How to Pick The Best Tatami Mattress – Complete Guide of 2024

Best Tatami Mattresses

Have you seen how wonderfully cozy and comfortable Japanese households look? Most of that coziness comes from the mattress covered floors and beds. Traditionally, Japanese houses use Tatami mattresses for bedding as well as flooring.

Tatami mattresses are flooring compatible because their rice straw construction is covered with a layer of woven rush grass. Their construction forms also make them easy to fold. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to cover the floor while they are not being used.

Much like most traditional items, there are many benefits of using Tatami mattresses, some of which are discussed in this article. If you have already made up your mind about buying a Tatami mattress, you will find a comprehensive buying guide along with some product reviews in this article. Continue reading to find help in making the right purchasing decision.

Difference Between The Japanese Futon And Tatami Mattress

You will encounter a common query while buying Japanese bedding is the difference between the Japanese Futon and Tatami mattress. It is essential to know the difference between the two before you set out to buy a tatami mattress for your house. While both things seem exceptionally similar, there are some significant differences between the two.

When looking at Japanese bedding, Japanese futon and Tatami mattress go hand in hand. Both things are usually used together to provide maximum utility and comfort. To understand the differences between the two, you must know how they are used.

Japanese Futon

When you think of a futon, you might already know that it is low-height bedding. It is basically an uncomfortable slab of cotton covered with some fabric that can be spread anywhere for sleeping. However, when we think of a Japanese futon, it is anything but uncomfortable.

Japanese futons can be characterized as quilted sleeping pads. They are generally stuffed with either fiberfill or cotton and covered with soft cotton fabric. Unlike westers futons, they are incredibly comfortable and quiet to sleep on.

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Tatami Mattress

EMOOR Tatami Mattress set
tatami and futon set

While Japanese futons can be slept on directly, most Japanese households tend not to do that. To complete Japanese bedding, a Japanese futon goes over a tatami mattress so that it does do directly lie on the floor.

Tatami mats are traditionally used to cover the flooring of an entire house. Therefore, they make the floor entirely inaccessible for the residents unless they are folded aside.

Since tatami mattresses are made of straw and rush grass, some people prefer not to sleep on them. They can be used directly as beds; however, people like to cover them with a Japanese futon to complete a bedding system.


The core difference between the Japanese futon and a tatami mattress lies in their construction. While tatami mattress is made of straw, compressed wooden chips, or rush grass, Japanese futons are made of cotton or fiberfill.

They are both soft to the touch and can be used as complete beds. However, a tatami mattress is made to sit directly on the floor, while Japanese futons are preferably placed over the tatami mattress.

Tatami mattresses are generally used as a noble place for sitting, and it is not uncommon in Japanese culture for people to sleep directly on them. However, the sole purpose of a Japanese futon is to serve as a sleeping medium. It is designed to provide a comfortable sleeping material for people who prefer not to sleep directly on a tatami mattress.

What To Look For In The Best Tatami Mattresses?

Before you invade the market to search for the best tatami mattresses, you should know what factors and features are essential in a tatami mattress. This way, your selection process will be simplified and what you will get is the right product for your home.


Traditional Japanese Tatami Mats are made of rush grass or Igusa. The rush grass is planted and harvested only in Japan. That is why they are original and high in quality. Moreover, they are highly durable and maintain color and elasticity for a more extended period.

The second type of material used in tatami mats is rattan. For those who are allergic to the grassy smell of rush, grass should opt for rattan tatami mats.


You can find two types of tatami mats in the market, which include tatami mats alternatives and traditional Japanese tatami mats.

As we have discussed, traditional Japanese tatami mats are made of rush grass fill and rice straw. They usually undergo a sterilization process when exported to the United States.

The traditional tatami mats make a great option to layer under the Japanese futon or for Japanese style flooring. They also offer a touch of style and elegance to your room. Plus, they absorb the moisture and act as a soundproofing barrier for your yoga studio, martial arts dojo, and tea rooms.

design and materials used in modern tatami
the design and materials used in modern tatami

The alternatives to traditional tatami mattresses have a similar appearance. However, they do not offer the benefits that conventional tatami mats have.

The plus point of the alternatives is that they are highly affordable, making them perfect floor mats or doormats for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens.


The tatami mats are made generally from the same material; the only difference lies in their design and colors. While looking for the tatami mats, make sure to choose the color that goes well with your style and your room décor.


