Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards – Guide & Reviews in 2024

Wall-mounted headboards are the foremost accessory for your furniture which provides an extra stylish look to your bedroom or home. Let’s dive into the world of headboard information.

Best Wall Mounted Headboards

If you are willing to give your bedroom a new look, or choosing essential furniture for your home or just looking for a new bed, then buying a headboard is mandatory. A wrong selection of headboards can easily ruin your interior design of the room. A good headboard can enormously increase the look of your bedroom which you can’t imagine at all. If you are planning to buy a headboard, then this write-up will help you with all the possible ways. It provides you with all the information related to wall mounted headboards. Apart from that to narrow down your choices we are providing some best wooden headboard of the present time.

What exactly is wall mounted headboard?

Wall-mounted headboards are also known as wall hanging headboards. These headboards are to be fitted but hanging on the wall rather than attaching to the back of the bed. The fixings and the brackets on the back of the headboard secure it from getting dislodged. This provides longevity to headboards. These are different from the floor standing as they are just freely suspended without the attachment of the struts.

A wall-mounted headboard provides maximum support and stability due to its firm attachment to the wall. These are also a premium decorative piece that provides maximum décor to your bedroom. The input of the headboard in your bedroom surely make a fashion statement. The choice for opting for a taller headboard which is attached with struts for extra support provides the excessive option of décor for your home or room.

Wall Mounted Headboard Buying Guide

Generally, the metal wall-mounted headboards tend to get tarnished a bit over some time. To prevent this you should apply a protective coating after a while. Specifically, the varnish is not suitable, but an oil-based cleaner should be preferable for keeping it away from tarnishing due to the humidity in the air. The ornate wall-mounted headboards require some extra effort for cleaning. It needs regular polishing and cleaning. Those carved grooves are very hard to reach for cleaning that is the sole reason why most people prefer wooden panels than these ornate headboards. For cleaning wooden headboards you should prefer good wood soap and wax. The wood headboards have a major advantage if they are kept with immense care they can last longer than any type of headboards.

Leather and vinyl wall-mounted headboards are the easiest to clean. You just need a damp cloth or leather cleaner. You should look to headboards whenever you are changing the bedding.

Benefits of the Wall Mounted Headboards

These are some of the crude benefits which you get by opting for wall mounted headboards:

  • It is directly attached to the wall, providing a trendy, fluctuating, sober décor and floating look to your bedroom.
  • It shows stylishness and also gives a touch of your styling. These headboards are typically a decorative piece that provides newness.
  • The most effective reason for using this type of headboard because it suits well to any bed frame. Apart from the backdrop that it needs a flat surface or an even surface.
  • Another benefit of the wall-mounted headboard is the ease of installing them. Installing other headboards can be a hectic job, but for wall mounted headboards it’s just a regular job. Though it requires some basic tools such as stud finder, level, drill and tape to measure.
  • It also provides a differentiated accent to your walls or bed frame. It is visually-appealing in various ways. The wide diversity of designs provides a different choice option.

These are some of the most effective benefits of wall mounted headboards. It is compatible with any bed frame, but you should make sure that measurement is right to prevent any future issues. A wall-mounted headboard gives numerous styles, textures, and fabrics which will undoubtedly complement your interior and furniture.

Features to Consider While Buying a Wall Mounted Headboard

Before purchasing any type of headboard you should look for the essential features you are getting and the features were chosen one is providing. Recognizing the restrictions is mandatory. Sometimes if you don’t give importance to the restrictions, it causes haste. It helps to avoid the possibility of getting an unproductive product.

  • Environmental Factors like children, health allergies
    tufted wall mounted headboard is safe and comfort

Consider if you have kids, try for rugged one which cannot be mishandled. These headboards need proper maintenance. Other than that if you have allergies to some products such as leather or vinyl then opt for metal or wood whichever is preferable.

  • Style 

The chosen headboard should serve your styling. Avoid those which are not as per your interior. For example, you want a soft touch to your bedroom then go for wall mounted headboards which are having curves.

  • Height 

These headboards come in different heights. You should finalize the height before choosing the headboard. Height solely depends on the headboard design. Some people prefer bold touch while others want a soft touch to their romantic bedroom.

  • Cost 

The product cost plays a very important role. Get hold of your financial estimate and then choose the product accordingly.

  • Installation 

You should check the headboard installation procedure, prefer easy to mount. Some sellers fool their customers just to sell their products.

