How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress With This Easy Guide

A comfy mattress can be a delight to sleep on, right? It’s good as long as it’s clean and odor free. Cleaning your memory foam mattress after months of use can be time taking. To make sure you don`t damage your foam while cleaning it, you need to learn a few important facts about it.

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Things You Will Need

  • A Vacuum with Soft Brush
  • Water
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Clean Tarp or Bathtub
  • Hair Dryer
  • Spray Bottle
  • Woolite Fabric Cleaner

Clean Water sources such as detachable Water shower or Hose

Guide for How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Clean Memory Foam Mattress

1: Vacuum the Memory Foam with your vacuum with the Soft Brush.

2: Place your Mattress in a bathtub or close to a water supply. If you need to clean the mattress somewhere outside, then make sure the tarp is clean. You need to avoid putting your foam near or in a muddy/dirty tarp.

3: In the spray bottle, add one part of Woolite and mix it with two parts of water. After mixing them both, shake well before use.

4: Standing at one end of your foam, spray the whole foam with the mixture. Cover all areas from front to back with the solution. If you hold the mattress at one side and spray it, it will make your work much easy.

5: Spray the Woolite water solution on an entire mattress and leave it for 30 minutes.

6: After 30 minutes, you need to rinse the solution off your mattress with clean water. Use the shower if you are cleaning your foam in the bathtub. If you are doing it outside, then a hose or Nozzle will do the trick.

7: Make sure your foam is free of the Woolite Water Solution by gently squeezing it. Now Fold the foam and press it down. Remember, do not twist or wring your foam. It will only damage it.

8: Now empty the Woolite solution to refill it with one portion of vinegar and four portions of water.

9: Spray this solution to your entire foam.

10: Rinse it again with water and gently squeeze it to get the water out.

11: After you make the whole solution is out of the foam, it’s time to dry it up.  Set your hair dryer to low settings but be careful. Do not hold your dryer close to your foam, or it may damage your memory mattress.

12: In case you don`t have a hair dryer, you can use an electric fan to dry your mattress off.

13: Before you replace your mattress on your bed, make sure it`s thoroughly dried off.

Tips for Your Convenience

  • If you want to extend the life of your memory foam, you need to flip it for once in every six months.
  • Change your sheets from time to time and vacuum your memory foam. It will keep your mattress clean and odor free.
  • Check the manufacturer tags on your mattress for extra tips. Follow the cautions provided and always clean a stain as soon as possible to prevent it from soaking in.
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