Olee Sleep Mattress Reviews & Complete Guide in 2024

Olee Sleep Mattress Reviews

Are you planning to acquire a new mattress for your house? If your old foam mattress is not more offering the desired comfort? Well in that matter taking an insight into a few of the companies which manufacture best-grade sleeping mattresses becomes essential. Olee sleep mattress is one the most trusted and genuine names in the sector which is well-known among people for making mid-to high-grade sleeping mattresses.

Today there’re innumerable brands that claim to create best grade sleeping mattresses. But do you amaze why just a few have been capable to make a remarkable place in the field? The main reason behind this is the rate of comfort their items provide to the consumers and the long-term good consumer reputation. Since people need their mattress to be extremely comfortable, it becomes the main norm to judge it. Getting through the review in prior helps in grabbing the best mattress and making the purchase really worthwhile!

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About Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep is a medium brand joining the line in the Mid-High end mattress market in 2015. The price rate of their sleeping mattress is lower than most of the competition you’d find online. For the people who’re looking for economical sleeping mattresses, OLEE Sleep is offering cheaper collections. Like all other memory foam mattress brands, their products are manufactured from Southeast Asian countries instead of being manufactured in the US.

Entire Olee Sleep models are added to the field in the 1st Q-2016. As a fast-growing mattress manufacturer, they have received the CERTIPUR-US certification like most other regular mattress manufacturers. This new manufacturer is just sold on the internet and not available in the offline store. Large manufacturers such as Olee sleep have extensive and independent manufacturing plants and supply chains, so they produce a very wide range of bedding products. These include different types of mattresses, bed frames, and even supply foam raw materials, pocket springs, bed frames, etc. to other Bedding brands. There are small details you can find but here we’re going to help you to understand their core products features, to pick the best Olee Sleep mattress.

Olee Sleep official website: https://www.oleesleep.com/

It looks like they don't plan to order and ship from the official website at this time, since you can't choose a size and add the product to your cart on the website.

The main sales channel at the moment is Amazon.

Olee Sleep mattresses are shipped to the following countries:

Olee sleep US      
Olee Sleep CA      
Olee Sleep Australie

The Best 10 Olee Sleep Mattresses in 2024 – Chart & Reviews

PreviewMattress NameFirmnessAvailable SizeOur RatingCTA

1. Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

California King

2. Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring MattressMediumFull

3. Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-Gel Multi Layered Memory Foam MattressFirmTwin

4. Olee Sleep 8-Inch Firm Ventilated Convolution Queen Memory Foam MattressFirmTwin
Twin XL

5. Olee Sleep Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress, 10 InchMediumTwin

6. Olee Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring MattressPlushTwin

7. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Euro Box Top Spring MattressPlushKing4.3

8. Olee Sleep 12 inch Hybrid Euro Box Top Pocket Spring MattressPlushFull

9. Olee Sleep 10 Inch Milky way Tight Top Hybrid Spring MattressMediumTwin

10. Olee Sleep Tri-Folding MattressMediumSingle size4.3
Based on our historical data comparison, the overall rating of Olee sleep mattress products has shown an upward trend over the last three years.

1. Olee Sleep Aquarius 10″ Gel-Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 10" Gel-Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

This amazing mattress offers you excepted comfort and helps your spine while sleeping. The mattress is able to adapt your body shape; big thanks to the memory foam mattress one-inch top layer infused with gel. It supports maintaining a fine sleeping posture and avoiding waking up with some pain.

The mattress helps relieve pressure spots while helping you combat interrupted sleep due to sweating. The ergonomic look makes a perfect force for people looking to alleviate neck pains, backaches, etc.

This mattress cover is manufactured utilizing a jacquard, which makes the item long-lasting. Also, it’s infused with gel which boosts the level of trust in its quality feature. The infused gel helps keep the mattress fresh and makes sure a comfortable sleep.

Gel-infused Foam Layer + High-Density Base Layer = simple, reliable, affordable, end of the search.

