Consider Thickness of a Memory Foam Mattress Before You Buy

Go Big or Go Home, right? We hate to burst your bubble, but Bigger isn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to your mattress’s thickness.  The memory foam mattress is made up of multiple layers. When these layers are added to each other, all of these contribute to making the height of your bed, this is better known as the thickness of the foam. So you stop judging foam based on its diameter, you also need to keep an eye for its density and load deflection. These characteristics help define the quality of a mattress. Below we are helping you to understand these!

Memory Goam Mattress Thickness

  1. Density

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, density is the most important thing.  The density of a foam mattress is measured by pounds per cubic foot. This is used to determine how the bed will support the body. If you want long lasting mattress foam, always buy foam above 3 pounds per cubic foot. Ideally, the cubic foot weight goes from 3-8, so consider your options.  Density provides the support for your body, not the comfort.

  1. Firmness

This is the second most important aspect to determine how your foam will deflect indentation. To check the hardness or softness of a memory foam mattress, the process of indentation load deflection is implemented. This applies the weight of pressured measured in points for indenting 4 inches of foam for at least 25% of 50 square inches. Always buy a mattress with ILD measurement of 12 to 14.

  1. Multi-Layered

The Memory Foam Mattress is not wholly made up of memory foam. A mattress is made up of different layers depending on its type and manufacturer. The various layers of a mattress include latex, covers, quilt, memory foam and gel. The ideal thickness of foam is 4-5 inch with at least 5-pound density. The density and thickness of a mattress collectively affect its price.

  1. Different Components

When you are buying the best memory foam mattress, select between the various brands on behalf of petrochemicals. The petrochemicals are used to make the mattress with natural products namely cotton, green tea, bamboo, and even wool. These components are used for quilting and batting different layers. Before buying a mattress, ask a few pointed questions related to these elements and chemicals utilized to expand the foam. Prefer the mattress or brand that uses water despite such chemical solvents for expanding their foam as water doesn’t leave a toxic smell or lingering on the mattress.

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