  • Warranty 

This is one of the most important features you should look for. Look for these headboards which are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Also consider warrantying schedule, coverage and the things that warranty covers.

How to hanging & attach headboard to the wall?

The one time you get difficulties in attaching your headboard when you are keeping your bed. There are several ways by which a headboard can be attached. This should be considered before ordering. Sometimes people order a new bed as well because of the mattress getting damp and of non-use. This is one of the ways which saves you from the hassle of attaching headboards on your own.

step by step guide about hanging and install the wall mount headboard

Keep this in mind that always the headboards don’t come attached to a bed. Some are made for attaching to the wall. They are attached to the wall with the help of struts. So before ordering a check for space behind your bed. They are known as wall mounted headboards. Those which comes attached with the bed, there are stickers or notification for attaching the headboards.

This is the foremost concern that how should we attach headboard to the wall? Most of the people prefer these headboards as they are inexpensive and also saves space. People also provide their room with a decorative, luxurious and posh look to their bedroom by just attaching a headboard which is a smart decision. Below are some of the basic steps by which you can easily attach the headboard to the wall.

  • First, get a hold of the height you want to give. This solely depends upon the functions you want to attain with your headboard. A decorative piece will adjust lower than those in which you want to use a backrest. A headboard is positioned at the height of your head as you will tilt your head at the time of resting on the bed.
  • Finding an efficient stud for attaching the headboard to the wall is mandatory. Wall studs generally come with the specs which say that they should be 16inches away. So planning as per this measurement can provide you with alignment and shows the serene beauty of the piece.
  • The placement of flush mounts is delicate. You should attach at least 4 flush mounts to provide safety and stability to the headboard. You should mount bottom flush first, and then the stud. Attach the headboard to them and then mount the upper flush mounts as per the alignment.
  • You should drill the pilot holes as per the headboard markings. Take immense care while taking measurements for the alignment. A bit of foul measurement can deteriorate the look of your headboard.

Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards in 2024 – Chart & Reviews

We equip you with some of the best walls mounted headboards which are best in class. These are fully equipped with features that provide the ultimate stylish and decorative look to your bedroom. Moreover, these designs also provide safety to your head by giving cushion.

PreviewHeadboardsAdvantagesOur Rating

1. Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels - King/Cal King

soundproof acoustic panels
versatile layouts

2. Golden Oak Mounts on Wall Headboard Queen Stain

solid wood
beautiful headboard design

3. Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels - Queen/Full

plush headboard
extra wide threads

4. LYKE Home Faux Leather Full-Size Wall Mounted Headboard Black

Hardware included
Contemporary style

5. Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands, Queen, Black

Durable Black Laminate
Mount on wall at any height

6. Safavieh Home Collection Silva Gunmetal Headboard, King

add the perfect accent
highest quality and unmatched style

7. Antique Mounts on Wall White Headboard Weathered King Size

Hanger Style
Easy Installation

8. Grey weathered modern industrial reclaimed recycled wood wall mount headboard art

reclaimed recycled wood
modern industrial art headboard

9. Simpli Home Ciara Contemporary 64 inch Wide Queen Tufted Wall Mounted Headboard

Clean lines
Three stitched panels
hardware included

10. Boho Carved Wood Wall Mounted Bed Headboard Queen Size

Reclaimed Teak wood
Handmade in Chiang Mai Thailand
Wall Art Hanging

1. Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels – King/Cal King Size Wall Mounted Headboards

If you want a plush comfort and also minimized installation technique. This wall-mounted headboard king size fulfills all that you need. These upholstered headboard panels, not only upgrades your headboard need but also gives decorative value to your room. It suits your interior as well as your walls. This brand provides a variety of fabric choices and colors. You are free to have a wide selection according to your taste and interior. The simple mount design makes it easy to install.

King/Cal King Size Wall Mounted Headboards - Micro Suede Red Melon - Pack of 4 Panels (Each Individual Panel 39"x11.5")

Construction Materials

These are made up of 0.95 NRC rating cotton weave, velvet and suede panels which reduces the noise substantially. These materials are preferable as they can be used for your office, recording studio or home theatre. These are safe durable and constructed with finesse. Every palate will enhance comfort and style. You can choose the materials between the top class 6finishes with 30 designer colors. This brand promises par style quotient and trendy stuff just in a box.

