2024’s Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Bamboo Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are protective layers often made from cotton or any other soft material. It is similar to a large pillowcase that helps keep you warm. People often confuse a duvet cover with a comforter, but duvet covers are thinner. They also help change your bedding’s look without having to invest in new comforters.

Most of the duvet covers are made from cotton, flannel, linen, or such material. A bamboo duvet cover is a new entrant in this field that has taken the market by storm. These duvet covers are perfect for people who have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies. If this is the first that you are hearing about a bamboo duvet cover, then it is time to look further into it.

This article introduces bamboo duvet covers and looks into its various benefits. Along with that, you can find reviews of some of the best bamboo duvet covers, which will help you in your buying decision.

For people who are fairly new to this product, the article contains a guide on how to take care of the duvet cover and the making of the fabric used in these covers. Find expert reviews on different duvet covers and make an informed decision.

What Is A Bamboo Duvet Cover?

A bamboo duvet cover is something that may not seem as comfortable, but that is not the matter. These covers do not use bamboo; instead, they process the plant to create a new fiber. This material is called viscose rayon, which is used in different bamboo products.

Not only is this material used for making a bamboo duvet cover, but it is also used in sleepwear and other products. The best thing about bamboo duvet covers is that it is a very soft material, one that will provide you with the ultimate comfort. This product is highly recommended for people who have very sensitive skin.

The softness of the covers makes it a perfect bedding companion since you will not have to feel any harshness while sleeping. Other than this, the cover also provides warmth to you and can be used in moderate temperatures. These duvet covers are available in different designs, which help in enhancing the look of your bedroom.

Since bamboo is biodegradable, using a bamboo duvet cover means that you are investing in an environment-friendly item. With time you may see more and more of these covers due to the comfort and benefits that it provides to the users.

Benefits of Using a Bamboo Duvet Cover

The usage of bamboo duvet covers has seen quite a rise. Apart from the covers being luxurious, there are many other benefits that they provide to the user. As you already know, bamboo items are biodegradable, which means using them would not be harmful to the environment.

In current times, when people are focused on using environment-friendly products, bamboo duvet covers are a great invention. If you are thinking of investing then in a bamboo duvet cover, then you are going the right away. To be completely sure, here are some of the benefits that are provided by the usage of these covers.


If you are a person who is concerned about what they use and how it impacts the environment, then the bamboo duvet cover is a great choice for you. The material is completely organic and eco-friendly, which means that you will not be causing any harm to the environment.

Even though bamboo trees are cut to make the fiber, they grow at a very fast speed. In addition to this, the manufacturing of these duvet covers does not involve any chemical mixture. Therefore, they are completely safe to be used in your house and would not be toxic for any family member.

Hypoallergic Properties

People who have sensitive skin or suffer from dust allergies find it difficult to find the right fabric that can present them with a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. This is where bamboo duvet covers can be a magical item. Equipped with Hypoallergic properties, these covers are very gentle for your skin.

The covers are also successful in repelling impurities and allergens. Made from the finest fabrics, the duvet covers will provide you with an exceptional experience and protects you against all kinds of allergies. You do not have to think twice before purchasing these covers when searching for anti-allergen covers.

Soft Texture

Softness is a very important criterion when you are searching for bedding elements. You do not want to invest in bedding items that are harsh and can provide you with discomfort when sleeping. Everyone wants their bedding to give them high comfort and to feel soft at all times.

Bamboo duvet covers feel like cashmere and silk on your skin. The softness is beyond explanation, and you can fall asleep peacefully in the warmth of this amazing item. The best thing is that the delicateness of the product is similar to many expensive duvet covers but at a very affordable price.

Temperature and Moisture Regulating

Another reason for the high level of comfort provided by this bedding is its capability of maintaining a standard temperature and ability to retain moisture. Bamboo in itself is said to possess a breathable texture that permits open circulation of air, which prevents sweating.

A product made from the same material would also provide similar features. In the summer, you can remain cool under the covers, whereas in winter, it will provide the needed warmth. This means that it would be the perfect option to be used all year. The fabric is very breathable, which helps in regulating the temperature.

