Top 10 Best Brass & Gold Headboards in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Headboards are a vital piece of furniture that brings aesthetics and elegance into your bedroom. The Brass headboard and Gold headboard are very much in vogue nowadays and people do have a wide range of choices to choose from.

The Story of Headboards

Best Brass & Gold Headboards

The history of Headboards can be traced back to the Egyptian Pharaohs. Exquisitely carved headboards carved in ebony, silver, and gold are depicted in many drawings of that period. Those were purely for show rather than for comfort. Over the centuries the headboard has gone through different modifications, sometimes for a simple practical usage like protecting the people from cold drafts.

The middle ages introduced the canopy and four-poster designs which were more intricate and elaborate and also rather expensive. They were known for their grandeur. This era also saw the introduction of the Tudor headboard, which was of a simple design providing great comfort. These designs are very much in use now in the 21st century also.

Upholstered headboard shot to fame during the 17th century as the demand for more comfort increased. A button-tufted, upholstered headboard has a sophisticated and elegant look and is even now in vogue. The 19th century saw the introduction of Iron headboards which were known for their beauty, strength, and durability.

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Top 10 Best Brass & Gold Headboards in 2024 –  Chart & Reviews

This article reviews the 10 best brass and gold headboards which could be the ones you are looking for, both for their elegance and their pricing.

#PreviewHeadboard NameAdvantagesOur Rating

Dorel Living King Headboard, Beige Microfiber

  • Beautiful button

  • Thickly padded


Pulaski Upholstered Gold Headboard, Queen

  • Deep button tufting

  • Durable padding


Vänt Upholstered Fose Gold Wall Panels Cal King

  • Soundproof acoustic panels

  • Easy to installation


Safavieh Lucinda Headboard, Queen, Antique Gold

  • Perfect accent Quality

  • Unmatched style


Leggett & Platt Legion Metal Brass Headboard Panel

  • Constructed of Carbon Steel

  • Ancient Gold finish


Howard Elliott Shimmer Gold Slipcovered Headboard

  • Sturdy wood frame

  • Padded for good comfort

  • Rich grain faux leather


Donco Kids Full/Queen Double Rail Headboard in Honey Finish , Gold

  • Solid pine wood

  • Made in Vietnam


Hillsdale Furniture Chelsea Twin Headboard, Classic Brass

  • Round finials and subtle castings

  • Classic Brass Finish


Safavieh Hallmar Hemp Linen Upholstered Arched Headboard - Brass Nailhead (Twin)

  • Brass Nailhead

  • Hemp colored upholstery


Glenwillow Home Metal Headboard, King, Antique Brass

  • Sturdy steel construction

  • Antique brass finish

  • Hardware included


1 – Dorel Living Tufted King Gold Headboard

Spruce up your bedroom with Dorel’s exquisitely crafted headboard

Beige Microfiber

The Dorel Living King Gold Headboard is an exquisitely crafted headboard that will enhance the elegance of your bedroom. The inner frame is made of metal and the upholstery is made of Microfiber and provides great comfort. The beautiful gold button tufted headboard design provides great charm to the piece and creates the perfect backdrop for the decor of your choice. The headboard is thickly padded for extra comfort and is ideal for those who like to recline on the headboard and read books or watch TV. The thick padding gives it a unique style which greatly enhances its looks and maximizes the ambiance of your bedroom. This piece of furniture gives the room a whole new look as its beige color goes very well with the other piece of furniture in the room.

The Dorel King Gold Headboard comes with an easy to clean upholstery which is made from Microfiber. Microfiber is a synthetic material made from polyester. These fibers are extremely thin, even slimmer than a strand of silk. The microfiber has a few advantages like they are non-abrasive, hygienic, durable, and soft to the touch, is lightweight, is water repellent and long-lasting.