Decorative Effect

  • The overall concept for this upholstered headboard makes your dreams of designing your interior comes true. You can get either a minimum of two boxes of the panel or multiple to make your plush design which provides a total transformation of your room.
  • With this headboard, the brand takes consideration of your budget, personal taste, space restrictions. This brand has created a premium product that can be customized as an accent wall, focus pieces, and headboard also. The mixing of vibrant colors and striking details with elegant finishes gives a truly unique effect to your room environment.
Other Advantages
  • Every box of Vant consists of 4 panels for a total height of 46″. Each panel is 11.5” in height and 39″ in width or 30″ in height to fit a Twin, Full, Queen and King-sized headboards.
  • The overall weight for the item is 28 pounds.
  • Specific Product Dimensions are 39 x 9 x 13 inches
  • It has assembled width of 2.5 inches
  • The overall assembles height is 46inches.
  • The overall assembled length for this piece is 39 inches

    2. Barn Walls Hanger Style Handcrafted Golden Oak Headboard, Mounts on Wall, Queen

    If you want to transform your room with a handcrafted accessory, then this wall-mounted headboard is the correct option. You can set your room apart with this piece of the uniquely designed headboard. These are quite stylish and keeps ultimate originality. The bright-toned color with warm neutrals makes it stand apart from your furnishing pieces. This acts as a centerpiece of attraction in your home. Get ready for getting a lot of praise and compliment.

    Hanger Style Headboard, Handcrafted. Mounts on Wall. Easy Installation

    Construction Materials

    These pieces of beauty are made of real thick ¾” wood from sustainable forests encouraging the need for sustainable techniques for producing woods. The panels are solid wood which gives a rustic and weathered look. Due to the distressed nature, you may find some spills and knots, but don’t panic these are normal defects like things which are not to be worried about. The solid wood provides longevity to the panels, thus increasing the life of your headboard.

    Decorative Effect

    • The decorative effect these headboards provide come in two basic variant mixes and weathered. The manufacturer combines stains and weathered boards to give unique appealing designs. The mixes name is due to the panels represent feelings, locations, and trends.
    • The vintage look of this headboard is due to the distressed and weathered woods. This brand provides a wide spectrum of tones and colors from soft to subtle. You just have to finalize the color and they provide that. Some of the tones are a whitewash, baby blue, turquoise, teal, yellow, etc.
    • The stained look enormously increases the wood grain and helps to bring out beautiful patterns that are a class apart. These oil-based stains are of different color dark walnut, golden oak. gunstock, ebony are some of the examples.
    Other Advantages
    • These come with a unique design. The tone which is of golden oak color which is oil-based provides excessive style. It tends to absorb the stain uniquely. These stains come from lighter to darker contrast.
    • This is a way to install and easily mounts on the wall. The package keeps hooks and nails along with the step by step guide. These are also compatible with adjustable beds.
    • This specific set of panels consist of 3 numbers of the wooden panel.

      3. Vänt Upholstered Wall Mounted Panels, Plush Velvet Platinum, Gray, Full/Queen

      These are the best in their class which provides a plush level of comfort. The panels in these headboards give a unique feel to your wall. Moreover, the accent created by this on your wall will complement your bed as well as your room interior. These are easy to install in just a period. This headboard design keeps your space classy. The uncomplicated steps give it an edge over other wall mounted headboards.

      Plush Velvet Platinum Gray - Pack of 4 Panels (Each Individual Panel 30"x11.5")

      Construction Materials

      Every box of this consists of 4 panels for a total height of 46″. Each specific panel measures 11.5” in height and 39″ in width to fit a Twin, Full, Queen and King-sized headboards. The package also includes the mounting spares. These materials used for making these headboards safe and durable. You can choose from 6 finishes and 30 designers’ tones which provides soft and subtle shades to your room. The material is of top-grade nature which gives value to your money.

      Decorative Effect

      • These headboards are ready to decorate any kind of room. Mix and match of the shades provide a great combination for your furniture. The striking, elegant and unique colors will give a great touch to your bed.
      • The aspect of decoration for your room or home keeps a specific space in the user’s mind. These are good for those who want to acquire comfort and styling both at the same time.
      • The practicality which this brand brings is quite appreciable as it provides cushioning and plush design. The unique design and vivid colors give the buyer a massive scope for selecting the headboards as per their needs and preference.
      Other Advantages
      • Take less than 5minutes to install.
      • These come with patented anchorless screws which makes it grip accurately to the wall.
      • There is no need for studs and anchors if you are mounting these panels onto drywall.
      • It provides a unique aura for your bedroom or home wherever you want it to be hanged. The par level of styling is also an added advantage.