Easy Maintenance

People these days do not have ample time on their hands to spend hours taking care of their bedding or other household items. You do not want to invest in a duvet cover that would get easily wrinkled or even bleed color when washed every time. That is, bamboo duvet covers are opted for due to their easy maintenance.

If you know the right way to take care of them, you will not have to worry about damaging them after using them for a short time. Along with that, maintaining them would not take away half of your day. To know the correct way to care for them, then follow the end of the guide.

Quality and Durability

One of the main benefits of using bamboo duvet covers is that it provides you with high durability. If you opt for good brands of duvet covers, you will get nothing but the best quality fabric. These fibers will remain intact throughout without losing their softness or consistency.

It will be a long-term investment, and you do not have to worry about investing in a new cover every year. This makes it a very profitable purchase for you. Use it comfortably for an extended period without feeling any change in the quality. Take care of the duvet cover properly for longer usability.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bamboo Duvet Cover

Before you buy any product, you have to know not just its benefits but the features that you should look out for. Due to the vast availability of different products, it can become quite confusing to make the right decision. In this confusion, you can often buy products that would not be the one you wanted.

Knowing about the necessary features or considerations would help you make a better decision. The same goes for when you are buying a bamboo duvet cover. There are some factors that you need to consider and keep in mind when you are purchasing so that you choose the best out of the lot.


For bedding items, the first thing that you should check is the material. As you already know, bamboo duvet covers are very soft and use high-quality material. But this material will vary depending on the brand. While one brand would provide fine materials, the other may not be up to the mark.

You need to be very cautious with the material quality when you are buying a duvet cover. Check if the fabric used is of high-quality and durable. Along with that, you will see that different covers are made up of different materials such as bamboo viscose, bamboo rayon, or even blended cotton and polyester.

Thread Count

The measurement of thread count is checked to see how soft the material is. Like any other bedding fabric, the softness and quality of the bamboo duvet covers are measuring using thread count. Thread count is the threads that are present in one square inch of the cover. There can be as many as 100 to 1000 threads in one square inch.

Materials which have more thread count are said to be softer. However, this would also create a difference in the price of the duvet covers. Generally, you can go for any cover that has more than 300 thread count. These covers will be very soft and comfortable to use.


You will find many different colors for bamboo duvet covers, along with many options for designs. There are two standard sizes available, which are the Queen size and King size. Apart from this, some brands may offer 3 or 5 sizes specified with the set dimensions.

There will be no dearth of options to choose from when it comes to size and colors. As far as size is concerned, even beds have a standard size, and you will find duvet covers perfect for your required bed size. Additionally, different brands have different color options that you can choose from to match the theme of your interior.

Washing Process

Different products have different washing processes depending on the material that they are made of. Even bamboo duvet covers will have a variety of washing processes based on their fabric. While some can only be hand-washed, some brands can provide you the comfort of dry washing or delicate machine washing.

The washing process will be mentioned in the product information, and you need to see if you are comfortable with the process that needs to be followed. Some people may not be able to hand wash the duvet cover, or some may not have the necessary machine to wash the cover.


One of the most important considerations while buying any product is the ratio of price-quality. You need to check if the price that you are paying for the product is worth the quality that is being given to you. This is the part where most people go wrong, especially when they are buying a product for the first time.

Do not immediately go for the cheapest options since they may not be of the best quality. However, this also does not mean that the most expensive products would be best. Many affordable options can provide you with similar quality that an expensive product would.

Thoroughly read the information related to the product, such as the materials used, thread counts, and also look into reviews if available. This will help you get an idea if the product is a good one for you. Try to set a budget and choose products that fall under that budget, at the same time maintain the quality of the product.

Our Top Picks For The Best Bamboo Duvet Covers

1. LINENWALAS Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Are you looking for options to upscale the decor of your bedroom? Then this Linenwalas Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover Set is a perfect choice. This 100% organic bedding option feels even softer than rayon, Egyptian cotton, and viscose. The corner ties and zipper closure keeps the duvet in the correct position.   

These beautiful sets are available in full and queen sizes. You also have a range of colors like grey, rose gold, ivory, and white. These soft and cozy bedding covers are made with pure rayon that is extracted from the Bamboo plant. Moreover, this pet-friendly material duvet covers will become the XXXfavorite spot for your little one.


