Eco Friendly Tips – 4 Tips To A Greener Home

Protecting the environment and the planet is important. Many of us do not take much notice of our impact on the environment until we have children and worry about their future.

It is at this moment we take stock of our lives and see the waste we are producing in spite of our planet. It makes us want to make big changes, but it is through little changes we can have a huge impact on making a change to the way we treat the earth. Read our buyer’s guide about Zinus green tea mattress.


If you want to become “greener” and less wasteful then start small. Making small changes will help keep them permanent and turn them into lifestyle changes. If you take on too much too quickly you may find yourself overwhelmed and resorting back to old wasteful ways. This article has some tips to help you on the right track to being more friendly to our planet.

Make Your Refrigerator Efficient

One of the biggest huggers of electricity in the home in the fridge. As a result of its energy-sucking ways, it is important to get the most out of it but also to reduce its impact as much as possible. To get your fridge to be more efficient there are a few things you can do. First of all cleaning the coils on your fridge every 6 months will help it use less energy. This will also save you money too. You should also set your fridge between 38 and 40 degrees as this is where your fridge will work more efficiently.

The StandBy Button

The standby button is a huge waste of electricity. Although it might not seem like it would use much energy, over time it can add up. Constantly plugging and unplugging the TV can be annoying so the best way to tackle this issue is to plug in several appliances into one power strip. When you are not using the appliances simply unplug the power strip. Also, make sure you do not leave phone chargers still on when your phone has finished charging. Yet again another waste of energy.

Change Your Light Bulbs

One simple thing you can do is to use fluorescent bulbs instead of traditional incandescent ones. Although fluorescent bulbs cost more when you first buy them, they can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the bulb. They last a lot longer and you may not have to change your bulbs for years instead of months.

Remove The Lint From Your Dryer

It is really important to ensure that you frequently clean your lint filter out in the dryer. This can help you reduce your energy usage by up to a whopping 30%. Of course alternatively, a much better option is to not use a dryer at all and hang your clothes outside or on indoor clothing rails to dry.

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