The thickness defines the comfort level of the tatami mats. If you don’t like thin tatami mats, look for the mats with enough thickness to make your body feel comfortable.

The highest level of thickness in a tatami mat is about 2.5 inches.


Size is another crucial thing you need to consider before purchasing the best tatami mattress. Generally, tatami mattresses are available in four sizes, including king-size mat, standard size mat, half-size mat, and folding size mat. The size of Tatami depends on your purpose and use of purchasing.

A king-size tatami mat has dimensions of 38″ X 80 x 2.25″, which is a suitable Japanese flooring material for big size rooms.

With the dimensions of 35.5” X 35.5” X 2.25”, the half-size tatami mat is used to make a comfortable and stable surface to practice meditation.

Many people require to layer their Japanese futons with a tatami mat; a standard size mat with dimensions of 71″ X 35.5″ X 2.25″ is the best option.

Lastly, a folding tatami mat with dimensions of 35.5″ X 79″ X 0.25″ is a great option to save space as you can fold the mat in two or three sections. Thus, it is portable to carry to a picnic or can be used as a yoga mat.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Tatami Mattress?

Tatami Mattress for many uses

Tatami Mattresses are basically used as sleeping mats. They may appear uncomfortable at first, but they offer numerous benefits. Once you start using a Tatami mattress for your house, you will never want to go back on your decision. Let us discuss some of the advantages in detail.

Helps Your Breathe Fresh And Clean Air

Being made from natural materials, the tatami mattress purifies and cleanses the air around you. The mattress helps to maintain the moisture in the room by dissipating or absorbing the moisture.

Great For Back Pain

Sleeping on the floor is proven to have many health benefits, including relieving back pain and maintaining back posture. The firm cushioning of the mattress offers sufficient stability and comfort while sleeping on the floor.

Retains And Insulates Heat

The tatami mattresses are woven with 5cm thick straws. Due to the straws, the heat diffusion is delayed, which the straws later insulates and preserves. Therefore, the mattress store sufficient air, which offers a heating sensation in the winters and a cooling sensation in the summers.


The tatami mattress is well-known as a soundproof barrier, and it is one reason why these mattresses are the most preferred in Japan. Featuring a sponge-like structure in the straw’s cross-section, the air is trapped inside. The trapped air creates an air cushion, which results in the absorption of sound and shocks in the room.

Highly Durable

The tatami mattresses are highly durable due to their construction. They are weaved tightly with woven rush grass and manufactured with a robust wooden base. They last for a long time if taken proper care of and maintenance.

Generally, a tatami mattress lasts for years due to its solid construction and enduring nature.

Bio-degradable and Environment-Friendly

As we have already discussed, the tatami mattress is made entirely of rush grass. Moreover, the old straw is used in the making of tatamis in Japan. This straw padding is highly durable and long-lasting for about thirty years. There is no chemical treatment required to extend the lifespan.

Top 12 Best Tatami Mattresses in 2024 – Detailed Reviews

Finding the best tatami mattresses among hundreds of options is challenging; therefore, we present you with detailed reviews of our selected tatami mattresses. Read along to find the one that matches your requirements.

1. EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress CLASSE and Foldable Tatami Mat

EMOOR Japanese Tatami Mat Set

Are you a fan of traditional Japanese futons and would like to incorporate their traditional sleeping style into your lifestyle? EMOOR’s CLASSE and Foldable Tatami Mat will be your perfect choice.

Manufactured in Japan, the mattress uses high-quality material to offer a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Moreover, the mattress has undergone anti-bacterial and anti-mice processes making it a long-lasting and environmentally friendly mattress.

Comfort and Support

The thickness of the mattress is commendable that offers durable and long-lasting support to your back. You will not face any back pain issues as it promotes a sound and comfortable sleep.

The Japanese bedding style is relatively minimal and straightforward; you would not require a large bed for the mattress. Additionally, the mattress is tri-foldable, which lets you store it compactly anywhere in the corner or inside the closet.

As for Tatami Mat, you can use it as a support under the mattress. Furthermore, you can easily fold it to carry with you on a picnic or even yoga classes.


The Japanee 2.5 inch futon mattress is made from 100 percent natural cotton, which supports your back firmly and feels soft to touch. It comes with an inner pad made with 100 percent polyester. The mattress has passed through the anti-bacterial process such that it is safe for your skin.

