Top 12 Best Bed without Headboards in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

The only salvation in an exhausting day is the thought of coming home and crashing onto your bed. It is why you must carefully survey and select the bed for your room. Are you on the hunt for an impressive center of attention for your room that would perfectly elevate your style? This guide is here to help.

Best Beds Without Headboards

There are quite a few competent beds without headboard ideas out there. Yet, only a few make the cut for the top list in terms of a balance between practicality and flair. If you’re someone who settles only for the best, you are in just the place you need to be!

You should be able to find a bed that either complements or enhances your bedroom decor. Your bed should ideally be compatible with your sleeping patterns as well. This guide will give you a comprehensive evaluation and review of the top 12 best beds without headboards.

While this guide provides reviews to help you add more value to your final decision, you must consider other things too. What should you look for in a bed without headboard? How can you best maintain the star of your bedroom?

You may also like to check the best platform bed with headboards.

Read on to find the answers to these questions and more!

Reiterating the center of discussion: What is a bed without headboard?

You need a fulfilling, sound sleep for good health and successful days. Only a comfortable bed that suits your needs can act as the catalyst for it. There is a wide range of options available when it comes to beds, but a bed without headboard is one of the best ones.

DHP Maven Platform Bed without headboard

Besides comfort, you also need to cater to the aesthetics of your bedroom to let loose and relax. A bed without headboard is a sleek and subtle addition to your room. It does not have a headboard, which makes it wonderful for when you need to free up some space and breathe in an airy room. Another advantage is that you are free to choose your own headboard instead of the manufacturer’s default configuration.

A bed frame without headboard is often known as a platform bed. There is a plethora of styles and build options in the world of beds without headboards.

Do you like a metallic finish? You can buy a metal bed frame without a headboard. Perhaps you enjoy the natural and classic feel of wood. If so, you can buy a wooden platform bed. If you want the best of both worlds, you can go for a metal and wood platform bed frame!

Whatever your preferences may be, you can find a fitting bed without headboard ideas. This guide is here to help you meet your goals.

When a bed doesn’t have a headboard, it allows you to be more creative with your decor. A bed without headboard takes up a silent yet outstanding position in your bedroom. It is a great characteristic if you are going for a design-oriented aesthetic.

A bed frame without headboard can also come with lots of storage space. You can clear the clutter in your room and organize it better this way. Many of these beds can offer chests of drawers too.

You can buy a bed frame without headboard in the size you want. California King, Queen, Twin, or Full- all sizes of beds are available.

It is possible to deeply digress into what a bed without headboard is all about, but does it come with advantages? The answer to that is- Yes, it does! Take a look at the benefits of using a bed without headboard.

Top 12 Best Beds without Headboards in 2024 – Chart

PreviewBed NameMaterialFeatureOur Rating

1. LUCID Upholstered Platform Bed

Wood, FabricSturdy wood construction and wooden slat support paired with a classic linen-style interior4.2

2. MUSEHOMEINC Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

PineEquipped with 12 high-quality strong wooden slats4.7

3. DHP Maven Platform Bed

Wood, Faux LeatherUpholstered Faux Leather and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage4.5

4. Zinus 12 Inch Acacia Wood Platform Bed

Solid Acacia Wood, MetalAcacia frame has a sturdy central metal support structure, and the steel frame has a foam-filled tape for noiseless use.4.8

5. Mellow Metal Platform Queen Bed Frame

MetalHeavy Duty Steel Slats, Easy Assembly4.6

6. Prepac Mate's Platform Storage Bed

WoodMultiple design styles, sizes, colors are available4.2

7. ZINUS GOOD DESIGN Metal and Wood Platforma Bed Frame


8. Modus Furniture Simple Platform Storage Bed

Mahogany12 solid wood slats and centre slats with additional centre legs4.8

9. Olee Sleep 18" Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

SteelNoise-free design, reinforced leg structure4.6

10. REALROOMS Alden Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Metal FrameSimple and modern luxury design4.3

11. Classic Brands Claridge Upholstered Mattress Foundatio Platform Bed

Metal, WoodMetal Frame with Wood Slat Support4.0

12. Zinus Wen 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed Frame

WoodenMattress Foundation with Wood Slat Support4.7

What are the advantages and perks of using a bed without headboard?

A bed without headboard serves you with various benefits on all levels. Did you know that beds without headboards are one of the most popular bedroom trends nowadays? There is a myriad of reasons for it!

