Organic Futon Mattress: A Comprehensive Review

A recent study indicates that the kind of sleep you get every night determines the kind of health you will have for your entire life. Healthy and satisfying sleep is very important to keep your body going healthily.

Organic Futon Mattress on the floorAlthough several factors affect our sleep cycle and the quality of sleep we get, the most basic factor is where we sleep. The base that we choose for our body to rest essentially needs to be comfortable and suitable for our body type.

By choosing the right mattress for yourself, you can promote a healthy posture and mind for the rest of your life. The position in which you sleep most of the night also plays an important role in determining your health.

As a very soft or a hard mattress would not suit everyone, you need to check the kind of base your body prefers for a good night’s sleep. Not only does the softness of the mattress matter, but the material by which it has been made also matters a lot.

Some chemicals that are being used in recent times harm our skin and affect our respiration system as well. Therefore, it is high time to reconsider your sleep choices.

Below-mentioned is a detailed description of an organic futon mattress, scroll down to know more.

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What is a futon

Many confuse the word futon with something that resembles a couch or even a sofa cum bed. Some might even think of it as a pillow. However, a futon is a simple Japanese for a bed. A futon technically involves the mattress, the cover or blanket, and of course, the pillow.

As per the traditional futon of Japan, a futon needs to be just three inches in thickness. They are firm for sleeping and are quite comfortable.

Organic and Natural Futon Mattresses

Organic mattresses are very popular these days due to the several benefits that they bring to us. Natural and organic futon mattresses do not have processed chemicals inside them and, therefore, are very safe to use even for kids.

The ingredients that we use in these mattresses are also a hundred percent pure. The purity of the materials that the manufacturers claim is certified by various organizations such as GOTS, USDA, NOP, and GOTS.

These parties tend to set a basic about the requirements of an organic futon mattress. These guidelines include the restriction from processed or artificial materials and also the process to be used while manufacturing.

You may often confuse the term ‘organic’ with ‘natural.’ However, these are two different categories. Natural materials come directly from the earth, but they don’t necessarily are organic.

Ingredients Used in the Organic Mattresses

There are a bunch of ingredients or materials that are added to these mattresses to sustain their purity and enhance the quality as well. The main ingredients, however, are common between natural and organic mattresses.

Coconut coir, wool, latex, and cotton are the most basic materials used in both organic as well as natural mattresses. If the store tells you that the mattress you are about to buy contains ingredients such as gels, memory foam, and high-density polyurethane forms, you may want to reconsider your decision as these materials are chemicals.

Components of an Organic Futon Mattress

When going futon shopping, there are several components in mind to help you choose the best one. Read below to know more.

Fabric Material

Organic cotton used in futon mattress

The kind of fabric that your mattress has been made up of creates a huge difference in its qualities and the benefits you will enjoy later. Cotton, for example, can attract a plethora of pesticides, bugs, and insects. If you use cotton mattresses, it is always recommended to check for the dyes used.

A mattress made out of organic cotton doesn’t give you this much trouble, though. These mattresses do not use any chemical dyes, which may hamper your breathing or attract unwanted guests.

Fire Retardants

If you want your mattress to be truly organic or even natural, you need to treat it with fire retardants. Fire retardants, as the words suggest, restrict or repel fire. These materials keep your mattress from catching on fire easily and, therefore, are quite important.

If you want to go for a natural fire retardant, you can try wool, which works great in these situations.


Another important component when it comes to natural and organic materials is latex. The use of latex on any object can make it so much more durable and long-lasting. If you go for natural latex, you would be able to save your mattress for a longer duration, as compared to synthetic latex.


When you use or purchase a mattress, you notice how bouncy and springy it is. This happens because of the springs attached to the mattress to make it more comfortable for you. However, if you use the springs as it is, they will poke you, and sleeping on them would be impossible.

Therefore, to make sure these springs stay deep inside the mattress, batting is used. It is a very soft material and is very useful. To make the best out of it, you can go for a natural material. Cotton or even wool could be nice choices.

If you want an even better option for a mattress, you can go for mattresses that let you remove batting easily for cleaning purposes.

Difference Between Natural Futon Mattress and Organic Futon Mattress

As has been already mentioned, people often consider the natural mattress type to be the same as the organic mattress. On the contrary, there are a few differences that put these two categories on separate pedestals.

Organic mattresses are usually free from any chance of pesticides or the use of artificial products. The materials used in these mattresses are grown most organically, without the use of any foreign materials.