On the other hand, the Tatami Mat is crafted from natural rush grass, which releases and absorbs moisture. On the bottom, the mat is lined with thick polyester.

Available Sizes

The futon mattress with Igusa Mat is available in various sizes, including twin, twin long, full, queen, king, and queen long. You can choose the ideal size that fits your bed perfectly.

  • Filled with anti-bacterial and anti-mice properties
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Suitable for guest use or college dorm
  • Can be used in car, camping or yoga
  • The mattress can be overly firm for those who prefer a soft mattress.
  • Non-washable mattress and mat

2. FULI Japanese Traditional Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mattress

FULI Rush Grass Tatami Mattress

For those who contemplate investing in a tatami mattress in their lives, the FULI Japanese Traditional Igusa should be your top consideration. Made from rush grass, the mattress is harvested and grown from the farms in Japan.

With exceptional properties, this tatami mattress makes a perfect choice for many homemakers.

Comfort and Support

The Tatami mattress is made with moisture-wicking fabric that means it is hygroscopic. It will quickly remove the body sweat or any liquid material from the outer layers of the mattress to help the surface dry up immediately. Thus, by preventing moisture saturation, it protects the mat from damage.

In addition to the comfortable sleep, the mattress keeps you cold when it’s summer and warm when it’s winter. Moreover, the mattress also purifies the air inside your room and helps you breathe fresh and clean air always.

One more thing worth noticing about the mattress is its soundproofing abilities. It works as a soundproofing barricade between the floor and your feet; therefore, you can use it as an Oriental rug.


Made from hundred percent rush green, the mattress’s dimensions are 39 inches X 83 inches X 0.5 inches, which can be folded in three ways. You can also use the mattress as an underlay mattress for Japanese Futons.

Available Sizes

The Tatami Mattress comes in two different sizes, Full XL with dimensions 55″ x 83″ X 0.5″ and Twin XL with dimension 39″ X 83″ X 0.5″. The size is perfect for the Japanese Futons of similar size.

  • Manufactured by Japanese Craftsmen
  • Available in Two sizes
  • It has a natural green color.
  • Fold into three sections.
  • Breathable and Hygroscopic
  • Relatively expensive
  • Color might not be a preference for many.

3. Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mattress

Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mat

Like the Tatami, as mentioned earlier Mattress, Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mattress also uses woven rush grass. Then, what makes it different from the other mattresses?

The mattress comes with a dry rice straw filling. The dry rice straw filling makes the mattress more durable and resilient. The mattress with rush green and rice straw filling is bonded together through a twine.

Comfort and Support

In terms of comfort, the tatami mattress boasts moisture-wicking properties. It will protect from sweat, water, and other liquids spilled on the mat or the futon paced over the mat. Moreover, it comes with a dovetail, which is a pure kiln-dried hard pine frame containing no rubberwood.

When used the mattress alongside a futon, it will help to improve all your chronic back problems and allow you to have a more peaceful sleep.


The tatami mattress is quite thick, which can offer support to heavier mattresses. For added protection, the mattress is constructed with double layers of Japanese Rush grass. Also, the durability and the strength of the mattress come from the baked dry straw filling, which gives a traditional look to the mattress.

Available Sizes

You can find this Tatami mattress in five sizes, including Floor size, US King, Euro Queen, Euro King, and Euro Full. Due to the availability of different sizes, you can use the mattress as an oriental rug, playmat, or yoga mat as per your convenience.

  • Promotes an Oriental look
  • Rice straw filling for superior strength and durability
  • Thicker mat
  • Available in various sizes
  • Moisture barrier for protection
  • Due to the thickness, the mattress can feel stiff and heavy.

4. MustMat Traditional Japanese Tatami

MustMat Tatami Mat

Anyone would like a mattress that is easy to fold and store. You would not like the mattress to be lying in your room and taking the massive space. Keeping this in mind, you can fold MustMat Japanese Tatami Mattress into four sections. After folding, it becomes portable and light to carry anywhere you want.

As most mattresses are quite tricky to maintain and clean, this mattress also helps you out in this category. Just wipe the dust with the cloth, and it is ready to use. You can use the damp cloth to clean the dirt and then let it dry naturally.

Comfort and Support

With a 1.2 inch thickness, the Tatami mattress comes with a firm surface for a comfortable sleep for both back and side sleepers. The mattress seems suitable for people with back issues. If you find it too firm, you can also use it as an underlay for a Japanese futon.