Here are some of the main advantages of using a bed frame without headboard.

Frees Up Space

Beds without headboards take up less space than their counterparts with headboards. They work impeccably for smaller rooms and give a less cluttered appearance. Your room will become more breathable with a bed without headboard.

Offers more aesthetic flexibility

If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with design, you should look for a bed frame without headboard ideas. With no solid headboard, these beds allow you to exercise your creative muscles in your bedroom decor.

You can decorate your room in any way you want without being held back by the position or appearance of a headboard.

Increase in storage

One of the best parts about a bed without headboard is that it can provide you with convenient storage space. Platform beds offer many storage options. You can find a berth that has a storage box or a bed with a chest of drawers for your organizational needs.

Easy to assemble & transportHeavy Duty Bed frame and easy assembly

Headboards can often be an inconvenience while assembling your bed or moving houses. A bed frame without headboard is incredibly easy to assemble. You can do it by yourself at home as well. These beds are also convenient to transport, not being a headache for people who move frequently.

Sleek look & feel

A bed without headboard is easy to incorporate into any environment. It owes this to its sleek look and feel. Such beds are far from bulky and will not grab all the attention in the room in an obnoxious manner. Their sleekness makes them extremely simple to maintain too.


It goes without saying that the bed you buy must not only be comfortable and practical but offer value for its price too. A bed without headboard is the most cost-effective type of bed available in the market. The absence of a headboard brings down the price and makes these beds affordable.


What if you buy a bed without headboard but want to redecorate or change your mind? What can you do? If at any point you feel unsatisfied by a bed without headboard, you can add one!

These beds are highly versatile. You can customize them to meet your needs in the best possible way. There is a lot of inspiration for a bed frame without headboard ideas.

Factors to keep in mind when buying a bed frame without headboard

With so many tempting and modish choices of beds for your space, it can get a little confusing to select the best.

Your choice of bed will have a butterfly effect and influence other parts of your life too. For instance, the quality of your sleep, the level of peace you feel in your bedroom, and any potential changes in decor, among others.

What are the aspects of buying a bed without headboard you must consider before purchase? Here are some things to consider before buying a bed frame without headboard. Keep these in mind to make a wise decision.

Quality & BrandBest Bed without Headboard Brands

Beds are a long-term investment. You should carefully evaluate the quality of a bed frame without headboard before buying it. The best way to assure yourself of the class is to select a bed belonging to a trusted and popular brand.

It is best to visit a physical store when looking for a bed. You can scout the quality by checking for any loose parts, substandard finish, structural disappointments, and other factors. Make sure you feel satisfied with the quality and reliability of the bed and the brand.


A bed plays a significant role in dictating how your room looks. If you have a theme for your room, try to pick a bed frame that complements it. There are plenty of bed without headboard ideas for it.

Try to settle for a relevant but attractive bed. This dimension depends upon construction, materials used, color, and more.

Besides the look, you should also consider other aspects of the design. Do you want a bed with slates or a bed needing box springs? It is crucial to assess these things too.


You have read that the quality and design matter significantly when choosing a bed without headboard. However, both draw a big part of the result from the materials used to make the bed.

You can find wrought iron bed frames, wooden beds, hybrids, or fabric materials. You must ensure that the bed you buy has long-lasting materials in its construction that offer a good finish.


Beds come in various sizes. You should check the dimensions of the bed and make sure they sit well with the space available in your room.

The size of your bed should meet the requirements of the people who will sleep on it. If you live by yourself and do not need a double bed, a single one will be suitable. If you have a partner and both of you sprawl out while sleeping, a Full or King sized bed without headboard will be great.

Storage Options

Prepac bed without headboard with storage

Everyone loves to tackle multiple issues with a single solution. A bed frame without headboard that offers storage space will help you achieve this. You can style your room with all the benefits of such a bed while also doing away with the problem of storing your belongings.

A bed without headboard can come with storage options ranging from drawers to cabinets and boxes. You should go for a bed that offers such facilities.


You need to make sure that the bed you buy offers you the correct value for its price. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a bed without headboard that fails to fulfill your requirements.

One thing to keep in mind is that different sizes of beds come for different prices. The materials used also dictate the costs, as do the facilities it offers.


Before purchasing a bed, carefully read about the warranty terms and conditions. Once you buy a bed, it should ideally last you for years to come. If your bed fails to do so due to any problems whatsoever, you need to have a good warranty to have your back.