Product Specification & Assembling

The Dorel Living King Gold Headboard comes with the following specification. Its dimensions are 80.5 x 4.8 x 54 inches. The net weight of the product is 44.5 pounds. The headboard can be assembled by 2 people with ease. All the required assembly components, including tools, are provided with the headboard. This furniture piece is designed for fast easy assembling and detailed instructions are provided. No additional hand tools or power tools are required to assemble this item, thus allowing you to select a customized look for your bedroom decor. This design incorporates more than one height setting during assembling. Adjusting to a different height is also easy, just undo a few bolts and reposition them to the support legs.

2 – Pulaski Upholstered Soft Shape Velvet Bronze (Gold) Headboard Queen

Pulaski for that plush and luxurious look!

Velvet Bronze gold headboard

The Pulaski Upholstered Soft Shape Velvet Bronze Headboard Queen is a plush and luxurious piece from Pulaski Furniture a leading American furniture maker.  The frame is made of solid wood and is very durable.  The legs are also made of solid wood and are very sturdy.  The Queen sized upholstered bronze velvet headboard has a modified camelback profile which creates an updated silhouette.  The tufting and seam detailing lend an elegant charm.  The finishing is made of a rich bronze velvet fabric which gives it a plush and luxurious look with a very subtle sheen. With substantial padding and adjustable height, it’s both well designed and practical.

The upholstery has substantial padding for extra comfort and is ideal for those who prefer doing their reading or watching TV whilst reclining against the headboard. This thick padding gives it a unique style and creates a great ambiance for your bedroom.  For those who prefer a traditional element and a fashionable touch, this piece of furniture is the ideal choice. This effect is created by the deep button tufting along with the folded seams in the upholstery.

The Pulaski Upholstered Soft Shape Velvet Bronze Headboard Queen is a fine piece of furniture to adorn your bedroom.  The materials used are of the highest quality and the product is known for its lasting looks and durability.

Product Specification and Assembling

The Pulaski Upholstered Soft Shape Velvet Bronze Headboard Queen has the following specifications. Its dimensions are 65 x 4 x 58.5 inches and it weighs 34 pounds. The product also comes in the King size dimension and is offered in two shades, velvet Bronze and Velvet Slate Grey.  The headboard is easy to assemble and all the components, including the tools, are provided in the assembly unit.  No additional hand tools are required to assemble this furniture.  The headboard comes with the features of adjustable height and is, therefore, suitable for mattresses of different sizes.

3 – Vänt Upholstered Wall Mounted Plush Velvet Dusty Rose Gold Headboards

Wall Mounted Panels that will take your breath away!

Wall Mounted Headboards - Plush Velvet Dusty Rose

Vant uses a highly innovative system of panels to serve as headboards and for paneling the entire wall.  Just 4 panels are needed to create the ambiance of a headboard for your bedroom and the effect is rather stunning.  This has been achieved by Vant’s patented Simple Mount TM system.  This patented system consists of anchor-less screws designed with extra-wide thread to grip the drywall so that the panels are firmly held in place.

The panels are Soundproof Acoustic panels.  These Velvet and Suede panels are ideal for noise reduction.  They are made with safe and durable materials.  The panels inspire spaces and make for inspired living.  Vant wall panels take the room from simplicity to exquisitely gorgeous spaces that you would fall in love with at first sight.  Vant panels come in an assortment of striking colors, elegant finishes, and versatile sizes.  The Dusty Rose Gold color is one among them. A bedroom can be transformed with a simple box of Vant panels or a full wall of panels in multiple colors, finishes, and sizes. The Dusty Rose Gold headboard from Vant is an exquisite piece of furniture for the bedroom. Read on our

Specification and assembling

These panels are made of velvet which is 100% Microfiber.  The upholstery is made of cotton weave and the fill material is Polycotton.  The back finish is made of Microsuede which is 100% Microfiber.  The outside cover is vintage leather and is 100% Vinyl.  The Panels are mounted on stainless steel Aluminium.  Plywood is used for the wooden parts. These panels come in two sizes 11.5” H x 30” W and 11.5” H x 39” W.  They also come in the following colors namely, Black, Gray, Metallic Gold, Micro Suede Blue, Micro Suede Gray, Micro Suede Neutral, Pearl Silver, Velvet Gothic Gray, velvet Peacock Blue, Vintage Leatherette Chocolate Brown, Vintage Leatherette Gray Pewter, Vintage Leatherette Brown and White.

