Inofia Six Layers Memory Foam & Hybrid Mattress Reviews in 2024

Inofia mattress in a box review

“I HAVE PROMISES TO KEEP AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP”. The famous Poet William Wordsworth has also stated the endless promises to keep by running through miles of path. Like this, our daily life is hooked up with these lines. Whenever a child achieves a sense of humor, they are forced to enlist their names with the regular struggling race. If there is no success in the race, they have to quit it from life and also from the world. But ninety percents of the people fail to watch the most attractive nature’s beauties for the regular schedule.

It is sorry to hear but it is true. If the target is from the Moon to Mars, the people have to sacrifice their sleep for the development of mankind. Though everyone is wrestling with life’s goal, everyone sleeps at the end of or to pausing their work for a while for minimum hours. But, for excessive tension and also for fewer compatibilities of sleeping, almost every person suffers from depression and also tiredness for getting not particular oxygen supply to the brain. So, sleeping is important in a regular lifestyle. So, the famous mattress maker the INOFIA has revealed a new type of easy handling mattresses, those are amazing at all. Therefore, here we present some valuable information about these amazing models of mattresses.

Best Inofia Memory Foam & Hybrid Mattresses in 2024 – Chart

PictureMattress NameFeatureOur RatingPricing

1. Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Sleep Cooler with More Pressure Relief4.5

2. Inofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid Comfort Eurotop Innerspring Mattress

6 layers Supportive-Pressure Relief

3. Inofia 8 inch Responsive Memory Foam Bed Mattress in a Box

Eco Memory Foam, Breathable Cover
Multi-Layer Cooling Foam System

4. Inofia Hybrid Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch

Motion Isolation
Mattress in a Box
Customer Satisfaction

1. Inofia Hybrid Responsive Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress Review, 10-inch

The Responsive type mattress contains so many attractive features and reviews. The new style mattress is not only attractive in look but also consists of various technical specifications. So, here we present some of these to glow the product more and more to the consumers.


Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress, Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Layers

Breathable Qualities of Foams: There are six types of foams in that model. Firstly, the cooling surface allows the superior airflow and also maintains the surface temperature throughout a human body. For that, one can feel the cool breeze while sleeping around the bodies. Secondly, there is a memory foam gel layer that relieves the foam as initial concerning the weights. Thirdly, the Smart flow Airflow Layer absorbs the sweat and also passes the air smoothly. Fourthly, there is the dual cool fibber layer for excessive heat deceptions. Fifthly, there is a huge bundle of comfort springs in forms of rolls for shocks absorbing purposes. At last the high-density base is present to put up all weight with the layer of foams.

No Bacteria: The foams and the whole mattress have consisted of very high qualities of biodegradable ingredients and also the linen made cover creates a slippery surface. It resists the coming bacteria so that the people especially the children cannot fall into diseases caused by the various dusty bacterial infections.

No Jerking: There are high qualities of pressure-relieving viscous foams. The foams are distributed in a lining procedure. The comfort springs are so much powerful in sturdy manners. So the couple cannot realize the extra jerking in the various manner of sleeping. One can feel the personal way of sleeping or relaxing on it.

Coolest Night: The cooling gel allows a Medicate like treatment all over the body. For this, the regular pains are gone completely it is a sign of good night. The consumer does not need costly and added side effects painkillers for curing the pain. Therefore it is so effective to the human body.

Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Hybrid Innerspring Mattress main features

Hybrid in Size: The mattress is available of 10 inches in thickness. The thickness becomes thicker for the multilayer of foams. Normally, it is hybrid in manner. It has 80 inches of length and also 60 inches of width. One couple can sleep on it freely with all sleeping kinds of stuff.

Swift in Rolling: The mattress has packaged in a cover by rolling. One can roll it properly by shifting or packaging purposes. The mattress is not to be shrunk by rolling when and then. It is the swiftness property of this mattress.

Environment Companion: The product is highly specified. Though, it has achieved a green certificate from the authority. The mattress contains natural qualities of foams and also contains very less harmful volatile chemicals. Moreover, it does not cause the destroying of the green environment. There is very little plastic used in the manufacturing process only. The ingredients are biodegradable.


Zero added Pillow: It is so sorry to state that this featured mattress does not contain any featured pillows. But in the purchasing site, the pillows are available with a combo pack.

Zero numbers of handles: The hybrid sizes of the mattress have no side handles for shifting or sliding. One can push it from the sides for easy shifting.

2. INOFIA Sleeping 8-Inch Dual-Layered Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Review

nofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid Comfort Eurotop Innerspring Mattress Main Features

This is the ultimate edition of the hybrid quality of the sleeping mattress, specially designed for overtired consumers. As per reviews, the peoples who have experienced the sleeping on it have purchased this by pleased on this. So, there we converse about the fruitful views of this product.


Breathable Quality of Foam: The mattress has specifications of breathing features inside the foams ventilations. The foams are soft and also have proper ventilation so that the consumer can breathe ultimately while in deep sleep. For easy air passing the consumer does not feel warm while sleeping. It controls the temperature of the environment.

Hypo Allergic Cover: Many of the mattresses have the flying dust problem which causes of allergies and also sneezes for people and also children. But this linen made cover does not allow dust so that the bacteria can bear on it. So there is no chance of allergies all over the body.

Relieving Pressure points: The soft foams allow the suitable bouncing and also keep a soft nature to your all contacted body parts in the time of sleeping. From head to toe, the foam curves for your body shape. So, every part of your body gets supports. For this, one can sleep in a peaceful manner and joy the nights.

