Top 10 Best Rattan Headboards in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Rattan & Wicker Headboard

When we consider investing in beds, headboards are an important aspect to consider. Although they do not serve any major structural purpose, headboards make sure we do not push ourselves over the head of the bed, leading to awkward bending of our heads. Among many headboard products, a rattan headboard is a very artistic and personalized option.

Among the various kinds of headboards available in the market, rattan headboards and wicker headboards are finding an increasing preference. With a look that makes your bed look more natural, these headboards add to the beauty of your bedroom and one that is easy on the eye.

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Top 10 Best Rattan & Wicker Headboards in 2024 – Chart

Some of the best ones available in the market have been reviewed to help you make an informed purchase decision. Specific colors and sizes have been focused upon here for some models, but other sizes and colors are equally good in those categories.

#PreviewHeadboard NameAdvantagesOur Rating

Safavieh Home Collection Imelda Grey Headboard (King)

Crafted of rattan headboard.4.1

Safavieh Gabrielle Headboard, Queen, White Washed

Safavieh has more than 100 years of furniture manufacturing experience4.4

Safavieh Home Collection Nadine Brown Winged Headboard, King

Crafted of banana leaf and wood4.7

Safavieh Home Collection Sephina Brown Rattan Headboard (Queen)

Exquisite handmade rattan headboard4.8

KOUBOO Rattan Headboard, California King

Hand crafted from naturally grown rattan4.5

KOUBOO black rattan headboard, queen

Easy to clean dust with a damp cloth4.5

KOUBOO Peacock Rattan Headboard, Queen, Mint

Very light in weight4.6

Home Styles Marco Island Cinnamon Natural Rattan Headboard

Woven Wicker and Wood Solids4.4

Wicker Paradise Barbados Rattan Headboard, Twin

thick rattan is woven on a wood frame4.8

Safavieh Home Collection Sephina White Rattan Headboard, Queen

immediately add a fresh look to your bedroom4.8

Some basic features have been covered for all the products including materials, design, and comfort. Other specific features have also been included for each model, provided that the model has some special features. Also, we’ve mainly talked about two mainstream brands – Safavieh and Kouboo – along with two others in this product review. There may be other brands that are as good and screening them with due diligence will pay rich rewards.

1. Safavieh Imelda Grey Rattan Headboard

A simple yet elegant headboard that is super easy to assemble

Crafted of rattan headboard will add a fresh look to any bedroom

The brand of Safavieh is one that has been making wicker and rattan furniture for over a century now. Having carved a good name for themselves over time, their branding now has a reputation of its own and is one of the reasons why this model is one of the most sought after wicker headboards.

Materials and Design

The headboard, as mentioned in the title, is made from grey rattan and woven together with intermittent poles around which the rattan fibers go. The design is extremely simple, with the look being as straightforward as one of the woven baskets for keeping fruits. The shape of the headboard is a unique curvilinear one (on top) which is neither too visually heavy nor too light.


The make of these headboards (and other wicker furniture) is such that they are extremely light yet sturdy, making them perfect for any kind of use. With repeated use, they kind of take on the role of memory foam and become dented, which might be the only issue down the line, at which point you can always choose to buy a new headboard. Rest assured that such marks indicating take a long time to appear and there is nothing to be worried about, for at least a decade. If you do not mind the indentations and can accept them as a charm that comes with wear and tear, you’ll be satisfied with these headboards and furniture for a while to come.

Special Features

The headboard also comes with other special features some of which are listed below.

1. Easy Assembly

Considering that the frame ships as is in a 29.7-pound package, all you need to do is to fasten it to the legs of your bed. This is something that can be done with ease even singlehandedly without help during assembly. But if you have people to help on hand, it is that much easier.

2. High Ranking In Its Category

The headboard model of Safavieh ranks #249 on Amazon in the headboard category, and there is not a single bad review that goes along with it, yet. If you like the design and color, all you need to do is order it right away. Do not forget that there is the color option of whitewashed rattan as well for this model, and that is a great choice if you want something more natural.

2. Safavieh Home Collection Multi Wicker Rattan Headboard, Queen

A vintage-looking hard headboard that will last a lifetime!

sturdy hardwood wicker style headboard

Another bestseller from the brand of Safavieh, this Multi Wicker Rattan Collection can brighten up your bedroom interior and bestowing a unique look on it. With a warm brown color that makes your bedroom feel cozier than ever, this design is one that will leave everyone gaping at your wonderful design choice!