Natural mattresses, on the other hand, are free from any chemicals. These mattresses do not use any chemical or artificial mattresses to enhance their properties.

Organic and natural mattresses are very good for your skin, posture, and hair.

Qualities to look for when buying an organic futon mattress

Choosing a futon mattress is never an easy task. There are so many things based on which you could make a good choice. You get so many varieties in color, pattern, material, and even style.

However, there are some basic qualities that you should look for while choosing a mattress for yourself. To help you out, below mentioned is a list of things that you should take into consideration.

Read below to know more.


Weight is an important factor when you go mattress shopping. Even though a good quality mattress is supposed to have some weight to maintain stability and comfort, the weight should be manageable.

A very important reason behind this requirement is portability. The mattress you buy should be easy to move around. Be it from one room to another or from the room to the laundry. If you have a light-weight mattress, you would also be able to dry it easily.

Washable Cloth

Mattresses usually come with a cloth cover that protects the mattress from dirt. This cover also maintains the mattress and makes sure its quality stays intact. However, this cloth gets dirty very easily. Therefore, it is important to find a mattress that has a washable cover.

This would help you keep it clean and away from infections. As you or your family members sleep on the mattress, it is highly crucial to keep it hygienic at all costs.

In case you don’t find the mattress you need, buy a cover separately and use it to cover the mattress permanently.


This quality refers to how the mattress makes you feel when you get on top of it. Naturally, mattresses are supposed to feel soft and comfy, and that’s how they help you fall asleep.

As has been mentioned above, no mattress is too soft or too hard. The feeling you get from your mattress highly depends on what your body requires. Some people can only sleep on a hard mattress while cannot do with a squishy soft mattress beneath them.

Therefore, it is always wise to check on what you need and only then shortlist the mattresses.

Retainable shape

The tendency of a mattress to get back to its original shape is known as rigidity. It is important for the mattress you choose not to be very rigid. A very rigid mattress would not let your body curves to settle inside the mattress.

This will eventually start to hurt your back, and your posture would be hampered forever. A mattress that retains its shape the best way is soft enough to make your curves comfortable. However, as soon as you get up from the mattress, it retains its shape back to normal.

The kind of mattress you have highly depended on the materials it consists of.


Another important quality that your organic futon mattress should have is flexibility. If you can fold your mattress easily, your mattress is highly flexible. The property of changing shape easily is known as flexibility.

Good flexibility is usually expected from thin mattresses. As thick mattresses can get damaged due to folding, they are usually not included in this category. You will need a very flexible mattress if you have plans to regularly fold it and move it to the cupboard.

For this, you need to make sure to buy a very flexible, high-quality mattress that can be managed easily.

Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses

If you are considering buying futon mattresses that are made entirely out of cotton, then you should know some specifics about this particular category as well.

Cotton futon mattresses are quite heavy. These mattresses are also quite firm as well as flexible. The rigidity of cotton futon mattresses is not very high when compared to other categories of mattresses.

Some mattresses are also made from a combination of cotton along with foam that gives the mattress a lighter weight. A futon mattress made out of cotton and foam is also less firm when compared with a mattress made purely out of cotton.

The mattress made out of these two materials also has high rigidity, which makes it quite workable for a sofa in living areas. Another combination of cotton mattresses is one that has a small amount of polyester too. This addition to the cotton reduces the weight and also reduces the firmness.

The rigidity is less than the pure cotton mattress. Moreover, a cotton-polyester futon is less rigid than a cotton foam mattress. This makes it preferable for most of the customers. This combination also forms a more flexible mattress that is way more manageable than the other combinations.

If a mattress is made out of polyester entirely, it will form the lightest mattress out of all the categories mentioned above. This type of mattress is great in rigidity as well as firmness. A futon mattress made out of cotton or any other material would be in its heaviest state when it has springs in it.

A futon mattress having springs is used for beds only. When we add springs to these mattresses, we get much-upgraded rigidity. However, by doing so, we decrease the flexibility of the mattress to a quite low standard.

Buying a cotton futon mattress can work for different body types and people with varied sleep requirements. However, combining cotton with other materials such as polyester and foam can give much better results.

Therefore, make sure to check the materials used to make your futon mattress before you make the final deal.

Final Words

As we have seen in the above-mentioned piece of content, there is a wide variety of mattresses available in the market today. Choosing the right one out of the lot is a bit hefty job. However, when you have an option to buy a safe and comfortable mattress such as an organic futon mattress, make the most of it.

Go through all the important points about organic futon mattresses mentioned above, and make the right choice for you and your family.

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