All these items are neatly packed in boxes.  Assembling these panels is a simple procedure, and can be easily handled by anybody.  All the relevant materials required for assembling, including the tools come with the box.

4 – Safavieh Lucinda Antique Gold Brass Headboard

An Antique Gold Headboard that will draw awe!

Safavieh Lucinda Headboard, Queen, Antique Gold

The Safavieh Lucinda Queen Antique Gold headboard is a fine piece of metal furniture that would give your bedroom the perfect accent and antiquity.  Safavieh is a company that is more than a century old and is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of home furnishings. They are known for their exquisite and antic pieces, and this grand piece of furniture will greatly enhance the beauty and ambiance of your bedroom.

Made of Iron with an attractive gold finish, this headboard will not only give your bedroom the charm and glamour of antiquity but will also add romantic value. This is a piece that is a perfect fit for any bedroom.  The square frame with its wonderfully crafted curved geometric motifs gives it an artistic look that would greatly enhance the aesthetics of the room and give the romantic look. The headboard is sturdy and durable and this is in line with the company’s principle of providing uncompromising quality.

Specification and Assembling.

The Queen size headboard measures 60.6″ x 1.3″ x 59.8″ and weighs 40 pounds.  Apart from the Queen size, this model also comes in Twin, Full and King size.  You have a choice of 4 colors to chose from and they are Antique Iron, Gunmetal, silver and Antique Gold. Assembling the product is simple and can be done by anyone. It has holes at the bottom to attach to any bed frame.  All the tools come with the item.

5 – Leggett & Platt Brass Headboard, Ancient Gold Finish

The Legion Gold is bound to transform your bedroom!

Ancient Gold Finish, Queen

Legget & Platt is a 135-year-old company that conceives, designs, and produces a diverse array of products for homes, offices, and vehicles.  Founded in the year 1883, the company has 145 facilities in 18 countries and employs 23,000 people.

The Leggett & Platt Legion Metal Sleigh-Styled headboard is an artistic piece of furniture that could enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your bedroom.  This Queen sized headboard is constructed of Carbon steel and comes with an Ancient Gold finish to add grandeur.  The item features a 2” twisted-rope-style-top-rail with elegant curved posts, festooned with multiple castings.

The Legion Metal Sleigh-Styled headboard has a commanding presence and can be attached to a variety of bedding ensembles.  It is a piece that will draw people’s attention and get their appreciation.  The piece is ornamental, and at the same time is fashionable and will fuse with the surrounding décor.  Your bedroom would become more interesting and sophisticated with the presence of this artistic furniture.

Specification and Assembling

The product is 64” x 6” x 54” in size and its shipping weight is 31 pounds.  The product is also available in King and California King size. The Kingsize has a dimension of 54” x 79” x 6”.  The item is easy to assemble and comes with all the tools necessary for assembling.  The product has a 10-year limited warranty.

6 – Howard Elliott Shimmer Gold Headboard, King

Bringing innovation into your bedroom, the Shimmer way

King size Shimmer Gold Headboard

The Howard Elliot Shimmer Gold Headboard comes with Slipcovers which come in about 20 different shades. The headboard is constructed using a sturdy wood frame that is padded for extra comfort.  The legs are also made of wood and are strong and durable.  The uniqueness of this headboard is in the removable colored slipcovers.  These slipcovers can be easily removed and replaced with another cover of a different color.  The covers are made of rich grain faux leather which is 100% polyurethane.

This is a very innovative way to keep changing the appearance of your bedroom according to your moods or according to the seasons or for a wash. As mentioned, the fabric is faux leather which is banded and topstitched so that it emulates the look of real leather.