This bamboo duvet cover is breathable and feels light on your skin. It is perfect for hot summers where such materials don’t irritate the skin. You’ll have a restful sleep at night with these light and soft covers. The quality will feel better with subsequent washes. Unlike other covers, this duvet does not create static or heat of silk.


These exquisite duvet covers will look lovely in all modern homes. Those appealing oxford linings add a sense of sophistication. Though they are made from bamboo, they are designed to give a similar look and feel that of silk.

  • These covers are pet-friendly.
  • It doesn’t create heat of silk or static.
  • They are made with 100% bamboo.
  • The corner ties and zippers keep the duvet in place.
  • The duvets wrinkle very easily.
  • These duvets are expensive.

2. Gno Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Bamboo Cover

This GNO premium weighted blanket is stuffed with glass micro-beads. The micro-beads are carefully encased in a 400-thread count comfortable cotton material. This comfy combination will give you a worry-free and deep sleep.

These beautiful and cozy covers come in 5 soothing colors and over 11 sizes and weights. This set is accompanied by a mink-like blanket. Additionally, Gno has provided a hand carrying cover to securely store the set when not in use. You can easily tote this set along with you for weekend getaways or trips. This lightweight blanket has a breathable material that will keep you cool at night.


If there’s something this blanket is 100% sure of, then that’s comfort. The 7-layer blanket ensures that you have the perfect sheets and covers. You must choose the weight of the blanket in proportion to your body weight. The covers are very soft and better than normal cotton covers.


There’s nothing better than solid colors when it comes to bedding. The pink, navy blue, grey, white, and light grey colors will look wonderful when they spread out on your bed. These snugly soft covers will surely give your bedroom a subtle and sophisticated touch.

  • The manufacturer is offering a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • It comes with a premium bamboo cover.
  • The duvets are easy to wash.
  • The glass micro-beads don’t stay in their place.
  • The stitches may come out after subsequent washes.

3. Welhome 320 Thread Count Cotton Rayon Bamboo Viscose Duvet Cover Set

This duvet set has a unique combination of rayon and cotton that has been derived from original and organic bamboo. The material consists of 30% bamboo and 70% cotton. This 320-thread count duvet cover set is very breathable and cozy. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow covers.

You can use the elastic bands to fit the cover properly in your mattress. These small features make the daily bedding schedule so easy! Welhome is also offering a range of pastel-like colors. If you have a subtle bedroom decor, these colors will blend in perfectly. These covers are sensitive than normal covers and thus, require more care.


If you feel your old blanket is small for you and your partner, then the Welhome king size duvet will be much more comfortable. Since the fabric has 70% cotton, it’ll feel light on comfy on warm nights. Also, the corner ties ensure that the duvet doesn’t skid when you’re sleeping at night.


This bedsheet is the best to match for people who adore simplicity and comfort. The duvets don’t have an overwhelming design that will feel unsettling. The beautiful color palette will complement your bedroom very well.

  • It is soft and lightweight.
  • You can buy them in plenty of sizes.
  • The pastel-colors are soothing to the eyes.
  • The duvets have corner ties.
  • The maintenance process is tedious.
  • The light colors can get dirty easily.

4. Bedvoyage Rayon 100% Bamboo Reversible Duvet Cover

The BedVoyage Bamboo Reversible Duvet cover is an eco-friendly option that is safe for both children and adults alike. If you are residing in a place that has a warm climate, then this duvet will seem convenient for you. These sheets have OKEO-TEX certification, which is made from organic bamboo.

The tight twill pattern is resistant to fading and piling, and therefore it’s more durable than other duvets. Also, these top-quality duvets are hypoallergenic and bacteria-free. The soft and light materials wick away moisture and heat. Note that these sheets may wrinkle quickly, as they are not chemically treated.


When it comes to comfort, we didn’t find any flaws that could hamper your sleep. The duvets have a tight elastic band that helps them to stay at their place. The huge size of the sheets is useful, especially if you’re worried about shrinking after wash. Apart from all that, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into cleaning and maintaining these.


Whether you have a modern room or something old-school, this bamboo duvet cover will match fantastically to your bedroom. It is doubtful that another bamboo duvets on this list can beat this BedVoyage duvet in the style quotient.

