSSOMZ Brisbane King Bookcase Headboard, Black


BLOSSOMZ Brisbane King Storage Headboard, Black

It is a standard bookcase headboard, which is simple and elegant. The contrasting look the black colored headboard and a white background will be an irresistible theme of any bedroom. The esthetic appeal of the headboard will blend with all the furniture in the room. This particular product of BLOSSOMZ’s is compatible and versatile, adding functionality to the personal space. The raisin black of the headboard is unique and complements the design. It can be considered as a “bookcase headboard king-sized.”

Material & Construction

The side and top moldings are made of MDF (Medium-Density Fiber). MDF is a combination of wood fibers and wax, which is highly engineered by various processes. This adds to the stability and strength of the headboard, allowing it to be self-standing furniture and does not require any additional support.

The headboard is constructed to have six compartments, which are 11” thick. These compartments are open. Two of the large compartments are at either end. While among the remaining four compartments, three are small, and one is slender. The two large compartments can be used to display flower-vases or other large decorative items, along with books. The three small ones can be used to keep an alarm clock or other small artifacts. The slender compartment can be used to keep phones while sleeping.


The entire headboard is box-shaped, providing a very large surface area at the base. This can help the headboard to spread the weight equally and reduce the ruptures due to heavy loads. Hence, this headboard is ideal to display many items, enriching your bedroom experience. Further, there is no need to attach the headboard with the wall or the bed-frame.

One notable drawback is that the headboard does not provide enough reclining space and comfort to the back. Thus, you will end up with a sore back after a session of book reading. This would have been a remarkable product by BLOSSOMZ’s, only if it managed to provide a soft and comfortable reclining space. Another drawback is that the product is available only in black color.

It hardly takes a few minutes to assemble the headboard beneath your bed. The contemporary styling of the headboard may be less on comfort; however, it has set a high bar in terms of functionality.

4. Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Full/Queen, Soft White Finish

Sauder is one of the oldest manufacturers, since the beginning of the 19th century, in the home furniture industry. Their products embrace a deep-rooted Midwest style. Most of their products are still produced in Archbold, where it all started. The company is well-known for its high-quality engineered wood and the sustainable way it is produced. Further, Sauder boasts an award-winning customer relationship throughout North America.


Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Full/Queen, Soft White finish

Sauder’s Shoal Creek is a uniquely designed bookcase headboard. The white-colored headboard enhances the appeal of both cool and earthy themed bedrooms equally. The soft white finish gives a feeling of luxury to the viewer. It can be considered as a “bookcase headboard queen-sized.”

Material & Construction

It is made up of a highly engineered wooden frame. The entire construction is made on the support of the side moldings, which are provided with brackets to be attached to the bed.

The headboard is designed to have five compartments. The compartment in the middle is the largest, with measurements 11.5” × 28.75”. This spacious open shelf can be used to keep alarm clocks, night books, and charge smartphones. The enclosed back panel provides cord access; thus, you no need to worry about clumsy wires lying on the headboard. Further, the headboard has two cubbyholes with easily sliding drawers to store miscellaneous items. There are two more shelves over the drawers, which can be used to display bedroom decors such as vases, photo frames, and clay dishes.


The durability of the headboard can be a weakness slightly offsetting the style and decorative appeal it has. The headboard is only supported on a two-side railing, which is not thick enough to support heavy loads. There are complaints stating that the headboard tends to break on sudden impact. So this makes it a delicate variety.

Support for back and could be a lot better and lacks good padding. Because of this, in terms of comfort, this headboard could be a lot better.

However, in the aspect of functionality, this headboard is one of the best in the market. It provides a large space to both display and store all your accessories in one place. Thus, reducing the annoyance of getting down from the bed every time you need something.

5. Sauder Twin size Bookcase Headboard

If you are looking for a product that can be easily assembled with a screwdriver and a hammer, then the producer of that product is Sauder. One of the leading brands in the home furniture. Further, if you are an environmentalist, then this is the brand for you. Sauder is one of the few manufacturers who rely on sustainable manufacturing and endorse go-green concepts.


Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Twin, Jamocha Wood finish

This headboard is a part of the Shoal Creek collection, which blends country and contemporary styles. It is a combination of both standard and slider type bookcase headboards. It is available in three different colors – diamond ash, jamocha wood and soft white. Compared to the other two, the soft white finished headboard offers a premium look. It can be best used with a twin-sized bed.

Material & Construction

This headboard is constructed from engineered wood, which is a composite of high-quality trimmings and post-milling leftovers. The mainframe is made of two side moldings, which can be attached to the bed-frame with the help of the brackets provided.

