Top 12 Best Cooling Duvet Inserts in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Cooling Duvet Inserts

Are you looking for the best cooling duvet insert for your cover? Blankets and quilts are great for the winter, but what about the warmer seasons? You may be a hot sleeper or prefer a cool comforter for the high temperatures.

Your bed should be the most comfortable space for you, irrespective of the weather. It should be capable of maintaining a chilled, relaxed environment during summers and cozy in the winter. This is possible only if you make the right choice for your bedding.

Picking the correct type and material of sheets as well as comforter is essential to fall in a soundless slumber. It will help you relieve from a tiring day’s stress and prove to be healthy. How? The latest duvets have cooling features and also boast hypoallergenic technology.

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A cooling duvet is a perfect replacement for your regular comforter. It has the qualities of regulating temperatures according to the season. Depending upon the material, it will keep you cozy, but at the same time, its breathable nature will prevent sweating.

If you want the ultimate cooling duvet insert, you are at the perfect place. The guide will take you on the journey of the benefits and things to consider while you make your purchase. It will then present a list of the top 12 best cooling duvet inserts in 2020, followed by its aftermath.

First, let us gain further insight into what is a cooling duvet insert?

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What is a Cooling Duvet Insert?

A duvet insert is a bedding that is like a comforter, but different. It is designed to provide you comfort in warm as well as cool temperatures. How is it different from a comforter? It is a piece of bedding protected by a duvet cover, while the latter is a single unit.

COHOME Queen 2100 Series Cooling Comforter Down Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs

Cooling duvet inserts are specially made with moisture-wicking features. The type of fibers used and the weaving style is such that it provides maximum breathability. These beddings help the sweat to spread out and dry within minutes to provide a cool environment.

Another important aspect of a cooling duvet insert is that it is lightweight. Despite its thickness and filling, it is constructed in such a way that it does not trap heat. Cooling duvet inserts may use varying filling materials.

Some duvet inserts contain synthetic fibers, while others may be filled with down or feathers. If you want the one that keeps you cool, avoid real down as it can contain warmth for a prolonged period.

There are several other factors that you need to look into while making your final purchase. Before that, let us go through the benefits of using a cooling duvet insert.

Benefits of Using a Cooling Duvet Insert

Easy Cleaning and Care

First of all, your duvet insert wouldn’t require cleaning too often. Why is that? It has a protective layer of duvet cover that keeps all types of dirt out. It means that the insert is never exposed to dust, body oil, sweat, or any other particles.

That said, you must know that you will have to change the cover regularly, replacing it with fresh ones. It is so because it is the outer layer that tends to get dirty. Apart from that, you can wash the insert once in 2-3 months if required.

Note: Adhere to the washing instructions that are usually given on the cooling duvet insert label. Most of them can be machine-washed, while some may require dry cleaning.


Duvet inserts are always covered, do not require much cleaning, and are not exposed to the external environment. It means they are highly durable. Moreover, quality materials do not tear or fade away easily, even after several years.

What’s more? The materials used for these inserts often become softer with every wash. Thus, keeping you from buying another one for a prolonged period. However, silk requires careful laundering.

Versatile DesignBenefits of Using a Cooling Duvet Insert

If you opt for cooling duvets over other types of blankets or comforters, you can have a new one every week. No, you will not need to buy a new duvet insert so often. You can change the duvet covers whenever you want.

You will have a diverse range of colors to choose from, without actually having to buy so many comforters. Swap among patterns and designs all you want!

Fill Material Diversity

Duvet inserts are filled with varying types of materials. You can choose your preferred one from natural filling such as cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus to the different synthetic fibers. It gives a wider range of choices for those looking for hypoallergenic yet cool comforters.

Cooler sleeping environments are the best since your body tends to heat up in the middle of the night. If you do not have cooling beddings, the fluctuation in body temperatures may ruin your sleep. This takes us to the next benefit.


Cooling duvet inserts can naturally regulate the temperature. Materials such as silk and wool can hold moisture without actually feeling wet. These materials allow quick evaporation of sweat, providing a cool environment to sleep.

At the same time, it can trap air well to keep you warm during the cooler nights. The same goes for cotton and several other blends.


A cooling duvet insert is a healthier option than other types of comforters. Certain bacteria, mites, mildew, mold, and allergen, tend to breed in warm surroundings. This is so, especially because warm blankets and comforters are bound to hold moisture.