        4. LYKE Home Faux Leather Wall Mounted Headboard, Black

        These are the modern alternative for elegance. If you want to give your room an elegant look which is in a combination of modern but durable then this brand serves better. These are the elegant designs that increase your décor substantially. These upholstered headboards are made up of faux leather which gives chic flavor to your room. You should experience the charm of these headboards which increases your style quotient. The installation is also quite simple. These are the product which gives a good sense of décor to your specific room or bedroom.

        Construction Materials
        Contemporary Faux Leather Full-Size Wall Mounted Headboard Black

        This is made up of panels that are made up of solid woods that give a vintage and raw finish. This is the product that provides the maximum value of money. The panels are attached in such a way so that it complements the interior of the room. It also gives a natural feel to the room.

        Decorative Effect

        • The décor value of this product is enormous. The chic tufted leather headboard is a treat to the eye. This queen-sized headboard features a square pattern which is good for revamping your interior. The drywall anchors and screws are also included in the box.
        • The practicality it provides is top of the class and maintains a good safety value which gives cushioning to the head. It is quite excellent in usage and also for the aesthetic value of the product. It provides good value for money. This is an investment you want to last long as well as providing a good aesthetic value.
        Other Advantages
        • The package includes hardware. Product Includes Hardware
        • The style of this headboard is contemporary.
        • Full size.
        • Solid pattern.
        • The finish of this headboard comes in different shades such as taupe finish, black finish, purple finish, cream finish.
        • Made up of faux leather.
        • Easily mounts on the wall.
        • The specific dimension for this product is 55 inches wide x 27 inches high x 4 inches long.

          5. Prepac Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands, Queen

          This headboard brand is famous for delivering their product functionally. This brand is proprietary of North American designer, manufacturer and drop shipper of these types of functional and luxurious products. This manufacturer maintains an inventory that fulfills all these demands.

          Construction Materials
          Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands, Queen, Black

          This headboard is a floating type of headboard. This floating headboard maximizes the space available. It focuses on simple design and functional storage on those. This makes it modern and sleek both at a time. The two built-in nightstands are also preferable for the storage of regular stuff. It can also use as a reading lamp.

          These attachments which consist of good wiring enables us to connect phone chargers and other additional cords. It is manufactured in Canada using carb-compliant and laminated composite wood. The innovative system which makes it quite easy to install is the simple mounting technique which only needs a few struts and screws. The shipment or package also contained an installation booklet and link for assembly videos.

          Decorative Effect

          • The decoration which this piece provides is out of the box. It maximizes your space and gives a changed look to your room. The accent which it provides is top of the class and gives a new look to your specific room or bedroom.
          • The amalgamation of headboards into nightstands is innovative. Moreover, the storage capacity it provides is exemplary. You can easily fir your lamps as well as books on this headboard which saves a lot of space. To maintain the cleanliness both nightstands are plastic wired which restricts all the haste caused.
          Other Advantages
          • It comes with an additional advantage which entails that it is finished in a durable black laminate.
          • This specific wall-mounted headboard is suitable for queen-sized beds.
          • Due to its hanging rail system, you can mount it any height.
          • The additional feature of nightstand has removable plastic wiring which provides safety.
          • These are constructed with sustainable wood sources.
          • 5 year manufactures warranty on parts.

            6. Safavieh Home Collection Silva Gunmetal Headboard

            These are the best wall mounted headboard king size with metal input. If you are getting stressed out with the selection of headboards that whether you should invest or not in a piece which is tidy or not. Then this brand is the answer to your stress. Bring this product home and give your bedroom a new look with the combination of metal and wood. These are the product which consists of different perks according to their aesthetic values.

            Construction Materials
            Safavieh Home Collection Silva Gunmetal Headboard, King

            The construction materials are regular wooden panels that contain a strong and durable capability to long last. These headboards are built with thin segments of solid woods. The strips which are joint together with the assistance of paste come in various hues, for example, unpainted, dim and darker.

            The upper surface of the headboards is cleaned and fixed to dispose of the probability of getting messy. These are first cut into a curve shape which at that point cut off. These are outfitted with 4×4 posts with a screw. It is an incredible choice to keep up reasonable methodology which anticipates the use of different woods. These are for a particular reason which makes it a decent embellishment for your bed.

