Futon Mattress Sizes & Dimensions Comprehensive Guide

Futons are available in different shapes and sizes and are no different from your traditional bedding. You may be unable to choose the correct futon size that would fit your bed frame as a first-timer. When choosing a futon, you need to know what your bed frame is and what size would be best suitable for you.

The futon mattress can be used in place of a traditional mattress if you have very little space in your bedroom or need to buy a new mattress. The best thing about futon mattresses is that they can be folded in half when you do not want to use them for sleeping. Since there are no springs present in the futon, it also becomes highly durable.

Due to the futon mattress’s versatility, you can use it alternatively as a bed and sofa. This makes it much better than traditional mattresses that can only be used as a bed. Moreover, the support provided by the futon mattress is great. Along with that, a futon is much easier to clean since they are thinner than traditional mattresses.

If you are buying a futon for the first time, you might be confused about what size to choose from. To make the choice easier, we have mentioned the different futon mattress sizes and dimensions. We have also highlighted some of the frequently asked questions that will help you get a better understanding. Read on to get detailed information about the different futon mattress sizes and the size that would be suitable for you.

Futon Mattress Sizes

The sizes for both traditional and futon mattresses are the same and can be customized as well. There may be differences in the mattresses’ depth, but the width and length are the same. Due to this, you can place the futon on any standard-sized bed frame.

The standard dimensions for futon mattresses are as follows:

  • Twin – 75” x 39” (190.5 x 99.06 cm)
  • Twin XL – 80” x 39” (203.2 x 99.06 cm)
  • Full or Double – 75” x 54” (190.5 x 137.16 cm)
  • Full XL – 80” x 54” (203.2 x 137.16 cm)
  • Queen – 80” x 60” (203.2 x 152.4 cm)
  • King – 80” x 76” (203.2 x 193.04 cm)

What Futon Size Should You Choose?

In standard-sized futons, the most demand is for the Queen and Full size. Since they are big enough to accommodate two adults, they are highly recommended. The best thing about these futon mattresses is that they do not take up too much space in your room. Additionally, most of the futon frames you will find are of Full and Queen sizes.

With this, you can easily pair up a suitable mattress without having to think about customizing it. You can create a comfortable leisure space for you and your family. The King size futon mattress is also available, but the size is quite a hassle for many users. They are quite bulky and needs too much work and energy to flip or rotate them to the desired position. Moreover, the King size is not available in most brands.

The four common sizes are Twin, Full, Queen, and King. If you are unsure which futon mattress size to go for, you need to know which size is suitable for which user.


A full futon mattress can be used for people who sleep along or average couples. The dimensions of a full futon mattress are 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. This futon mattress is also known as a double mattress. The full futon mattress is generally perfect for kids due to the length. Most adults will be unable to fit into the 75 inches long, but average-sized adults may be able to.

You can place this mattress in your guest room for added comfort and support when people arrive at your house. They can use this for occasional rests or their leisure activities. However, you need to be aware that the futon size is not suitable for you if you have tall or large-sized people in your family.


The twin size mattress is a small mattress that is great for kids and single sleepers. This mattress has a length of 75 inches and a width of 39 inches. This futon size is not suitable for adults since they are very small. However, adults could use it for resting but would not fit completely when they lie down.

Due to being the smallest mattress, it is also very lightweight. You can also use the futon mattress as a yoga mat or while working or sitting on the floor. If you similarly use your mattress, you need to clean it regularly so that there is no build-up of moisture and dust present in the mattress.


The queen size futon mattress is 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. This is a fairly standard size mattress that can accommodate most adults even if they are large or tall. The queen size mattress is one of the most highly used or recommended futon mattresses due to its standard size.

You can use the Queen futon mattress for regular and occasional sleeping purposes. The best thing about the Queen size futon mattress is that it is similar to the standard mattress size you use to sleep. You can also get Queen size futon bed frame, which will go well with your futon mattress.


