Where To Buy a Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses usually are placed on a futon framework. This frame usually has the ability to either be used for a bed or a sofa. A few futons have a mattress as well as added cushions that can be used on a sofa.

Initially, the futon mattresses that were from Japan were filled with materials such as hay, reeds, and the hair of animals. However, in today’s day, futon mattresses are not filled with these substances. They are filled with foam, innerspring, or a mix of coil and foam.

Futon mattresses can be thinner when compared to standard mattresses. A few people actually use futons as a bed, and others use it as a sofa regularly and turn it into a bed only when required.

Futons can act like an option you utilize in a house that is small or in a studio. Futons are not the most comfortable bedding to sleep on the whole night.

When futons were used in Japan in the beginning, they were used only by the wealthy people of the society. They are used now all over the world and are cheaper than most beds and sofas.

You might have heard a lot about the futon mattress but never tried it. If you haven’t bought a futon before, you might be wondering where it is available.

This is why we have put together this article to make it easy for you to buy a futon mattress.

Physical And Online Stores

People buy all sorts of things from physical as well as online stores nowadays. Each of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what is more important for you, you can make your choice.

There is an increasing number of online stores available now for purchasing futon mattresses. Buying from an online store can be useful when you don’t want to actually travel to the physical store.

Some of the most popular stores for futon mattresses are the following.


This is one of the most common places to find any item you wish to buy. The same applies to futon mattresses. You will find various futons here at various prices for you to make a choice.

There are also many resellers who use Amazon to sell futons. Amazon offers reviews for products that make them very useful for new customers. If you are usually indecisive, Amazon is a great place to find many options to choose from.

Amazon usually covers popular products in every item you choose. All you need to do is go to www.amazon.com using your web browser and type in futon mattresses in the search bar.

You can also log in from the Amazon mobile app on your mobile device.

The futon shop

This shop lives up to its name. They literally have all kinds of futon mattresses and have options on their website, from the best-selling futons to hypoallergenic futons to natural cotton futons.

The advantage of the futon shop website is that they have a blog that gives you so much information on futons. If you are new to futons, this will be very useful as you can read through all the information and learn about things you don’t know.

The futon shop sells not only mattresses but also frames, pillows, covers, and much more. If you are into futons or are interested in them, visiting their website, http://www.thefutonshop.com/ is a must!

The futon shop is also into customizing as per your needs. They make cushions that you can place in your RVs or a boat. They also pay attention to keeping items free of chemicals and making them fully organic and safe.

The futon shop has many showrooms that you can visit in person, too. These are located in Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, San Diego, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento, San Jose, and so many more locations in the US.


Wayfair has many household products for you, and futon mattresses are one of them. The items are priced pretty reasonably, and there are also reviews to help you to buy products. Most of their futon mattresses will be shipped for free to your address.

Wayfair is mainly an online store, but they have one offline shop located in Florence in Kentucky. People can purchase items that have been returned from this offline location.

They have futons as sofas and mattresses in various colors. Although they do have futons that cost below 200 US dollars, if you want a better-quality futon, you will have to invest more.

You can visit https://www.wayfair.com/ for more information.


Target’s online store has options of futon mattresses, but the variety is not as much as the stores mentioned above. Most of the futons on Target are adjustable sofas and not traditional futon bed mattresses.

The futons here look pretty sturdy but are not very customizable and versatile. The prices on Target are very affordable when compared to a futon-only store. You will also receive a discount on the price if you hold target’s special red card. Target has many offline stores as well if you wish to buy a futon physically.

Head over to https://www.target.com/ for more information!


Similar to target, the futons that are available at Walmart are available at a low price. If you are looking only at a price, Walmart will win over Target.

There are many futons available below 200 US dollars, with various types under it. However, many products on Walmart do not have many reviews. It is best to read through the manufacturer’s site about the product before you buy a futon.

Head over to https://www.walmart.com/ for more information.


Overstock offers futons of a medium price range and great variety. You can also customize your futon mattresses if you are unhappy with the original product. Overstock offers sales many times in the year, so you can access their products are cheaper rates.

The products on Overstock do have some reviews that will aid you in making your decisions.