One of the advantages of this arrangement is that it comes apart and is easy to move from house to house.  This is perfect for those who keep shifting their residence, especially renters and college students.  This headboard fits most bed sizes.

Specification and Assembling

The headboard has a dimension of 3” x 80” x 53” and the entire unit weighs 81.5 Pounds.  The product is also available in Twin and Queen sizes.  The colors include Avanti Apple, Avanti Bronze, Avanti Pican, Avanti White, Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Mercury, Avanti Black, Bella chocolate, Bella Eggplant, Bella Moss, Bella Pewter, Bella Royal, Sterling Breeze, Sterling Canyon, Sterling Charcoal, Sterling Chocolate, Sterling Indigo, Sterling Sand, and Sterling Willow.  The headboard has to be assembled.

7 – Donco Kids Full-Size Pine Wood Gold Headboard

Let your kids grow up with Donco’s timeless design.

Full/Queen Double Rail Headboard in Honey Finish

The Donco Kids Full Size Headboard in Gold/Honey finish is a sturdy headboard made of solid pine wood.  This timeless design is a smart fit in most kid’s rooms.  The various design features along the arched top give it a fashionable look and also appeals to the taste of children. The Gold/Honey finish gives it added glamour.

They will fit with any Queen sized bed and would lend great charm and elegance to the bedroom.  This model is a great piece of furniture to adorn your child’s bedroom and would provide the perfect ambiance and grandeur that you desire.

Specifications and assembling.

The product comes in 2 sizes of dimensions 60” x 3” x 46” and 39” x 3” x 46” and the weight of this piece is 22 pounds and 17 pounds respectively. The product does not need assembling.

8 – Hillsdale Furniture Chelsea Classic Brass Headboard, Twin

Classic Brass headboard for style and modernity.

Chelsea Classic Brass

This Chelsea Classic Headboard is a piece of classic furniture from Hillsdale Furniture.  The Classic Brass finish makes it an investment that is worth it for its style and great looks.  This piece of furniture is made of metal and comes with a superb glossy Brass finish.  The Gold Metal Headboard features round finials and subtle castings, and the geometric design adds to the beauty of the piece.

This piece of furniture with its classic design and finish will fit into any bedroom and would create an ambiance that would be hard to beat.  This is a timeless design to fit into your bedroom décor and the style is everlasting. If you are searching for a classic piece with style and modernity, then this is what you are looking for.

Specifications and Assembling.

This model comes in 3 sizes.  The Twin model is 51.5” x 40.5” x 2.72” and weighs 12 pounds, the Queen model is 51.5” x 62.5” x 2.75” and weighs 15 pounds, and the King model is 51.5” x 78” x 2.75” and weighs 24 pounds. The product can easily be assembled without any assistance.

9 – Safavieh Linen Upholstered Brass Nailhead Headboard, Twin

Bringing grace and elegance to your bedroom!

Crafted of plywood and iron, and upholstered in a linen fabric

The Linen Upholstered Arched Brass Nailhead Headboard from Safavieh is an elegant piece of furniture to adorn your bedroom.  The elegance is provided by the hemp toned linen fabric used for the upholstery.  The beautiful arch lined with small brass nailhead adds to the beauty of the piece.

The product is made of a combination of quality plywood and iron, upholstered with fine linen fabric.  The subtle color and creative design blend well with almost all types of bedroom décor.  This as an ideal piece of furniture to add glamour, and elegance to your bedroom.  This classic headboard pairs up with any metal frame bed.

Specification and Assembling

The dimensions of this product are 53.9” x 40.9” x 3.5”.  It also comes in Full, Queen and King sizes.   The Full size measures 55.9 x 2.8 x 53.7 inches in size and weighs 22 pounds.  The Queen size has a dimension of 61.3 x 3 x 54.1 inches and weighs 28.6 pounds. the King size headboard weighs 33 pounds and has a dimension of 77.6 x 3 x 53.9 inches.

