Mend Mattress Review – Mend Adapt (Adjustable) & Mend Renew (Budget Eurotop)

Everyone wishes to have a mattress that provides them with a top-notch relieving experience after a busy day. People who are aged are looking for mattresses that could conform with their body, has edge support, and provide them with superior back support. There are several mattresses that are circulating in the online market which claim to be the ideal fit for the purpose, but hardly a few of them would meet your expectations and provide the best experience overall. Mend mattresses are among those few which won’t disappoint.

Mend might be new for some of you, but it is still better than most of the mattresses circulating online. You can say that the reason behind this is its unique features as the makers have dedicated their full energy to making Mend mattresses the best choice for families. If you compare Mend mattresses to the rest of the ones that are available in the market, you will find several distinctive features in them.

To give you a generalized view, we have discussed all those features in our Mend mattress review below. All in all, there are two Mend mattress variants that are renowned for their advanced features, so we have covered both in this article. This will let you know the unique traits of these mattresses that make them stand out in the market. Without any delay, let’s begin our Mend mattress review with a holistic view.

Mend Sleep Mattresses at a Glance

Mend is a recently introduced brand that was founded by a couple from South Carolina. The couple was successful in identifying the common issues that mattresses have these days usually. You would have noticed these issues, too; they entail the common issue of edge support, uneasiness in sleep due to heat, and lack of customization in mattresses once you buy them.

Mend Sleep Founders: Johnathan & Lauren Marie Walker

The couple has ensured that they address all these issues and craft a perfectly designed mattress that is suitable for families. Thus, they have created some of the best mattresses in town.

Today, we will discuss two variants in our Mend mattress review: Mend Adapt Mattress and Mend Renew Mattress. These are among the most reliable variants that have been praised by the majority of the customers. That’s why we thought that they deserved the spotlight.

But before we get into the details of both these mattresses specifically, we would like to share a few highlights of each to give you a quick view of what you will get upon investing in the two variants. Since Mend Adapt Mattress is the best-selling mattress of the company, let’s first have a look at it.

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Mend Adapt Mattress

The best-selling Mend Adapt is regarded as the best mattress for treating back pain by RMR. The mattress is designed to provide exclusive edge support and is great for fulfilling your sleep needs. This mattress is designed in a way that the users do not feel hot while they sleep, as the airy mattress provides a cool and calm sleeping experience.

You can test each mattress for 180-days as the company ensures you that the mattress is flawless. The company has ensured that they address all common issues that mattresses usually have, and thus, they have designed this flawless mattress.

The unique thing about Mend Adapt is that it is customizable, so you can adjust the firmness as per your desire. Previously, you would have felt yourself getting locked up with a simple mattress that lacked any customization, but customizing isn’t an issue here; simply flip the foam and restore the comfiness.

To know the in-depth Mend Adapt Mattress review, you will have to read further; as for now, we will be having a quick view of Mend Renew Mattress, known for its cost-effectiveness.

Mend Renew Mattress

Real Mattress Reviews has regarded Mend Renew Mattress as the best budget mattress overall for 2024. This mattress is ideal for singles as well as couples. It would be the best option for those users who have a stiff budget but cannot compromise on their comfort.

With a super-bouncy and breathable memory foam, Mend Renew Mattress provides you with medium support that is ideal for those users who like having a firm sleeping surface. There is a quantum coil system that provides you with advanced support and motion isolation that ensures you get a relaxing sleep.

The best part is its pillow-top cover that adds an element of softness to the firm support. The duo ensures that you get the best sleep and have a great experience overall. Above all of this is the highly attractive price of this variant. People often compromise on their comfort due to the large price tags that the mattresses usually have.

The difference here with Mend Renew Mattress is that it provides you with the best sleeping experience at the most affordable rates. In this way, Mend ensures that they address a larger pool of consumers and help them have the best time of their life.

We believe that all of this would have given you some idea about the two variants and what you can expect from each. Therefore, it would be better to discuss the in-depth Mend Mattress review with you all to give you more details regarding these two variants and help you out with your decision to choose the best mattress for you.

Mend Adapt Mattress – An In-Depth Review

You would have had some idea about the Mend Adapt Mattress while skimming through the quick review of the mattress above. Now, we will be discussing everything about the Mend Adapt Mattress in this section of our Mend Mattress review.

First, we will be talking about the dimensions and the construction of this mattress, the sort of materials that are used here. Later, you will find that we have discussed how the construction translates to the support and comfort that the Mend Adapt Mattress promises to provide.

With that part, we will be getting to the pricing of this foam to give you an idea of how you should plan your budget if you have made up your mind to buy Mend Adapt Mattress.


The customizable Mend Adapt Mattress comes in six different sizes: Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal-King. Among them, Twin is the smallest version of this variant, while Cal-King is the widest.