  • It is an eco-friendly option.
  • The available colors are beautiful.
  • The duvet has a luxurious look and feel.
  • The bamboo materials wick away moisture.
  • It does not come with buttons.
  • The zipper is unreliable.
  • It will easily wrinkle.

5. WONAP Ultra Soft Bamboo Duvet Cover

 After reviewing more than a dozen duvet sets, we came across one of the most impressive bamboo covers. This blanket is made with 100% natural and breathable bamboo fiber, implying that it stays cozy all night long. The weighted glass micro-beads stay at their place and do not make a sound.

Nowadays, most blankets have a casual stitch that may come out after one wash, but you won’t face any such problems with this one. This duvet is available from 7lbs to 30lbs in twin and king sizes. The best part is that it has loops to attach a duvet cover. Almost all duvets are compatible with this Wonap ultra-soft bamboo duvet cover.


The cool and ultrasoft touch fabric will let you have a comfortable sleep all night long. You won’t wake up in the morning sweating because that cover material is breathable. It also enables the buyers to easily clean or pop the cover for a machine wash. On top of all the features, the material is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing, and also features UV-absorption.


This beautiful Wonap blanket is designed to blend in all types of bedrooms. It’s unique patterns and universal colors will find it easy to settle in your bedroom.

  • Wonap duvet covers come in a range of sizes.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • The material will not feel sensitive to your skin.
  • The customer service is helpful.
  • The ties in the blanket can come off.
  • The duvet cover does not align properly with the blanket

6. Bedazzled 3-Piece Washed Cotton&Bamboo Fabrics Boho Duvet Cover

This is one of the best bamboo duvet covers on this list. It does not carry an affordable price tag but is also very useful and full of features. This exceptional bedding set includes one duvet cover and two pillowcases. What’s so unique about this bamboo cover? It’s the colors and the design.

This Bedazzled duvet cover is comfortable, breathable, and absorbs moisture better than any other duvet cover. The rest of the features like size, quality, and weight, are up to the mark. This 3-piece set can be a great Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for friends and family. The zippers are more reliable than buttons and also more convenient for removing.


The material may feel a tad uncomfortable because the cotton is on the stiffer side. Moreover, this material is not as breathable as it claims to be. You have to use the fan or an air-conditioner when wearing this blanket.  We liked how the covers and shams do not need extra care and can be easily washed in the machine.


You have to give full marks to this Bedazzled duvet set when it comes to the style. The chic design with pom-pom trimming is something that you will appreciate. Even with the trimmings, the design still looks sober and great.

  • It is very affordable.
  • The colors available are trendy and modern.
  • It is great for babies.
  • The pom-pom trims look stylish.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The duvet covers could’ve been softer.
  • It will wrinkle easily.

7. Sleepymoon Cool Touch 100% Oeko-Tex Bamboo And Breathable Minky Zippered Duvet Cover

Are you looking for weighted blankets that are great for your kids? The Sleepymoon brand offers great prints and design that looks stunning in a kids bedroom. This great brand is offering a total of 4 cute prints that come in 4 different sizes. You will not be able to get hold of a better blanket with so many features and so little price.

You can tie the blanket to the cover with the eight strings, which will ensure that there is no piling. Sleepy moon claims that this banket will get softer with each wash. The duvet covers are double-sided and minky. You can use these covers throughout the year, be it winter or hot summers.


This duvet cover will convenient for the people who often wash their blankets. The zipper system makes it easy to remove the blanket. The duvet materials dry even faster than cotton material, which makes it feasible to wash and dry during winters.


The Sleepymoon cool touch duvet covers are not falling short in style. The print is designed keeping in mind the latest trends amongst kids. Your kids will be excited to see this new duvet cover in their bedroom. There’s no better way to enhance the look of your child’s bedroom than to use these affordable covers.  

  • It is pre-shrunk and gets softer after every wash.
  • The prints are great for kids.
  • This duvet cover is extremely affordable.
  • The duvets avoid bunching effectively.
  • It may feel smaller for adults.
  • The material feels somewhat poor.