You will not face such a problem with a cooling duvet. It is due to the breathable nature of these bedding pieces. The constant flow of air keeps the material dry, preventing the formation of such things. That is why this is a better option, especially if you are allergic to dust and sundries.

What Should You Consider While Buying the Best Cooling Duvet Insert?

Having read the benefits of a cooling duvet insert, you may be convinced why it is a superior option. However, you are not yet ready for your final decision. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while making your purchase. Let’s have a look!

Fill Power

It is the direct indication of the capacity of insulation provided by a duvet. In clear terms, fill power refers to the space taken up by one ounce of the filling. Here, you are looking for a cooling duvet insert. Hence, the lesser the fill power, the cooler it is.

If you are a hot sleeper, you can go with an insert that has less than 400 or up to 600 units. The former one is ideal for summer nights as they are extremely lightweight and have a low loft. Duvet inserts having fill power between 400 to 600 will be slightly thicker but still appropriate for early spring and autumn.

Anything more than 600 will not be termed as a cooling duvet insert; instead, it will be an insulated one.

Quality and Filling MaterialHOLLOW MICROFIBER FILL

As mentioned earlier, duvet inserts may have varying types of stuffing. The most common are Goose Down and Duck Down. Both of these materials feature naturally high insulation levels. They should be avoided if you are looking for a cooling duvet.

Cotton, wool, silk, eucalyptus, bamboo, etc. are another category of natural fibers. However, these are soft, highly breathable, and feature moisture-wicking qualities. These are the best materials for a cooling duvet insert. The same goes for a down alternative.

Design and Construction

Duvets have a diverse range of stitch designs. The most common ones are box-stitch and baffle-box, both of which hold the filling in place. However, the former may not retain the loft of fluffiness as well as the latter. It is so because, in the baffle-box, the top layer of the insert is attached to the bottom.

Other types are channel construction and gusset. Among all of the mentioned designs, the baffle-box style is the most breathable. It connects the bottom and the top of the material in a criss-cross way forming cubes. The filling in such duvets has enough space to float and let the air pass.


It is a type of measurement used to determine the warmth of a duvet. It can be as low as 1.5 to as high as 15 units. A lower tog means that the duvet will trap less heat, perfect for hot sleepers. The ideal cooling duvet insert for summers will be somewhere between 2.5 to 6 togs.

If you want one for the spring or autumn seasons, you may go for an insert with a 7 to 10.5 tog rating.

Washing Conditions

Washing Conditions

You will want a duvet that is easy to maintain. While you can remove the covers and wash them whenever you want, it is not so with the inserts. However, most of the cooling duvet inserts are machine-washable. It is so because of the microfibers and natural materials used in them.

Note: If you want to get rid of a stain, try moving the filling and hand-wash the patch. Additionally, carefully read the washing instructions and try to air dry your duvet insert.

Shell Material

Similar to the filling, shell material also varies among the duvet inserts. While cotton and polyester are the most common ones, eucalyptus and bamboo fabrics are also available.

Cotton shell is considered to be one of the most breathable ones. Additionally, it is soft as well as durable. On the contrary, polyester is known for trapping heat. Thus, it is not preferable for hot sleepers. Both eucalyptus and bamboo are known to have moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating qualities.

Other factors to deliberate over include size, brand, and pricing. You must choose the cooling duvet according to your bed (twin, full, queen, king, etc.). When it comes to pricing, it may range from as low as $85 to over $1000. Furthermore, each brand renders varying warranty policies. Make sure the features of the duvet match the price.

Top 12 Best Cooling Duvet Inserts in 2024 – Chart

PreviewDuvet InsertOur Rating

1. EDILLY All Season Bamboo Fiber Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter


2. LUOSIFEN White Goose Down Cooling Comforter


3. Clima Balance Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter


4. MOONCAST All Season Cooling Duvet Insert


5. HOMBYS Lightweight Cooling Bamboo Quilted Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert


6. Vonabem All Season 2100 Series Cooling Down Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert


7. TEKAMON Cooling Down Alternative Duvet Insert


8. DOWNCOOL Down Alternative Quilted Comforter


9. COTTONHOUSE Winter Warm Fluffy Hypoallergenic Comforter


10. LUXEAR Cooling Weight Blanket


11. COHOME Queen 2100 Series Soft Cooling Comforter


12. ASHOMELI Queen Size Cooling Comforter for Night Sweats


1. EDILLY All Season Bamboo Fiber Soft Quilted Down Alternative Cooling Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs

The EDILLY Full-size cooling duvet insert is white, making it perfect for all types of rooms as well as seasons.

