Home Life Mattress Reviews in 2024 – Green Memory Foam & Platform Bed

It is too difficult to survive in the world if you are not achieving the target. For achieving the proper goal, there are various ways to play your life. But there is a question for the maintenance of your life. As an example, if you have purchased a new car, that has also a proper runtime to give you an ultimate performance as it’s specifications stated. But here are some maintenance periods for fuelling and also oiling the machine parts for working properly. Like this, the human body is running within a shift interval that is variable with the responsibilities of the people. Like the machine, the human needs some rest at the end of the day.

home life bed mattress reviews

Pre mentioned that the time of resting decreases with the responsibilities of people. There are different working principles of a clerk and also the managing director in a company. But For extra responsibilities the better positioned one, cannot get proper rest in a day. It is so practical that if you have slowed down you’re shifting; your rank will be shifted from the best to worst. So proper resting is important in daily life. Travelling also can give you proper relaxation, but it is not possible to hang out with your fond one far from working. So sleeping and also relaxing on the bed is the best solution as a painkiller in a day.

Here we come with a new type of mattresses; those would attract peaceful sleeping like consumers. HomeLife mattress is a well-known US brand that produces multi specified mattresses so that the people can sleep peacefully by forgetting all tensions. These models are made after making a long time of researches on peaceful mattresses. Here are some successful models that are specified and also successfully running in the mattress market.

Best Home Life Mattresses & Platform Bed Frames in 2024 – Chart

1Home Life Euro Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified, FullPocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified4.5
2Home Life Pillow Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified, Queenmulti-layered Pressure Relieving Foam4.1
3Home Life furMattB8inchqueen Mattress, Queen, WhitePressure Relieving Comfort Foam and individually-pocketed coils4.1
4Home Life Platform Bed, King, Light GreyPremium Polyester Linen4.3
5Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Brown Linen 51" Tall Headboard Platform Bed with Slats Queen - Complete Bed 5 Year Warranty Included 007elegant headboard design, modern silhouette4.5

1. Home Life Euro Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Review

Firstly, this is one of the tops and also successful models of this company. Its seller’s reviews and also buyer’s reviews are noticeable and also important for describing it. Here are some technical features as reviews.


Pocket Coils: Almost every US branded mattresses have a multi-layer of foams, those act like the shocks absorber while there is an application of compressive forces. But this mattress consists of 15 gauges of pocket coils. Though those are small, equally distribute the stress across space. So, one can get the maximum joy while on the mattress.

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Home Life Euro Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified, Full

Highly Specified Foam: The foams are highly specified through the configurations. The foams consist of high qualities of biodegradable latexes and also pocket pads. The filled with pocket pads give the muscular comfort, while there is so much pain in the joint. The build quality is also good for long durability and also long tension while shifting. Moreover, the foams have a good quality of resisting pressure forces.

Green Certification: Nowadays, it is a big problem on Earth for less storing the wastages for unusual things. So, someone, who is designing the product, should be concerned about the wastages quantities. The ingredients of the mattress have achieved green certification from the US authority. That means the foams; coils and also every ingredient that is related to that product are completely eco-friendly.

Repairs pain: Most people suffer for back pain for having aged problems or for the pressure of hard working. The muscles become strained for concerning the lactic acids in the tissues. The organic foams make your muscles relief from pain and also give you a heaven like sleep in your eyes. So, that your mind gets freshness by relaxing on it.

Economic price: Having all these features, the price of the mattress is affordable in the budget. So the mattress can be purchased by anyone, who is thinking to sleep on the mattress. The price starts of the mattress from 155 dollars to 200 dollars including all manufacturer defects and also shipping defects.

Superior Warranty: It is unbelievable that the economic mattress provides 20 years of long-lasting guarantee with all defects and cons through the manufacturing authorities.  That means the materials are too good to be used for this long time. The warranty is based on international also.

harmony sleep with home life mattress

Active Customer CareCustomer care is a very fast working zone to concern your problems. If there is any failure between the working periods, the company takes immediate action for quickly replacing this. For this, the people would not harass by their helping and polite nature.


No Twins Pillow: There is no inclusion of twin pillows for a couple of goals. If there are two pillows it can be considered as a combo packed mattress.

No Cooling Gel: Unfortunately, there is no layer of cooling gel between the multi-layers of foams for getting a cool atmospheric touch throughout the body. The upper range must be included in all these.

