Early Bird Mattress Reviews & Guide 2024

Moreover, the Mattresses are used mainly for sitting and also for lying comfortably when your body is so much tired of regular workouts through busy schedules. It must be comfortable for relaxing a tired body for some hours. With this in mind, the Early Bird has revealed a new type of specified mattress which is not only comfortable but also full of top-notch specifications. Nowadays, many companies manufacture mattresses with various specifications. But Early Bird mattress has designed after observing the ultimate path of comfort and happiness.

Early Bird Mattress Reviews
Early Bird 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Early Bird is a famous bedding company from the United States that has a regular update of the comfort ways of human beings all over the world. The Early Bird Mattress always launches the ultimate design of the product that is being used domestically or commercially for many years. On the contrary, there is a big problem of placing a big product like a mattress in a small residence center. For this reason, the company has designed the mattress cum bed with a box system for placing the important things of the user. For this many spaces are being saved and the product is being meaningful to design.

Comparatively, the Early Bird has launched mainly two models of the mattress concerning specifications. Those are the Memory Foam Mattress and Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress. Here are their details and reviews.

Best Early Bird Mattresses in 2024 – Reviews & Chart

NameEarly Bird Essentials Memory Foam MattressEarly Bird Performance Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress
Cover LayerHi-Tech Tex-Cel cover provides a cool, dry and comfortable sleep surfaceMoisture Sicking Hi-Tech Tex-Cel cover
AirFlow LayerHigh AirFlow Cooling Foam drives a clean and comfy sleepBreathable High AirFlow Cooling Foam
Comfort LayerCertiPUR-US Certified CoolingGel Memory FoamCoolingGel Memory Foam
Support LayerErgonomic High-Density Support Foam Performance &IsoCore Support System wih Edge Zoning
High-Density Support Foam
Comfort LevelMedium Plush, not too hard or too softMedium Firm 5-7 leavel, works well for back pain sleepers, more layers, more comfort
Available Thickness8-inch
Available SizeTwin
Twin XL
California King
Twin XL
California King
WarrantyNo Harmful Chemicals.
10 Years
Handcrafted in The USA.
10 Years

1. Early Bird Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Review

It is launched in the market with the ultimate address of the comfort of the bed to the consumers. The bed is designed with so many scientific ways that anyone should be attracted through the idealism of the product.


Cool and Comfort Product Ingredients:

early bird memory foam mattress layers

The Early Bird cushion-like soft memory foam mattress is designed for taking sufficient breathes while sleeping or while relaxing. The material is also regulated for fantastic cooling to a tired body so why one can relax while in deep sleep. It provides natural moisture for maintaining the dry and wet factors of a body.

Super Support:

Some of the mattresses are getting faulty while carrying an optimum load. For that one cannot get pleasure while on it. This product is designed to maintain body weight and the special reason is for not getting curve so much at the pressure points. So why for less shrinking it must be well rated.

Designed For Couple:

Early Bird memory foam mattress is Designed For Couple

The size of the bed is ideal for a couple, for jumping, playing activities, and also sleeping as they wish. Sometimes for playing other activities, the bed becomes rejected. But this mattress is designed for couple of goals as they can spend some time on it with super comfort.

Early Bird memory foam mattress is Designed For Couple

Eco-Friendly Material:

For reducing the effect of chemicals on the living being and also the environment, the Early Bird mattress has selected the material that contains zero formaldehyde and also very few volatile organic compounds. For these, the user may not get into a problem of allergic sneeze, asthma, and also painful headaches.

Transparent Look:

The mattress has a transparent look to the user for noticing the fruitful designs according to the features that are written in the product details while purchasing. The specialty of the product is that the foam is manufactured or crafted by hand with so much care for avoiding faculty.

Check available sizes and customers’ reviews about Early Bird memory foam mattress

Easy Shifting:

The mattress can be folded and also can be expanded while it is being suitable. The Early Bird mattress can be packed in a box for free time. The size of the mattress is limited to 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches – Check our best picks of the 12-inch memory foam mattress.

Suitable Warranty:

The mattress is a daily used product for a consumer and it has to be tough and also having great longevities. This company has announced 10 years of international warranty to the consumers. If there is any pre-purchasing fault, they will change it in a very fast manner.