People usually go for Twin size for single beds if they wish to buy them for their children or they are single. The Queen size is mostly ordered by couples who wish to have a decent-sized bed among all six sizes. However, people who love to have a luxurious bed usually go for Cal-King.

You can select the size based upon your space requirement as all the variants have different widths; nevertheless, remember that the pricing is different for each version, and we will be discussing them later in the next section below. As for the specific dimensions for each, we have mentioned them below.

Mend Adapt Mattress Dimensions Table

  • Twin – 36”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • Twin-XL – 48”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • Full – 54”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Queen – 60”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • King – 72”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • Cal-King – 76”W x 80”L x 14”H
  • 14 Inch
  • Adjusting your mattress firmness at home

Construction – What is the Mend Adapt Mattress Made Of?

Being a customizable mattress, the 14-inch-high Mend Adapt Mattress has three layers of foam and a stretchable smart zippered cover. The layers are designed in a way that they offer you different comfort levels ranging from medium-soft to medium-firm. You may choose your desired firmness and flip or replace the foam layer as per your requirement.

Since this is a hybrid bed, it comprises steel support coils that form the base layer. This layer is dedicated to providing the firmness that you feel much more when you remove the top layer. This is an 8-inch layer that provides solid support while you rest. The top two layers are made for adjusting the comfort level, so they are spring foams that are quite responsive and contour with your body.

The uniqueness of these foam layers is that they are interchangeable, and each one of them has a different firmness. If you like to have a soft feel, you may flip the foam and get your desired comfort level. In addition, there is also a deep support layer that is a transition layer that provides extra deep support to your back.

Apart from the soft feel, the two other firmness levels, medium, and firm, are also attained by interchanging these foams. The functionality of the Mend Adapt Mattress is such that the layers work conjunctively, providing reliable and relaxing support overall. Thus, the bed is great for providing back support.

All in all, the mattress is covered in a cooling cover that ensures that the users get a comfortable sleep that mends their sleeping routine. The best part about the cover is that it is machine washable, so you can remove it and wash it anytime you feel that it needs a wash.

Who Should Buy Mend Adapt Mattress?

Since the layers of Mend Adapt Mattress translates support and comfort in the utmost ideal way, people who suffer from back pain usually should consider buying this mattress. Mend Adapt Mattress is also ideal for those aged people who suffer from an aching back and require better edge support from their bed.

Anyway, the final selection is based on your budget. Although Mend Sleep has great seasonal offers, and the rates are also quite reasonable in terms of the comfort and reliability that you are promised, you cannot go for it if you have a limited budget. Apart from that, there is no other reason to leave such a comforting top-notch mattress.


We know that you must be curious to know the price of this mattress so that you can make the investment in the right size. Every size has a different price, and by the rule of thumb, the prices are higher for the larger sizes. We have listed all of them to give you a better idea.

Mend Adapt Mattress Pricing Table

  • Twin – Current Price: $901;
  • Twin-XL – Current Price: $1006;
  • Full – Current Price: $1165;
  • Queen – Current Price: $1271;
  • King – Current Price: $1590;
  • Cal-King – Current Price: $1590;
  • Without Offer: $1386
  • Without Offer: $1548
  • Without Offer: $1793
  • Without Offer: $1956
  • Without Offer: $2446
  • Without Offer: $2446
There is also an option to pay in installments by paying $105.92 every month for a year on Queen sized bed.

Mend Renew Mattress – An In-Depth Review

Since we have covered Mend Adapt Mattress, we have reached the Mend Renew Mattress review. Now, we will be sharing the details regarding the Mend Renew Mattress with you. You already have some idea as to what the Mend Renew Mattress is all about.

However, in this section, we will be sharing much more details the way we shared about the Mend Adapt Mattress above. One thing to note here is that the Mend Renew Mattress is not customizable like the Mend Adapt Mattress; instead, it offers a constant medium firmness in all its versions.

Like the Mend Adapt Mattress, Mend Renew Mattress comes with unique dimensions, pricing, and comfort. We will be addressing all these sections below to give you a holistic view of why you should buy Mend Renew Mattress.

Let’s first discuss the dimensions and construction to evaluate what you can expect by investing in Mend Renew Mattress. Later, we will be sharing our analysis as to who should buy it and then pricing. You also get certain additional perks upon investing in both Mend Adapt and Mend Renew Mattress, so we have discussed them in a later section. Let’s begin with the first thing, i.e., dimensions and construction.


Like Mend Adapt Mattress, Mend Renew Mattress is also available in various sizes, with the basic one being the twin size and the largest one being the Cal-King. One thing to note here is a key difference between Mend Adapt and Mend Renew Mattress that is their height. All sizes of Mend Renew Mattress have a height of 12-inches, unlike the 14-inches height that you get in the Mend Adapt Mattress.