2. Home Life Pillow Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Review

This mattress is the second model of this series. It also has the almost same features and also updated from the previous one in specifications. Here we have described some valuable information as reviews of the product.


Home Life Pillow Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress Green Foam Certified, Queen

Super Foam: The foams are super in nature. That means the main material of the mattress is the smooth and bouncy foam qualities. The foams are made of high qualities of latexes. The latexes are collected in totally biometric nature for getting relief of go green issue.

Green In nature: The world is now suffering from wastages problem and taking mission about GO-Green. The mattress is made of totally green. From choosing materials to finishing, it maintains the qualities. So it is not harmful to body contact, especially for the children. So, one can purchase without worry about saving our World from wastages.

Affordable price: Having a lot of features, the price of the mattress must be high. But luckily the price of the mattress is limited within a budget. The cost of the mattress is only 200 dollars excepting the delivery and the shipping charges. So anyone can order this for having a specified mattress at a low price.

Pocket Type of Coils: These are a new type of coils specially designed for the mattresses. It provides the ultimate joy of sleeping in a bouncy manner. Moreover, it acts as a shock absorber to the consumers. There we can see 15 gauge of coil spring. Those constructions are designed for family activities on the mattress.

Painkiller: It works like medicate to the muscle strained problem patients. For every day working in the same manner for a long time, everyone feels pain, so that it affects the painful sleep. The green latexes help to improve your muscle growth by reducing the stresses from the affected tissues. For this one can enjoy the deep sleep for a particular time interval.

Comfort Foam and individually-pocketed coils for robust comfort

Long-term Warranty: This company provides 20 years of international warranty for getting lifetime comfort on it. At this price, there are very few companies to offer this kind of facility, especially for warranty issues. The warranty includes manufacturing and also shipping cons in it.

Customer Support: There are very few mattresses companies, who help the customer over the phone. But this company provides 24 hours of helpline for issuing your problem and quick responses with the actions. So, the reviews as the seller’s account are good according to this product.


No layer Of Cooling Gel: The other mattresses were comparatively high in price made of cooling gel layers. But this product has no cooling properties through the gel layer. It is a con of this model. The next edition will overcome these issues as the cooling gel layer properties.

No pillow for Users: There are no pillows; those are free with the mattress. One must buy them separately for later uses. If there is a discount must go through the foam made pillows.

3. HomeLife 8inch Queen Mattress Review

It is the third model as per the series from the company. According to information, it is the queen size of all mattresses by the company. Here, we present some important information as reviews below.


Pocket Type of Coils: There we can see 15 gauge of coil spring. Almost every US branded mattresses have a multi-layer of foams, those act like the shocks absorber while there is an application of compressive forces. The coils are active through the application and also the withdrawal of the compression forces. Another side is safe from the children by jumping on it as their naughty playful nature exists.

Home Life furMattB8inchqueen Mattress, Queen review

Polyester Layer: The foams are covered with a clean polyester layer. The polyester provides a soft cover over the foams and those are dustproof. So, one would not worry about the dusting problem. It is also safe from children for not spreading allergy-like germs.

Active Foam: The foam is made of high qualities of latexes and also bouncy in comfort nature. Another side the children can jump on it several times. The long-lasting foams are synthetic and also completely biodegradable for the GO-green concept.

Long Time Warranty: The warranty includes manufacturing and also shipping cons in it. The mattress is so much durable that the company offers 20 years of international warranty including all cons like manufacturing and also shipping. It is so delightful to the consumers.

Cheap in Price: Though including these valuable specifications, the price is limited for the middle-class people for fulfilling their dream to sleep over the mattress. The price of the mattress is selected within 200 dollars including shipping issue in a particular distance of traveling.

Pain Relief: The green latexes and also the engineering design of mattresses help one person to sleep as they wish and also it cures the muscle pain and also joints pain for regular hardworking and helps for smooth blood circulation all over the body. The process goes through in an organic nature.

Promises through Customer Care: The company provides a large cell through complaints in customer care. Moreover, that is also fruitful as the users have reviewed in the purchasing site as positive. The company takes immediate action for replacing and also repairing the product with suitable technicians.


No Active Cooling Gel: Unluckily, there is no cooling gel space for menthol like feeling in the time of deep sleep. So, the next edition must include this feature for getting star ratings as the complete package.