  • Jacquard cover for best durability
  • Infused with gel for keeping sleepers cool in its place of sweaty
  • Lifelong – thanks to the best density foam
  • Breathability and proper ventilation
  • Suitable for various platforms including floor
  • Relieve pressure
  • CERTIPUR-US certified
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Some customers complain about FIBERGLASS in flame retardant materials

2. Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid-Gel Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 13" Galaxy Hybrid-Gel Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

This is a remarkable hybrid mattress from Olee Sleep, and it is also got fine customer reviews on Amazon. The peak layer is cooling gel memory foam of the same quality as every other gel we have talked about – But many customers report that this is a better quality mattress than the $1,000+ mattresses they used to buy

Though, what it does have in its place is a layer of protected coils – Wrapped in multiple layers of high-quality foam in a tight and orderly fashion, which are one of the most advanced types of coils you can utilize in a mattress currently. The coils just compress when you use straight pressure to them (as they’re linked to each other) and this makes the impression you create in the layer when you lie down on the mattress very accurate. It gives impeccable levels of comfort and support, and as the layer is mainly just thin air in terms of rates – 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress has massive levels of ventilation too.

  • Multi-layer structure (5 layers)
  • Temperature-adjustable gel-infused memory foam
  • Protected coil springs
  • Provides motion isolation
  • 100-day trial run
  • Smart shipping
  • 10-year warranty
  • After 2 years, there might be a few sagging and indentation (More users report that nothing has changed and everything is fine)

3. Olee Sleep 9-inch I Gel Multi-Layered Memory Foam Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 13" Galaxy Hybrid-Gel Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

This sleeping mattress standout with its while shade and well-looking design without compromising comfort and quality, its stunning feature place it among one of the best Olee Sleep Mattress to splurge.

This I-Gel multi-layered mattress is infused with gel to give consumers with a cooling effect, so sleepers do not get sweaty or feel intense heat. Also, it features a top-quality density memory foam recognize to adopt the body curves and provide the perfect support to your vertebrate.

The product is a super fine option for individuals who continually deal with back or neck pain alleviates these itchy pains. It gives the needed support along your body curves from head to toe.

The hybrid mattress comes in multiple layers, one layer of soft foam to help relax your body, one layer of 25 ILD extreme density memory foam to help keep you away from body sinking, and one layer infused with gel for regulating temp. All in all, the 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress helps improves your sleep quality and is also available in different sizes.

If you sweat a lot when you sleep and like to feel comfortable and breathable, this is for you.

  • Minimize pressure points
  • Proper ventilation
  • Isolate motion transfer
  • Alleviate backaches
  • Durable
  • The little smell after unboxing
  • Maybe too firm

4. Olee Sleep 8-inch Ventilated-Convolution Memory Foam Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 8" Ventilated-Convolution Memory Foam Mattress

This 8 inches of thick sleeping foam mattress is a great pick, as it comes with multiple layers to provide additional comfort with solid support. The product works really well for anyone who likes a firm bed, even people with back or neck pain. Its exclusive design makes it appealing to consumers dealing with difficulty in having a fine night’s rest.

The Mattress has a unique 3.5 inches convoluted layer design which helps improve ventilation and breathability. The one-inch Dura-Flex foam is responsible for absorbing the weight that contributes to the overall promote greater sleep and avoid waking up with neck and back pain.

A regular budget foam mattress, yes, it is cheaper.

  • Dura memory foam
  • Proper breathability and ventilation
  • Isolate motion disturbance
  • Relieve pressure points
  • Durable
  • An unlikable chemical smell is experienced which lasts for some days.
  • Some customers claim that the hardness is not enough

5. Olee Sleep 10-inch Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 10" Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress focuses on maximizing the rate of comfort sleepers experience with ten-thick memory foam. The manufacturer has just made this item utilizing the best quality memory foam and fine fabrics to help optimize the mattress’s advantages.

One greater feature is the product capability to remain fresh and new even in hot summers. This fact is one of the reasons the product has been splurge on during summers. Its many layers including a one-inch layer of best density foam and one more layer infused with gel supports boost the level of support as well as regulate the body temp.

And, above all, it’s super unique construction helps minimize pressure spots, therefore, you have a reduced chance of waking up with neck or back pain.