Their website also offers guides that will help you to consider many factors before you make the purchase.

Head over to https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Futons/2026/subcat.html for more information.

Futon planet

Futon Planet is a website that offers a lot of information to help you choose the perfect futon mattress for you. Their website has a “how to buy” part that will help you buy, especially your first futon mattress. They also have many videos that can assist you. They also help you to assemble it for the first time.

The site has many futon frames that may not be found on other websites. There are also plenty of testimonials from customers that will boost your confidence in buying it. They also claim to have a rating that is A+ certified by the Better Business Bureau.

Futon Planet ships are free of cost all around the United States. They offer Futon mattresses, beds, frames, and so much more.

You can reach their website through https://futonplanet.com/futon-frames-page-3/ now!

Physical Or Online?

There is a lot of debate as to which is better physical or online stores? Many people say that when it comes to mattresses, a physical store is better as you can physically see the mattress, touch it, and then proceed to buy it.

However, many people prefer to buy it online, as it means you don’t have to physically travel to a store, especially if it is located far away.

Let’s look at the various advantages of both these ways of purchasing a mattress.

People who buy from an online store typically research a lot more than those who buy from an offline shop. When it comes to an offline shop, we just tend to go in straight and start looking at the options in front of us.

Some people also say that those mattresses that are bought from online shops are greater with respect to durability and comfort.

Customer support

Many people find online store customer support to be better than that of physical stores. Online stores tend to respond sooner and complete refunds and returns quicker than offline stores.

Online discounts

Online stores like Amazon offer discounts pretty regularly.

This is a drawback with offline stores that offer discounts pretty scarcely. So, you will end up paying more amount with an offline store, whereas it would have been cheaper in an online store. There are also many promo codes that one can use in an online store.

Showroom trial

Many offline showrooms offer a trial, which is not available if you buy online. You cannot see the exact color of the mattress and understand the look of it online. Since the color sometimes varies from online to offline, if you are particular about color, offline is the better choice for you.

Offline stores offer a service called old bed removal, where they come to your residence and replace your old bed with the new bed. This service is usually not available with online stores.

You will have to remove your old bed and find a place to dispose of it.

Offline store hype-ups

Salespeople in an offline store may hype you up to buy a mattress that may not actually be worth it. Although it is their job to sell products, you will not face this kind of pressure online. Store employees may have a quota of sales they need to do for a raise and might exaggerate a bit on the benefits of a product.

It is thus a good practice to build a long-term relationship with a store and visit them for your mattress needs.

Distractions present in an offline store

Your kids might be crying, you might be hungry or sleepy, or your spouse may be hurrying you up. These things don’t allow you to do enough research and look at all of your options before buying a mattress.

Too many customers can also be a turn-off when buying in an offline store. You need to be comfortable and have an open mind while making your selection.

Just touching or feeling a mattress is different from sleeping on it

Many people feel that they can just touch the mattress in a physical store and know which mattress to buy. However, it can be pretty misleading.

Just touching a mattress is different from sleeping on it for four hours. The best way to judge a mattress is with a trial period. Trial periods are available with online mattresses too.

Research with an online store

It is easier to compare prices when it comes to an online store, but when it comes to an offline store, you need to physically visit all the stores and then compare prices. With online stores, you can compare all features with just a click of the button.

Summing Up

We have summed up the top and most reliable places to shop for a futon mattress. There are online as well as offline options given above.

You can buy a futon mattress from an online or offline store. Many times the products available in both online and offline stores are the same. However, some people find it more beneficial to shop online, and some find it more beneficial to shop offline.

It is said that shopping online has more advantages when shopping, but then again, there is a personal preference.

Futon mattresses have come into the market for a long time, and more and more people are getting to know about them. Futon mattresses are generally firmer when compared to a regular mattress.

A futon mattress generally will last from 5 to 10 years. They can last for a longer time if you use them only occasionally. The futon frames generally are made up of composite or metal, which can take weight comfortably.

The covering of a futon mattress is made up either of polyester or cotton. Some futon mattresses depend on foam, and others can be memory foam. Some futons are also hybrid, which means a combination of foam and coils.

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