Cozzzi Tri-Fold Mattress Reviews in 2024

In this article, we will take a look at a couple of folding mattresses offered by Cozzzi.

1. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Mattress – 75″ x 25″ x 4″

This version of the Cozzzi Trifold mattress measures 75″ x 25″ x 4″. When folded, the mattress measures 25″ x 25″ x 12″. It folds into three equal and stackable segments, which makes it easy to carry and transport.

It is stuffed with high-density foam. This foam is quite similar to regular memory foam, except that it is much firmer. Usually, only the base of the mattress contains high-density foam. However, this mattress only utilizes only the high-density variety. This means that the mattress will not be as soft as the ones that use lower-density foam. This also means it is a little more durable and sturdy, and you can expect it to last longer. However, the high-density foam has the tendency to off-gas, which causes the funky smell that new mattresses have. If you buy this model, be sure to air it for a few hours before using it.

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Cozzzi Trifold Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Cover

The mattress has a nylon cover that you can close with a zipper. The cover is removable and machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about any stains. As the mattress is foldable, you can use it in several ways apart from the usual flat position.


As the Cozzzi TriFold mattress is made entirely from high-density foam, our expectations were relatively low in the comfort department. However, the extra firmness turns out to be a benefit for heavier people. Memory foam mattresses often do not provide enough support or get too deformed when used by heavy people. That is not the case here as the mattress is very firm, or ‘superfirm’ as it is marketed. Overall comfort is still lower than the average memory foam mattress. However, this is compensated by the relatively low price. This mattress is a definite step up from air mattresses. The firmness is claimed to have therapeutic properties. While we can’t attest to that, it does let you have a comfortable and restorative sleep. It also does not cause a stiff back and joints for which air mattresses are so notorious.

We ran into problems with the bamboo layer that is present in the mattress. After extended use, the foam sunk in enough that we came into contact with this layer. It can get frayed with rough usage, and overall, it detracts from the experience. If you use the mattress even when you aren’t sleeping, it will sink in quickly and lose its shape.


The mattress has a 25″ x 25″ x 12″ form factor when folded. Its lightweight foam stuffing means that it is quite light overall. So it is very easy to carry around. It is also compact and convenient and can easily be stored in a closet. So you could buy this mattress if you simply need a spare or frequently have guests staying overnight. Its small size also makes it great for camping trips. You can easily fit it in your car or RV, and after the trip, you can wash the removable cover without any hassle. This mattress also serves the purpose as your child’s college or school dorm bed as it is cheap and functional.

Because the mattress is foldable, it can be pretty versatile. According to Cozzzi themselves, it can double up as a yoga or exercise mat. In the half-folded position, you can use it as a couch for lounging. Folding and unfolding the mattress requires almost no effort. It has the potential to fill quite a few furniture roles at a fraction of the cost.


This Cozzzi Trifold mattress is available for just under $110. In the past, it has been discounted to as low as $75, so keep an eye out for offers. Unfortunately, Cozzzi does not offer any warranty on this mattress. They do have a customer care service, though. Going by the record of foam mattresses in general, it should be safe to purchase this mattress. The fact remains that this is a very economical option and provides excellent value for money.


The Cozzzi Trifold mattress(75″ x 25″ x 4″) is a bare-bones product that lacks a lot of the frills that its competitors sport. However, it does an excellent job of delivering its sole promise of providing a good night’s sleep. Topping it off is its killer price that is easily one of the lowest on the market. If you are a budget-conscious buyer looking for a mattress that can fill several roles, this should be an easy pick.

2. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Mattress – 75″ x 39″ x 4″

Cozzzi Twin Size Trifold Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Cover - Lightweight and Portable Sleeping Mat

The twin-size Cozzzi Trifold Foam mattress has an interesting take on the standard trifold setup. The segment at one end further consists of two parts. These can be folded back on each other to achieve even more arrangements than what is usually possible with trifold mattresses. The mattress has two convenient handles that let you carry it easily. The handles also eliminate the hassle of finding a large enough bag if you are taking the mattress somewhere. Besides, there are velcro tabs that ensure the mattress doesn’t open out when you are carrying it. You can also use them to secure the segments in different arrangements.

Like its smaller counterpart, the twin-size Cozzzi folding mattress contains high-density foam. For the most part, it is built in almost the same way. It also has a removable and washable cover. The only differences are the handles, the velcro tabs, and, of course, the additional width.

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The twin-size Cozzzi Trifold mattress is a full 14 inches wider than the single-size version. This is a decent difference though it is still too small for two adults to sleep side by side. It is a comfortable and luxurious amount of space for a single person. There is also probably enough space to fit a toddler or an infant. The high-density foam is very firm. Though it does not provide as good a cushioning effect as memory foam does, it still offers excellent support to the back and joints. Heavy usage can lead to permanent sinking-in of the foam. The mattress quickly loses its shape if you use it daily and for activities other than sleeping. However, this does not hinder the mattress’s folding and can be ignored for the most part.

The addition of a layer of bamboo fibers is a smart touch that is probably meant to boost durability. However, after a lot of usage, the foam often sinks in enough that the sleeper comes into contact with the bamboo layer. This is not very comfortable and is one of the few shortcomings of this mattress. Also, after particularly stressful days, the absence of a layer of memory foam makes itself felt. Overall, the mattress is quite satisfactory and does decently well in most conditions.


When folded, the mattress measures 39″ x 25″ x 4″. It is slightly bulkier than the single-size variant and also heavier. However, it is by no means too clunky or heavy to carry around. The handles and velcro help a great deal in making the mattress portable. When folded, it resembles a large suitcase and weighs less than one. It can easily fit into tight spaces in your closet or your vehicle. If you have ever felt a single bed is a bit too small for you, this mattress is the next natural choice. You can even take this mattress on camping trips. The tough outer cover will be able to withstand any wear and tear, and you can also wash it when you get home.

The extra segment can be used in a few innovative ways. You can fold it back on the other half to create an arrangement that looks like a couch for kids or perhaps a stool for adults. You can also prop up the halves to form a beach chair-like arrangement. A little more creativity and use of the velcro tabs give you a nice little setup for lounging while watching a movie or gaming. This mattress is clearly more versatile than the smaller variant.


With the extra width and features, this mattress naturally costs a bit more at just under $130. Again, there is no warranty available. However, the additional cost is wholly justified by the mattress’s features.


The Cozzzi Trifold Foam Mattress(75″ x 39″ x 4″) is an exciting upgrade from the single-size version. Rather than simply increase the size, Cozzzi has added nifty features like the carry handles and velcro tabs that make it a lot easier to use the mattress. There is also the fact that this mattress is more a “quad-fold” than a tri-fold. Ultimately, which variant you buy comes down to how budget-conscious you are, and whether you are willing to skimp on space and features to save money. The single-size mattress isn’t uncomfortable in any way unless you roll around a lot in your sleep. On the other hand, the twin mattress, along with its handles, makes more sense if you travel a lot.

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