Hofish Bed & Mattress Reviews in 2024

Hofish Mattress Reviews

Hofish is an Amazon selling brand that deals with all kinds of male and female underwear, maternity clothing, breastfeeding tanks, footwear, and mattress. The collections of their products show that they are not after profit-making, but to provide necessities of the human being in all ramifications of life. Going by the brand logo of a fish in water speaks more than what words could express, it signifies absolute comfort a fish derive in living in its natural habitats, so likewise Hofish works tirelessly every day to gather and inspect products, and serve customers with the best qualitative products to create a comforting environment for their users. Check our Review & Best Picks about Red Nomad Mattress Topper.

Top 5 Best Hofish Mattresses in 2024 –  Reviews & Chart

No.PictureNameFeatureOur Rating
1HOFISH 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel-Infused Memory Foam MattressIdeal Support & Great Motion Isolation - CertiPUR-US Certified Foam - Medium Firm4.7

HOFISH Balance-X 10 Inches Responsive Foam Mattress

Lumbar Support & Pressure Relief4.9
3HOFISH Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed FrameOne-Step Assembly Customizable Positions Queen Adjustable Bed Base with Backlit Wireless Remote4.5
4HOFISH 2S Wired Mesh Layer Adjustable Bed Base2 usb ports on each side of the adjustable beds(Four in total)4.5

HOFISH 3 Inches Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door4.5

1. HOFISH 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

HOFISH 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Are you in need of a durable, moisture absorber, firm, and compatible mattress for you and your hobby, you need not bother yourself too far, all you need is the Hofish 10 inches memory foam, the mattress is manufactured to fit in any position of your choice in the bedroom. For more information about the products kindly read through its specifications below.

You will agree with me that finding a mattress with such great specifications is like getting a gemstone in the desert. However, it’s specification is nothing compared to the services it renders.

  Size10 inches
Number of layers 3 layers
First layer 1.5 inches memory foams
Second layer 2 inches comfort foam with green tea extract
 Third layer6.5 inches high-density support foam with green tea extract
CoverRemovable, breathable and washable fabric
TestedCertipur-US certified
ShippingCompressed and packed in a box.


main features of hofish 10 inch memory foam mattress
  1. Easy assembling. The surprising experience begins on the first day when you drop the box in your room. And thinking of the stress you will have to pass through in assembling the mattress together. However, on opening the box and unsealing the Plastic bag, as the mattress receives the slightest amount of air it begins to unfold itself, within 3 minutes your mattress is set and takes its full form after one hour, ready for use.
  2. Sound sleep. The mattress gives a nice sleep you have been desiring for years, as a solo sleeper, you realize you are not more rolling around to find comfort, every part of the mattress is soothing to the body and gone are the days of waking up with back pain. Couples always express the happiness of being able to stick to their respective sides of the bed.
  3. Pleasant odor. The mattress remains fresh year after year, the pleasant odor perceived while sleeping is another thing that will keep you committed to your sleep.
  4. Durability. Its firmness keeps the mattress from sagging, its ability to absorb moisture faster, and its strength derive from its density keeps it intact over the years.


  1.  Some users claim that the mattress can be firmer than expected. Therefore lightweight users can find it to be hard on their body without any hope of becoming softer.

2. HOFISH Upgraded Balance-X Responsive Foam Mattress

Lumbar Support & Pressure Relief-CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam-Medium Feel-King Size Hofish Mattress

Significantly, during resting time, one should need a bouncy, comfortable and better sleep experience to get back to the work. With this in mind, HOFISH introduces a Queen Size 10-inch Hybrid Certi-PUR Certified Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress which provides you the best sleeping result you can imagine.


CertiPUR-us Certified foam: The gel memory foams used in this mattress are CertiPUR-us Certified foam.  You should use it for a long time, without having back pain or any other discomfort.

Bouncy comfort and exceptional support: Different pocket coils allow bouncy support and excellent comfort throughout sleep. The strong steel coils provide excellent support plus assure stability of the mattress.

Excellent edge support: These mattresses are using custom support coils on the edge. This is to skip deep edge sinkage. It has exceptional edge support for the pleasure of sitting on the edge of the mattress, whether you are watching TV or having a chat with your friends. The edge support also decreases the risk of falling, during sleep.

Restful and refreshed sleep: The cushioning and comfort foam of these mattress generates the best-cushioned sleeping platform. Also, the felt pad within the foam & coils grants smooth and uniform padding. The mattress will not make any ominous noise during the sleep while turning around. The re-position during sleep and turn around will be effortless. You also not feel like sinking, which could be experienced in other cheap products.

Easy Repositioning: On the hofish 10-inch hybrid mattress, it will very comfortable to move around during sleep. No profound sinkage will be noted. The mattress is not merely an area for sleep, you may have a lot of fun with it, with your loved one. Your children will find this bed as their preferable playing space very soon. This hybrid mattress is ready for any activities like- jumping, rolling, playing hide and seek, etc.

Wake up Without Sweating: This mattress has a strong inner structure, that offers exceptional airflow throughout sleep. The soft and breathable mattress cover also supports to take the heat away. That will result in a sound sleep atmosphere for the entire night. After a long working day, you should earn a right to possess a good-night sleep.