Design and Constructionfor Summer Cooling Hotel Collection Reversible Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs,Fluffy Hypoallergenic White, 90" x 102",Bamboo Fiber

The duvet is designed to have a box stitch that holds the filling in place for a prolonged period. The stuffing is evenly-spread throughout the insert, with each box containing an equal amount of the material. Additionally, it is constructed to stay fluffy for a long time.

The EDILLY duvet boasts dual-stitches at the edges. These piped edges do strengthen not only the hem but also uplift the overall look of the insert. Furthermore, it adds to the durability of the product, protecting it from wear and tear.

Shell and Filling Materials

One of the most important aspects, the shell of this cooling duvet is made of bamboo fiber. It is ultra-soft and completely noise-free, providing you the utmost comfort for a sound sleep.

The EDILLY duvet insert uses 300 GSM (grams per square meter) plush microfiber filler. It further represents the lightweight of the cooling duvet insert.

Cooling Features

The duvet will provide you the ultimate comfort throughout the year. Yes, it is an all-season bedding piece to let you have a sweet slumber in the perfect environment. Even if you do not turn on the air-conditioner, the microfibers will do their magic and give you a cool environment.

If you are a hot sleeper, the bamboo material will provide maximum breathability and regulate the temperature throughout the night. Additionally, the fluffy yet lightweight duvet insert will keep you warm on cold nights.


One of the best qualities of the EDILLY duvet insert is that it is machine washable. All you need to do is make sure that you do so in the gentle mode and with cold water. Furthermore, it is dryer safe. Now you can easily clean your duet without the fear of shrinkage and fading.

Note: The comforter may take up to 2-3 days to fluff up.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 4 Corner Loops to Secure in Place
  • Soft and Noise-Free
  • 300 Plush Microfiber
  • Breathable Bamboo Material

    2. LUOSIFEN White Goose Down Comfortable and Cooling Comforter for All Seasons

    LUOSIFEN realizes that humans are most comfortable at a temperature between 64-75°F. This is why its cooling duvet insert constantly keeps your temperature at 73°F.

    Design and ConstructionWhite Goose Down Comforter Lightweight Queen Size for All Seasons, Cooling and Comfortable(90x90Inches)

    The Queen size duvet insert features the sewn-through box-stitch design. The construction makes for even distribution of the filling throughout. Furthermore, the filling and the outer layer have been highly processed and sterilized to provide a 100% clean comforter.

    Shell and Filling Materials

    The cooling duvet shell is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, making it profoundly breathable. The hyper cleaned filling is made of down and feather blended fiber. It is light-filled, ideal for you if you are a hot sleeper, or prefer a light comforter.

    That is not all. The down material of this duvet insert helps to keep the temperature constant. It helps to maintain a warm body temperature even during the cooler nights.

    Cooling Features

    Cotton is considered one of the profound moisture-wicking materials, making this a supreme cooling duvet insert. The blended down used as a filling has a hollow tube, hygroscopic structure to top it off. It further helps moisture to spread out and evaporate quickly.

    What’s more? The interior material boasts autonomous micropores. It enhances the breathability of the duvet insert, providing a cool sleeping environment. All in all, the LUOSIFEN duvet insert is perfect for warm nights.


    To maintain the down’s quality, you must avoid compressing it by laying or sitting on top. Moreover, you need to get it dry cleaned or laundered by professionals.

    You can store the comforter in the non-woven bag that comes with it to protect it from mildew and mold.

    Note: Once you get the cooling duvet insert, you must wait for a few days to let it fluff-up.

    • Anti-Mite Tested Hypoallergenic
    • 1 Month Free Trial
    • 8 Loops and Corner Ties
    • Goose Down and Feather Filling
    • 100% Egyptian Cotton Shell

      3. Clima Balance Lightweight Breathable Cool Duvet Insert

      The Clima Balance Queen-size cool duvet insert uses cutting-edge fabric to maintain optimal body temperature throughout the night. It provides unparalleled comfort allowing you to fall into a deep sleep, even if you suffer from any sleeping disorder.