The Room

One last thing to keep in mind is the room you are buying the bed for. A bed without headboard goes best against a wall. Does your room have a free wall you can use to rest your back? The layout and size of the room also matter when you are buying a bed.

When you have carefully considered all of the above points, you are finally ready to decide upon your new bed. Read on to find comprehensive reviews about the best beds without headboards!

1. Best Upholstered Platform Bed Without Headboard – LUCID Upholstered Bed with Slats

Size & ColorLUCID Upholstered Bed with Slats – Linen Inspired Fabric – No Box Spring Required – Compatible with Adjustable Bases Platform, King, Charcoal

Lucid knows that everyone has varying needs. Providing one size to suit the requirements of different families is not ideal. Therefore, the brand offers five sizes to choose from, namely, Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Your bed needs to be in combination with your room décor. Catering to all your needs, the brand extends multiple color options. You may opt for beige, black, charcoal, cobalt, pearl, or stone, to perfectly match your bedroom.

Design & Construction

Designed to stay in trend for years, this upholstered bed without headboard is made of linen. The upholstery is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Apart from the linen upholstery, the bed is chiefly constructed of wood. The bed frame has built-in slats to eliminate the need for extra support or box spring.

Comfort Level

A bed is your ultimate comfort space. Taking this into consideration, this bed frame without headboard is made to support your mattress. All four of its side-frames are at a higher level than the base to prevent your mattress from sliding. Furthermore, the slats of the bed have extra support for a superior comfort level.


Be it the upholstery fabric or the wood, the materials used in this frame are of top-quality. The legs of this bed are notably thick and heavy, providing sturdy support.

The slats of the bed are evenly distributed and have two extra legs in the middle for additional support. The frame is specially constructed to endure enough weight without any breakages.

Additional Features

Assembling this bed frame without headboard is a piece of cake. All you need is a Philips-Head screwdriver, and you are set for the job. Furthermore, you can add any of the Lucid headboard for elevated comfort if you like.

The best part is yet to come. This bed frame comes with a lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for!

  • No box spring required
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with headboards
  • No storage space
  • The platform does not lift, making it hard to vacuum the under-bed floor

2. Best Platform Bed Frame Without Headboard By MUSEHOMEINC

Size & ColorRustic Style,Mattress Foundation(no boxspring Needed), White Washed Finish,Queen

MUSEHOMEINC has been serving in the furniture industry for several areas, providing world-class beds of different sizes. This bed without headboard comes in 2 sizes— King and Queen.

The color of this frame is undoubtedly its most attractive feature. It has a white-wash finish with irregularities in a unique way. Irrespective of the style and décor of your bedroom, the elegant and sophisticated color of this frame is downright perfect.

Design & Construction

Be it your bedroom or guestroom, the ideal design of this frame is suitable for all room-types. Apart from the graceful color, the legs of this modern frame have an antique, gourd-type style. The luxurious bed is designed to add a touch of aesthetics to your house.

The bed-frame is constructed of pinewood, with grain-like texture and knots adding to its uniqueness. The contemporary style legs of the bed are built with noticeably strong wood. Furthermore, the platform bed has slats made with 100% high-quality wood.

Comfort Level

To provide a feeling of ultimate comfort, the platform bed has evenly spread out slats. Built with spaces of 3 inches, these bed rails prevent your mattress from sagging.

Now you can bid farewell to your backache. These wooden slats have a rod and three extra legs at the center for greater support.


The broad, gourd-like legs of the frame do not only offer extensive design but also stability. Made to endure high pressure, this bed frame without headboard comes with 12 slats. What’s more? These rails are supported by a steel rod at the center. The rod not only increases its life but also enhances the load-bearing capacity of the bed.

Additional Features

The bed frame comes with non-slip tapes on its slats. When peeled off, it prevents your mattress from sliding, adding extended support.

The MUSEHOMEINC bed frame without headboard has a 7-step, quick assembly. It comes with picturized instructions for assembling in a hassle-free manner.

  • Non-slip tape
  • No box spring required
  • Steel tubing for an elevated support level
  • Frames do not support the mattress
  • The uneven texture of the bed frame may be problematic

3. Best Bed Without Headboard With Storage By DHP

Size & ColorDHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Faux Leather and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage

DHP proffers several bed frame sizes for you to choose from, as per your convenience. You may opt for Twin, Full, King, or Queen size bed.