No Deep Sinking Feel: This 10-inch hybrid mattress allows a floating sleep action for sleepers. You sleep on the mattress and forgot everything. Your experience will be far greater than the others.  Instead of sinking into the mattress, you will fly on it. It allows you to have stable relaxation and relief for a peaceful sleep.

HOFISH 10-inch Hybrid Foam layers and Pocket Spring

Smartly shipped: The mattresses can be stored in any smaller place due to its compact nature. It can be effortlessly squeezed, twisted and shipped in the box, without needing any help from others. The motto of  HOFISH  will be- Great sleep given to you in a tiny gift box!


No versatility: You should have to use it with a flat solid surface. Like on the floor, a piece of strong plywood, boxspring, any steady surface is needed.

3. HOFISH Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Frame

HOFISH Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Frame

This is one of the best adjustable bed in the world, its important features include 4 USB ports, a back life remote controller, electrical source of energy, 0-60 angle of head inclination, 0-30 independent leg inclination, 2 height adjustable bed legs German technology, Inbuilt Eucalyptus solid wood, Anti-Crushing motor technology and many more all for just less than $700.


  1. Easy assembling. The adjustable bed can be easily put together within 3 minutes. All you need to do is to unwrap the package, make a few screwing to regulate the height of the adjustable legs, and connect to a power source. Stress-free right!
  2. Head and leg programmable positioning. The bed enables users to make different head positions (0-60 degrees) and leg position(0-30degree) making it comfortable for vast usage. With the inclination, you can use the bed while reading a magazine or when sipping some nice juice. Moreover, the remote is programmed to give the user an instant TV watching and Zero gravity position.
  3. Four USB ports. Imagine sleeping and charging your smartphones besides you or going through your social media messages while relaxing, all these are possible with Hofish 2019 upgraded adjustable bed frame. The USB ports are positioned in different parts of the bed to enable usage at any position.
  4. Anti-Crushing motor technology. The Anti-Crushing technology is by far the best safety measure in an adjustable bed. I know you will be wondering why the need for a safety measure. The Anti-Crushing feature is put in place to prevent the crushing of a pet or any object while lowering the bed frame. It has a motion sensor light that detects movement and then stops the bed from lowering or raising, preventing crushing of the object in its path.
  5. 750 pounds weight lifter. This is an amazing feature of an adjustable bed of such less amount. The bed is capable of lifting a total height of 750 pounds with the mattress included.


  1. In some cases, the remote becomes less sensitive after a few years of usage.
  2. Heavy and cannot be easily moved around the house, what if the user is an aged person?

4. HOFISH 2S Wired Mesh Layer Adjustable Bed Base

HOFISH 2S Wired Mesh Layer Adjustable Bed Base

Similarly, with the previous adjustable bed, the Hofish wired mesh layer adjustable bed possesses features such as four USB ports, head and leg angled inclination, wireless backlit remote control, 2 height adjustable bed legs, and many more. The only difference is that this adjustable mattress is the support bed base and cannot be used without a mattress foam.


  1. Easy assembling. The adjustable bed can be put together by following three steps. The first is to open the package, followed by taking out the assemble parts. The third is to install the legs and foot retainers, all within 3-5minutes.
  2. Durability. The wire mesh used in making the mattress support guarantees the longevity of the adjustable bed. Moreover, Hofish gives a 20years warranty on every adjustable bed. Hofish warranty service gives full coverage of parts and transportation in the first year, it reduces to full coverage of parts in the second and third year and only fraction coverage of parts in the following years.
  3. Noise-free operation. Adjustable beds manufactured by other brands with almost the same price is known for their noisy operation. However, the lowering and raising of Hofish adjustable beds are noise-free, an attribute found only in adjustable beds worth of US $1000.
  4. Customer care services. Hofish customer care services are always ready to attend to users experiencing challenges in using the adjustable beds.
  5. Note: that the Hofish 2S wired mesh layer adjustable bed base render the same advantage as Hofish 2019 upgraded solid wood slat adjustable bed frame.


  1.  Some users complain of remote delay for about 2 minutes before a response.

5. HOFISH 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

HOFISH 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Base on the review of users, this topper is all you need to make your previous uncomfortable mattress softer. The Hofish 3 inches gel memory foam mattress topper contains the exact amount of Green tea extract to be used. It comes in different sizes of full, king, queen, and twin. The topper is accurate cuts to fit in with the size of your previous mattress, and it attributed to its stability to rest on your mattress as if it was part of it. Moreover, you need not worry about too much of chemicals as it is certified by Centipur-US.


  1. Soft on the body. The softness of the mattress topper is a result of the accurate measurement of green tea extract in it. The topper takes the shape of your body. giving you the best comfort you can ever have during a night of sleep. If you have an aged relative that complain having back pain in the course of sleeping, then Hofish 3 inches topper is all you need to get for them, he/she will surely sleep like a baby.
  2. Regulating body temperature. The topper is a good temperature regulator and the best choice during the summer days.
  3. Ventilation. The topper is made with small holes in it. The holes allow for easy passage of air, hence sleeping on it is breathable.
  4. Prolong your mattress life. Adding this topper to Hofish 10 inch medium firm gel-infused mattress will increase the life span of the mattress.
  5. Less expensive. In spite of all it offers, the cost of getting a Hofish 3 inch gel-infused memory foam mattress is comparatively the same with every other brand mattress topper, making it affordable.