Materials and Design

The headboard is made of rattan and hardwood, with hardwood being the main component. Dried brown wicker grass is only used to lash the hardwood poles of the headboard together, thus keeping them sturdy. Coming in a finished varnished look, the headboard is simple but very functional in its design.

With the crossbars of hardwood going in angles in mirrored directions, creating longitudinal diamonds, this headboard is extremely strong, as the points of failure are reduced. Also, considering that the entire headboard is not woven rattan, there is no worry of the headboard acting like memory foam, which makes it last longer than ever, with proper maintenance.


Users attest to the design being no-nonsense and functional which results in complete comfort. Given that you can upscale or downscale the design according to your likes, this headboard can be softened if you choose to weave fabrics between the hardwood crossbars. Doing that is sure to make your headboard even more comfortable.

However, the headboard in itself is comfortable as it allows for your free movement, especially that of your hands when you’re stretching, by not impeding their movement fully, but by allowing movement, thanks to the crossbar design of the hardwood.

Special Features

1. Unique Design

The design, as mentioned multiple times previously, is one that is unique in its category. When one thinks of rattan furniture, we only think of woven members. Rarely do we think of furniture where the wicker or rattan is used only to lash different members of hardwood together. This design is one such piece where there is minimal grass used, with wood being employed more. It is needless to say that this model is one of the sturdiest in its category, and the pattern made by the crossbars of hardwood only adds more to its already prevalent charm.

2. Revamped Old Fashioned Look

Not all old pieces of furniture look great. However, revamping them with a modern touch somehow works magic on them, and they look better than ever. This headboard model is one such piece that can be considered to be a successful revamp of its predecessors. With a simple, yet unique look, the look and character that this model will bring to your room is unparalleled by any other counterpart of its.

3. Top-ranked brand quality

Even with extreme competitive constraints from cushioned headboards, this model has been ranked #245 on Amazon, and that speaks about the quality and regard that customers hold for the brand and the model being talked about.

With three color options to choose from – antique grey, brown, or whitewashed – this is the model to go for, provided you like the design.

3. Nadine Brown Winged Rattan Headboard, King

A headboard that makes you exclaim ‘Exotic!’

Crafted of banana leaf and wood, special style rattan headboard

This is yet another model produced by Safavieh, the company that has carved a name for itself over the century in producing wicker furniture, with a special emphasis on headboards. This model is one you should go for if you have a liking for a unique structural design. This model comes with wings on its side which do not interfere with the sides of the bed but still manage to make an interesting visual impact and adding to the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Materials and Design

The headboard is woven out of banana leaves and woodcraft and is finished with a warm brown color. With a complete weave that does not have any crossbars (or looks like that, at least), this model is extremely simple to behold, yet unique because of the wings on its sides. These wings borderline enclose the boundary of the bed in space but do not hinder the movement of someone on the bed itself.

The design of the wings is also functional, tapering downward, with the maximum curvature being noticed at the top of the headboard. The reduced curvature below ensures that there is no restriction in the movement of the user, as mentioned previously.


Considering that the headboard is woven, and not one with rigid closely placed crossbars, there is some allowance for movement, even if you want you stretch your hand against the headboard. It is not as ungiving as to make your hand pain, but neither is it that easily damaged that a day of keeping your hand in the position disfigures the board either.

Some other features of the headboard have been listed below for your reference.

Special Features

1. Wings

As mentioned previously, this model comes with wings that taper downwards, as it reaches the plane of the bed. This is a feature that is unique to this model (and very few others) which adds not only to the visual appeal of the bed, but also gives your hands a place to support themselves, if you are the kind of person that does not like sleeping with your hands by your side, and like them being supported at a higher level instead.

2. Longitudinal Weave

Almost always,  the weave that is seen in wicker furniture is horizontal, with vertical crossbars for proper structural framework. But this model has the weave in the vertical direction, with horizontal crossbars which are also not particularly evident, thus adding to its aesthetic value.

3. Stand out from the competition

With countless models of headboards being available in the market, and with the popularity of cushioned headboards rising as you read this article, it is becoming harder, and even more so for any other kind of headboard to retain its place in the market.