8. Amazonbasics Cotton And Rayon Derived From Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

AmazonBasics have slowly ventured to all kinds of products you can think of. They offer great quality products at minimal prices. We love how Amazonbasics are offering a subtle range of colors. The ivory, blush, and light turquoise are some of the unique colors available in this blanket. The moisture-wicking construction ensures that the user is not sweating in sleep.

It is made with 25% bamboo and 75% cotton, and hence it’s breathable and lightweight. Apart from a diverse range of colors, Amazon Basics is offering these duvets in a multitude of sizes. This duvet set is a perfect combination of utility and style.


If you live in a hot and humid climate, this one’s not the best duvet cover for your blankets. Though it claims to be an all-season cover, the material will make you sweat on hotter nights. Coming to the quality, it feels supple to your skin. After using this AmazonBasics blanket, you will not wake up with itchy skin or restless sleep.


AmazonBasics has always been known for a  simple and sophisticated product range. This bamboo duvet cover set is no different. The sateen weaving will surely earn a lot of compliments from your guests. With so many colors, you can surely find one that matches the interior of your room.

  • The colors are beautiful and easy to match.
  • It is a great budget-friendly duvet set.
  • It has a moisture-wicking design.
  • The combo duvet cover is durable.
  • The 300-count sateen feels good.
  • It is not comfortable during hotter days.
  • It lacks a zipper system.

9. Sterling Creek Silky Soft 3-Piece 100% Bamboo Viscose Duvet Cover Set

This Sterling Creek Silky Soft Duvet Cover is all set to enhance your bedroom and be the star of your decor. The bamboo fabric has a silky touch that is perfect for a peaceful and calm night’s sleep. The breathable fabric allows moisture and sweat to escape naturally. This fabric will keep the sleepers calm and cool when they’re sleeping.

The duvet is made from 100% naturally extracted bamboo. Sterling creek has also thought about skin sensitivities and hence offering a hypoallergenic cover. If you have a bigger mattress size than the king, then you should buy the oversized king. This Viscose Duvet Cover Set is available in spa blue, light grey, and white color.


The manufacturing is using a pure bamboo material for this duvet cover to add to the breathability factor. The material will give you a deep night’s sleep every day. Since the material is breathable, it helps to regulate the temperature within the duvet.


Sterling Creek has not made any adjustments to the design. They’ve kept the design simple so that it can match maximum bedrooms. The solid colors look luxurious when you spread it on your bed. It’s perfect for daily use.

  • The sleepers will feel cool even on hot nights.
  • This duvet set is available in extra huge sizes.
  • It is one of the most affordable options.
  • It can be easily washed.
  • It is wrinkle-resistant
  • The tying-system is tedious.
  • This duvet cover may feel heavy for some users.

10. Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket & Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover

This Weighted Evolution may seem like a huge investment at first, but the benefits that come along will be worth it. It is a pre-assembled blanket that comes with a blanket as well as the cover. It is the perfect combo for making your bedroom more beautiful. The blanket and cover also have hypoallergenic and calm material that feels good on the skin.

The 4-inch double diamond-shaped design is tailored to fit in modern bedrooms. It has polyfill insulation and high-grade glass micro-beads. The blanket and the cover has excellent weight distributing properties and seamless temperature regulation. The bamboo duvet cover also consists of 5% spandex knit fabric.


The even weight distribution allows the users to relax and sleep well after a long day at work. The continuous temperature regulation ad breathable feature does not let moisture or odor to collect. You will find this set to be comfy in both scorching summers and freezing winters.


You will be pleased to see the aesthetical features of this blanket and duvet combo. Along with a bundle of features, the style is appealing to the eye. Its minky  grey color is even more attractive than the other option.

  • It includes both blanket and duvet cover.
  • The design is sophisticated
  • It has an easy-going zipper system.
  • It allows for deep pressure stimulation.
  • The set has unique cooling and insulating features.
  • The price might seem like a big investment for some.
  • A few buyers may experience shifting beads.

11. Luxury Smooth Comforter With 100% Bamboo Fabric Cover

This Luxury Smooth Comforter is redefining class and quality both with this duvet and cover package. It has a whopping 1800-thread-count fabric that is durable and long-lasting. This duvet cover will keep you cool in a hot climate and cozy in winters. The duvet is filled with 3D 350GSM polyfill fabric. The microfiber has thermal capabilities that retain the heat in cold climates.