  1.  The pleasant odor of the mattress disappears after a few minutes of unwrapping the box.
  2.  No much visible result will be experienced if the topper is placed on a less quality mattress, moreover. there is a possibility of sinking into the bed if the mattress is not firm enough.

About Hofish

Hofish products prove that the brand has done adequate research to discover the impacts of materials in clothing and mattress product which means they are aware of the best fabric, nursing bra, texture, and thickness of a material that best suits a body part. Review shows that maternity mothers are grateful to have Hofish tanks and nursing bras for feeding their babies and also express their comfort overusing Hofish nightgowns during pregnancy, however, the brand improves on every new product release to compensate the dissatisfaction expressed by customers over previous product sold out.

Hofish product delivery is much better than any of its kind. The brand offers customers the fastest delivery as possible delivered right on your doorstep. The product ordered smartly packages in a Hofish compact and durable box, with the product neatly compressed and wrapped in such a way to avoid the product losing its quality as specified. Read our full reviews of the cheap mattresses in a box.

Hofish Mattress Reviews

Under normal conditions, sleeping should be the process by which human enjoys comfort, deep relaxation of muscles, and the means of regaining the strength loss in the previous activities of the day, however, it is so unfortunate that sleeping is quite a bad experience to some people. Apart from every other internal factor such as the person’s state of mind, the impact of the mattress cannot be overlooked to gain sound sleep. Recent studies show that a good mattress can save you the cost of pain killer medications and frequent body massage. For this reason, Hofish is just an order away to provide you with the mattress that best suits your sleeping conditions in any part of the world.

Hofish have produced varieties of mattresses in the past, the latest versions include the hybrid mattress and the memory foam among others which some mattress to be reviewed in this article falls under their categories, therefore for a better understanding it will be better to introduce some of them.

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Mattress Types

Gel-infused memory foam

This particular mattress possesses chemicals that are inserted into it to give it more viscosity and density. It is also known as a viscoelastic foam because it is the combination of memory foam and latex foam for additional bouncing features instead of using the traditional spring system. The mattress is accredited for its ability to maintain body temperature, helps in suppressing pressure and furthermore absorbs the motion of the body. An example of mattresses, that fall under this category is the Hofish 10inches medium-firm gel-infused memory foam.

Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are a motorized mattress which enables a user to make height adjustment that is raising one part of the body over the other. They are usually made of a slated base, 3D mesh, two or three-way drive, and a 3D mesh. The mattress is mostly used in the hospital, but now available for home users who want to relax at a convenient height and get up easily without any assistance no matter the condition of their body. An example of an adjustable bed is the Hofish 2019 upgraded solid wood slat adjustable Bed.

 Hybrid mattress

This is the joints assembling of both memory foam and innerspring into one mattress. The innerspring provides more stability and reduces body movement while sleeping on the bed. This mattress type is found in the Hofish 8 inches Bonnet and pocket springs hybrid mattress.

Pleasure Derive

These are the key features that make Hofish mattress the best in the world and gives it an upper hand over every other brand in the mattress industry.

Green tea infusionHofish mattress contains accurate measurement of green tea extract to keep the mattress fresh, retard odor, and free from bacteria.

Sag-free support foamWith the gel infusion, the mattress possesses high-density which guarantees its longevity and strength without any sign of sinking or bending in decades.

Conformity with the body shapeThe hofish mattress is very soft, hence it quickly adapts with the shape of the body of the user, and ensure sound sleep.

VentilationThey all have an open-cell membrane thus allowing for easy inhalation and exhalation while sleeping. Faster absorption of moisture.

Qualities Of Hofish Mattresses

In choosing the Hofish mattress that best suits your sleeping conditions, you are advised to strictly consider the following qualities.

 Types and sizesAll Hofish Mattress is manufactured in different types and sizes. Presently Hofish mattresses have a thickness of 3, 8 and 10 inches and as for the sizes. It maybe Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL and sometimes California king.

 Layers and comfort levelsHofish mattress may have single, double or triple layers, the triple layers have the combination of the memory foam, comfort foam, and density support foam. As a customer, you are free to choose a mattress of medium or extra firmness depending on what you need.

All Hofish mattresses are certified by Centipur-US foam

Durability. All measures have been put in place to ensure the longevity of the mattress, however, consumers are free to get the duration of the warranty directly from the company before buying.

Now that we have introduced Hofish Mattress to you from a general perspective. We would like to give you a comprehensive review of four of their latest product, these four include Hofish 10 inches medium firm gel-infused memory foam, Hofish 3 inches medium gel-infused memory foam mattress topper, Hofish 2024 upgraded solid wood slat adjustable Bed and 2S wired mesh layer adjustable bed base.

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