In terms of construction, the surface is made from rush grass, and the non-woven fabric is used for the backing. The surface offers an attractive beige tone, while the edge has a natural green shade. The two shades blend perfectly well and provide an elegant touch to any room or space.

Available Sizes

The MustMat Japanese Tatami Mattress is available in only one size with dimensions 35.4 X 78.7 X 1.2 inches. The manufacturers suggest using a pair of the mat if you want to use the mats as an underlay for queen-size Japanese Futon.

  • Foldable in four sections
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It is entirely made from rush grass.
  • A plastic carrying case is included.
  • It can be too firm for some users.

5. MIINA Traditional Rush Grass Tatami Mattress

MIINA Japanese Traditional Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mattress

If you ever wished to have the traditional Japanese tatami mats that you see in the Japanese temples and inns, then MIINA traditional Japanese mattress offers you the same impression.

Where many traditional Japanese tatami mattresses are quite bulky and thick, the thickness of this mattress is just 0.4 inches. Moreover, the mattress is lightweight and portable to carry anywhere you want.

Comfort and Support

It is s proven fact that sleeping on the floor can ease your back problems. However, it becomes difficult to sleep on the floor when your mattress is not comfortable enough. With a MIINA tatami mattress, you can sleep with comfort and peace on the floor. The Japanese craftsmen have selected the materials with the utmost care for your comfort and convenience.

Another striking feature of this tatami mattress is the refreshing smell. The mattress smells like freshly cut grass, which offers a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. However, if you would like to remove the scent, you can place the mattress in a ventilated place under the shade for a day.

To keep you comfortable on summer nights, the mat is equipped with soft rushes. The soft rushes can absorb excess moisture, which controls the humidity. Thus, you can have your sound sleep whenever you want.


Made entirely with rush grass, the mattress promotes a unique décor to your room or any other place where you put the mattress. You can only find the rush grass weaver machines in Japan. The technique to make Igusa mats is unique and fascinating as it produces about 66 feet of the mat in eight hours.

Available Sizes

The MIINA Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress is available in two size options, Twin and Full. If you want a more firm and comfortable bedding, you can pair three tatami mattresses together and enjoy a cozy and restful night’s sleep.

  • It has a fresh, natural, and refreshing grass smell.
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Absorbs moisture and sweat
  • Does not take enough space in the room
  • Quite thin than traditional tatami mattresses

6. BJdesign Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Full XL

BJDesign Japanese Traditional Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mattress

In case you are searching for a mattress that offers you the utmost comfort while sleeping on the floor, BJdesign Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress is made for you. With firm cushioning, the mattress provides maximum stability and comfort.

Absorbing sweat and air impurities, you will always breathe fresh and clean air. The natural rush material controls the humidity and promotes air purification.

Comfort and Support

Comfort is your first priority when you look for a mattress in the market. Why? You would not want to sleep on a mattress that causes you back pain when you wake up. Therefore, the mattress should not compromise the comfortability at any cost.

Crafted with skilled Japanese artisans, BJdesign Japanese Tatami Mattress features premium quality materials to provide utmost comfort. The Tatami mat is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on the floor as the moderate cushioning offer enough support to their back.

Another thing you will love about the tatami mat is how refreshing it smells. The smell of freshly cut grass fills the room with a relaxing atmosphere, just like that of Japan.


Woven from the richest and natural rush grass, the material promotes air purification and humidity control. Therefore, the rush grass material balances the moisture level by absorbing impurities, ammonia odor, and sweat. In the cleaner air, you will feel fresh and healthy.

In addition, the mat is compact and thin, which you can fold into three sections and store anywhere you want. Either put inside the closet or somewhere in the corner, you will enjoy the maximum space in your room.

Available Sizes

The BJdesign Japanese traditional Tatami mattress is available in two sizes including Twin (88 X 39.4 X 0.5) and Full XL (83 X 55.1 X 0.5).

  • Pleasant and refreshing grassy smell
  • Thin which is easy to fold and store
  • Absorb impurities, odors, and smell
  • Controls humidity
  • The grassy smell can be overwhelming for some.

7. MustMat Foldable Rattan and Cotton Tatami Mattress

MustMat Japanese Traditional Tatami Mattress Rattan and Cotton Double-Sided Design Tatami Mat

The MustMat Foldable Japanese Traditional Tatami Mattress is an exceptional example of a thick yet foldable mattress offering extreme comfort. And, if you are someone who is allergic to rush grass, this tatami mattress provides a perfect alternative.