The King size futon mattress is a very unconventional mattress size that most people do not recommend or feel comfortable using. The dimensions of the king mattress are 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. However, this mattress is great for sleeping comfortably irrespective of who the person is.

Both single and double sleepers can use the mattress. Even when two people are sleeping on the mattress, you and your partner will not be cramped up. You can also accommodate your kid in this mattress and sleep comfortably. This mattress has the same usage as that of a Queen mattress.

Non-Standard Futon Mattresses and Their Dimensions

As discussed, there are four major standard futon mattress sizes. There are two more that are the Twin XL and Full XL that may also fall under standard futon mattresses. Apart from these, few other futon mattresses are non-standard, but you might find some brands offering the same.

If you come across these futon sizes, you may get confused, but they may also be useful for you. Learn more about these futon sizes so that you can decide whether they would be suitable for you or you would be better off with the standard sizes. The non-standard sizes are chair, loveseat, and split.

  • Chair – 28″ x 54″
  • Loveseat – 54″ x 54″
  • Split – a. Twin Split – 39″ x 54″ (seating) and 39″ x 21″ (ottoman)
  • Queen Split – 54″ x 60″ (seating) and 26″ x 60″ (ottoman)


The chair futon mattress is very tiny and perfect for futon chairs. If you are looking for armchairs to use in your living room, then the futon chair could be an amazing alternative and addition. The chair futon mattress dimensions are 28 inches in length and 54 inches in width when it is unfolded.

You can use this futon for sleeping but not for adults. This futon is only capable of accommodating kids since it is very small in size length. However, if you have an ottoman, it can be added to the chair futon mattress and used by adults for sleeping. Ottomans are generally given with the chair futon and have the same width as that of the chair mattress and a length of 21 inches.


The loveseat is 54 inches in both length and width and works perfectly with a similar-sized futon frame. You can use the loveseat futon as a sitting place in your veranda or living room. Since this seat can accommodate three people, it is a good choice when you have friends over or want to have a family gathering.

The loveseat futon mattress alone is just comfortable enough for sitting, but you can add a love ottoman mattress, which is 54 x 21 inches. Adding this ottoman to the loveseat would help you get a sleeping area. When used for sleeping, it can comfortably accommodate two people due to the good width.


Split futon mattresses are divided into two sections: the seating and ottoman. You will find this configuration in futon frames that consist of an ottoman section that has to be pulled out. Two kinds of split futon frames are the twin split and the queen split.

The twin split has a 39″ x 54″ seating section and a 39″ x 21″ ottoman section. On the other hand, the queen split has a 54″ x 60″ sitting section and a 26″ x 60″ ottoman section. There are variations in sizes for both these split futons. They can be used as a seating and sleeping section depending on who is using them.

Difference between Japanese Futon Mattress and Western Futon Mattress

Understanding the difference between Japanese futon mattresses and western futon mattresses may be hard for people who have never used futon mattresses. Simply put, the major difference between these two types of futon mattresses lies in the thickness and flexibility.

Western futons are generally much thinner and more flexible than traditional mattresses. However, Japanese futon mattresses exceed in flexibility and being thin than western futon mattresses. The material used in the manufacturing of these futon mattresses is different. Additionally, so is the surface that these mattresses are placed on.

Western futon mattresses are similar to wooden low sofa beds and are much different from the Japanese futon mattresses. The dimensions of western futon mattresses are mostly similar to that of traditional sleeping mattresses, and the thickness is more than the Japanese counterparts. Though you can fold the western futon mattresses, it is not as easy as the Japanese futon mattresses.

The western mattresses are generally stored on slatted frames that do not make it possible to air out the mattresses regularly. Western mattresses have a thickness of about six inches or more, whereas japans mattresses have a thickness of two to four inches. Moreover, Japanese futon mattresses are designed so that they can be folded once you no longer need to use them.

