Revel Mattress Reviews in 2024 – Cool Gel Foam & LiftTex Latex

Life is a race. If you are not running fast, all will leave you alone. It is the main racing anthem of daily life. Everyone is struggling through mental and also physical strength to get ultimate goals. For gaining fame everyone is running at a ferocious speed. So for getting a regular membership card of this race, you must have good health with all maintenance. You have to eat the most nutritious food and also you have to sleep properly.

Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress review

If there is less sleep, the food does not digest, the nerves do not follow the path as contracted and the day becomes lazy. So sleep is very essential to service your human engine for running more paths without interruptions. Many mattresses are higher in price and also cannot deliver proper comfort through relaxing.  Therefore one cannot be ready for accepting the next day’s challenges.

As per the research story, the US mattress brand Revel mattress always designs and also manufactures a new type of mattress that is different from all. Like this, the company has made various types of the specified mattress before, those almost have been leading in a succeed path till now. Now, it has launched a new type of hybrid mattress that is an empirical definition in the mattress world. It not only provides well comfort but also flushes your stress through cooling. Many of the reputed organizations have certified and also have been sold and also fond of many consumers. So here we are conversing about some fruitful features of this product through reviews and our Brentwood Home mattress reviews.

Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress Review – Cooling Gel Memory Foam & LiftTex Alternative Latex, 12 Inch

Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress (Twin XL), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex

This product is one of the greatest creations from the company including all modern features at affordable prices. As their motivation, they offer the minimum rate in price, so that everybody can afford this mattress for peaceful sleeping. Not only have these, but also this product is exclusively available on the Amazon site so that the consumer can order this product easily by clicking on the images below.


Memory Type of Foam: Almost every mattress producer uses a memory type of foam. This mattress has a triple layer of foams. There one can get the presence of 12 inches of hypoallergenic memory foam. That prevents the flying of cotton husk from allergies and also sneezes. There is also seven inches long durable Dura base foam for bearing ultimate load through compression. The foams are line up one by one and there is no leakage of foam materials so that the brand value gets demolished.

Mattress NameRevel Custom Cool Mattress, Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory FoamRevel Hybrid Cool Mattress,
with All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam & LiftTex
First Layer2-inch Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam3-inch Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam
for superior temperature regulation and support
Comfort Layer4-inch convoluted support foam with airflow channels2-inch LiftTex Alternative Latex Foam
provides responsive support to lift and align your spine,
creating a zero-gravity sleep experience; airflow channels help you to sleep cooler
Base Layer6-inch long-lasting DuraBase Foam7-inch long-lasting DuraBase Foam


CoolingBeaded Gel Technology offers superior cooling and consistent feel in all climates
Available SizesTwin, Twin XL, California KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen,
King, California King

10-Year Warranty


Made in the USA

Amazon Exclusive






Check Price & Customer Reviews

Check Price & Customer Reviews

The Technology of Cooling Gel: There are three inches of cooling gel layer at the top. The cooling layer provides a suitable temperature across the body and also provides a natural sense like cooling all over the body. For a little bit of change in weather, one might fall in deep sleep for over comfort. Moreover, the mattress become does not dry after cooling the user. The gel has a property not absorbing heat but to dissipate the heat to the atmosphere.

Revel Hybrid mattress lifttex advanced support

Lift-Tex Support: The mattresses have two inches of latex foams. The foams belong to the Lift-Tex and also the alternative in nature. The compression force occurs in a limited zone so that the other one who is relaxing beside does not feel disturbances. It provides responsive support against the load in a limited area. It aligns the spinal cord of the user for reducing pain and circulating blood all over the body.

Certified By USA: The Certi-PUR USA ahs highly certified this product for having all features as the company stated and also there are very less amount of chemical materials. So it is non-affective to the human body parts. Another side, there is no problem with the ingredients to the child. The packaging and also maintaining all rules and regulations in a time of manufacturing achieves a good certification from the reputed authority.

Exclusive Available In Amazon: One can see the product details and also the most relevant specifications and also purchasing center from the official site. All though, this product is exclusively available in the Amazon. Amazon is one of the largest e purchasing and selling websites all over the world. They have the facilities to ship the product internationally in a suitable manner. So the consumer doesn’t have the problem of purchasing or seeking that.

Revel Hybrid Cool memory foam and latex Mattress for your chirld

Long Term Warranty: This product contains 10 years of international warranty with manufacturing issues and also with shipping mistakes. Most of the US brand contains 10 years of international warranty, but having an affordable price it has almost a long lifeline in warranty for the users.

For complete Family: The size is presented for the model is the Twin XL, and also the California King. So space is suitable for a complete family of 2-4 members. No need to purchase the separate one for the children and can enjoy every minute of togetherness in the same mattress. Revel Hybrid Cooling Latex Foam Mattress is well-known as the family mattress.


No Cushion: There are no cushions included with the pack. If the mattress is for family, it must be included some cushions with the pack.

No Cover: There is no rayon cover for packing the mattress. It is a consumer’s demand cons to that product. The mattress can be covered with bed sheets for less damage by a dust particle.

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So, these are the valuable features of this product. Moreover, the positive ratings are higher. There is some droplets level of cons, those can be completely negligible in the user’s choice.

Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress makes your family happy

One thing must remember that sleep is very essential in regular life. It helps to pump your heart for good blood circulation and also flushes out the additional lactic acid. So your body becomes fresh after a beautiful sleeping. Good dreams come in a deep sleep. But if the user wakes up at the middle stage of a deep sleep, he must feel laziness for the next day. It must not be a suitable thing. As these, choosing a mattress is good confusion. If you choose the highly specified things must assure that you can get proper pleasure in a deep sleep. So for average price, one must choose this mattress for experiencing heaven like lifestyle in the dream.

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