Magshion Folding Mattress Review 2024

This article will review a dual-purpose mattress that doubles as a regular mattress and a couch on folding. One such product is the folding bed mattress manufactured by Magshion Store. We will review the design, materials used, available sizes and colors, and maintenance, including storage and washing. We will also list the advantages of a folding mattress compared to a conventional bed.

Magshion Folding Bed Mattress Review

This is an excellent bed mattress from Magshion Store, a leading manufacturer of bedroom decor. The very purpose of this type of product is to serve two purposes. One is to use it as a regular full-fledged mattress that provides sound and undisturbed sleep, and two as a couch for an equally comfortable seating arrangement. This innovative product serves the dual purpose of a bed mattress and a couch. This dual-purpose renders this product highly portable and also enables the saving of space.

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Magshion Folding Bed Mattress, Full (5x46x74)

Materials & Design

This highly innovative design calls for the use of very good quality materials that should provide not only excellent comfort but also long durability and easy portability. This superb piece of bedroom decor is made of high-quality Polyester foam with an external covering made up of 100% Polyfoam. This combination provides the user with an incredible sleep experience.

As a couch, this excellent product gives great seating comfort within the bedroom and adds aesthetics and space.

The outer cover very efficiently protects the inner layer. It prevents moisture formation and also keeps away ticks and mites that grow in the crevices. This protection greatly minimizes the health risk for people who are prone to allergies due to these insects.


The dimensions of the product reviewed are 46″ W x 74″ L x 5″ H and is comfortable enough for two adolescents. When folded and used as a couch, it measures 46″ W x 42″ L x 10″ H. The head portion of the pillow portion when used as a mattress measures 10″ W x 46″ L x 11″ H.

Apart from the product reviewed above, this design also comes in 2 other sizes, namely Single and Twin. The Single size bed mattress measures 23″ W x 70″ L x 5″ H and when used as a couch the dimensions are of 23″ W x 40″ L x 10″ H. The Twin size bed mattress measures 36″ W x 70″ L x 5″ H and has a dimension of 36″ W x 40″ L x 10″ H when used as a couch or sofa.


Many similar types of products that are available in the stores come in some basic colors like black, white, and brown.

On the contrary, this product is famous for the multiple color choices and satisfies the user’s needs with a reasonably wide range of colors from which to choose. The colors include blue, white, red, grey, pink, green, and also a few different shades of the colors mentioned above. Some of you might be planning to match the color of the mattress with your bedroom color. This product could be the best choice with its wide range of colors.

Magshion Folding Bed Mattress, Full (5x46x74), Black

Storage & Washing

Storage is an important factor that influences individuals to opt for a product of his type as their bedroom would be of small size. This product is a great choice to overcome storage problems that one might face. This mattress can be conveniently kept in narrow spaces and is therefore very portable. This is the advantage of its excellent design. When unexpected guests drop-in, you can confidently accommodate them for the night is this type of product is available in your bedroom. This excellent piece of bedroom décor is ideal for children and for campers who will find this product very easy to transport to their camps.

The cover of this mattress is sturdy and is long-lasting. The company recommends spot washing only.

Advantages Of The Product


The product ranks high in comfort as the quality and firmness of the materials used are of the highest quality.

Comfort is a vital aspect that people look for in a mattress, and this product is a wonderful choice for a night of undisturbed sleep.

Use It Anywhere, Anytime

For people who decide to buy a product of this nature, this is the best choice. As a folded couch, it is very comfortable to lounge on, watch TV shows, and chat with friends, relatives, and acquaintances. One of the advantages of this piece of furniture is that you can utilize it anywhere and anytime. Whether you use it in your living room, your patio, your guest room, or in your recreational vehicle or your truck, this is the most appropriate choice.

Compact Design That Saves Space

The rollaway is a handy alternative to a regular mattress. Living space is a luxury nowadays, and you can overcome this constraint only by looking for such space-saving options. As a compact product, this bed can also double as a folding couch. This product is a must in every household.

Cost-Effective Solution

Purchasing a regular mattress is a significant investment. The lower price of the product reviewed here makes it a better investment, and you could end up saving hundreds of dollars. The price of the product reviewed here is very reasonable and could help you cut costs and cut down your investment for an additional chair.

Versatile Design

This perfectly designed mattress is easily portable, foldable, and unfoldable. The versatile design needs minimal space to store when not in use. Like a folding chair, it provides ample comfort for watching TV or for conversing with friends. As a fully unfolded mattress, it provides a wonderful sleep experience, especially to children. For parents of children who are prone to fall from higher beds, this mattress is a real blessing.


 This tri-fold mattress is a worthwhile investment, especially if the available space is limited. The standout characteristics of this mattress are its affordability, portability, comfort, and versatility. A good buy, no doubt!

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