This product is available in the colors of Black Velvet, Black White, Blue, Flat cream, Gray, Gray White, Hemp-Brass Nailhead, Hemp-Silver Nailhead, Pale Pink/Beige, White/Pale Blue, Blue/White, and Wedgewood Blue.  The item can be easily assembled in about 5 to 10 minutes without any assistance.

10 – Glenwillow Home Antique Brass Headboard, King

Glenwillow Brass Headboard for antiquity and style.

King size Antique Brass Headboard

The Glenwillow Home Antique Brass Headboard is an antique style headboard that creates interest and elegance to your bedroom.  The Exmore metal headboard elevates the style of any bedroom with its pipe-modeled design.  The product comes with a wood painted center panel which adds to its elegance and gives it a distinctive look that could be either urban or traditional.  The open-frame vintage brass headboard with its Antique Brass finish grabs attention and enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom décor.  The geometric design with the festoon gives it a great look.

The product is made of metal with a center panel metal plate which is wood painted.  The headboard is sturdy and durable and can be attached to bed frames with bolts.

Specification and Assembling.

The King model has a dimension of 78” x 52” x 2” and weighs 36.78 pounds.  This model is also available to fit Twin, Full and Queen sizes of bed frames.  The Twin size measures 52 x 40 x 2 inches and weighs 20.45 pounds.  The Full size measures 52 x 55 x 2 inches and weighs 27.5 pounds.  The Queen size weighs 29.8 pounds and has a dimension of 52 x 62 x 2 inches.  This model can be assembled easily by anyone without assistance.

Guide to buying your Brass & Gold Headboard

Headboards are standout pieces to adorn your bedroom.  They serve the dual purpose of bringing aesthetics and charm to your bedroom and also serve the purpose of preventing the cold draft from the wall affecting the sleeper.  In some cases, the headboard is also used to camouflage the damage on the walls.  It is, therefore, imperative that you first decide what the purpose of the headboard is before you make your choice.

What materials are the Headboards made of?

The Headboard is commonly made from the following materials. 1. Wood, 2. Metal,  3. Upholstered,  4. Natural Fiber (Wicker, Rattan),  and  5. Leather.

Wood Headboards:

If you are looking for something traditional, then a wood headboard is the right choice. They create luxury, elegance, and charm to your bedroom. They also serve the purpose of preventing cold drafts from the walls as wood does not conduct cold well unlike metal.  This results in a more comfortable sleep. Natural fibers like Wicker and Rattan are also used to design headboards.  They greatly enhance the bedroom decor. Mostly, these fibers come under the wooden category as they are laced around wood frames.

Metal Headboards:

Iron is the most common metal from which headboards are crafted from.  They are rigid and sturdy and are durable.  However, proper care should be taken to keep it durable and long-lasting as you should prevent the formation of rust, which will damage the piece.  Incidentally, metal headboards are also crafted from materials like aluminum, copper, steel, and brass.

Upholstered Headboards:

Upholstered headboards are meant to create great elegance and aesthetics in your bedroom. They are covered with fabrics like microfibers, linen, or velvet.  Some of these upholstered headboards are thickly padded, while some are tufted to enhance its looks.  If you are a user who prefers to recline against a headboard to catch up on your reading or to watch TV, then this is the ideal choice.  One of the advantages of choosing an upholstered headboard is that you can create a one-of-a-kind design that matches your bedroom decor perfectly.  Headboards that are tufted add a touch of charm and glamour.  Some upholstered headboards come with eye-catching button tufting or with nailheads in brass or other metals to add to the charm and grandeur of the piece.

Leather Headboards:

Leather is an upholstery option on a headboard and it lends great value and aesthetics to the piece.  As a product that is made from animal hide, the more exotic the animal, the more expensive the leather will be. Leather quality is again categorized into 4 separate categories namely, full-grain, split leather, corrected grain, and aniline leather.

Full-grain leather is very expensive as it is the highest quality of leather since the entire width of the material including the skin surface is used to make it.  It is durable and luxurious.