This top-quality comforter will keep you comfortable all year long. The 8 corner tabs can be used to secure the duvet cover. This set is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. The duvet set is available in twin, queen, and king sizes. You would’ve loved the product more if they were available in more colors.


Comfort seems to be the topmost priority of this duvet set. Its moisture absorbing features will keep the heat and sweat at bay. The proper weight distribution ensures that it does not feel heavy on your body.


You are going to fall in love with its subtle jacquard flower design. It is one of the first things that will catch your eye. You can buy this lovely set for the master bedroom and even guest bedrooms. The only disadvantage of this set is that it comes in only white color.

  • The manufacturer is offering multiple sizes.
  • The jacquard flower design is beautiful.
  • It can be washed in the machine.
  • This duvet and cover do not fade or shrink easily.
  • Only white color is available.
  • The material may feel hot for a few people.
  • The fabric collects in specific spots.

12. Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted 100% Natural Bamboo Duvet Cover

If you are not willing to spend a lot on bamboo duvet covers, then this one will be a perfect buy for you. You can buy this cover in over 10+ colors and five sizes. The smart breathable material and moisture-free fabric will give you the utmost comfort. Even if you are living in cold regions, this cover will regulate the temperature to keep you cozy.

It is made of 100% natural bamboo. The cover has 10 strong ties that will keep the duvet at the correct place. The easy-removing covers allow easy cleaning. You can wash this duvet cover on a low or gentle machine wash setting.


This blanket can be used as a traditional blanket during the day-time. If you are looking for an option that is low-maintenance and easy-to-clean, then go for this cover. Its insulating features will keep the cool breeze in check.


Talking about the style, the manufacturer has not done anything out of the box with it. You can find 1 or 2 prints in this bamboo duvet cover, but apart from that, we won’t recommend it for the style. The seaming of the product also seems to be of low-quality.

  • It feels ultra-smooth and soft.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • The duvet comes in a range of colors.
  • You can use this in all climates.
  • The cover comes shorter than the mentioned size.
  • The material feels cheap.

13. Softan Bamboo Duvet Cover For Weighted Blankets 

Softan has bought one of the most versatile and beautiful weighted blankets on the market. They are offering minky-duvet covers and even a 3-piece set. The price for the duvet covers and sets are different. The weighted duvet covers work great with all blankets. These blankets are not only useful but also great for budgeted buyers.  

These ultra-plush soft duvet covers feel like you’re wrapping yourself in silk. It’s funny how the duvets slide or bunch in one side even after tying them tightly. Be rest assured that it won’t happen with this bamboo duvet cover. The zippers are appropriate and allow spot cleaning.  


We all love snuggling in soft Minky blankets on a cold night. This duvet cover is built exactly to do that. The unique selling point of this duvet cover is its plush material.

 It’s is long-lasting as well as comfortable throughout the year. It can easily be opened and closed, thus enabling easy wash. The ties do a great job of securing the duvet in its position.


Most of you will skip through products that don’t look good or aren’t stylish. These duvet covers will become a non-negotiable part of your beautiful bedroom. The diamond-stitches, silky feel, and bead-like cover will grab the attention of your guests.

  • It is easy to clean.
  • The material is extra, soft, and comfy.
  • It can fit a huge number of blankets.
  • The duvet won’t bundle or slide at one side.
  • It is extremely cost-effective.
  • The seams open after a few days.

14. 5 Stars United Removable Minky Fleece Bamboo Duvet Cover

The duvet covers are made with OEKO-TEX certified materials. It is one of the top-rated blankets by buyers. The user ratings suggest that this 5 star United Duvet Cover is a dream for sleepyheads. The stay-cool bamboo duvet cover and perfect features do justice to the price tag. It is a great combination of softness and anxiety reduction.

You will be amazed to see the variety of bamboo duvet covers offered by five stars United. Before you get too excited, you should know that the package does not include a weighted blanket. This cost-effective blanket has all the top features. The cooling effects add a lot of benefits, especially during the summer season.