            Decorative Effect

            • These headboards are equipped with recovered thin portions of wood which gives this an artfulness to keep going forever. The curve shape is very best as they give a great connection. The wellbeing safety measure taken for solace and neatness is imaginative.
            • The uniqueness of this headboard is with finished covering and a combination of woods gives the client an extraordinary stylistic layout material for their room. Keeping a low profile for chip texture which is useful for testing the nature of the headboard
            Other Advantages
            • It adds elegance to your interior furniture arsenal.
            • Works in front of your oversized sofa which doesn’t acquire much value aesthetically.
            • It comes in a specific size for a queen-sized bed which is 61″Wide x 30″Length.
            • Good for king-sized bed which is 76″Wide x 30″Length
            • Made up of metal.

              7. Barn Walls Antique Antique White Wall-Mounted Headboard Weathered King

              If you want to change your stay with a selective handmade headboard made with new, genuine, thick wood, here in the USA, by us. Set your room apart with an exceptionally high-quality headboard one of a kind to your space. Give your excellent room an eye satisfying structure with a sharp look and inventiveness.

              Handcrafted. Mounts on Wall. Easy Installation

              The headboards are high quality with wood boards in strong or a blend of hues. They are an eye-getting setting for your clothes and toss pads. Best tones are blended in with warm neutrals, giving the pieces a chance to mix in with sync to your current style or stand apart as the focal point.

              Construction Materials

              It comes all-around pressed in a medium-size box 39 x 22 x 8 inches, which doesn’t take a great deal of room and can without much of a stretch be moved space to room and upstairs. On the off chance that you love our plans however need a choice that doesn’t require divider establishment, we additionally offer “More slender” styles. These headboards incline toward the divider and require no penetrating or nails. For more data, it would be ideal if you visit the “More slender” area by tapping on the name brand Barn Walls.

              Decorative Effect

              • The endured and upset headboards highlight a vintage look. We offer a wide range of hues from delicate and unobtrusive tones like the whitewash, infant blue, and northern green up to progressively courageous, for example, turquoise, greenish-blue, and yellow.
              • The stains upgrade the wood grain and draw out the lovely and remarkable grain designs. The oil-based stain shows a conventional rural look. These stains are Dark Walnut, Honey, Golden Oak, Gunstock, Ebony, and Classic Gray.
              Other Advantages
              • Exclusive and lovely one of kind headboard structures
              • Made with genuine thick ¾” wood from economical woodlands.
              • Mounts on the divider. Simple establishment. Snares and nails are incorporated, alongside bit by bit directions. Good with flexible beds.
              • Number of boards incorporated into this set is 4 only

                8. Grey Weathered Modern Industrial Wood Wall Mounted Headboard

                If you want to have a rustic and crude styling for your home then this product is a good choice. These are sanded and fitted to leave maximum texture which makes it soft and smooth to leap around. It provides a new touch to your space which is quite new.
                Read our complete guide about the best reclaimed wood headboards.

                Construction Materials
                Grey weathered modern industrial reclaimed recycled wood wall mount headboard art

                These pieces of great artistic work are made up of 100% solid wood. The projection framework gave in the mounting makes it simple to hang openly behind the bed or edge. It roughly measures 20 inches tall, the width of the considerable number of headboards are 1.5inches. On the off chance that you need a taller one, at that point picking taller tallness is best. The pads are organized in that style with the goal that it will look flawless and secure. The development of this headboard is one of its sorts as it incorporates scraps.

                Decorative Effect

                • The economical methodology of making this headboard one of a kind outfitting hardware gives a delicate and unobtrusive touch. The waxed completion is very perfect which gives the client a choice to utilize it productively.
                • The look produced yet this progressions the absolute vibe of the room, making it the ideal spot to get the release up and accept rest as you need. The scraps are tenderly finessed so all the harsh edges can be finished and the look comes conveniently just as unrefined. It is extraordinary for individuals who need their space to be reasonably outfitted.
                Other Advantages
                • The generation technique for this piece is very sensitive. It is being hand-chosen and gathered in an even example which gives a lot of profundity and surface. Aside from this improvement, it is being kept up as a usable headboard.
                • This arrives in a standard size which makes it famous among the clients
                • The estimation of this recovered wooden board is 60x20x2 inches.
                • It comes in numerous hues, for example, dim, record, and pencil, endured. Silver, salt and pepper.
                • Made up of 100% Solid Wood which is super durable and strong.