1.5 inch Dura Cool I Gel foam + 1.5 inch Duraflex foam + 3.5 inch convoluted High Density Layer + 3.5 inch High Density Foam = (Under $300, queen size)

  • Infused with gel for regulating temp
  • Different layers of Best Quality foam help to deliver coziness
  • Very resilience
  • The Mattress comprises outstanding breathability and ventilation
  • Sound sleep without waking-up feeling back and neck pain
  • It might not be as firm as needed
  • The clients complained that the smell takes longer

6. Olee Sleep Omega 10-inch Memory Foam Omega Hybrid-Gel Infused and Pocket Spring Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 10" Memory Foam Omega Hybrid-Gel Infused and Pocket Spring Mattress

This Olee Sleep Mattress is available in Twin to King size and equally supports consumers get great comfort and relief from neck and back pain while you’re asleep. It’s designed using many layers of best quality foam, which makes it a lucrative choice. It reduces worries about the item getting hot and soft.

Also, the mattress cover is made utilizing a mattress manufactured with poly jacquard, which is simply washed for extreme cleanliness and maintenance of the bed. Also, this sleeping mattress cover contributes to mattress longevity and is long-lasting. Besides, it has 3 layers of DURA pocket spring for extremely reasonable firmness (total of 5 layers).

Get a premium blend of gel-infused memory foam and pocket sprung mattress for less than $300.

  • 5-layer structure mattress provides more comfort
  • Help alleviate pain
  • Gel-infused memory foam for regulating temp
  • Durable and Washable poly jacquard
  • 3 layers of Dura Pocket spring
  • Exceptional support to the spine.
  • No motion annoyance
  • Tempered steel separately encased coils
  • Localized depression may occur after one year

7. Olee Sleep 13″ Box-Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 13" Box-Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

This mattress is highly recommended for consumers looking for thick and ideally layered sleep mattresses. Its unique design makes it not too supple or much firm; thanks to its 13-inch mattress. Olee Sleep 13 inches Box Top Mammary foam intended to help reduce back and neck pain.

Just like most of OLEE Sleep Mattresses, this product is covered with jacquard which contributes to the comfort and value. What is more? The item features 1 Gel layer to support regulate the bed temp, so you do not get too sweating and hot. It makes use of two inches of best density foam and 1.5 inches of soft memory foam to maximize your comfort by cleanly absorbing your weight.

Besides the item is CERTIPUR-US certified, which creates the mattress’s longevity and durability assuring. One more remarkable feature is its firmness, which makes as an outcome of the included 7.5 inches of heat treat coils.

A thicker, more luxurious, and more comfortable pocket springs mattress.

  • Remarkable ventilation and breathability
  • Multiple layers for enormous comfort
  • Remain cool even in hot terms
  • Wrapped coils for great firmness.
  • CERTIPUR-US Certified
  • Oeko-tex Certification.
  • A few customers claim it was too firm. Though, a topper helps out.

8. Olee Sleep 12 inches Hybrid Euro Box Top Spring Sleep Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 12 inches Hybrid Euro Box Top Spring Sleep Mattress

This 12 inches Hybrid Euro Box Mattress is designed to satisfy the need of contoured assist of vertebrae while sleep. We found owe this lavish to tempered steel smoothly encased coils whose particularly is to conform to the curves of your body developing an equal weight distribution, hence relieving every pressure points along your back, hips, neck, and shoulders.

One more key feature of independently encased coils is the reduction of motion disturbance, so if your partner moves all night, you’ll never even know they’re there. To make sure that this Olee Sleep mattress lasts for many years, its coils are highly protected by multi HD and layers of memory foam which add to the unparalleled build quality and amazing comfort.

The material and quality offered, compared to its price, is a pleasant surprise.

  • 5 Layers
  • Superb support for back and hip, neck and shoulders sleepers who wish a plush mattress
  • Exceptional heat dissipation
  • Durable; doesn’t lose shape from being rolled up or shipped
  • independently encased coils bounce back and retain shape well
  • Smell for first few days

9. Olee Sleep 10 Inches Milky way Tight Top Hybrid Spring Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep 10 Inches Milky way Tight Top Hybrid Spring Mattress

This is a remarkable item from the best brand that hits the mid-range sweet spot ideally. It is got a 7.5 inches layer of personally wrapped coils that are of great quality. The peak part contains many thin layers of memory foam which combined are 2.5 inches thick.

it is a reasonably firm hybrid mattress and comes with a lengthy warranty period and several plus anecdotal reviews. A hybrid mattress means spring and foam mattress combination both for high comfort feeling and reducing pressure points along your neck, back, shoulders and hips. It expands to its ten inches for a minute but it’s betting to wait for one hour before putting on bedding.