Even amongst such competition, the model has managed to stay at #140 over the years, and that is an accomplishment in itself. Available in two different colors, them being natural and brown, this model will definitely add a rustic character to your bedroom.

4. Sephina Brown Rattan Headboard

An exquisitely weaved headboard that comes in different colors!

Crafted of rattan and hard wood

This is the fourth model from the brand of Safavieh to make our list of favorites. With a unique design and a variety of color options to choose from, this model can change and redefine your sleeping space, if you choose to purchase it. What’s unique about this design is the fact that it combines with weave and hardwood crossbar design in a single piece, with the weave being near the plane of the bed, and the crossbars being near the higher end of the board. One thing to note here is that there is no lashing for the crossbars as their length is not much, and there is no question of structural instability in that small area.

Materials and Design

The headboard is made of rattan and hardwood, with the hardwood majorly being used for the upper part of the design. The crossbars of the weave are placed diagonally, and the horizontal weave travels along with the bars in the same diagonal fashion. A unique thing to note here would be that the hardwood crossbars visible above the weave do not travel in the direction of the bars of the weave, thus indicating that the hardwood actually starts after the weave ends, and not from the plane of the bed itself.


Users have expressed no qualms in the area of comfort with respect to this model. With the weave giving way just the right amount to press your hands against while stretching them upwards, the headboard surely is one of the most comfortable models out there, with others made of the same horizontal weave.

Some of the special features of this headboard have been listed below along with its ranking on Amazon.

Special Features

1. Mix Of Hardwood And Rattan Designs

All the designs that were talked about before had either woven design or hardwood design. This is the first of its kind where there is a combination of both, creating a good visual dynamic when looking at the sleeping furniture.

2. Horizontal Weave That Travels Diagonally

Considering that the crossbars of the weave travel in a diagonal manner, in a slightly obtuse/acute manner, the wave travels in the same direction as well. This is directly in contrast to other models where the crossbars are generally perpendicular to the plane of the bed, and the weave doesn’t waver diagonally. This is one feature that adds to the visual weight of the already intriguing model.

3. Four Different Color Options

As against a maximum of two or three color options seen thus far, this model comes in four colors, them being antique grey, brown, white and white-washed. With each of them bringing class to the room depending on the existing decor of the room, all of these promise to be good additions, provided you know which one to choose.

4. Customers Give the Highest Ratings

We give this model 4.8 stars and it is ranked #378 on Amazon in the Headboard category even amidst the heavy competition offered by cushioned and wooden headboards. Although in comparison to the products illustrated above it is a bit lower in the ranking (most of the time, rankings simply represent sales rather than quality and satisfaction), rest assured that it is a good purchase decision nonetheless.

To buy the headboard on Amazon, click the bellow button, and do so now, for you do not put away things you can do today to tomorrow.

5. KOUBOO Rattan Headboard, California King

A handcrafter headboard that adds a new dimension to your bedroom.

Hand crafted headboard from naturally grown rattan

This headboard form the brand of Kouboo is the first one of its kind in this list to have a semicircular board. With the crossbars being covered in rattan, you cannot really see what exactly they’re made of, but the fact is that they’re made of naturally grown rattan. Available in two mainstream colors and one that is out of the box (black, white and mint), these headboards are sure to add a chic flavor to your space.

Materials and Design

As mentioned before, the headboard is made of naturally grown rattan through and through. With an extremely lightweight and sturdy design, the shape of the headboard is semicircular. One feature that comes as a con along with this board is the fact that it has no brackets to be attached to the legs of the bed. It needs to be sandwiched between the wall and the bed, and cannot be fixed anyway else. However, the structural integrity of the frame itself is very large, and it cannot be tampered with at all, let alone easily.


Stretching just enough momentary to accommodate your pushy hand, and then coming back to its original position, the board gives way where it has to and doesn’t where it needs to stay rigid.

Other special features of the headboard include the following, but obviously, the features are not limited to the ones listed.

Special Features

1. Shape

As mentioned, this is one of the very few semicircular shaped headboards available in the market. With a floral accent to the overall shape, the shape shouts natural and fashionably old. The headboard is sure to make a wonderful gift to those who have an eye for curves and a liking for delicateness. For tomboyish people, there are other designs that you can consider gifting.