There are no springs present in the Japanese futon mattresses, and they are generally cotton-stiffed. You can find many expensive and luxury brands that provide silk stuffing inside the mattresses. There is a sheet covering the Japanese mattresses and a quilt that has a quilt cover.

The Japanese futon mattresses can be used as an alternative to a western-style bed. A tatami, a cozy, thin, and quilt-like material that comes between the floor and the futon mattress, can be used as an optional bottom support. There are no bed frames used with a Japanese futon mattress, and they are much thinner than the mattress cushion that you use for standard futon beds or sofas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Bed Size And Futon Size Same?

Yes, the bed and futon size is the same. For example, if you consider a queen-sized futon and a queen-sized bed mattress, they are of the same size.

2. Can The Futon Be Used As The Main Bed?

You can use your futon mattress as the main bed mattress if the particular mattress is made for the purpose. Most futon mattresses do not have the necessary support that you would need from your sleeping mattress. They are good for resting or leisure activities, but you need a mattress that can give you more comfort while sleeping at night.

Futon mattresses are generally thinner than traditional sleeping mattresses and have no spring coils. This may not be comfortable for some people who are in the habit of sleeping in thick mattresses with extra support. Conducting a thorough research about the futon mattress that you want to buy would be better to see whether it can be used for daily sleeping.

3. Where Do I Find A Futon Mattress?

In the digital era, you can get futon mattresses online. Several online stores sell different brands and types of futon mattresses. You will also find a brand-specific website where you get futon mattresses directly from the manufacturer. It is always advisable to opt for direct manufacturers rather than third-party websites.

You may find slight differences in the price, warranty, return policies, etc., when you buy directly from the brand website instead of third-party websites. Moreover, you can be sure that you are buying an authentic product and contact the manufacturer directly if there are any issues with the mattress.

4. How Will The Futon Mattress Be Stopped From Slipping?

Futon mattresses tend to slip away when you use them for sleeping without any futon frame. That is why you should always use a futon frame while using the futon mattress. However, some futon mattresses, such as the loveseat or others, may not be used with a futon frame.

In such cases slipping of the mattresses while sitting or sleeping on them can be a huge hassle. To stop this, you can use futon holders that are available online. The futon holder will keep your futon in place even if you do not use a futon frame as support.

5. How Can A Futon Mattress Be Stored?

Storing is a huge issue for any kind of item that you have in your house. Futon mattresses, however, are very easy to store depending on the size that you have chosen. These mattresses are foldable, which means you can fold them like a couch and store them away.

King-sized futon mattresses may be a huge hassle to fold since they are quite bulky and heavy. Other than this size, you can easily fold the other ones for storing them. Certain manufacturers provide folding and storage instructions that you can follow for effective results and easy storage.

6. Which Futon Size Should I Opt For?

A futon is a perfect choice for people who want a versatile mattress. They are very space-friendly and would be a great sleeping and sitting solution. You can place the futon mattress anywhere in your house and use it for different purposes.

The size that you choose for your futon mattress would depend on the purpose that you are using it for. You need to see that the size is according to your body type and also of your family. The space available in your house is also another concern that needs to be addressed when buying futon mattresses.

Wrapping Up

To ensure that the futon mattress you choose is exactly what you want, you need to measure the size of the bed frame you want to place it on. In case you do not have a bed frame, you need to decide the purpose for which you are buying the futon mattress. Different mattresses have different usages that have been specified in the guide.

Depending on the user and the need for the futon, the perfect size can be decided. You should also research properly about the brand of futon mattress that you are choosing. Comfort is also a very important factor that you need to keep in mind when choosing a futon mattress.

Even though futon mattresses are for sleeping and sitting make sure that the brand you are choosing has designed the futon mattress for daily sleeping usage. This is necessary if you are thinking of using a futon mattress in place of a traditional mattress. Though the thickness is less than traditional mattresses, the comfort provided by futon mattresses is no less.

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