PrimaSleep 4 Inch Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Review

A folding mattress is the handiest temporary sleeping solution available. An excellent folding mattress can be carried anywhere without hassle while also providing a comfortable sleep. Add to that, a brand is known for its use of memory foam, and the comfort levels reach those of regular mattresses. In this article, we take a look at PrimaSleep’s 4-inch Tri-Folding memory foam mattress. Also read our reviews about the Milliard mattress, it is another best folding mattress brand on the market.


This PrimaSleep 4-inch Tri-Folding mattress folds into three connected segments. It is filled with four inches of memory foam, which promises good comfort while sleeping. It has an outer cover made of jacquard fabric that seems quite durable. The mattress is a little more firm than the average product. So while you can’t expect the best level of satisfaction, it is still good for a portable mattress. The mattress measures 75 x 25 x 4 inches when unfolded, and 25 x 25 x 12 inches when folded. As you can see, it has compact dimensions, which makes it easy to store when not in use. It is also not too heavy and should not be too difficult to transport.

PrimaSleep 4 inch Tri-Folding Mattress, Single, Blue, Compact and Comfortable Mattress, Supportive Memory Foam, Best for Visitors Sleepovers Car Trips Camping or Dorm Room Bed

Unlike many other folding mattresses, this one does not seem too flimsy or fragile. A high-quality fabric has been used. The cover is tough and should be able to hold up against normal use.


Compact and Comfortable Mattress, Supportive Memory Foam, Best for Visitors Sleepovers

The jacquard cover is one of the highlights of this mattress. It is firm but unabrasive and offsets the overall sturdiness of the mattress. The memory foam serves its purpose very well, ensuring that your body is supported in the best way possible. As a result, you can have a deep and comfortable sleep. We found that even after heavy usage, the memory foam retained its effectiveness.

Moreover, there was only a little sinking, and it mostly retained its shape. So the mattress is quite durable and can withstand normal wear and tear. The memory foam also has orthopedic use as it can help soothe sore muscles and joints. Of course, the level of comfort is limited by the relatively low foam thickness, but that is what you would expect in a portable mattress.

A benefit of the firmness of the PermaSleep Tri-Folding mattress is that there is minimal motion transfer. So even if you are sleeping next to a restless child or pet, you will be able to sleep peacefully. In addition, there is very little skidding, which means that the mattress can be used even in outdoor conditions without any issues. Speaking of outdoor conditions, the jacquard cover is quite tough and will be able to withstand the elements. Unfortunately, the cover is not machine-washable. So any dirt or stains will have to be washed the hard way. All in all, however, the mattress passes most everyday requirements in the comfort department.

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As this is a folding mattress, portability and ease of use are some of its more important aspects. The mattress folds into a 25 x 25 x 12-inch cuboid. These dimensions are very convenient and can fit in a lot of tight spaces. Whenever you are not using it or need extra space, you can fold it and store it in a closet until you need it again. It is also easy to carry this mattress for sleepovers. Or you could use it when you have visitors out of the blue and not enough beds. This is also a good choice if you need a cheap mattress for your child’s dorm bed. In addition, the mattress is light enough to take along on overnight camping trips. As long as you can find a bag the mattress fits in, you are good to go.

Wherever you store the mattress, it does not occupy too much space, and you will have plenty of room for other things. An interesting feature of tri-folding mattresses is that they can serve different purposes at different stages of unfolding. When fully folded, the mattress can double up as an ottoman or a stool, or even a low table. When unfolded once, you can use it as a small chair for children with one segment propped up against support. Also, when completely unfolded, it can be used for other purposes like yoga too. So, in reality, you might never need to store your mattress at all. You can experiment and create new furniture arrangements!


At under $75, the PrimaSleep 4-inch Tri-Folding mattress is not too expensive considering its quality. If you buy this mattress, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. This is a very economical choice with almost no tradeoffs. There are more expensive folding mattresses on the market, though they have slightly better features. If your budget is your main concern, the PrimaSleep mattress is the way to go. However, when making the purchase, make sure to enquire about warranties and offers if available, as these are prone to sudden changes.

PrimaSleep 4 inch Tri-Folding Mattress, Single, Blue


Purchasing a mattress can get quite confusing, and more so when you need a folding mattress. Portable mattresses usually involve more than a few tradeoffs and deciding which variant suits your needs can be daunting. The PrimaSleep 4-inch Tri-Folding mattress plants itself firmly in the budget category, aimed at people who need a convenient and cheap solution to their sleeping needs. While the mattress is comfortable enough, there are more luxurious mattresses available. However, you will have to pay a premium for those extra features. Moreover, as mentioned before, the PrimaSleep mattress can be used in a variety of ways apart from its regular use. This mattress manages to hit that sweet spot between budget and rich features.

In the end, the question you need to ask yourself is why are you buying a mattress, and what would be its usage. If you need a temporary, short-term solution, this mattress is a great choice. If your needs are more long-term, this mattress is still a good choice, but there are probably better ones you can choose from, though at a higher price.

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