Seriously, we don’t like this mattress, but if you just want to look around, click the button below.

  • 5-inch DURA spring base is protected by memory foam and multi HD
  • Removal of motion disturbance
  • CERTIPUR-US certified
  • The Poly Jacquard Cover is soft, washable, and durable
  • Affordable price
  • Keeps ideal shape even after a long time of use
  • Smells for first 2-3days
  • Extremely firm for the first time, but after about few days of use, it relaxes

10. Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Review

OLEE Sleep Topper Tri-Folding Memory Foam, 4 Inch

This mattress 15 x 25 x 4 inches folding mattress is perfect for the dorm or house. While it doesn’t fold-up into a sofa, you still can manage it for an alternative job. You can utilize it as a floor-based chair or a three-level stool.

The twin size mattress sleeps just for a single person, it has medium to firm feel to it and has solid memory foam to support you be comfortable. The mattress cover is simple to clean. Easily un-zipper it and threw it into the washing machine!

If you wish you can buy your own frame and elevate the folding mattress to set your sleep preference.

A lot of unexpected visitors? Need to camp and sleep overnight? Or just playing on the floor with the kids? Choose this one.

  • Portable tri-folding design
  • Highly affordable
  • Comes with a suitable level of firmness
  • Super Comfortable memory foam top layer
  • Removable cover
  • Not actually durable Its thickness might not be enough for a few sleepers

Final words

We hope that with this list of OLEE Sleep Mattresses, you can find easily the one that suits your needs best. If you’re looking for all-around best features then easily go for OLEE Sleep brand. You can depend on this brand to provide you a super comfortable night’s sleep with wonderful back support.

Olee Sleep Mattress Types

Olee Sleep manufacturers are fairly a large collection of mattress types. Presently they provide memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Under these sleeping mattresses are different categories that we’ll discuss in detail shortly.

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Memory Foam Mattress

cooling-gel infused top foam layer and breathable outer cover help to regulate the temperature

Also, recognize as VISCOELASTIC foam, you must previously know by now that this is a mattress that is highly recommended by several health experts. Confirms to be the body’s curves and shapes and helps in pressure relief. It’s highly effective in the prevention and cure of backaches and many other body pains.

  • Memory Foam Mattress with VISCOLATEX: this sort of sleeping mattress is a combination of memory foam with latex foam for added responsiveness and bounce. You can find this mattress in the OLEE Sleep 10 inch Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Memory Foam Mattress with Pocketed Coils: Normally with the ICONIC pocketed spring, this kind of mattress adds pure stability and helps much in reducing motion transfer, which makes it an ideal option for those with a sleeping partner.
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress: the OLEE Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Spring Mattress, instead of Pocketed coils, it features BONNEL Springs.

Hybrid Spring Mattress

dura pocket spring support

Hybrid Spring mattress combines an innerspring coil support core with a high comfort layer of memory foam or latex. The shopper should note that this is occasionally utilized as a marketing term. Though, to be a real hybrid mattress, the bed has to combine a coin support core with a high comfort layer made of memory and latex foam. Beds that don’t include support cores made from these, or not with thickly comfortable layers, don’t qualify as hybrid spring mattresses.

The average hybrid spring mattress contains the flowing layers:

  • A Base Layer under the support core to give additional padding as well as stability to the mattress. This is found in OLEE Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress and this layer is normally made of polyurethane foam and around one inch in height.
  • A Comfort Layer manufactured of latex or memory foam. The level of memory foam to latex will vary by brand, as will the height, though; it is normally around 3-4 inches. The comfortable layer might also include gel elements to boost the cooling capability of the mattress.
  • The coil support core of 6-7 inches which makes up the bulk the bed’s height, this feature in OLEE Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress, a pocketed coil design which provides superior support and less motion transfer.

Special Features

Motion Isolation – The Olee Sleep mattress provides fine isolation. It is not ideal, but it is basically the finest you will get at this rate line and if you are looking to have both memory foam and innerspring.