The Split leather comes from the bottom section of the hide and needs to be given an artificial coating to make it useful.  Though it does look luxurious, it cannot match the full-grain leather in looks and value. This is more affordable.

Corrected Grain Leather is of lower quality than split leather.  Though flawless in appearance, it has to undergo an artificial embossing to make it look natural grain.

Aniline Leather is an alternate type of dyed leather.  Here the full-grain hide is dyed with aniline to enhance the natural color.  It is, however, prone to damage if exposed to direct sunlight or if it comes in contact with a liquid.  This leather is expensive.

Leather headboards are premium products and provide a unique and grand look. They require regular maintenance.

What are Headboard Installation Options?

Once you have decided on your material, you have to look at the installation options available to you.  There are 3 options.

Wall Mounted:

This requires a flat and even surface to mount the headboard on the wall.  The mounting can be arranged to suit your taste and with the view to create an aesthetic and harmonious decor.

Bed Frame Mounted:

In this option, the headboard can be directly mounted on to your bed frame.  Before making your purchase, you should check the compatibility of the frame brackets with the headboard chosen by you.

Free Standing Model:

These are headboards that are sold separately from the bed frames.  They can be mounted either on to the wall or to the bed frames.  Some freestanding headboards come in the form of a bookcase or a storage piece and can standalone without mounting.

Headboard design and their types

This would solely depend on the size of your bedroom, the size of your bed frame and the mattress.  This will help you to create a bedroom that would compliment your personality and style.

Traditional Headboard:

These are usually free mounted and can attach directly to your bed.  Headboards of different materials can be used, but wood headboards are the ideal choice to add value to your bedroom.  Many of these pieces are reminiscent of the earlier centuries and bring antiquity to the room.

Panel Headboards:

These are made of panels of equal sizes in different colors which are very easily mounted on to the wall.  These panels bring great aesthetics and variety as they inspire spaces and make for inspired living.  These panels help create the illusion of a spacious bedroom. These are made from wood or metal and come in a variety of colors.

Slat Headboards:

These are made from wood or metal and come in a variety of colors.  The slats are spaced in a variety of ways to create different effects.

Contemporary Headboards:

These are headboards with clean lines, and smooth surfaces and are generally made of light-colored wood, stainless steel, chrome or sometimes even glass, to give a contemporary flair.  The contemporary look is also accentuated by using natural fabrics like silk, wool, and linen.

Four Poster Headboard:

This is a headboard purely meant for a very large bedroom.  An invention of the 15th century, this headboard was the symbol of the truly wealthy families.  These headboards give the room a worldly, sophisticated feel.

Elegant Headboards:

These are headboards that are a perfect fit for your decor.  Traditional elegance can be experienced through the luxurious fiber and the matching sturdy furniture exhibited in the room.  Modern elegance is displayed in clean lines, the modern hues and the silky fibers and quality of leather that is used. Artistically carved wood or iron designs give it a stunning elegance.

Headboard Sizes:

Next, you have to decide on the size of the headboard.  This would largely depend on the size of your bed.  These are the average sizes for standard mattresses.

Single Bed size:

This is also called the twin mattress and has a dimension of 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.  An XL version is 80 inches long.

Full Bed size:

Also called the Double bed, the size measures 53 inches by 75 inches.

Queen Bed size:

This is a very popular size and has a dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches.

King Bed size:

This is a large bed and measures 76 inches by 80 inches.

In the United States, a size known as the California King is popular among the rich and famous.  Its dimensions are 72” x 84”.

What are the benefits of having a Headboard?

The headboard is a useful piece of furniture in your bedroom which could have a significant role to play in the way you sleep. These benefits far outweigh the claimed negative effects, as claimed by ill-informed people, of having a headboard.  Some of the benefits are detailed here.

To keep away the cold drafts:

One of the earliest uses of the Headboard was to prevent the cold draft from the walls affecting the sleeper, especially during cold winter nights.  Having a headboard in such an environment will provide the warmth and comfort that is needed for a good night’s sleep.