      Design and ConstructionAll-Season Soft Comforter - Hypoallergenic Shell, Filling - Machine Washable - REM Sleep Improvement, Body Temperature Regulation

      Bringing a unique design for you, the Clima Balance cooling duvet insert adds a touch of elegance to your room. Though the comforter features box-stitch construction, its beautiful patterns make it stand out among others.

      The duvet is designed in such a way that its filling is evenly-distributed to every part. It makes for the most soothing and lightweight comforter.

      Shell and Filling Materials

      The cooling duvet shell boasts hi-tech mesh fabric, bringing innovation to your doorstep. Researchers have tested the materials and quality of the comforter. It increases your deep sleep phase (REM) by 50%, giving you the most comfortable environment to sleep.

      The comforter uses down alternative filling that is ultra-light to help you fall into a sound sleep. Thus, it is perfect for light sleepers. Additionally, the shell and filling are hypoallergenic, making the duvet insert ideal for allergic patients.

      Cooling Features

      Its state-of-the-art technology prevents unpleasant perspiration and sweating when the nights are warm. It transports excess heat to provide you a relaxed sleeping state. Additionally, it balances the cool air to match your body temperature during low temperatures.

      The Clima Balance duvet insert is an all-weather comforter, allowing you to rest peacefully throughout the year.


      With this cool duvet insert, you do not need to spend extra money on dry cleaning and laundry. You can wash the bedding piece at home, as it is machine-washable. To maintain its fluffiness, you must make sure to wash it in the machine’s gentle mode.

      • Duvet Insert or Stand-alone Comforter
      • 100% Hypoallergenic
      • Hi-tech Mesh Fabric
      • Enhances REM Sleep Phase
      • Ultra-lightweight Filling

        4. MOONCAST All Season Soft Quilted Down Alternative Cooling Duvet Insert

        The MOONCAST down alternative duvet insert is ideal for every season. It will provide a comfortable temperature for your body to relax and sleep in a peaceful state. The soft and fluffy texture of the comforter will let you rest for hours without any disturbance.

        Design and ConstructionCooling Duvet Insert Machine Washable Bedding Diamond stitched Hotel Collection-90"102" King Size Bed Comforter

        The MOONCAST cooling duvet insert features exquisite diamond-shaped box-stitching. It not only distributes the filling equally but also adds a designer look to your bedding.

        The edges of the duvet are well-hemmed, which prevent tearing and leakage, prolonging the life of your comforter.

        Shell and Filling Materials

        The summer duvet features a brushed polyester shell that is soft and highly breathable. Moreover, it makes for a completely noise-free comforter to give you disturbance-free sleep.

        The MOONCAST soft quilted duvet insert contains down alternative filling. It is a single piece of chemical fiber throughout the comforter. Thus, you can rest assured that the stuffing will not stack-up on one end.

        Cooling Features

        The alternative down filling of the cooling duvet is made of hollow fiber. It enhances the moisture-absorbing capability of the comforter, making it perfect for hot sleepers. Additionally, it is notably light. Now you will not wake up at night due to increased precipitation or the heavy bedding.

        What’s more? The quilted duvet will keep you warm during the cold nights.


        Now maintaining your duvet insert will be easy and time-saving. You can wash the MOONCAST summer duvet in your washing machine itself. You need not waste extra money or time on dry cleaning. Make sure you wash it with cold water and dry at a temperature lower than 135°F.

        Note: To fluff the new duvet insert, put it in a dryer, or expose it to sunlight for a few hours.

        • 3-year Warranty
        • Hypoallergenic
        • Down Alternative Filling
        • Brushed Microfiber Shell
        • 8 Built-in Rings

          5. HOMBYS Lightweight Quilted Down Alternative Cooling Bamboo Duvet Insert

          The HOMBYS cooling duvet insert takes complete responsibility for its comfort level. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you can return the product within 30 days. Additionally, you can replace it within 180 days, i.e., it comes with a 6-month warranty.

          Design and Construction100% Bamboo Cover with 8 Corner Tabs,Summer Comforter, for Night Sweats,for Hot Sleepers

          The HOMBYS lightweight duvet insert features a box-stitch design. It holds the filling material firmly, which is evenly-distributed for maximum comfort. So, you need not worry about the stuffing getting displaced.

          What’s more? The edges of the comforter are protected with a double-edge silver piping. It prevents the filler material from leaking, thus, enhancing the durability of the product.