Black and grey are colors that can suit almost every room-style. Leather furniture effortlessly adds class to your house. This bed frame comes with black or white leather upholstery to add grace to your room. Alternatively, you can go for the grey linen frame, which is simple yet sophisticated.

Design & Construction

The elegant leather bed frame without headboard is ideal for your bedroom. It is modern and stylish, providing looks as well as over-the-top comfort. Moreover, the leather upholstery makes it convenient for you to clean and maintain your bed frame in a hassle-free way.

The bed is constructed with metal frames and curved wooden slats. It eliminates the need for box spring for extra support. Furthermore, the bed comes with storage options.

Comfort Level

With this bed without headboard by DHP, you do not have to worry about your mattress sliding off. The frames of the bed are slightly raised-up, providing complementary support to the mattress.

What’s more? The bed rails are curved to give your back the ultimate comfort.


Apart from the metal frames that offer remarkable stability, the bed has two extra legs on the sides. All six legs of the bed are of metal.

Despite being curved, the evenly-spread wooden slats are highly durable. Further, the slats have an extra metal rod at the center, adding to its sturdy nature.

Additional Features

The bed frame is not only easy to assemble but also to disassemble. Highly convenient for shifting to different rooms or a house.

The highlight of this bed without a headboard is its storage drawers at the bottom. Irrespective of the size, your bed occupies a considerable space in your room. With the DHP platform bed, you can make the most of this space by storing items in its drawers.

These drawers have attached wheels and are easy to roll out.

  • Curved slats for added comfort
  • Boxes for extra storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Drawer wheels do not have a track for sliding

4. Best Wood Platform Bed Without Headboard By Zinus

Size & ColorNo Boxspring Needed, Wood slat support, King

The combination of brown and black is the ultimate match. The frames of the Zinus platform bed have a smooth brown finish along with matte black legs. Thus, it makes for a perfect fit for all types of rooms.

When it comes to sizes, the Zinus bed frame without headboard offers Twin, Full, Queen, and King options. You can choose the right size according to the height and number of people who want to use the bed.

Design & Construction

The bed frame is fashioned to add class to your room in a simplistic way. The bed has a platform base made of wooden slats. The bed rails put an end to the box springs that tend to get ruined soon.

The Zinus bed frame is created with top-quality Solid Acacia Wood. Additionally, the legs and the center rod are of metal, built to last long.

Comfort Level

The platform bed supports all types of mattresses, be it foam, spring, or latex. The evenly spread slats of the Zinus Acacia Wood platform bed provide elevated comfort to your body. Moreover, these rails come with non-slip tapes to prevent your mattress from sliding off.


The metal frame and legs make the durability of this bed frame without headboard simply unquestionable. The flat rails of the bed are constructed of Acacia Wood, which lasts for a lifetime. For complimentary support, the slats have three extra metal legs and a rod at the center.

What’s more? The bed can bear up to 700lbs of weight. Now you can have a worry-free, relaxed sleep.

Additional Features

The high-quality, durable Zinus bed frame has something extra for your convenience. There is a clearance space of up to 10 inches under the bed. This gives you plenty of space to store items like books or boxes of extra clothes. It is an efficient way to utilize every inch of your room.

  • Strong center metal support
  • Slats with non-slip tapes
  • Foam-padded tape on steel frames for noise-free experience
  • Under-bed space for storage
  • Two options: with headboard, or without headboard
  • Not yet

5. Best Metal Bed Frame Without Headboard By Mellow

Size & ColorHeavy Duty Steel Slats | Mattress Foundation (No Box Spring needed)

The low-rise metal bed frame by Mellow boasts a beautiful metallic grey color. It is simple yet luxurious.

Whether you are single, have a lovely partner, or a spouse along with a young one, you need not worry. Mellow offers several sizes—Twin, Full, King, and Queen, to choose according to your requirement.

Design & Construction

The Mellow bed frame without headboard is a proud winner of the Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum. With its eye-catching color and out-of-the-box design, this bed is a true definition of class. It has rectangular frames on all four sides. Though they do not give any extra benefit, they sure make the bed stand out among others.

Be it the slats, frames, or legs the platform bed is made of metal throughout. What’s more? The frame has rounded corners to provide complete safety. Now you choose a metal frame without any worries of getting hurt.

Comfort Level

Despite being vertical instead of horizontal, the slats of this bed provide complete support to your mattress. Moreover, they come with a non-slip tape to hold it in place. Now you do not need a box spring that usually gets spoilt within a few years.