To cover up the damage to the existing walls:

In some houses, the walls may be damaged or would have flaked. This damage may cost a fortune to set right.  In such cases, it is easier to cover this up by using a headboard.


Normally when people plan to purchase a bed, the entire set is purchased.  This proves to be very costly.  On the contrary, if you buy the bed and headboard separately, you stand to save substantially on your cost.

Creating style and harmony:

Headboards are pieces of furniture that create aesthetic value and charm in your bedroom.  The presence of an artistic headboard creates a whole new style that brings harmony.  This would normally elevate the comfort level of the people.

Strongback support:

Headboards are usually sturdy pieces that come in one piece with thick padding or as panels fixed strongly to the wall.  This arrangement will provide very strong support to the back or the lumbar area.  For those of you who are in the habit of reclining against the wall to read your favorite book or to watch your favorite TV program, the headboard would be the best choice.

What attributes should you look for in a Headboard?

When you embark on purchasing a headboard, there are three things you should look for and they are comfort, size, and style.  If these three factors are fulfilled, then you have made a good buy.


Having a bedroom that gives comfort is a desire that everyone has.  The headboard can be a huge source of comfort as it enables you to relax and get a good sleep.  Choose a headboard that is strong and has adequate padding to support your weight.  Having an outer cover of soft fabric will enhance the comfort level.


The size of the headboard that you purchase is important.  See that the headboard that you purchase is compatible with your bed frame especially in its width.  Many headboards come with an arrangement for adjustable height; therefore, the height may not be an issue.


Style maketh the Man! In as much, the bedroom reflects the man’s personality. Therefore, your choice of bedroom furniture reflects not only your personality but also your ability to choose well and diligently.  The headboard is one of the most highly visible pieces of furniture in your bedroom, and your choice should go well with the color of your bedroom and compliment the other pieces of furniture.  Your choice should seamlessly blend with the existing interior of your bedroom.

How do you install your Headboard?

This would greatly depend on the type of headboard that you have chosen.  Bed frame-mounted choices are easy to install and can be handled by one person.  Wall-mounted options need a little more know-how and would need expert help.  However, there are some wall-mounted models which are easy to mount and can be handled by one person, without extra tools.  Some of the current day panel type headboards are also very easy to assemble as they come with full instructions and the tools.

How do you take care & cleaning of the Headboard?

As a vital piece of the bedroom furniture ensemble, the headboard requires regular cleaning and should be properly maintained to make them last longer.  The most common needs are spot cleaning and thorough cleaning to remove stains and grease.  Metal headboards should be checked for rust formation.

Soft Cleaning:

This is usually done on headboards having fabric, leather or linen.  Spot cleaning will help remove stain and prevent further damage.  If something has been spilled on the headboard, absorb the liquid using a paper towel.  Avoid rubbing or scrubbing as this would cause the liquid to spread to other parts of the upholstery. Use corn starch to absorb the liquid and after that rinse using cold water and soap if necessary.  Fabrics like suede do not react well with water, in such cases use vinegar or alcohol.

Thorough Cleaning:

If your upholstery has stain built overtime like sweat stain, grease or other substances, and then you have to go for a thorough cleaning. Identify the fabric and follow the instruction given in the user manual.  Initially, vacuum the surface to remove the loose stains and also loosen the persistent ones.  Identify whether the fabric will react with the material you have chosen to clean, by performing a spot test.  Once clear, simply scrub the tough stain with dish soap and vacuum out the loosened grime.  Allow to dry.  A sanitizing agent can be used at the end to give your headboard a new look and feel.

Rust Prevention:

For metal headboards, especially iron, rust formation is the most damaging condition.  Check to see that no rust has formed and where there is rust use an anti-rust product which could prevent further growth of rust.  Other metals like Brass can be polished regularly to maintain the shine and glow.

Having a headboard in your bedroom creates greater ambiance and aesthetics.  The charm and grandeur they reflect would be well worth the money that you spend.  Making the right choice is up to you.

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