The headboard consists of six equal-size rectangular compartments. The lower-middle compartment is of cubbyhole type, which is provided with a drawer. It can be used to keep miscellaneous items such as keys. The two shelves at either end are three-level height adjustable, which is one of the unique features of this headboard. This special feature helps to display items of a wide variety of sizes. In addition, the back panel provides cord access to charge smartphones.


Similar to other products of the Shoal Creek collection, it is also weak in terms of sturdiness. The thin main moldings cannot withstand high stress and can break away easily. However, the manufacturer provides a five-year limited warranty on the product, a boon to the customers.

In addition, this headboard does not offer much in terms of comfort. The lack of cushioning in the headboard makes it slightly less comfortable.

Although the headboard lags in terms of durability and comfort, it is a product to look out for its low price and very high functional ability. The height-adjustable shelves overshadow all its weaknesses.

6. South Shore Bookcase Headboard With Storage

South Shore is a North American furniture company, doing business for over 75 years. The company intends to create products that can optimize the small spaces available and energize the ambiance at an affordable price. Further, the company employs a reliable customer care support, which works 7 days a week.


South Shore Little Treasures Bookcase Headboard with Storage, Full 54-inch, Country Pine

The simple and provincial style of the headboard provides a charming ambiance to the bedroom. It stands as a simple and graceful piece of furniture in the bedroom. The raw, unpolished-like and country pine color blends well with light-themed bedrooms. This headboard can also be a perfect addition to more earth like décor. It can be coupled easily with full-size beds.

Material & Construction

This headboard is manufactured in Canada with non-toxic laminated particleboard. Particleboard is a low-density fiberboard, which is a composite made by binding wood chips and sawdust using resins. After binding, the composite is extruded under pressure to produce the fiberboard. The fiberboard is then laminated to give it a soft touch and construct the headboard. This particleboard is certified as non-toxic.

The headboard is supported on two side moldings and one upper molding. It consists of three open compartments for displaying and storage. The middle compartment is larger than the other two compartments. The compartments are separated by fixed and reliable partitions. The shelves are within reach and provide easy accessibility. It helps you keep books and other personal items organized. The enclosed back panel has a hole to consolidate all the wires through it, to charge the phones. Hence, it helps you get rid of the clumsy and tangled wires.

It consists of three holes on the side railings, which are provided to attach the headboard with the bed-frame using screws. The assembly of the headboard does not take much effort and can be completed within 75 minutes. Further, it does not require any additional equipment such as a screwdriver and a hammer.


One of the important merits of owning this headboard is that it requires very little maintenance and cleaning. It does not require any special products (additional expenses) for cleaning. It can be cleaned just with the help of a dry cloth occasionally.

7. RealRooms Lacey Full/Queen Storage Headboard, Espresso

Ameriwood Home, based in Missouri, is a division of Dorel Home Furnishings. They specialize in a variety of RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Furniture. Their focus is on bedroom, storage, and office furniture. The company tries to build a relationship with consumers through quality and reliability making it a well-trusted brand.


REALROOMS Lacey Full/Queen Storage Headboard, Espresso

This is a standard open compartment type headboard. The classic looking headboard brings a sense of medieval period into the bedroom. The box-shaped headboard is simple yet transcends a feel of sumptuousness. The dark espresso colored headboard with a contrasting bedroom theme would enhance the mood the moment you step inside the room. It can be used with both full and queen-sized beds. This headboard is available in many other colors, which include black oak, dove gray, rustic oak, walnut, and white.

Material & Construction

It is made from laminated particleboard. Particleboard, a low-density composite fiber, is produced within the norms of CARB. It provides adequate strength and sturdiness to the headboard.

The headboard is constructed in the shape of a box with the side railings and top molding as the main structures. It consists of six equal-sized rectangular compartments in two rows. These open compartments are easy to access at the stretch of a hand. It can be used to keep your favorite nighttime books, alarm clocks, and display room decors – flower vase, clay dishes, and photo frames. It can also be used to keep keys, smartphones, and many other accessories. This makes it a very practical option to stash your belongings.

There are several pre-drilled holes in the headboard frame, which can be used to attach the headboard and the bed-frame together using screws or nuts and bolts.


The box-shaped headboard has a very large surface area covering; hence, it has good support and stability. Additionally, by attaching it with the bed-frame, its strength can be increased. Overall, the headboard can possibly withstand heavy loads and last-long. Further, with a 5-year warranty, you can feel lucky by purchasing the headboard.

Since the wooden pieces are heavy, you would need an extra hand to help to assemble the headboard. Trying to do it alone would be a pain.