The Tatami Mattress is quite different from other mattresses on the list due to the material used. It makes use of rattan instead of rush grass.

Comfort and Support

The tatami mattress is comfortable and firm to provide long-lasting support to your back. Some users have also found that the slight stiffness in the material helped to improve their back pain.


It comes with a double-sided design, the flat surface of the mattress is rattan, and the backside is made of cotton cloth, which is washable and removable. Like other mattresses, the non-woven fabric backing and rattan surface are sewed together to protect the mattress and make it lightweight.

The materials used help to solve the problems related to the rush green odor. Also, the color is quite the natural khaki brown shade of the rattan, which blends with any space perfectly.

Available Sizes

The foldable mattress is available in one size. The dimensions of the mattress vary when you fold and unfold it. When the mattress is folded, the dimensions are 35.4 X 19.7 X 4.8 inches, and when it is unfolded, the dimensions are 35.4 X 78.7 X 1.2 inches.

As suggested by manufacturers, you should buy two mattresses if you want to use the mattress as an underlay for queen-size Japanese Futon.

  • Foldable into four sections
  • The stiffness of the mattress is suitable for the back.
  • Easy to carry, store and fold
  • Suitable for people allergic to rush grass
  • Available in one size

8. Lehom 71” X 71“ Rattan & Memory Foam Tatami Mat

Lehom 71'' x 71'' Tatami Mat

Rattan Tatami Mats are now widely used in the market instead of rush green tatami mats due to their environment-friendly nature. Offering a skin-friendly and smooth surface, Leehom 71″ X 71″ Tatami Mat is excellent for adults and children alike.

The mat comes with a wide range of uses. You can use it as a mattress and place it in your bedroom or living room. It can be used as a carpet to play on for children. Additionally, you can use it as a bedroom or living room rugs, yoga mat, and a baby crawling mat.

Comfort and Support

Filled with a high elastic sponge, the rattan mat feels comfortable and soft to touch. The naturally woven rattan fibers offer a skin-friendly surface such that your skin is always protected from rashes or any bacterial infections.

The foldable design of the mat makes it easy to store while maximizing the space in your room. Moreover, the mat comes with a storage bag, which offers convenience while organizing the bag. Due to this, you can carry the mat on your outdoor travels and trips conveniently.


With 1.2mm thickness, the surface of a tatami mat is made with natural rattan fibers, which are very soft and smooth. One unique feature of the mat is its anti-slip design. The Anti-slip feature will not allow the pad to move and maintains stability and control while you sleep.

Cleaning and maintaining the mat is very simple. Just wipe the dust with a soft cloth or dry towel along the seam. You can use a damp cloth to clean the surface and let it air dry in a ventilated place.

Available Sizes

Weighing 6.6 lbs, the Lehom Tatami mattress is available in only one size with dimensions of 24.02 X 24.2 X 4.49 inches. But, this single mat fulfills the requirements of every household with its multiple uses.

  • Foldable Design
  • Non-slip Bottom maintains stability.
  • Smooth surface with natural rattan fibers
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Large size mat
  • It is not made from the rush green.
  • Available in one size

9. MAXYOYO Memory Foam Breathable Summer Sleeping Pad

Japanese Style Tatami Mat Boys Girls Non Slip Crawling Mat

Another addition to the rattan Japanese tatami mattress is MAXOYO Memory Foam Breathable Tatami Mat. The only difference between this rattan tatami mat and others is that it has memory foam filling.

Like other tatami mats, you can use this tatami mat as a mattress and a carpet for your kids to play with. Due to memory foam, it keeps the fabric cool, especially in summer.

Comfort and Support

In terms of comfort, the upper layer of the mat is delicate and beautiful, which feels ultra-soft to touch. Moreover, the mat is breathable, which offers comfortable and peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

The mat is suitable to use during the summer due to its breathable nature. It offers a combination of mat and carpet in one. The mat will make you feel cooler compared to Mattress topper or carpet, even on a sweltering summer day.


Made with environment-friendly material, the upper surface is made of rattan and is filled with memory foam to give a soft and firm touch to the mat. Also, the memory form reduces the overall weight and makes it light enough to carry.

Available Sizes

The mat comes in a single size with dimensions 19.69 X 19.69 x 7.87 inches. The size is large enough to be used for various purposes, which makes it worth an investment.