The metal construction of this bed makes it highly durable. Not only the frames but also the slats of the Mellow bed are of metal, unlike others of its kind. Moreover, the material used is heavy-duty steel, which is sure to last for multiple years, maybe decades.

Adding to its durable material, the bed frame without headboard has two extra legs and a rod at the center for top-level support. Not to mention, the lower rails of the frame add extra stability to the bed.

Additional Features

The classy, highly durable, extraordinary bed also offers extra storage space. There is enough distance between the bed frame and the floor, offering space to store boxes and other items of daily use.

  • Extraordinary design
  • Under-bed space for storage
  • Easy assembly with an instruction manual
  • No more color options

6. Best Platform Storage Bed Without Headboard with 6 Drawers By Prepac

Size & ColorPrepac Mate's Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, Queen, Espresso

Catering to the needs of their diverse customer range, Prepac extends five sizes of beds. Now you can choose from Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen sizes, depending upon your requirement.

Prepac offers a bed in four timeless colors, each of which can perfectly fit with various room decors. The bed frame without headboard comes in black, cherry brown, espresso brown, and white. Although all these colors are classic, you can choose the one that matches best with your taste.

Design & Construction

Extremely smooth to touch, the bed frame is designed to have a laminate finish. It is a platform bed with wooden slats that eliminate the requirement of a box spring. Further, more the head and the foot frames of the bed are slightly raised, with a curved design.

The bed frame and the slats are fully built of wood, along with metal support. The storage drawers are also wooden, along with metal tracks for sliding.

Comfort Level

The 4.5-6 inch raised headframe and foot-frame provide extra support to the mattress, prevent it from sliding. Additionally, the side frames are 2 inches higher than the platform base. It adds to the stability of your mattress, providing a comfortable experience. The flat wooden slats will perfectly support your back.


The bed frame without headboard is of good quality. The frame is thick and heavy from all sides, making your bed highly stable.

Additional Features

The highlight of this bed frame is its large storage capacity. Large beds occupy a significant space, leaving a shortage of space for storage. The Prepac bed without headboard extends an excellent solution by offering 6 big drawers for storing items. These drawers are firm, made to endure weight, and easy to slide.

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Safety stops in drawers
  • 6 big drawers for storage
  • Low-quality slats
  • Challenging assembly

7. Zinus Suzanne 14 Inch Metal and Wood Platforma Bed Frame, King

Size & ColorGOOD DESIGN Award Winner Suzanne bed frame without headboard

The Zinus Suzanne bed frame without headboard comes with a matte black frame along with a brown footboard. It is ideal to suit all types of room settings. Alternatively, you can choose the beautiful grey wash color.

The bed frame is King size, which is the biggest available option. It is enough to accommodate two adults without any shortage of space. Apart from King, the frame comes in Queen, Full, and Twin sizes.

Design & Construction

Due to its remarkable design, the Zinus bed frame bagged the Good Design Award of 2019, presented by the Chicago Athenaeum. The sleek design of the bed consists of metal frames on all sides with a wooden footboard. What makes this bed stand out is the metal, box-like rectangular frame at the foot and head area.

The bed frame is majorly constructed of metal, with only its footboard and slats made of solid wood.

Comfort Level

When buying a bed, comfort is the foremost requirement. The presence of a metal rod along with an extra leg at the center makes for a perfectly restful sleeping position.


Made of heavy-duty steel, the Zinus Suzanne bed frame boasts durability and longevity. The additional headframe and foot-frame add extra stability to the overall structure. With this metal bed frame, you can be certain that you will not have to purchase another bed for years to come.

Additional Features

Apart from its extravagant design, this bed without a headboard offers ample storage space. Although it does not come with attached drawers or boxes, the bed is at a height of around 12-13 inches from the floor. It makes for the ideal space for storing boxes, suitcases, and much more.

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • The under-bed area makes for storage space
  • Lacks side support for the mattress

8. Modus Furniture Simple Platform Storage Bed

Size & ColorModus Furniture Simple Platform Storage Bed, Full, Espresso

The Modus platform bed is a big, California King size. It can be used by 2 adults, along with a kid without any shortage of space. Alternatively, you can opt for the smaller sizes—Twin or Full.

The bed frame without headboard comes in a beautiful espresso brown color. The classic color looks stylish and will match all types of colored décor.