8. Pemberly Row Queen Wood Bookcase Headboard

Pemberly Row deals with a casual and comfortable collection of furniture, which is mostly of RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) type. They provide products, which are highly functional and makes people’s life easier. The company focuses on décor that would deliver enjoyment to the customers. They adopt a timeless style in their crisp design.


Pemberly Row Queen Bookcase Headboard in Diamond Ash

It is a unique design, which is carved to perfection. It transcends an attractive vibe that would captivate anyone entering the bedroom. The lavish-looking headboard is contrastingly low-cost. It is a crossover of standard and doored type of bookcase headboards. This headboard particularly suits light shaded bedroom walls. A light-colored bedroom with dark decors and furniture will be a beautiful sight. It can be coupled with either full or queen size beds. It is available in only one color variant – black.

Material & Construction

The decorative side and top moldings are made of MDF (Medium-Density Fiber), while other parts of the headboard are made of laminated composite woods. All these materials are engineered with high quality.

The entire headboard is constructed with very thick pieces of wood. It is in the shape of “A” with two legs supporting it. This also has provisions for attaching it to the bed-frame and has five compartments. Two small and medium-sized compartments at either side of the one large compartment. The small and medium compartments are open type. The large compartment is doored type, which can be used to store all your valuables in your vicinity. It has two hinged doors with oval brushed nickel knobs.


Since the side and top moldings are very thick, these headboards are highly durable and can withstand heavy impacts. Only if the bases were provided with a larger surface area, this headboard could have secured 10/10 in terms of durability.

It is one of the few headboards in the list, which provides large storage and display space. This headboard is regarded as the teenagers’ favorite.

9. Revere Bookcase Drawers Wood Shelves Headboard, Full/Queen


Revere’s Headboard is a simple yet sturdy looking piece of furniture. This classy headboard goes well with any kind of bedroom sets, be it modern or traditional. It is available for all full, queen and twin-sized beds. It is designed to help you stash your books, mobiles, and artifacts. The little drawers help you stash sensitive belongings. This striking piece of art gives a vintage vibe to your bedroom decor.

Material & Construction

Revere Wood Bookcase Headboard with Drawers Storage Queen/Full Size

This particular headboard is Revere’s carefully crafted furniture which uses engineered wood. The delightful part about this option is that it comes in various shades that soothe you, such as Royal Oak, White, Diamond Ash, Jamocha and Brown. So, the fear of this masterpiece not matching your bedroom decorum goes out of the window.

The frame gives two compartments of medium size on either ends and one large compartment in the middle which can be stashed with your best books. The medium-sized compartments also have two little drawers which can help you keep your mobile phone and watches.

It also comes with brackets that help you attach it to the bed itself making sturdy and functional. It is fairly easy to put together with just a user manual, a hammer, and a screwdriver.


The durability of this headboard depends on its usage and pressure exerted on it. A few complaints have been registered to say the compartment wood was received with cracks in it. And considering the design and the thin support below the functional area, too much weight might weaken it.

You have to be slightly more careful when you recline on this headboard and read as the wood is thin. So if you don’t exert weight on it, this could be a great option due to the wide range of shades available. Also, double-check upon delivery to ensure there is no damage in shipping and transit.

10. BOWERY HILL Bookcase Headboard, King, Cherry

Bowery Hill is a well-established furniture maker that provides one of a kind options. They offer a collection of tailored and comfortable furniture according to one’s taste. These unfussy and carefully set up fixtures bring a trendy and royal look wherever they are set up.


BOWERY HILL King Bookcase Headboard in Cherry

The BOWERY HILL’s bookcase headboard cherry finish gem is put together to make it look royal and yet very functional. It is a well-supported piece of furniture that can accommodate a lot of your daily articles such as books, alarm pieces, phones, little showpieces, and your kid’s toys. It can be used only for King size beds. The versatility of this furniture is appreciable.

Material & Construction

This bookcase headboard is made out of high quality, laminated composite wood product construction with profiled MDF (Medium-density fiber) tops and moldings. It is visibly a very strong product which makes it very suitable for heavy books. The frame is well supported by its legs and can stand alone without attaching it to either the bed or the wall. The item’s weight is around 87 pounds, adding to its freestanding capabilities.

The bookcase is 11” deep and the whole frame is 29” high making it the best standout for a king-sized bed. In addition, this royal beauty has 6 compartments. It has three large compartments which come in handy to stash your books, vases and soft toys. The other little compartments in the middle can be used to keep mobiles and other little essentials.

Users also felt that the product was easy to assemble with just a couple of basic tools like a hammer and a screwdriver. This should aid a hassle-free assembly and experience.