There is also an addition of a Split King here, so those of you who want two Twin-XL mattresses in a single bed frame can think of going for this option.

Below, we have shared the dimensions with respect to the size to give you an idea of how much space you will get in each version.

Mend Renew Mattress Dimensions Table

  • Twin – 36”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Twin-XL – 48”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Full – 54”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Queen – 60”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • King – 72”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Cal-King – 76”W x 80”L x 12”H
  • Split King – Two Twin-XL mattresses in one frame
  • 11 Inch
  • Luxurious premium mattress at an unbeatable price

Construction – What is a Mend Renew Mattress Made of?

We believe that our Mend Mattress review would be incomplete if we did not discuss the way these mattresses are constructed. Their construction will help you understand how well the mattress translates to the support and comfort that it guarantees.

Talking about the cover first, the Mend Renew Mattress’s cover is designed using a Tencel fabric. This fabric is guaranteed to provide an ultra-soft surface that is softer than silk and has a cooling effect like linen. The fabric is not known to create any irritation on your skin and is great for all seasons.

Right underneath the cover, there is a comfort quilt. This one-inch foam is designed to have a super-bouncy effect of providing you with a welcoming effect as if your mattress just embraced you when you sat on it. It further enhances the comfort and support that the bed provides overall.

After the comforting quilt, you can find a 2-inch layer of Mend foam that is pressure-relieving memory foam. This layer is ultra-supportive and bouncy, like the first one that ensures breathability and comfort that is ideal for a peaceful sleep.

The next in line is the 8-inch coil system that forms most of the base of this mattress. The reason behind the addition of this layer is to prevent motion transfer and enhance the breathability of the foam, which it does with the help of its extra comfy, individually wrapped coils.

In addition to this, there is also a highly supportive base pad and a side system covered in a durable fabric that ensures all these layers have a conjunctive effect and provides solid comfort overall. The side system also helps in providing the edge support with its solid stitching and a well-aligned construction overall.

Who Should Buy Mend Renew Mattress?

Although Mend Renew Mattress lacks the customization features that are there in the Mend Adapt Mattress, it can be a great choice as a foam. You will understand our point of view much better when you go through the pricing in the section below. Mend Renew Mattress comes with a comparatively lower price tag that is pretty much reasonable if you compare it with other brands that are circulating in the market.

So, those of you who are interested in investing in Mend Sleep Mattresses but are struggling with the budget should think of going for Mend Renew Mattress. If you are not sure of the type of comfort that you desire from your mattress, you should go for the customizable mattress. However, if medium firmness is suitable for you, this mattress would be ideal for you.


We have shared the prices of each Mend Renew Mattress in this section to give you a much clear idea if the bed suits your budget.

Mend Renew Mattress Pricing Table

  • Twin – Current Price: $488;
  • Twin-XL – Current Price: $529;
  • Full – Current Price: $625;
  • Queen – Current Price: $794;
  • King – Current Price: $1006;
  • Cal-King – Current Price: $1060;
  • Without Offer: $750
  • Without Offer: $814
  • Without Offer: $962
  • Without Offer: $1222
  • Without Offer: $1548
  • Without Offer: $1630
There is also an option to pay in installments by paying $66.17 every month for a year on Queen sized bed.

Some Additional Perks and Procurement Procedure

By going through our detailed Mend Mattress review, you would now have an idea as to why we recommend this mattress to get the ideal support and comfort. But the perks don’t end here, as there is more. We will be discussing all those additional perks that you would get in both these mattresses in this section of our Mend Mattress review. We will also be sharing the details regarding the procurement procedures, so stick with us and continue reading further to learn more.

Certified Quality

Mend Sleep mattresses are guaranteed with high quality as they are constructed using materials that are certified safe to use and eco-friendly. Therefore, you can trust the quality.

Lifetime Warranty

The company promises a lifetime warranty and claims that the mattress will not sag upon decades of use. The reviews so far translate what the company claims, so it won’t be wrong to trust their claim.

180 Nights Trial

The company claims that you can have a 180-day trial, and the mattress won’t disappoint you with its quality. That’s quite a big claim, but we are not surprised because the quality of this mattress is such that it will stick to its words.

Free Shipping

The most attractive part is that there are no shipping costs. You can enjoy the perk of having the best mattress in town by paying no shipping costs at all. Since the company relies on UPS shipping, you can rest assured that the procurement procedures would be covered with utmost sophistication.

Multiple Convenient Payment Methods

Lastly, the payment methods are quite flexible, as the company accepts multiple modes of payments, including Credit/Debit cards, Pay Pal, American Express, Affirm, Splitit, etc.

So, overall, this Mend Mattress review proves that the two variants, Mend Adapt and Mend Renew mattresses, would be the best choices that you can make to satisfy your comfort and get a good sleep.

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