                  9. Simpli Home 64 inch Queen Wall Mounted Tufted Headboard

                  If you want to give your bedroom a new look or a guest suite for your home then this simple home contemporary wall mounted headboards are a good alternative for a luxurious item. These are fashioned with clean lines and horizontal sections which makes it super attractive. It also provides it with an other-dimensional effect which is quite premium for this type of luxurious item. There are extra efforts to make produce accurate colors and variations in color may come due to artificial photography.

                  Simpli Home AXCHBR-04-CA Ciara Contemporary 64 inch Wide Queen Tufted Headboard in Camel Linen Look Fabric

                  This brand believes in creating an excellent, high-quality product that is made for the medium class family. The affordable price of this product is an added advantage. Keeping this piece of artistic headboard is a prideful thing for the users. Let’s know about the further details of this brand of the headboard.

                  Construction Materials

                  The construction material for this wall-mounted headboard is wood. The carving and spills are quite real which provide vintage and rustic look to these headboards. The panels are attached in a way that provides a raw feel. This raw feeling is textured with chips. These chips are exempted with the help of buffing and an oil-based stain provides a polished effect to the headboards. The artisans are used to provide unique and specific art effects. Those who want to furnish their room with those materials which are the alternative for unique artistic things.

                  Decorative Effect

                  • These pieces of handcrafted pieces are almost a premium product for those who don’t want to invest much in these luxurious accessories. It provides a minimalistic approach that provides small things. These pieces of luxurious goods are quite effective and productive.
                  Other Advantages
                  • Made up of Camel Linen look fabric.
                  • These wall mounted headboards are constructed using solid pine. MDF material. Foam and polyester fiber.
                  • Easy to mount & clean.
                  • Come with three stitched panels that are easy to mount on the wall.
                  • The box includes all the hardware which helps to easily install on the wall.
                  • It can be used for queen size beds.

                    10. SIAM SAWADEE Boho Carved Wooden Wall Mounted Headboard

                    Hand Sculpted Wall Art Hanging from Chiang Mai Thailand

                    If you want a carved piece for your bedroom then this is the wall-mounted headboards that provide a unique look to your room. The three-dimensional motif of flowers and vines exhibits a unique feel and view. The mounting of this headboard provides a good view and changes the look of your room. The meditative touch provides by this is serene. The perfect material for this type of work is wood only, as the carvings are delicate and they can be only carved on that. These are a luxurious product which changes the aura of your room.

                    Construction Materials
                    Queen Size Boho Carved Wood Bed Headboard Hand Sculpted Wall Art Hanging from Chiang Mai Thailand 60x60 Inches

                    These headboards are completely handcrafted and intensely designed. On average, each headboard takes approx. 200 hours of work. This product is also sustainable as these are made by the artisans of Thailand, by buying these you are supporting the tribal people for their livelihood. This artwork needs those materials which can endure heavy carvings. Wood is perfect for this. It provides strength, durability, and beauty which increases the elegance of your room. These wall mounted decorative panels are super attractive and give a beautiful accent to your wall.

                    Decorative Effect

                    • These headboards are made with decorative wooden wall panels which bring the uniqueness of design, adding luxury and beautiful patterns that complement your interior.
                    • These carved woods are the work of north Thailand artisans who are tribal.
                    Other Advantages
                    • This headboard is made of reclaimed teak wood.
                    • The handmade construction can differ from the actual product, just a slight difference.
                    • Made to be lying against the wall.
                    • Easy to install and the package also provides all the hardware to do that.
                    • Cleaning is super easy as you can wipe dry it with damp cloth.-
                    • It comes in the measurement of 60” W x 60” H x 0.7” D, and weight 22 kg
                    • The headboard consists of 3 panels which are 20” wide each.
                    • Different shades such as white, whitewash, natural, dark brown and dark brown wash.
                    • Completely handcrafted.
                    • Queen size.


                      Above is the ultimate information which helps you to invest wisely in wall mounted headboards. Here you have ample information about wall headboards. the first and foremost thinking about wall mounted headboard is for décor. And if you are investing a hefty sum of amount on your bed as well as on headboards, then should look great and complement each other.

                      The consideration of the particular style which will serve you in the long run in terms of utility. You should be clear about the function either you just want to make this headboard a decorative piece or the center of serene beauty for your home. Always be sure about the main purpose before buying as it will complement your bed as well as your bedroom.

                      Finally, the last consideration is the cleanliness. The ease of cleaning for your headboard takes a specific and vital place while buying. You should ask yourself some questions such as what is the longevity of this product as you may shift from one home to another. Once you have answered and given a thought about these concerns, then it’s time to select your new headboard as per your need.

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