          Shell and Filling Materials

          You would want your duvet insert to be odorless and noise-free for a comfortable sleep. The cooling duvet insert is made of 100% bamboo fiber, proving ultra-soft for your skin. Also, natural fiber does not make any sound while moving and is odor-free.

          The filling of the HOMBYS quilted duvet insert consists of down alternative material. It means you can be free of any allergy caused by the goose or duck down. Furthermore, the stuffing is lightweight and features hollow fiber qualities.

          Cooling Features

          The comforter uses the ATC (adaptive temperature control) system. The microfibers of the filling have 7 holes that allow maximum breathability to the duvet insert. When you heat-up at night, these microfibers will expand and provide cooling. Therefore, it is a superb comforter to keep you cool during warm nights.

          On the contrary, if the temperature drops, these hollow fibers will contract and emit the trapped heat. Thus, it will keep you warm in cold times.


          Maintaining the HOMBYS lightweight insert is a piece of cake. You need not worry about sending it for dry cleaning, as it is machine washable. All you need to do is wash it in cold weather on a gentle cycle. You may let it air-dry or at low temperatures.

          If you want to get rid of the packing wrinkles, a steam iron will do the work.

          • 8 Corner Tabs
          • 100% Bamboo Cover
          • Hollow Microfiber Filling
          • 30 Days Money Back Policy
          • Hypoallergenic
          • 6-month Warranty

            6. Vonabem All Season 2100 Series Cooling Down Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs

            Uplift the look of your room with this dual-colored Vonabem cooling duvet insert. Flip from grey to blue according to your mood and room setting.

            Design and ConstructionVonabem All Season 2100 Series Queen Reversible Comforter - Cooling Down Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Hypoallergenic - Navy Blue/Grey

            The Vonabem 2100 series Queen-size duvet insert features diamond-style stitching. The beautiful design will effortlessly add elegance to your room. Moreover, its quality construction will keep the one-piece filling in place.

            What’s more? It has piped edges to prevent leakage of the stuffing or other types of wear and tear. Now you can enjoy a relaxed sleep without worrying about its durability.

            Shell and Filling Materials

            The outer layer of this insert is made of 100% brushed microfibers. It is ultra-soft to the skin, preventing all sorts of skin allergy and rashes. Moreover, the Vonabem comforter is hypoallergenic, consisting of anti-mite technology.

            The filling material of this cooling insert is impressively-breathable. The microfiber stuffing used weighs only 300 GSM (grams per meter), boasting this comforter’s lightweight. If you are a light sleeper, the soft and comfortable Vonabem duvet insert is perfect for you.

            Cooling Features

            The siliconized microfiber filling works to provide you a cool environment throughout the night. Its 3D hollow stuffing makes for a highly breathable comforter. Even if you are a hot sleeper, the duvet insert will soak up the sweat and quickly dry up.

            Despite being light, the Vonabem 2100 series will keep you warm enough during the winter.


            You can wash this cooling duvet insert at home. The comforter is light and machine-washable. You need not worry about clumping or stacking of the filling, as the box-stitch design will hold it in place. You can hang it or process it in the tumble at low temperatures to dry it up.

            • Dual-colored Reversible Design
            • Down Alternative Microfiber Filling (300 GSM)
            • 100% Brushed Microfiber Cover
            • Hypoallergenic
            • Stand-Alone Comforter
            • 120-day Satisfaction Guarantee
            • Multiple Corner Ties

              7. TEKAMON Cooling Comforter Soft Quilted Down Alternative Duvet Insert

              The TEKAMON cooling duvet insert is constructed in such a way that it remains fluffy for a prolonged period. This means that it will not cause any clumping or stacking of the material.

              Design and ConstructionFluffy Reversible Collection for Hotel, Cool White, 88 x 88 inches

              The lightly quilted duvet insert features a diamond-shaped design. It will add a stylish look to your room, along with being durable. It is so because the box-stitch design of the comforter will hold the filling in place.

              The comforter comes with upgraded stitching at the hems, boasting professional craftsmanship.

              Shell and Filling Materials

              The TEKAMON duvet insert shell is made of cloud-like soft material. The ice-cool fabric will not cause any rashes or allergy, even if your skin is sensitive. Furthermore, it is completely free of noise and odor, perfect for letting you fall into a deep sleep.