5 Stars United has done a great job with the comfort factor of these duvets. A few reviews read that it can feel hot sometimes, but that is only for extremely hot areas. The removable covers are what adds to the comfort level. You don’t have to struggle every time you wash your duvets.


The style of this bamboo duvet cover is versatile. It can adjust to any decor and any type of bedroom. It’s so up-to-date that even your kids and guests are going to love it. Also, the invisible zippers properly conceal themselves to offer a complete look.

  • The duvet is reversible.
  • It is easy to care for these covers.
  • It has eight connection points and a zipper.
  • It is comfortable during the summer.
  • The blanket slides a lot as the ties cannot hold it properly.

15. Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft 3-Piece Rayon Derived From Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Do you struggle all the time to keep your bed covers wrinkle-free? Then buy this wrinkle-resistant bamboo duvet cover. Zen is offering these super-durable covers in 10+ colors and 3 standard sizes. Zen claims that these duvet covers will be the softest ever covers you’re ever going to own.

The duvet material is hypoallergenic and stain-resistant. Who knew that a brand like Zen could offer so much at so little price? These duvets are 60% brushed microfiber and 40% bamboo-derived rayon. All-in-all it’s a complete package to make your bedroom cozy. With these covers in your bedroom, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, dust, and mites.


None of us should adjust when it comes to factors such as comfort and quality. You can sleep peacefully knowing the blanket will not slip or collect at one side. With this blanket, you can get rid of the unnecessary ironing process. These covers are designed to stay cool and fresh every day.


This duvet cover is an amalgamation of style and comfort. The brand is offering an array of colors that has something for everyone. The high-quality materials used to make this cover contributes positively to the overall look of the cover.

  • The bamboo duvet cover is wrinkle-resistant.
  • These covers do not catch stains easily.
  • Zen duvet covers are machine washable.
  • It will fit in almost all blankets.
  • The zipper is made with cheap material.
  • The stitching is not durable.

16. Carma Premium Minky And Weighted Bamboo Blanket Cover

It is difficult to find a high-quality, and affordable blanket cover these days, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Thankfully, Carma is offering a great product that will suit multiple people. This premium blanket is apt for adults and teens. You can give them to your kids when they move to college dorms.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try out this Carma bedding set for a change. These plush material covers and blankets will change the way you sleep at night. Don’t judge the blanket by its thickness because apart from being portable, they are great for summers.


You will sleep like a baby with these plush and smooth bamboo duvet cover. These covers give a gentle hug that makes you feel cozy and safe throughout the entire night. The Minky-goodness in this set ensures that you have an undisturbed and relaxing sleep. The care and wash process is simple and trouble-free.


This great, plush bedding set will blend effortlessly into all modern bedrooms. The common-grey color will quickly adjust with the decor of your bedroom.  This 3-piece set is engineered to look aesthetically-pleasing as well as comfortable.

  • It feels extremely soft and subtly on the skin.
  • It has glass-beads and advanced sewing technology.
  • It is a perfect gift for friends and family.
  • The customer service has a quick response.
  • These blankets and covers have durable stitching.
  • The blanket is smaller than advertised.

How to Take Care of a Bamboo Duvet Cover?

If you take care of the bamboo duvet cover properly, then you can increase its longevity. When removing the duvet cover from the package, be very careful, and avoid using any sharp object. Even if you are using scissors, make sure that you do not accidentally cut the cover inside the package.

Look into the manufacturer instructions and see if any specific washing or maintenance instruction is provided. If there are any special instructions, then follow them strictly so that the duvet covers do not get damaged. Keep them away from harmful chemicals that can bleed out their color or even damage the fabric.

You should also use light detergent, preferably liquid detergent, to wash the cover. This is because harsh chemicals can spoil the softness and quality of the duvet cover. Bleach is something that needs to be avoided altogether, even for the white covers.

When ironing them, remember not to expose the covers to high heat. Try to air-dry them immediately after the wash so that there are no wrinkles. If you do see a few wrinkles, straighten them out on low heat. Also, do not expose them to direct sunlight as it can break down the soft fabric of the cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Difference Between A Bamboo Duvet Cover, Comforter, And Blanket?