  • High-quality environment-friendly material used.
  • Breathable
  • Multi-purpose mattress
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Does not incorporate foldable design

10. IKEHIKO Traditional Igusa Tatami, Made in Japan

IKEHIKO Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress

Being adopted as an oriental rug on the floor, IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress is made entirely from rush green in Japan. Being thin and lightweight, the mattress is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on a flat surface.

If you find the mattress too thin to use, you can conveniently use this under a Japanese Futon. The back of the mattress and core fabric is not stitched together, which makes it a single item that lasts for a more extended period.

Comfort and Support

Though the mattress lacks the appeal and attractiveness of a Japanese mat, the comfort level is exceptional for sleeping, walking, or even sitting over.

Being made from 100 percent rush green, the tatami mattress offers numerous benefits such as air purification, insulation, heat retention, and soundproofing.


The tatami mattress is made with light and thin materials, which are ideal for meditation and yoga practices. The backside and front of the mattress are reinforced with bamboo and made of grass. Moreover, the edges are covered with robust fabric offering exceptional durability and strength.

Lastly, you can conveniently fold the mattress into three sections, which allows you to save space by storing the mattress when not in use. This feature is excellent for people living in space spaces.

Available Sizes

To place a tatami mattress under the Japanese Futon, you will not find any other mattress as suitable as this. Furthermore, it offers you to choose from three available sizes, including Small Full XL, Full XL, and Twin XL, to match your futon sizes.

  • Foldable design
  • Made by skilled Japanese craftsmen
  • Easy to store
  • Made from natural rush grass from Japan
  • Produces an odd and robust smell

11. MAXYOYO Nursery And Dormitor Baby Play Foam Tatami Mat

Soft Play Rugs for Boys Girls Infant Baby Toddler Nursery

What’s better to have a combination of tradition and comfort in a Japanese tatami mat? Yes, MAXYOYO Nursery and Dormitor foam Tatami Mat offer superior comfort and is one of the best options for babies, toddlers, or infants to crawl on it.

Your baby should not crawl on hardwood or cold floors when you have the soft and comfortable MAXYOYO Japanese tatami mat. With 2cm thickness, you surely won’t leave the mattress after laying anytime soon.

Comfort and Support

You can use the tatami mat to relax or sleep on the ground. It also acts as a lovely bedroom rug and plays mat for children. The thickness of the mat ensures that your children are safe and will not fall.

The light color of the mat ensures that the dirt and dust are visible to you, which you can brush with a soft cloth easily. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress with minimal effort.


Stuffed with an environment-friendly and high-quality memory sponge, the mattress offers high-resilience which stays in shape for a long time. It has an excellent rebound effect, which allows you to relax freely on the mattress.

Available Sizes

The versatility of the mattress is evident when you have options to choose from two different colors and four available sizes.  The mattress is available in grey and navy blue color along with four size options, including 59 X 78 inches, 71 X 78 inches, 75 x 110 inches, and 79 X 98 inches.

  • Ideal to use as a baby play mat
  • High Resilience
  • Comfortable and Thick
  • Easy to clean
  • Backed with a 30-day warranty
  • It has an overpowering smell when opened but vanishes after a few days.

12. Oriental Furniture Folding Tatami Mattress

Oriental Furniture Folding Tatami Mat

The last addition to the list of best tatami mattresses is Oriental Furniture Folding Tatami Mattress promoting the original style and comfort of Japanese Tatami. The ergonomic and foldable design offers you to use the mattress for various purposes.

You can use the mattress for sleeping, and the foldable design allows you to carry it to the beach or picnic.

Comfort and Support

The Oriental Furniture Tatami Mattresses are known for relieving back pain. If you are dealing with long-term back pains, then you need a surface like this mattress to sleep on. The 2 inches thickness provides your back with sufficient support.


Instead of using the 100 percent rush grass material, the surface of the mat is made with woven rush grass. This way, the mattress becomes light and portable. With the lightweight, the mattress offers extreme functionality and versatility to be used as a picnic mat, yoga mat, and many more.

With Japanese style black trimming, your match will securely attach to the fiberboard. Furthermore, the perfect color combination of black edging and the straw color of rush grass offers the typical Oriental style and appearance.

Available Sizes

You will get two width options with this mattress with the dimensions of 79 X 35.4 x 0.2 inches and 79 X 27.5 X 0.2 inches.