              The premium quality down alternative filling fibers are evenly spread throughout the comforter, making it extra light. What’s more? You need not worry about clumping as the cooling duvet is made of one-piece stuffing.

              Cooling Features

              Unlike the other all-season beddings, the TEKAMON duvet insert is specially made for the summer months. It boasts HNN cooling technology, which is perfect for hot sleepers and warm nights. It will give you a dry and cool environment to sleep in throughout the night.


              The care and maintenance of the TEKAMON insert is a piece of cake. Put it in your washing machine and wash it with cold water. You can hang the comforter for drying or do so in a tumble at low temperatures. The quality of the TEKAMON duvet insert is exceptional and promises a long life. Even after several washes, the duvet insert will not tear, clump, or fade.

              • HNN Cooling Technology
              • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
              • 8 Built-in Corner Loops
              • Down Alternative One-Piece Filling

                8. DOWNCOOL Down Alternative Quilted Comforter- White Lightweight Duvet Insert

                The DOWNCOOL cooling duvet is lightweight and breathable, suitable for year-round use.

                Design and ConstructionWhite Lightweight Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter with Corner Duvet Tabs, King 102x90Inches

                The box-stitch design of the duvet insert makes sure that the filling is evenly spread throughout the comforter. It is constructed in such a way that each box holds an equal amount of stuffing, making the insert lightweight.

                Its exquisite design features of DOWNCOOL cooling duvet insert comes with the double-hemming that not only adds to the style but also the durability. It prevents the filling from leaking at all angles.

                Shell and Filling Materials

                The duvet insert shell is bright-colored and ultra-soft to the touch. It is made of double-brushed cover, which is highly breathable and safe for health.

                Its filling consists of down alternative microfiber Polyfill that weighs 160 GSM, making it ultralight. Furthermore, the entire filling is one-piece, which ensures that leakage and clumping are prevented at all times.

                Cooling Features

                The Polyfill microfiber filling makes sure that the comforter does not get wet due to sweating and precipitation. It spreads out the moisture and dries-up quickly. The comforter is lightweight and breathable, with its dual-brushed outer layer adding to the duvet insert’s cooling quality.

                Even if your air conditioner is on, the comforter is light enough to prevent sweating and regulate your body temperature.


                The maintenance of the DOWNCOOL cooling duvet insert is easy. You can wash it in a washing machine without the fear of thread pilling. Make sure that you wash it with cold water and tumble dry or hang for drying.

                The package that you received will be vacuumed, which is why you must bake the duvet insert in the sun. On the other hand, you can put it in your dryer for the comforter to fluff-up well.

                • Double-Brushed Shell
                • Down Alternative Polyfill (160 GSM)
                • Corner Ties
                • Stand-Alone Comforter

                  9. COTTONHOUSE Fluffy Reversible Quilted Cooling Duvet Insert Down Alternative Fill with Corner Tabs

                  The COTTONHOUSE King-size cooling duvet insert is perfect for all types of room settings. It is fully reversible, featuring the beautiful grey color on both sides.

                  Design and ConstructionCOTTONHOUSE King Size (90x102) Winter Warm Fluffy Hypoallergenic Lightweight All Season Comforter Reversible Duvet Insert Down Alternative Fill with 8 Corner Tabs,Machine Washable-Black

                  The duvet insert has a box-stitching design that is constructed with the utmost care. Each box of this comforter is exactly 9.8 inches in width to prevent the filling from clumping at any corner. This feature makes it stand out from others as they usually have a 17.6-inch box, where the filling can shift easily.

                  The edges of the COOTONHOUSE duvet insert are well-protected with double hemming. It further prevents leakage of the filling, adding to the durability of the comforter.

                  Shell and Filling Materials

                  The COTTONHOUSE duvet insert shell is ultra-soft to the touch. You can rest assured that it will not give you any skin problems. In addition to that, it provides a tranquil environment to sleep. Adding to that, the material is completely noise-free and does not have any unpleasant odor.

                  The comforter’s filling is of down alternative, which will help you stay cool for prolonged hours.

                  Cooling Features

                  The fabric of the COTTONHOUSE insert is highly breathable. Even if you sweat a lot at night, its moisture-wicking features will give you a dry state to sleep. Moreover, the material is hypoallergenic, providing a healthy sleeping environment.