Design & Construction

The contemporary design of the Modus platform bed will add a vintage touch to your bedroom. It has a wide, dark brown frame on all four sides, with a polished finish. Moreover, the bed has a slat-system, not requiring box springs to support the mattress.

The Modus platform bed is constructed of top-quality, Tropical Mahogany solid wood. Additionally, the bed rails are of metal for extra stability.

Comfort Level

With 12 solid wooden slats, the bed is designed to provide high-level comfort to your back. Further, the metal side rails support the mattress, preventing it from sliding.

What’s more? The smooth finish lets you easily clean the bed frame with a damp or dry cloth.


When buying a quality bed frame, you expect it to last for at least 5 years or more. The Modus platform bed is built with high-quality mahogany wood along with metal frames, ensuring a longer life.

The bed frame has a brilliant support system. Apart from the 12 slats, 3 wooden planks are supporting the mattress.

Additional Features

The best feature of this bed without a headboard is that it offers plenty of storage space. Now you can store your clothes for daily use in its 4 large, solid wood drawers. The storage system is highly functional, with ball-bearing glides and corner blocks to provide firmness.

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 4 sturdy drawers
  • Pre-assembled drawers
  • Easy assembly
  • The drawers are not big enough

9. Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Queen Steel Bed Without Headboard

Size & ColorOlee Sleep 18" Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slat, No Box Spring Needed, Black

The Olee Sleep Queen size bed is large enough for you and your pet to sleep with the utmost comfort. Two adults can also fit on the bed, but they will not have enough space to stretch out. However, you also have the option to choose from Twin, Full, King, or California King sizes.

The sleek metal bed frame without headboard comes in a stylish black color. It will look great in all your rooms, irrespective of the décor colors.

Design & Construction

The bed does not have an extraordinary design, but it gets full marks for construction. The bed is entirely made of top-notch quality steel.

Comfort Level

You can use the mattress of your choice as this bed supports literally all types of mattresses. Once placed, your mattress will not slide off as the steel frame is slightly higher than the slats. It holds the foam in place. What’s more? You can easily clean it with a cloth.


You cannot get a more durable bed frame than this one. From its slats to its legs and frame the bed is constructed of quality metal from top to bottom. Additionally, it has 3 extra legs at the center and 2 at the sides for ultimate stability. Once you buy this bed, you will not need to hit the bed market for about 5-10 years.

Additional Features

The bed is 18 inches high from the floor. So? It gives you plenty of space to store a large number of boxes, suitcases, bags, and so much more. You cannot have a more space-efficient bed!

  • Highly sturdy
  • Under-bed storage option
  • Quick and simple assembly as well as disassembly
  • Plastic feet prevent scratches
  • Slat-supporting plastic is flimsy
  • Too much distance between the slats

10. REALROOMS Alden Platform Bed with Storage Drawers, King

Size & ColorREALROOMS Alden Platform Bed with Storage Drawers, King Size Frame, Blue Linen

REALROOMS Alden Queen size bed comes with an aesthetic grey color. It will make your room look downright classy, adding a touch of finesse to your room décor.

Alternatively, you can choose the Twin, Full, Queen, or King size bed. Other than grey, the brand also offers a color option of rich black.

Design & Construction

A beautiful upholstery can pre-dominantly boost the look of any bed frame. REALROOMS Alden platform bed comes with sophisticated, grey linen upholstery.

An upholstered bed does not always mean you will need a box spring for support. The bed comes with bentwood slats to support the mattress. Further, the frames and legs of the bed are made of heavy-duty metal.

Comfort Level

The wooden slats are curved to maximize your comfort level. Moreover, the evenly distributed bentwood slats can bear pressure without causing any problem.

Once placed, your mattress will not move from its place as the side rails of the bed are higher than the wooden slats. These frames hold the mattress right where it is.


Despite the presence of drawers, the bed frame without headboard has 3 extra metal legs at the center. Not enough? It also has a metal rod supporting the wooden slats. Now you can sleep peacefully without worrying about any breakage.

Additional Features

A well-organized, empty room looks way better than a cluttered one, full of things. With the REALROOMS Alden platform bed, you will not face this problem. The bed frame comes with two large drawers, one on each side. Now you can store multiple items like sheets, comforters, clothes, or footwear right inside your bed.

