Giantex Folding Mattress Review 2024

Giantex is one of the leading retailers in North America. It has businesses spread around ten countries across the US and Europe. According to their website, Gaintex says that ‘Our goal is to take the convenience and selection of online shopping and pair it with the value of excellent pricing and customer service to create a buying experience like none other.’

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Gaintex is a brand that’s worth taking a look; let us find out why.

Giantex Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress Review

This section will focus on the features that stand out for Giantex 4″ and 6″ mattresses.

Giantex 4” Folding Mattress, Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress w/Ultra Soft Bamboo Cover, Breathable & Portable

Foam Type

A memory foam mattress is constructed with foam on top with a strong base at the bottom. As a matter of fact, a portable mattress is always built with foam to make it lighter and easily transportable. Foam density is another factor to think about. It tells you how closely packed the foam material is. To clarify, the foam has to be dense enough for you to get a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Giantex 4″ and 6″ mattresses have a high-density memory foam with a bamboo fiber cloth. This enhances support and comfort to your body, especially your back.

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Material Construction

Giantex has a 1.5″ memory foam over a 2.5″ – 4.5″ sponge base, one of the best combinations. The materials, memory foam and sponge makes it lightweight and easily portable. However, only if the mattress is thicker, it holds your back stiff and doesn’t let your body sink under. The foam material can adapt to your body shape and hold your body.

Giantex Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress layers and cover


Giantex mattresses come in different sizes, twin, full, and queen sizes. Portable mattresses are not usually available in king sizes, which would make them difficult to transport and defeat the purpose. Determine the size based on the reason for your mattress purchase. For instance, it could be for an additional room, camping, overnight trips, or to add it to your RV for a road trip. Giantex offers your different sizes for you to decide from, so choose your sizes wisely.


As the product description says, Giantex’s outer cover is made with bamboo fiber elements, and the side part is made with mesh cloth. The bamboo fiber material is increasing in popularity amongst the market in the recent past. The sheets made with premium bamboo is stretched for the entire length of the sheet. Therefore it causes you less wear and tear. Certainly better than the cotton fabrics.

Not just the mattress cover, the memory foam, and the sponge base have to be durable enough. A good mattress has to last you for a minimum of 10+ years. With daily usage, you will start seeing your mattress sag and compress. But, Giantex mattress’s memory foam is resilient and springs back into shape after every use.

Of course, keep in mind that for your mattresses to last longer, and not have your body impressions, flip it back and forth every three months.


Several factors play a vital role for you to experience the best comfort. From topping sheets to foam material and the inner sponge, every material used to construct the mattress contributes to give you comfort.

As shown above, Giantex’s bamboo sheets bring up your comfort level to get a good night’s sleep. Most importantly, they are softer than cotton and linen fabrics. They are more breathable. That is to say; it doesn’t trap excessive heat under the sheets. You always feel comfortable despite the weather change around you. The bamboo material is hypoallergic and antibacterial. You can just remove off this top cover and toss it off in the washer.

The memory foam under the bamboo sheets is also responsible for increasing your comfort factor. It helps in your proper spine alignment, relieves pains from pressure points, and helps in lumbar support.


Giantex manufacturers have two different varieties of thickness to offer you, a 4″ and 6″ ones. With assorted types to offer, you shouldn’t be in a fix to choose the one that would suit you. The thickness of your mattress can affect your quality of sleep. So, a mattress shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.

In general, different layers contribute to the thickness of a mattress: the comfort layer and the foundation layer.

Giantex is built with a 1.5″ memory foam over a 2.5″ sponge base (for 4″ models) and 1.5″ memory foam over a 4.5″ sponge base (for 6″ models). Here, memory foam is the comfort layer, and the sponge base is the foundation layer. Heavy people find the thicker mattresses comfortable compared to thinner ones. You can easily port and move the slimmer mattresses around. So between a 4″ and 6″ choose one that best fits your demands.  


The company has endorsed Giantex to be one of the best portable mattresses. Therefore, it has a trifold foldable design. This user-friendly design has made packing and storage hassle-free. Likewise, portability and weight go hand in hand. A mattress has to be light to be able to move it from one place to another.

Giantex 4″ weighs around 25 Lbs and its dimensions are around 72 “×52 “×4” (L×W×H) when unfolded and 52 “×24″ ×12″ (L×W×H). Whereas, Giantex’s 6” mattress weighs around 27 lbs with an overall dimension of 72 “×52 “×4” (L×W×H) and 52 “×24″ ×12” (L×W×H) when folded.

Certainty, you can fold and carry either of these models for temporary sleep necessities, for example, as a makeshift bed for guests, kids room, dorm room, for RVs, camping. These mattresses don’t require a frame and work well without one.

Moreover, they come with a black storage bag with tightly stitched handles. You can just fold and squeeze the mattress inside the bag and toss it in a corner until you use it next time. However, I could see many of us will have difficulties in folding and packing the mattress single-handedly without help.


Cost is another key player that helps you decide on purchasing a product. A 4″ Giantex twin, full and queen, is priced around $100, $140, and $160, respectively. A 6″ Giantex twin is priced around $150. With about a $50 difference, 6″ models might seem a little pricy. But, as shown above, you can consider buying a thicker mattress to give you comfort and sturdiness. Ultimately, all we desire is for our mattresses to last longer.

But if you are on a tight budget, go for the 4″ Giantex, but ensure you buy them with a proper warranty.


To summarize, Giantex mattresses offer quite a number of features that are worth considering. To point out, the bamboo fiber elements cloth is one of the outstanding designs that gives you comfort and durability. Its trifold mechanism and material construction make it portable and lightweight. With these features in mind, weigh all the pros and cons before choosing a model that would best suit your needs.

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