                  With a few pointers to keep in mind for maintenance, the COTTONHOUSE duvet insert is designed to be long-lasting. The duvet insert will remain fluffy even after you wash it in the machine. All you need to make sure of is that use cold water for washing. Also, dry it up at low temperatures in a tumble or let it hang. Its maintenance is that easy, without the fear of any shrinkage or fading.

                  • Hypoallergenic
                  • 8 Corner Tabs
                  • 100% Microfiber
                  • Down Alternative Filling

                    10. LUXEAR All Season Double-Sided Cooling Blanket

                    The LUXEAR all season double-sided cooling duvet is packed with features that you will love. You will have the most relaxed sleep in this weighted blanket due to its hi-tech, Japanese technology. What’s more? The product comes with a lifetime warranty!

                    Design and ConstructionAll Season Double Sided Blanket with Cooling & 100% Cotton Fiber[Oeko-TEX Certified]- Skin-Friendly, Breathable & Machine Washable Blanket - Gray-79''X86''

                    The weighted blanket features single-needle threading. It is the type of technique used for high-end products. Professional quilting uplifts the comforter’s look and makes sure that the filling stays in place.

                    Shell and Filling Materials

                    The LUXEAR double-sided cooling comforter completely justifies its title. The A-side of this blanket boasts ultra-cooling technology as it is made of Japanese MICA fibers. The other side is constructed of 100% Egyptian cotton, making it an all-weather comforter.

                    Its filling features INVISTA DACRON fiber that has a three-dimensional hollow structure. The exquisite construction of this blanket makes it highly elastic and resistant to compression.

                    Cooling Features

                    The double-sided blanket is made especially for the summer months. The Japanese Q-Max 0.55 fibers absorb your body heat within minutes. As a result, the temperature is lowered by 2 degrees Celsius, and you get a perfectly-cool environment to sleep.

                    The microfibers of its filling are highly breathable, providing a peaceful sleep for hot sleepers.


                    The all-weather LUXEAR weight blanket is pretty easy to maintain. In addition to the easy maintenance, the product is highly durable. It can be washed in a machine and will not fade or lose cooling features even after a thousand washes. Apart from these interesting features, it offers more. The filling of the duvet insert will remain in place, so you need not worry about clumping or loosening of threads.

                    Note: Do not dry the comforter in a machine dryer. It may lower the cooling ability of the blanket.

                    • 100% Egyptian Cotton
                    • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Mite
                    • MICA Cooling Fiber
                    • INVISTA DACRON Fiber
                    • Anti-Static
                    • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

                      11. COHOME Queen 2100 Series Cooling Comforter Down Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert

                      The COHOME Queen-size duvet insert is a multi-purpose bedding piece. You can use it with a cover or without one, like a stand-alone comforter. What’s more? The elegantly-designed white duvet insert is fit for year-round use.

                      Design and ConstructionDown Alternative Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs All-Season - Luxury Snuggly Hotel Comforter - Reversible - Machine Washable - White

                      The COHOME quilted duvet insert has a box-stitch design that gives a checked-look to the comforter. It not only adds a stylish look to your room but also makes sure that the filling stays in place.

                      Talking about the stuffing, it is one whole piece that is well-stitched, making sure there is no leakage or clamping. Additionally, the exquisite hemming secures the filling material and prevents loose threads.

                      Shell and Filling Materials

                      The duvet insert features premium quality shell material. The brushed fabric is ultra-soft to the skin and highly breathable. It provides complete ventilation throughout the night to let you have a night of sweet sleep. Furthermore, it is noise-free and anti-mite, proving to be comfortable as well as safe for your health.

                      The microfiber down alternative filling makes the comforter light, perfect for hot sleepers. The stuffing itself is held in place, making the duvet insert exclusively fluffy.

                      Cooling Features

                      The COHOME cooling duvet insert is predominantly comfortable for those who like to sleep in a cool environment. The microfibers of the filling will absorb moisture during warm nights, letting it spread out and evaporate quickly.

                      That is not all. The duvet insert will give an exemplary performance in every season, keeping you warm in winters.


                      Maintaining a comforter could not be easier. The quality of the COHOME duvet insert will not deteriorate even after multiple washes. It is machine-washable and can be dried in low temperatures by hanging or in a tumble.

                      The best part is that you need not worry about clamping or the loosening of threads even after a wash. It will always remain as good as new!