No handle for carrying: Having an average weight there must be some cloths made the handle for easy shifting. Unfortunately, those are absent there.

4. HomeLife Platform Bed Review

This is the most updated bed cum mattress manufactured by the company. It comes with not only the bed but also a king-size wooden made bed to make your sleep like an emperor in style. Here are some good specifications as vital reviews. Read our complete guide about the queen bed frame with headboard.


Emperor taste in Size: This is one of the best and also specified mattresses in the world as per information on the manufacture’s desk. The size of the mattress and the bed is king in size for relaxing stretch fully on the bed. Sleeping, on it like you are living like a king or queen in nature. It feels like to rule an emperor and to sleep on it means it is the royal relaxing time.

Home Life Platform Bed, King, Light Grey

Wooden Made Structure: The structure of the bed is made of highly compressed wild woods for bearing ultimate compressive loads. Another side at the head side, there are beautiful artistic designs notched on the corner. Those attract the consumers to be attracted at first sight. There is various support of wooden bit to bear and also distribute the load.

Designed head guard: The head guard is full of foam and specially designed for the children and also deep sleepers for not getting a headshot on the wood. So the head side is covered with bouncy foams for saving the brain. Because the brain is the most important part of the body, it must not be hit.

Green Foam: The foams are made of green latex and also completely bio gradable in nature. The CertiPUR-US has certified this product as a part of the GO-Green mattress. For this one can purchase it for obeying the environmental wastage rules as concerning less.

Home Life Platform Bed Elegant Design

Multi Colour: Many of the mattresses come with only gentle colors. But this mattress comes with three attractive colors as the Black, Light grey and also Light beige. The wooden bed is also painted as these to match the colors.

Linen Cover: It covers the foams from the dust and also provides good comfort through the body. So the Linen cover is used for fancy in nature.

Easy To Assemble: The wooden bed comes with easy assemble modules and also one can assemble it easily in the home. So for shifting there, one needs no technician for assembling again.


Bulk in Size: The mattress is king in size and also the wooden made bed is also heavier than it.

No Cooling Layer: There is no cooling menthol-like feeling for not having cooling technology inside the foams.

5. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Brown Linen 51″ Tall Headboard Platform Bed Review

It is the longest bed cum mattress according to the company. Moreover, it is also the latest model. The equipment looks like film star sleeping equipment to all. Here are some starred features of this product.


Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Brown Linen 51-inch Tall Headboard Platform Bed with Slats Queen

Superior Size: It feels like to rule an emperor and to sleep on it means it is the royal relaxing time. It is the longest bed cum mattress as per the company. One complete family can fit on it by doing all activities.

Linen made Cover: The linen made the cover is smooth and soft and less harmful for having fewer chemicals.

Wooden Box Bed: The bed has a box system for placing some materials like luggage for seasonal uses.  It is efficient for a low spacing room in users’ reviews.

Lifetime Warranty: The company provides 20 years of international warranty including the bed and also the mattresses. If there is broken or damaged wood, the product is immediately changed or refunded.

Wood Construction - No Box Spring Required

The modern type of Design: The head side is flat and also full of foam for saving your head from an unusual sleeping manner.

Quick Assemble: One can quickly assemble the bed after un-boxing and in this process, the manual will help you to do this.

BackPain Remover: The Green foams cure your affected muscles by repairing organically like bandages.


Occupied More Space: Having a king-size bed it occupies more space than the only mattress in a room.

No Additional Cooling gel layer: If there is a cooling gel layer the bed cum mattresses would a complete set of relaxing instruments. So you have to wait for the next edition.

So, these are the most valuable discussions of the mattress’ models of this company. One should remember that mattress is not so much a portable thing and also not handy to be replaced on ay basis. So the people must remember that comfort is covered in their hands. There is various mattress making company, whoa advertises with various contents to attract people. Choosing the right mattress is a big job near the peace lover. It is not like a showpiece that can be replaced with others.

Nowadays, everyone should not afford a big room for living and also placing more mattresses in a room.  Having a big size in the compressed room; one should purchase it by comparing it with the other models. One should go for the other companies. But one cannot get these specifications at this price easily. So, this is the optimum reason to choose the HomeLife Company to give the right companion in your peaceful valuable sleeping time at the home. The name works here in this sense. So, if anyone searches for the affordable quality of mattresses at affordable price regarding all modern facilities, must go through these models.

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