  • The mattress becomes compact when folded.
  • Affordable price
  • Available in two width options
  • A carrying bag is included.
  • The mattress might seem too thin for some users.

How to Clean and Maintain a Tatami Mattress

Tatami mattresses are generally used to cover the entire floor of a Japanese house. Therefore, it is essential to clean and maintain them regularly to keep the house clean and presentable. However, before we begin to learn how to clean a tatami mattress, you must know the following things about maintaining them.

  • Always clean the mattress in line with the Tatami.
  • Never use baking soda to clean a tatami mattress.
  • Do not use adhesive-type cleaners since they will destroy the mattress’ cover.
  • Prevent moisture from staying over your tatami mattress

Sweeping With A Broom Or A Vacuum Cleaner

A tatami mattress should be broomed or vacuumed regularly with a broom as a daily routine process. You should be careful about the direction in which you clean the mattress. Since the covering of most tatami mattresses is delicate, make sure that you do not like broom or vacuum too harshly.

Make sure that the direction in which your broom or vacuum the mattress does not chip off the cover. Cleaning in the right direction is the key to maintaining the longevity of the mattress.

Deep Cleaning With A Dry Cloth

Note that you must never use a damp cloth on a tatami mattress. If these mattresses get wet, they will get susceptible to mites and bugs and might even get molds. Using a wet cloth can also remove the natural oil present on the surface of tatami mattresses.

As with the brooming, make sure that you wipe in the right direction. You can add some vinegar to your dry cloth to remove any undesirable odor that might be present on the surface of the mattress.

Cleaning Exceptionally Dirty Tatami Mattresses

Cleaning a tatami mattress with citric acid or vinegar will help you get rid of most of the dirt that might be accumulated on the mattress. You can add one teaspoon of citric acid to half a bucket of lukewarm water to create the best solution for deep tatami cleaning.

The first thing that you need to do is to carry your mattress to a well-ventilated place that gets enough sunlight. However, make sure that the mattress is not put under direct sunlight as that can discolor the Tatami.

Dip a dusting cloth in the citric acid and water solution and wipe thoroughly and gently. After having done that, you can leave the mattress out for a while so that it dries properly. Wet Tatami can grow molds and mites that will be very difficult to deal with. Make sure that you only put the mattress in its place after it is absolutely free of dirt and moisture.

Getting Rid of Mold From Tatami Mattresses

Getting molds on a tatami mattress requires quick attention and action. If you see a mold forming on the mattress, make sure that you treat the issue immediately since it can cause severe damage to not only the mattress but also the surrounding floor and furniture.

To get rid of molds, you can scrub the mattress with ethanol with the help of a toothbrush. DO not scrub too hard since that can make some of the surface strips off. You can also use some commercial products that are designed specifically for keeping your tatami mold-free.

Dealing With Mites

If you are using a very old tatami mattress that has not been maintained properly, you will be able to see some mites living on them. The problem with mites is that not only do they eat away the tatami mattress, but they also attack you while you are sleeping. In case you use a Japanese futon over a mite-infected tatami mattress, there is no way that it will survive.

Since mites are small, they are not usually visible to the naked eye. However, if you feel uncomfortable while sleeping and wake up with itchy red bite marks around your neck, ankles, and wrists, you surely have a mite infestation to deal with.

The only convenient solution for mite-infested tatami mattresses is to change them. However, you can also use bug sprays such as Dani Aasu that are specifically designed to kill tatami mites.

Mites can generally be prevented if you clean your tatami mattress regularly with the above-prescribed methods. One thing that you should absolutely make sure of is that your Tatami does not get wet. Tatami mattresses are exceptional at retaining moisture, and a moist environment is the best way to invite molds and mites.

Wrapping Up

Tatami Mattresses are the way to go if you are looking for a product that will help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. They are also great for making your living room cozy. Apart from the comfort, they are incredibly easy to maintain as their natural construction repels bugs and mites.

Tatami mattresses are great for keeping your joints aligned in the correct position while improving your posture. They are a perfect addition to your house, especially if sleeping on the floor is not unheard of for you, as in many Japanese houses.

This article guides you through many aspects related to Tatami mattresses. With the help of this list of the 12 best Tatami mattresses, you can make the right purchasing decision. You can also consult the buyer’s guide in this article to see the things that matter the most to you while buying a Tatami mattress.

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