                      • Down Alternative Microfiber Filling
                      • Corner Tabs
                      • Brushed Fabric Shell
                      • Hypoallergenic
                      • Anti-mite
                      • 4 Corner Tabs

                        12. ASHOMELI All Season Down Alternative Cooling Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs

                        The ASHOMELI Queen-size cooling duvet insert is a complete value for money product. It features premium quality and bright colors at quite reasonable prices.

                        Note: Bake the new comforter under the sun for a few hours or put it in the dryer to let it fluff-up.

                        Design and ConstructionAll Season Down Alternative Comforter,Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs (White,Queen,88"x88")

                        The white duvet insert is designed to have diamond style, box-like stitching. The style makes sure that the filling is held in place and evenly spread. It not only makes the entire comforter lightweight but also adds to its longevity.

                        What’s more? The quality hemming at the edges prevents pilling as well as leakage of filling. Also, the stuffing is one whole piece, making sure that there is no clamping or inner material movement.

                        Shell and Filling Materials

                        The duvet insert shell is ultra-soft, absolutely safe for your skin. Its breathable material makes sure that complete ventilation exists at all times. Moreover, this cover is noise-free, allowing you to sleep in a disturbance-free environment.

                        The quintessential microfibers are made of down alternatives. The material is hypoallergenic, unlike real goose or duck-down, which may cause allergy. This makes the comforter perfect for everyone, including kids and allergic patients.

                        Cooling Features

                        Both—the shell and the filling material make sure that you do not wake up due to unpleasant perspiration. The lightweight and breathable comforter’s moisture-wicking features make it quickly absorb the sweat, which then gets evaporated. Thus, you can have a deep sleep throughout the night.

                        That is not all. The cooling duvet will regulate the temperature to keep you cozy if the air conditioner is on or in winters.


                        Now you can machine-wash the comforter at home itself. You do not need to visit the laundry service or the dry cleaners for the purpose. All you got to do is wash the duvet insert in a gentle cycle. You can let it dry under the sun or at a low temperature in the tumble.

                        • Helpful Customer Service
                        • Durable Corner Tabs
                        • Breathable Shell Fabric
                        • High-quality Filling

                          Precautions to Take After Buying a Cooling Duvet Insert—The Aftermath

                          Having gone through the exemplary features of the top 12 cooling duvets, you may have surely chosen your favorite one. However, your job does not end here. Once you purchase the ultra-soft, hypoallergenic comforter, you need to take the small but necessary steps to enhance its life.

                          Here are a few measures that can help you maintain the quality of your cooling duvet insert for a prolonged period.

                          Daily Care

                          Regularly fluff your duvet insert. All you need to do is hold it from one end and shake it well. It will ensure that the filling spreads throughout the comforter even if there is clamp-formation.

                          You must air the insert or bake it under the sun for an hour or two. Doing this 2-3 times in a month will help remove any unpleasant body odor caused due to sweating and moisture.

                          If you can, prefer dry cleaning or professionally laundering your cooling duvet. Though you can opt for machine-washing, it will somewhat affect the quality over time.


                          Leaving the duvet insert exposed to moisture may ruin it after some time. To maintain its premium quality and texture, you must store the comforter in a non-woven bag, which is breathable.

                          Storing it in a plastic cover may not allow ventilation, leading to mildew or mold formation. Additionally, make sure that the storage area, as well as the bag, is dry.


                          Apart from taking extra steps, there are some that you need to avoid. Do not sit or lay down on the comforter. Though duvet inserts contain a strong filling, it may break if repeatedly compressed or crushed. This will further lead to your comforter losing its fluffiness.

                          Human skin naturally excretes oil. You need to make sure that you either cover the cooling duvet or wash it once every month or two. It will prevent your comforter from turning yellow due to dust and oil exposure.


                          Getting a complete, soundless sleep is highly essential for your mood as well as health. Here, your bed and comforter play a prominent role. Your bedding will be in direct contact with your skin, which is why you cannot compromise on its quality.

                          Apart from that, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your duvet. Its weight, construction, shell, and filling materials are a few of the aspects you must keep in mind while purchasing. These features will determine the cooling ability of the duvet insert.

                          If you are a hot sleeper, a cooling duvet insert, which is also hypoallergenic, is best for you. It will keep dry and prevent the formation of mites or dew that may arise due to moisture.

                          So, what’s the hold? Say goodbye to the nightly sweating and hello to a deep, comfortable sleep throughout the year!

                          *Only product name is plagiarised

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