Unique Construction – With the Olee Sleep mattresses, you acquire an innerspring foam combination that gives support and structure form the spring foam Mattress and the comfort from the memory foam. A hybrid spring mattress or all in one sleeping mattress

BIO FOAM  All Olee Sleep mattresses come with natural plant oil instead of little traditional petroleum for added safety and eco-friendliness.

Evergreen – All OLEE Sleep memory foam mattresses are infused with some natural green tea extract. Your mattresses will keep naturally new via the years with the support of this feature.

Active Charcoal – the charcoal stuff utilized in Olee Sleep mattresses is a safe and efficient way to eliminate odors and absorb moisture from your mattress without utilize of chemicals.

Comfortable Quilt Cover – All OLEE Sleep pocketed spring mattresses arrive with comforting fiber quilted covers for added lavishness and comfort.

Comfort Foam – For supreme pressure relief, all OLEE Sleep pocketed spring mattresses arrive with a layer of comfort foam. 

Olee Sleep Mattress Quality

To know which OLEE Sleep mattress is finest for you, it is vital to know the qualities you need to consider when purchasing.

Mattress Thick and Available Size

olee mattress fit all frames

As mentioned, you can pick from memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Most foam utilized by Olee Sleep is CERTIPUR-US certified(a few are not). Mattresses from Olee Sleep are normally, 8, 9, 10, 12 inches thick. Though we have seen a few that are 4 inches and 13 inches thick. Sizes are normally full, twin, queen, and kind though there’re a few mattress models come in Twin XL.

Layers and Comfort Level

For every Olee Sleep Mattress, there’re many layers that add to the comfort and real support offered. All depending on the mattress kind, the number of layers include varying. You can pick from mattresses which are medium-firm, plush and extra firm.


All Sleeping mattresses are extremely durable, supportive, stable and long-lasting. For your space of mind, most of the Olee Sleep mattresses come with a worry-free ten years limited warranty period.

Advantages and Disadvantages

For any mattress type and brand, there really is no way for single to stay that 1 mattress is ideal for each one. We all have our individual preferences. Now based on your individual choice and taste, you can check on the advantage and disadvantages of each OLEE Sleep Mattresses. If the mattress meets your budget and expectations, it will be a great option for you.

Olee Sleep Mattress Buying Guide

Without any further ado, here’s a comprehensive OLEE Sleep brand buying guide to help you pick the finest sleeping mattress to suit your needs:

Mattress Type and Thickness

Before placing an order for your favorite mattress, you’d know the type of bed you’re planning to pay for. There’re different types with distinctive qualities – memory foam mattress, hybrid spring mattress and many more (as we mentioned above).

More so, knowing the size really helps you decide if the item will meet your needs. Mattress Sizes available now are Full, Twin, Queen, Twin XL, and King, and so on. Though, most standard mattress available now has a thickness ranging among 6 to 13 inches.

Comfort and Firmness

olee mattress main layers

For all of those shopping in the local shop, you can have a firsthand experience of the item’s firmness and comfort before shopping. Though, for those buying on the retailer store like OLEE Sleep, you will have to pay solid attention to the details given by the brand. Also, you can take benefit of online customer reviews that I’ve purchased the item and left feedback.


Selecting the mattress with supreme feel that can adapt to altering bodies or conflicting references is not just perfect for couples; it’s also preferable for folks seeming to prolong the usefulness of their sleeping mattress. If a bed can hold your altering size or sleep places, this might boost its longtime value.

Durability and Longevity

No one desires a mattress that would not beyond a couple of weeks or months. Usually, a bed should be in need of change after about 8-10 years or so. Sometimes conditions might need you to change your bedding that is great. But with the market flooded with diff models and brands, a few mattresses offer a warranty for a few years, while a few offer warranty as high as 10-15 years.

However, it’s your own opinion and prerogative to decide to change your mattress, shopping a durable one can be a massive plus point.

To come up with a ranking of the top ten Olee Sleep Mattresses available now, we took into consideration the above qualities that we described. In addition, we also check on the customer reviews, ratings from holders of OLEE Sleep Mattresses. Also, check out the best cheap futon mattress guide.

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