2. Exquisite Handcrafted Pattern

The pattern that the rattan grass makes on the supports and the overall pattern generated, both generate a vibe of exquisiteness, adding to the visual interest of the board itself. Three colors to choose from: mint, white, and black.

3. No Brackets;  This Could Be A Let-down

The headboard comes with a frame and legs, but no brackets that attach it to the legs of the bed. Although this does not make for a disadvantage in places where the bed is placed flush with the wall, it can prove to be disastrous for usage in places where the bed is placed in the middle of the room. Such placing is often done so as to maximize the conditioning facilities of the space, which some of us have no control over. In such a case, the headboard proves to be unusable.

However, if you do not have any such qualms, and you like the design, you should buy the bed immediately.

6. KOUBOO Black Naturally Rattan Headboard, Queen

A creatively designed headboard that is also super comfortable.

Sandwich black rattan headboard

The second design from Kouboo on the list deserves some praise for its sheer innovation in the curvilinearity of its design. Straying away from the normal floral pattern that comes to mind when we think of semicircular headboards, this headboard manages to keep within the semi-circle, by making use of rattan fibers that are bent in different ways so as to keep the shapes curvy but fitting within the semicircle all the same.

Materials and Design

The headboard is made of naturally grown rattan and has a few crossbars in the lower part of the design which could be made of hardwood, or some other strong tubular wood. With the lower part being lashed with rattan fibers, the higher part of the design consists primarily of rattan fibers, and just them, and a pattern is created with them by bending in half and placing them consecutively in a manner such that different bent fibers circumscribe the frame at consecutive points. The design made thus is both visually appealing and simple in nature.


Considering that the hardwood part does not rise above the level of the mattress, the rattan part is all that you’ll be stretching your hand against. This is prone to go easy on your hands even if you move them involuntarily in your sleep and hit them against the board. Thus, it is needless to say that the headboard is comfortable and more.

Special Features

1. Curvilinear Design

Considering that the rattan grass would have been bent (even while it was green) and dried in the process of being made into a headboard, the flexibility of the grass would not have been lost at that time. Thus, the hardening and drying also take place in the same form that the grass is tied in, implying that the design will remain curvilinear even if the grass hardens.

2. Inward Floral Pattern

As mentioned, the frame of the bed is strictly semicircular and no strand of grass strays away from that. With the design looking like a bouquet of stems, the design is floral but not quite, and is a perfect choice for those who love subtlety.

3. No Brackets Attached

One feature that this headboard lacks, much like its predecessor is the fact that it does not have any brackets. Thus, it is best in places where the bed is up against a wall in a room, and not so comfortable in other places.

If you love the design and know for a fact that your bed will only be placed against a wall.

7. KOUBOO Peacock Rattan Headboard, Queen, Mint

A headboard that makes you say ‘Symmetry at its best!’

naturally grown rattan headboard

The third Kouboo design to make the list of our favorites is the Peacock line of the brand. Straying from the usual designs of generic curves and linear geometry, this design is one that does not conform to any rule but symmetry.

Materials and Design

Made of naturally grown rattan, this model is extremely curvilinear except for the one central bar in the headboard, and lower parts of the board which will consequently be covered by the mattress when it is placed alongside the bed. The branching spirals that the design consists of are mesmerizing to behold, as they’re as exquisitely handcrafted.


As with the rest of Kouboo designs, the hardwood part only rises to the mattress (as previously mentioned as well), thus the rattan part stretches as much as you will need it to in case you voluntarily move around in your sleep. The only problem while setting up might be the fact that the headboard does not come with any brackets that attach to the bed’s legs, and so you’ll be forced to sandwich the headboard between the wall and the bed. Except for that, the frame only has perks to offer.

Some special features that define the character of this model are listed below for your convenience.

Special Features

1. Feeling Of An Inn

The design of this headboard redefines your bedroom to make it look like a good old fashioned B&B. Considering the fast rush that all of us are in, this is the perfect thing that can make you think that your life is a long vacation, thus freshening your outlook on life.

2. Extremely Light Weight

As with all other wicker or rattan headboards, this model too is extremely lightweight. With a weight of just 30 pounds, this can easily be moved from one space to another, even by a single person with no kind of difficulty.