Sweat Absorbing: The foams are non-synthetic. So, the consumer can not feel patchy over sweat while in bed. If the sweat settles down, the consumer may be sick for cough and cold. So there is no chance of this problem, the foams absorb the sweat bypassing the air properly.

Inofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid mattress six layers make for perfect comfort

Separated Pocket Springs: There are presences of individual pocket springs that allow ultimate compression stress, while one family is placed on the bed. Independent pocket springs are exceptionally comfortable and sturdy, work firstly with the application of loads. The springs work as a powerful shocks absorber in the mattress.

Dual Color Combination: Many mattresses come with a single color. But this mattress has a mat finish with a combination of two colors. The foams are white but the supported base and the border have graphite black in look and also very attractive design to the color checking consumers.

Highly Certified: The Certi-PUR US has given 4.8 stars out 5 to the product. As the product contains zero highly volatile chemical products so the company is considered as an ECO friend company for these kinds of products designing and also manufacturing.


No Advanced Pillow: There is no foam made pillows for this featured mattress. One should buy those separately for a dream sleep or they should wait for the combo pack.

No Handle: Having a much weight, there should some pulling handle at the side. One can push or pull from the corner of the mattress for sliding from one side to another side.

3. INOFIA 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is the mattress of memory foam. So that it can give the ultimate bouncy joy while relaxing on the mattress. There, we have discussed some quarries through the reviews.


Inofia 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Main Features

Memory Foam in ECO: There is a multilayer of foams in terms of memory. There are ECO memory foam, Smart Comfort Foam, Ergonomic Support Foam, and also a breathable cover. The memory foam is completely based on organic ingredients and also disperses the body heat into the atmospheric air. The lowest foam supports the unique pressure of the whole mattress weight. The smart foam dynamically relieves the human body to the touch of cloud sleeping.

Artistic Fabrication: The cover is curved and also designed for getting proper friction lining for the safety purpose on the bed. For this, one can sleep peacefully by the catching behavior of bed without the tension of falling to the ground. The design is signified for the infant children naturally.

Easy Setup: One can easily set up the mattress after getting shipments of it. One just unleashes the cover and cut the rope of rolling. The mattress gets flats automatically on a plane place.

Green Certificates: The mattress does not harm the environment for not having any volatile materials as the ingredients. So, the product is safe for the bare body, especially for children.

Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Hybrid Innerspring Mattress 101 nights trial

Trial of 100 Nights: The company proposed 100 nights of guarantee before purchasing it. One can understand the relaxing differences in this trial period on the mattress. If in the trial period, there is no result of development, the company returns the mattress with your negative reviews in smiling faces.

Suitable Pressure Relief: The foams relieve the pressure easily by curved in a suitable nature. So, one can dreams sweetly all over the night.

Sweat Proof: The ventilations are too cool to pass the air. So the mattress is completely sweatproof.


No Liquid Cooling Layer: There is no cooling gel as a layer for more cooling experiences. The next one must be contained with this one.

No washing by Water: The dark spots or black marks cannot be washed by water. It is just wiped out with dry cloths by swiping on it. The water can damage the foams by increasing the weight.

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4. INOFIA 12-inch Medium Firm Sleep Cooler Hybrid Mattress Review

It is the latest version of the mattress from the company that does not only feature full but also comes with magnetic gentle color in combinations. Here we have discussed some important and also non-negligible specifications through the vital reviews. Also, read the AC Pacific Gel Infused mattress reviews.


Inofia sleep cooler mattress 6-layer details

Foams of Multilayer: The five types of multilayers allow the bouncy nature of riding on it without any damages or tensions.

Suitable Packaging: The company has proposed cardboard made a box for shipping the mattress easily and also in an attractive manner.

Environment-Friendly: There is no Lead and Mercury for harming the human bodies through touches. So, the product is completely ECO-friendly to the consumer.

Customer’s Reaction: The seller’s reviews are almost positive with the specifications, performances, and most important supports from the company. It has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars in the review boxes.

Warranty of a Long Time: The company has rolled out this mattress with ten years of international warranty including all defects. There is a refund and also replacing procedures through some mistaken conditions.

Isolating Motion: The springs work a shock absorber o isolate the quick jump behavior of your partner in the bed.

Long-lasting Fabrication: The covers are highly fresh and active and also have a long-lasting cloth quality for not being torn out.


Zero Cooling Facilities: No cooling layer is present between the multi-layer foams.

Bulky in Weight: Having so much specification, and also having a hybrid size, the mattress is quite weighty.

Inofia Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam mattress

Therefore, it is clear to all that Inofia not only makes the mattress for the peoples for extra pleasure in the time of sleeping but also rolls out such types of models of mattresses, those can be afforded by the people for the average sleeping budgets. As the company’s motivated words everyone deserves a sweet sleep though not having all comfortable pieces of stuff with living. Sleeping is like a donation from the most powerful God. Everyone cannot get peace until life’s rest. So, never waste time or never compromise with the kinds of stuff connected with your sleeping. If you have not slept well, your dream must not be passionate about reality.

Racing is one of the best weapons to survive in the world at the top position of the universe, but without taking rest or relaxing your human-machine will fell after getting a prescription from the doctor. It is also noted for excessive pressure and lack of sleeping your machine would fail before average break downtime. At last, the company has proposed that when someone is searching for the mattress at least go through for one time to their showroom. They understand the consumer’s requirements. They can assure you to give the right product the right choice. One can understand the differences between the normal one and also the customized one by experiencing the sleep on it.

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