  • 2 large drawers for storage
  • Bentwood slats for greater comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low-quality slats
  • Flimsy plastic drawers

11. Classic Brands Claridge Upholstered Mattress Foundation Platform Bed, Full

Size & ColorMetal Frame with Wood Slat Support | Grey, Full

Claridge upholstered Full bed frame will be perfect for you even if you are the tallest one in your group. It comes in a sophisticated grey color, giving an aesthetic vibe to your room. Further, the black legs of this bed without headboard make for the perfect color combination.

The bed comes in a multitude of alternative sizes. You can choose one of the smaller ones—Twin or Twin XL, or the bigger sizes—Queen, King, or California King.

Design & Construction

A classic upholstered bed is an ultimate addition to any room, and so is this bed. Designed with subtle grey upholstery this bed frame will instantly add grace to your room.

The bed frame is built with heavy-duty metal along with strong wooden slats. Moreover, the legs of the bed are constructed of thick wood.

Comfort Level

The solid pine wood slats make for the perfect support system. They are covered with Velcro that holds the mattress in place. Now you can have a soothing sleep without your mattress or bed, shifting from its place.


Despite being lightweight, the metal frame is strong and built to last long. It has wooden slats that are covered with Velcro, holding the slats in place. Additionally, the bed frame has two extra wooden legs to support the center.

Additional Features

Unlike any other of its kind, this bed frame can transform into a mattress foundation. Simply remove its legs, and get the perfect platform for those fun-filled movie nights with friends.

Another highlight of this bed frame without headboard is that it allows you to store items underneath. There is almost a 5-6 inches gap from the frame to the floor.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Velcro cover prevents slats from shifting
  • Under-bed space for storage
  • Does not support headboard
  • Low-quality materials

12. Zinus Wen Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed Without Headboard, Twin

Size & ColorSolid Wood / Mattress Foundation with Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Twin

Zinus Wen deluxe Twin size bed is highly space-efficient and ideal for your room. It can easily accommodate one adult or two if sleeping close together. Alternatively, you can choose other options such as Full, Queen, or King sizes.

Your bed should perfectly complement your room. That is why the brand offers a classic bed frame with a brown cherry finish. The stylish bed is suitable for all types of room settings and décor.

Design & Construction

The well-polished bed has a rustic design, adding a touch of finesse to your room. Its smooth finish is highly attractive to the eyes.

That said, the bed is constructed of top-quality wood. The frame, along with all its legs, is made of thick solid wood. Overall, it is strong, simple, and reliable.

Comfort Level

Zinus Wen deluxe bed is built to meet all your comfort needs. The bed frame has 12 evenly spread wooden slats that provide high-level support to your mattress. Are you worried about the type of mattress? The bed frame is designed to support all types of mattresses and can bear a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.


Do not think that the wooden frame of the bed is of low-quality. It is constructed with a metal interior for high durability. The notably thick legs of the bed frame make it strong enough to bear high pressure. Moreover, the bed has a thick wood and metal rod along with three wooden legs at the center. This adds to the sturdiness of the bed, making it highly stable.

Additional Features

Zinus Wen bed frame without headboard has a total height of 12 inches. With its frame being almost 4-5 inches, the bed provides up to 5-6 inch space for storage. Now you can organize your room by placing the extra items under your bed.

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Under-bed space for storage
  • Lacks support to prevent the mattress from sliding
  • Low-quality slats

What to do after you have bought your dream bed without headboard

It can be quite exciting to finally have the perfect bed without headboard for your stylish bedroom. Are you looking forward to unleashing your creativity with your new acquisition?

However, your journey does not conclude after purchasing a suitable star for your bedroom. You must know all about the maintenance and care for your bed to keep it in pristine condition for years.

Typically, no matter what bed you buy, it will offer a guide and instructions. Make sure you read them so that you do not miss out on any special care that your bed may need. It will also help you understand how to minimize the effects of the atmosphere on your new cot.

There are some basic things you will have to follow as part of your bed’s maintenance routine.

You should dust and clean your bed without headboard every day. If doing this every single day is not possible, try cleaning at least every other day. Accumulation of dust and particles can damage your bed’s finish and make it look old.

The methods you use for cleaning will vary from product to product. If you have a leather bed without headboard, you cannot use water to clean it! Conduct proper research on the most suitable cleaning materials for your bed.

You must take good care of your bed in terms of usage too. Do not jump or use your bed in a rugged manner as these actions will certainly damage it.

While the warranty of your bed should cover any quality issues, you must not misuse it. Do your part in maintaining your bed, and hopefully, you will never have to use the warranty!

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