3. No Brackets Supplied With the Model

As with other models from Kouboo, this model too does not come with attaching brackets which is a definite put-offer if your bed is to be placed in the middle of a room or someplace where there the bed is not flesh to a perpendicular surface.

However, if that’s not an issue, this headboard is one that can change your outlook on life. Get your own version of it

8. Home Styles (Marco Island) Natural Cinnamon Rattan Wicker Headboard, Queen

A warm and cozy headboard that’s also hard and sturdy on the inside.

Intricate woven rattan panels, wicker headboard

One of the bestselling models of the brand of Home Styles, this model is one that is crafted purely with rattan weave and mahogany. Being available in the endearing color of warm cinnamon, this headboard can make your bedroom look that much cozier, provided you choose to invest in it.

Materials and Design

The headboard, as mentioned previously, is made of rattan and mahogany. With a sturdy frame and a close-knit weave diagonal in direction, the headboard is extremely durable. The design, albeit being really simple with just two framing bars in the middle, gives an ornate look, all the same, thanks to the offsets given to frames and outlines with rattan. The aesthetic value of the headboard is further increased by pineapple finials on the posts, thus making this model the perfect one for those with an eye for detail.


Though the model is sturdy, it is not harsh enough to hurt one’s hand in the off chance of someone thrashing around in sleep, and accidentally hitting a hand against the headboard. The warm brown color gives a feeling of comfort, and it is needless to say that the feeling is most certainly true.

Some of the features unique to this headboard are listed below.

Special Features

1. Diagonal Weave And Crossbars

The crossbars of the weave, unlike generic ones, are diagonal in nature, and the weave, staying perpendicular to them, are diagonal too. This model is one of the few of its kind where both the crossbars and weave are tilted with respect to the plane of the bed.

2. Pineapple Finials And Aesthetic Value

Adding to the aesthetic value of the headboard, finials are also present on the posts made of mahogany. The deep coloration of the wood, along with the details on them to make it look as much like pineapple, really do deliver on making the headboard one of finesse and great quality.

9. Wicker Paradise Barbados Rattan Headboard, Twin

Simple, elegant and naturally beautiful headboard.

Thick heavy rattan Woven on a wood frame with rattan trim

The first product of Wicker Paradise to make our list of favorite wicker headboards, this model is sure to blow your mind with its sheer simplicity. Playing with just perpendicular and parallel lines, this design is as simple as it is elegant. With a rectangular shape (which is very typical, and is oftentimes considered boring even), the headboard still manages to keep you riveted, even when you’re browsing for choices.

Materials and Design

Made of thick rattan woven on heavy wood, the headboard is one that is extremely sturdy, with strength being added by the typical perpendicular tightly woven design which does not leave a way for any kind of shear damage to affect the headboard. With the only color option being natural, the manufacturers have stuck to the aspect of simplicity there as well.


Considering that after proper placement, you’ll come in contact with only the woven area, you can rest assured that you won’t hurt yourself in your sleep, even if you thrash around while sleeping. As for placement, brackets do not come with this model on purchase, so you may have to buy them separately from some home improvement store in your locality.

The unique selling point of this design is its simplicity, as mentioned in the first line of its description. With lashes that look perfect and braids that travel perpendicularly, hiding any creviced joints, this headboard is one that will be easy to maintain as well as one that is low on your wallet.

In a nutshell, it is THE product to go for, if you want something that gives you the best of both worlds. To buy this stunningly simple model to spruce up your room

10. Safavieh Sephina White Rattan Headboard, Queen

A bright white headboard to brighten your room and mood.

rattan headboard finished in white wicker

Belonging to the same category as #4 in the list, all that is different in this model from item #4 is its color. With its defining horizontal weave traveling diagonally, and crossbars without lashings that are part of the design towards the higher end of the board, the model is surely a bestseller. You should make it a point to choose this model if your interiors are dark in color. The white of this design will make sure to liven up the space and keep it from losing its shine.

To buy the white Sephina rattan headboard, click the below button now!

In a nutshell, all of these products come with pros and cons of their own, some of which you will only experience when you try them out. However, 9 out of 10 people on an average, who’ve used these products, have no complaints, and we sure hope that you join ranks with the people who have no complaints. We sure hope that this guide goes some way in helping you make an informed choice. Choose the best product among the ones listed here, and redefine the character of your bedroom. What are you waiting for?