No Side Bracket:

There is no extra high corner for safety while sleeping especially for totally immature babies or infants while sleeping. The extra pillow is needed for saving the child while sleeping.

Extra Time for getting reshaped:

Though the mattress can be folded. But It takes 24-48 hours for expansion from the compression stage. It is a little bit less efficient for the user. So for quick expansion, it cannot be compressed for the user between some hours. Otherwise, the comfort of the bed cannot be enjoyed by the consumer easily.

2. Early Bird Performance Hybrid Mattress Review

Early Bird 12-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress Review

It is the super finished large mattress manufactured by the company. It has some technical layers which provide the consumers with extra pleasure while they sleep.


Super Size:

Equally important, the product is designed and displayed in the market in five different sizes. Those are the Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, king, and also the California King. The product has a dimension of 10 inches & 12 inches for relaxing.

Active Cooling gel:

Early Bird Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress Layers

There is used a special attractive cooling gel layer that is situated beneath cooling foam and Iso core support. It inspires the sweet monotones to sleep through cool faces.

Low Sound:

There are used encased types of springs for reducing the sound that is being generated by the relative motions of the partner. For this one cannot be disturbed by the unusual sounds of the other one.

High-Density polymer:

There are also used a good quality of rubber foams for supporting the ultimate weight. The main feature of these supporting foams is not to be shrunk with a little bit of weight and also the curvature zone is also limited with the application if the pressure point. One can sleep or relax on it by facing any side of it.

Zero Harmful Chemical:

early bird mattress cooling temperature

No artificial formaldehyde or polymer extract is being added to this product. Not only have these but also the high tex-cell cover is made of eco-friendly polymer that is dustproof for avoiding allergies and cough.

Easy Airflow:

Certainly, the layer of cooling gel inside the cooling foams allows for sustained air passing through the bodies while a person is sleeping unusually. Not only has this but also the gel is being reshaped while the mattress is under compression and also expansion.

Lifetime Warranty:

early bird mattress sizes

Here also the company has provided 10 years of international warranty to the mattress. The product must be changed quickly if there is any kind of manufacturing defectives.

There are 6 sizes you can choose from: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Less active spring:

A point often overlooked, the spring must be more sensitive with the addition and also subtraction of applying loads. For this sometimes the specified things become low rated.

No Monotonous Color:

On the negative side, there is no attractive various color mattress for extra attention of the consumers. It must be updated. It can be hoped that the product may be updated with some attractive colors in the next edition.

Early Bird Mattress Overall Discussions

Both mattresses are available in the market at suitable and economical prices. According to the reviews, the mattresses are perfect for the couple’s bed in a room. If the precautions and washing procedures are maintained by the consumer after reading through the user manuals, the product has a long lifeline for use. The handmade product of the USA is well known in the market for its defined suitable designs. Though there are some cons, there are almost zero cons of product details. For having a busy life schedule in a compressed room, the mattress is useful for having a good sleep with your partner and also for yourself. In this budget, there are very least companies who offer these specifications at a cheap price. So grab the deal for your pleasure.

Early Brid is a great mattress brand that you can trust

The Early Bird mattress provides 30 days of replacement guarantee to each consumer. One can order it from the E-marketing sites and also from the official site of the company. The money can be sent through online payment or cash on delivery within the distances. For having an eco-friendly nature, suitable specifications, super designs, and also the latest path to ultimate comfort it must be purchased instead of a wooden bed.

Sleep and relaxing is a very essential thing in daily life. If there is no proper relaxation or if there is less amount of immature sleep the daily lifestyle goes through with huge stress those affect the body.

In reality, a man is working concerning a machine to earn more. But the machine must be allowed to take a rest for a while. In the case of the human body, there must be a relaxing zone for refreshing. Any bed is a common place where most of the human body gets a refresh. As shown above, these kinds of mattresses help those stressed bodies for refreshing and direct for the next day’s goal. So, if one is planning for a new mattress addition to a room, he/ she should use this product for not only relaxing but also performing all those soft activities with others on that.

In the final analysis, if anyone is searching for long-lasting, economic, features folding mattresses should go through these details because without sleeping properly, one cannot be ready for the upcoming trouble like goal achievement for the upcoming days in their job field as well known as in the performing field.

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