This particular headboard has an amazing number of compartments thus making it very functional with all the surface area needed. This product just adds and makes one’s bedroom, an interesting and attractive set up.

As the compartments are evenly distributed and the large area comprising compartments being above the sturdy legs, keep the weight distribution quotient in check. The only drawback of this bookcase headboard is that it doesn’t provide any padding and thus making it not very comfortable back support.

No reinforcement is required for this standalone beauty and will definitely be the best choice to make your bedroom look luxurious and yet very traditional.

11. StarSun Depot King Size Bookcase Headboard with Adjustable Shelf

StartSun Depot is a notable brand that provides quality products at affordable costs. Their product range is extensive and the company is well known for its customer-friendly approach. The vast range of collection of StartSun Depot King is a boon to the customers.


StarSun Depot King Size Bookcase Headboard with Adjustable Shelf in Cherry Finish

StarSun’s bookcase headboard is a piece of classy looking furniture and is equally strong. It brings out an amazing luxurious look to your bedroom and blends well with your existing setup. This headboard goes with King size beds alone. It is available with a cherry finish and its texture looks imperial!

This headboard can help you stack up against your books, beautiful artifacts, toys and mobiles in one place with compartments dedicated to everything. It is a very sturdy and freestanding piece of furniture, giving a smooth experience.

Material & Construction

This product is crafted from composite woods and topped with attractive MDF (Medium-density fiber) and moldings. It is visibly a strong piece of furniture with well-balanced compartments. The legs are very supportive and strong themselves making this design further secure. The compartments are each 11” deep and this one homes 6 evenly sized windows. Provision is given to attach the bookcase headboard with the mainframe of the bed which helps in its standing.

The larger sections and distributed in both ends and one is set up in the middle. Three small sized partitions are held in the middle which can hold things like mobiles, watches and decorative accessories.


Considering the whole design and material used to construct it, it can hold on to a reasonable amount of weight. Particularly, the frame is well supported and can hold a good number of books. The logistics department functions very smoothly with the orders and with utmost efficiency aiding to a snag-free delivery process.

Not providing good reclining support could be the only snag about this product.

Overall, this great piece of furniture is also a very functional unit and can help to make your bedroom visibly striking.

12. Epic Furnishings Solid Bookcase Headboard, Twin-size

Epic Furnishings produces some of the best traditional varieties in furnishings. The number of comfortable options is vast and they maintain some steady quality in their output.


Stockholm Bamboo Solid Bookcase Headboard, Twin-size, Walnut

Epic Furnishings Solid Bookcase Headboard is a quality product. Its looks are classic and functionality is its key promise. The bookcase goes with all twin, queen and king-sized bed frames. Made of solid Bamboo hardwood, it comes in Brown, Walnut and Medium Oak shades helping you to match it with your bedroom’s decor.

Epic Bookcase provides seamless assembly and no-nonsense functionality. On the other hand, this has not affected its classic looks and hence it scores well on the esthetic front too.

Material & Construction

It is made from Bamboo Hardwood and provides an antique and authentic texture to the body. Also, it has four standard compartments in the frame. Two of them are large and at either end of the frame and two medium-sized ones in the middle. It can house a good number of books across the surface and also gives room for smaller essentials like an alarm timepiece or mobile or anything you need within the reach of your hand. It is a boon to all those people who would want to relax and not need to get out of bed to keep their essentials safe.

A couple of screw holes and slots are provided on either side of the headboards that can be attached to the mainframe of the bed. Thus, it provides a good reinforcement.

It is well built to withstand the reasonable weight and can be attached to the frame of your bed itself. The compartments are 10” inches deep. It is also moderately difficult to assemble with the given instructions and can be time-consuming.


This bookcase headboard could hardly be a standalone piece and has to be attached to the bed’s frame. Though it is a much thinner material than regular constructed wood, it has a remarkable density to it. It can withstand a fair amount of weight on it.

This product is overall a gift to the looks of a regular bedroom with its classic texture and can go well with regular decors of a bedroom. Good handling of this furniture is bound to give you a seamless experience.


In today’s world driven by technology with IoT at the forefront, efficiency and functionality dominate decision making when it comes to purchases. In fact, people are looking forward to AI-enabled homes. Naturally, this change towards functionality is impacting the furniture industry too. In the olden days, a piece of furniture was a symbol of social status and esthetic appeal. These have changed today, and people are more into the functional aspects of the furniture. Hence, the headboards have also evolved from just being a decorative element in the bedroom to playing a more utilitarian role. Although bookcase headboards are not recent innovation and contemporary to smart beds, they have managed to survive due to their utility value and the decorative appeal they have. They stand behind every bed as evidence of the past and welcome the future!

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