Buying Guide: Everything To Know About Rattan Headboards

Considering that the furniture you choose to place in your home defines the space apart from being a testimony to your character and social standing, it is necessary that you know the kind of furniture you should be purchasing.

The contemporary look is one to go for if you have a modern outlook, while classical pieces are what you should choose if you have a preference for manmade antiquities and exquisite detailing. If either of the above-written descriptions seems to satisfy you, then it would do you well to invest in wicker furniture.

What Exactly Is Rattan or Wicker Furniture?

Wicker and rattan are types of grasses that have been woven to make screens, roofs (in rural areas), furniture, etc., since ancient times.

Types of Rattan Headboard

The only distinction that we can make while talking about the type of rattan headboards is by the material of make, and the designs they’re made in, all of which have been illustrated one way or the other, in all the given examples.

Benefits of Rattan Headboards

1. Affordability

The rattan and wicker headboards, on an average, cost a little north of $200 depending on the brand and design you’re choosing. It is an investment worth making, as it is bound to stay round in your house for a long while.

2. Durability

a detail look of the rattan headboard

As mentioned earlier, once bought, these headboards do not easily wear and tear, and they last a long while. Also, considering that they’re hardened by drying in the process of being made into headboards, the fibers are extremely strong and do not grow brittle at all for a long while to come.

3. High Strength To Weight Ratio

For the lightweight that these headboards ship in, They are surprisingly strong, and will resist any kind of unintentional force inflicted on them relentlessly.

4. Aesthetic Value

These headboards also add to the aesthetic character of your house and have the capability to redefine your bedroom and change the way you look at life (Not an exaggeration. Your day begins and ends in your bedroom, and its interiors do have an impact on your wellbeing).

Features You Should Pay Attention To, Before Investing

It is necessary to research and put a good amount of thought into what you’re going to purchase, not just for your home, but for anything in life, be it for keeping or gifting. Thus, it is needless to say that a headboard, a piece of furniture that is going to define your most personal space, also requires some amount of thought before being bought.

1. Material Of Make

rattan headboard generally uses natural wicker weave

First off, you need to decide what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re going for a modern and brutal look, white cushions will do you well. However, if you’re looking for a material that’s unique, and which can bestow your space with a chic or dreamy look, then wicker or rattan headboard is where you should bet your money on.

2. Comfort And Size

Now, we do not fully have control over our movements when we’re asleep. In the off-chance that we thrash or move around violently, it is necessary that we do not hurt ourselves badly. Though cushions are the best option to go for, considering this aspect, maintaining them becomes a pain after a point due to the accumulation of dust, which can cause allergies and other complications.

This is where rattan headboards make their gallant entry. They are flexible to just the right extent and extremely easy to clean and maintain. These headboards should be your choice if maintenance is an issue for you.

Also, before buying the frame, it is necessary for you to make sure that you got your bed size right. With some of these frames coming with brackets, it would do you no good to get the wrong size with brackets that do not even fit properly.

3. Design And Color

If you have an eye for detail, this is something you should look into as well. You do not want to buy a piece of furniture that is completely out of place in your house. Buy something with the same characteristics. If the rest of the furniture in the house is minimal, it would be better for you to go for some of the rattan headboard designs which are not very curvy, for they blend in and give a vibe that matches with the rest of the furniture and interiors.

However, if the rest of your house is also Chic and modern in nature, then go for the curved designs, and they will fit right in. Once you’ve chosen the design, the next thing to do would be to finalize the color among the options available for the model. Again, keep to the theme of your house, and choose wisely.

4. Installation

In the case where brackets are there, all you’ll need to do is to attach them to the legs of your bed, on the side you want the head to be. If the frame comes without brackets however, all you’ll need to do is to wedge the frame between the wall and the bed. Although this will be an easier option from a maintenance standpoint, it will be an annoyance if you push it forcefully while stretching and it actually moves.

Rattan Headboard Cleaning and Maintenance

The boards are extremely easy to maintain, for they mostly come with a varnished finish, and a good wiping with a damp cloth should do for keeping it clean. However, in the case that it is not varnished, it would be better to dust it dry and let it stay in the sun for some time to get rid of any bugs that may have made the board their home over time.

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