Different Types of Memory Foam Mattress

There are three major types of memory foam mattress which are listed below:


The traditional memory foam mattress is the type of mattress. It is most popular and most common among memory foam users. It is perfect in shape and offers maximum comfort to the users. In traditional memory foam mattress types, when heat comes in contact with the mattress. It quickly becomes soft and offers a relaxing feel to the person lying over it. In most of the memory foam mattress reviews, customers are very happy to have a traditional memory foam mattress.

memory foam mattress type


Plant-based memory foam mattress:

This type of memory foam comes under the category of eco-friendly bedding options. This is the most environmentally friendly type of mattress available in the market. If you are more likely to favor a safe and clean environment then you can go for this type of mattress.

Gel infused memory foam mattress:

The gel memory foam mattress is a brand new generation of memory foam mattress, which comes with a 1inch or 2inch gel infused topping. The gel memory foam mattress infuses a gel into the mattress which cools down the mattress with a touch of the body. Gel Foam has a special quality of adjusting itself according to the body temperature where it becomes neither too cold nor too hot. This memory foam type is getting popular with each passing season.

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