Guide to Buying a Topper For Your Memory Foam Mattress

What’s your best childhood memory? The Ability to fall asleep almost anywhere, right? Those days are long gone so you better update your arsenal. The best memory foam mattress can cure your back pain but buying the wrong one can be a serious headache. Making the right choice will help you for better restful sleep. In case you find a perfect memory foam mattress, but it isn’t firm enough. You can take care of it by purchasing a mattress topper. It might not be a budget-friendly solution, but it will help you sleep better. To help you buy better, consider the following points for purchasing the top.

memory foam mattress topper

Introduction to the upper part of the Mattress

The mattress toppers are placed on top of your memory foam mattress. These help for providing an extra layer of comfort and heat between the sleeper and foam. The toppers are best advised when your memory foam is worn out. In case you got some extra guests, these can be used for sleeping in a dorm room. If you make a wise decision, purchasing a topper with a memory foam mattress can help you save money.

Buy better Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

The best way to purchase a topper is first determining your needs based on its thickness. Below we are giving primary thicknesses of toppers to help you buy the best mattress topper.

2 Inch

  • These have the Medium Pressure for relieving your body while you are sleeping
  • If you are only looking for comfort, these will only provide you with basics
  • These are best for slick and thin people
  • Considering all that has been said, these are the least expensive option


3 Inch

  • This the best seller in the market
  • If you are only looking for comfort, this is your best option
  • it provides enough pressure for complete relief from joint and back pain
  • These are not as comfortable as a new mattress, but these will see you through for years
  • These are a bit expensive than 2-inch option


4 Inch

  • If you weigh more than 250 pounds, these are the best for you
  • These are meant for camping if you are sleeping on the ground, but these are also great on your Memory Foam
  • This is the most expensive option in the market

In addition to inches, also keep an eye for their density. If you have back pain, then a 4-5 pound density topper will help you. If you are just buying for extra comfort, then a 3-4 will serve your needs.

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