Most people are confused between the terms duvet cover, comforter, and blanket. Though all of these products serve the same purpose and are made from bamboo, they are not the same things. There is a thin line that separates all of these three products.

A blanket is made from just one fabric and mostly has only one layer. On the other hand, a duvet cover can have a single or even mixed fabric that is filled with wool, feather, or any insulating material. Lastly, a comforter is similar to that of a quilt since the layer is thick and has extra padding.

2. Is Bamboo Duvet Covers Better Than Cotton Duvet Covers?

Both bamboo duvet covers and cotton duvet covers have the same purpose, which is to keep you warm. However, the product that you choose for yourself would depend solely on your requirement. Cotton duvet covers are more prone to allergies since they are not made of anti-allergen properties.

Bamboo duvet covers, on the other hand, are perfect for sensitive skin and allergic people since they are made from anti-allergen properties. This prevents any kind of allergic reaction, such as itching or sneezing. Along with that, bamboo covers are more durable than cotton duvet covers, which means that this is a long-term investment.

3. How Often Can The Duvet Cover Be Changed?

Bamboo duvet covers are perfect for long-term use, which means that you do not have to change them every few years. They will stay in perfect condition for up to 10-15 years, depending on how you care for them and the quality of the product that you have purchased.

For washing, you can go once every week so that there are no accumulated germs on the cover. Along with that, your bed can also ventilate due to the removal of the duvet cover. Follow the cleaning instructions to keep the duvet cover in good condition so that it can be used for a long.

4. Can The Bamboo Duvet Cover Be Whitened Without Bleaching?

Light colors are very attractive and classy to look at but can be hard to maintain. If you love light colors and have chosen a white or any other light color for your duvet cover, then you might worry about keeping them white. Many people are not in favor of bleaching the covers since bleach can be harsh.

In such a scenario, you can prepare a mixture of one-fourth cup vinegar and half cup baking soda inadequate water. Soak your duvet cover in this mixture for a few hours, and then clean them using your regular detergent mixed with again half a cup baking soda. Use cold water to wash the cover, and it will surely retain the white color without having to use bleach.

5. How Can The Bamboo Duvet Cover Be Unwrinkled?

The first thing that you have to see is the kind of washing process that is suitable for your duvet cover. While most duvet covers can be machine-washed, not all can be dried in the dryer. The dryer can cause wrinkles in them, which can be hard to straighten. In such cases, the best option is to air dry the cover.

Once the cover has been washed, do not leave it in the machine for long. Take it out immediately and hang it somewhere where it can be fully spread. In case you are machine drying it, iron the cover carefully so that the steam from the iron can remove the wrinkles on the cover.

6. Will The Duvet Covers Smell Of Bamboo?

Bedding products made from bamboo do emit a natural smell. The fragrance is very light, dewy, and fresh. However, if this smell bothers you and you want to get rid of it, then you can just wash it away. Use a light liquid detergent mixed with cold water to wash the new duvet cover before you use it.

In case you do not want to wash it, ironing can also help you remove the smell. The hot steam works as a great smell removal for most fabrics. The bamboo fragrance will be masked by the smell of the heat.

7. What Is The Right Way To Use The Bamboo Duvet Cover?

It is not very hard to use a bamboo duvet cover. First, you have to turn the cover inside out and place it over the duvet. Make sure that the corners of the cover are aligned with the corners of the duvet. Then tie two of the corners of the duvet and the cover together.

Hold the top two corners of the cover and slowly pull them so that it becomes outside in. When you do this, the duvet will be pulled inside of the cover. Straighten the cover with your hand and fluff it properly. Do this before you close the zippers or buttons of the cover.

Summing Up

Buying a bamboo duvet cover involves several considerations since you are looking for a product that can provide you comfort during sleep. This is not a decision that you can make in haste or without proper research. You will need to analyze different products and know about their pros as well as cons.

In this guide, you will not only find the necessary considerations and benefits, but you can also know about several products that are highly recommended in the market. Differentiate between each of the products before you make the final choice so that you end up with a product that you are happy with.

Even though bamboo duvet covers can cost a little more than a basic cotton duvet cover, the exceptional benefit it provides overshadows this slight price difference. Enjoy a peaceful sleep by buying the best bamboo duvet cover!

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