Top 12 Best Pack N Play Mattresses in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

A pack and play mattress, or pack n play mattress as we like to call it, can be of immense help to working or otherwise busy parents. Let us imagine a workday for two new parents in the current pandemic scenario. They are, of course, working from home. They both have their studies in which they attend work meetings and the like. They have also managed to agree about who takes responsibility for their baby when – with one small hitch. Their working hours’ clash. Attending stiff business meetings with a baby in their lap is out of the question, unfortunately. Also, read our complete guide about the best tri fold mattresses.

Best Pack And Play Mattresses

Moreover, they can’t possibly leave the baby unattended for the several hours that they are busy. So what do these parents do? They need something that ensures their tiny tot’s safety, and that said tot also finds it comfortable.

Enter the pack n play mattress. The name might sound confusing at first for the uninitiated, but it is precisely what its name sounds like. For years, parents have reaped the benefits of using a pack n play mattress to keep their little ones safe and entertained while also creating some ‘me’ time for themselves. This mattress makes being a working mom or parent that much easier. For families in which both parents hold down full-time jobs, a pack n play mattress can be a very logical purchase to make. However, choosing one from the plethora of options available is easier said than done. In this ultimate guide, we list some of the best pack n play mattresses and answer a few concerns you may have about them. All the models listed are available on

What is A Pack N Play Mattress?

baby on a pack n play mattress

The pack n play setup is great to keep toddlers engaged during the day when you may need to focus your attention on something else. You can also use it as a convenient sleeping space for your baby, as an alternative to a conventional crib or bassinet. However, the base of almost every pack n play is hard and uncomfortable. Because of this, it is not conducive to sleeping at all, and your baby will probably keep you awake all night. Pack n play mattresses are targeted at this niche. You need to consider buying a pack n play mattress only if you already own a pack n play arrangement. This is because pack n plays usually have unique measurements, meaning a pack n play mattress will not fit a regular crib.


The dimensions of a pack n play mattress are usually in the ballpark of 37” x 27” as most pack n plays are of this size. To be on the safe side, always measure your pack n play before choosing a mattress. An essential aspect of the mattress is the material used. Most pack n play mattresses use foam so that it is both lightweight and comfortable. However, the foam has to be firm enough. It seems natural to want an excellent soft mattress for your baby, but studies have shown that too-soft mattresses can be harmful.

Moreover, they increase the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS), mainly because babies’ bones haven’t fully developed and need maximum support. An excellent way to test a mattress is by pressing your hand into it. If it returns to its initial shape, it is firm enough for a baby.

Do You Need A Pack n Play Mattress?

If you have a baby and plan to let them sleep in a pack n play, chances are you will need a mattress. This is because the base of a pack n play is usually very thin and firm to the point of discomfort. Pack n play mattresses are specifically manufactured to fit pack n play setups. So you will not be able to use a regular crib mattress without folding or bunching it up. If you prefer a crib or a bassinet, there are separate mattresses available for those specifications.

Benefits of Using Pack and Play Mattress

Benefits of Using Pack and Play Mattress

You may wonder if a pack n play mattress delivers the value it promises on paper. Of course, choosing a pack n play over a regular crib is usually the decision that requires a little more research, especially if you or your spouse can actively keep an eye on your tiny tot. But once you have made that choice, it is natural to want to make the experience even more comfortable for the baby. A pack n play mattress does just that, cushioning your baby against the pack n play’s hard base. A good pack n play mattress is also relatively lightweight, making it as portable as the pack n play itself. If you are worried about safety, a correctly-sized mattress will pose no risk or harm to your toddler.

Convenient to Fold: Almost all pack n play mattresses are lightweight and pliable. This means they are easy enough to fold along with the pack n play. This makes it easy to store the mattress or transport it.

Save Space: The pack n play mattresses are extremely compact since they have to fit a standard pack n play, which is not very large. A common problem with additional mattresses in general or even mattress toppers is that they take up too much space. Poorly chosen ones simply do not fit the form factor of the cot. While they would still be usable, they would be eyesores. With a pack n play mattress, you do not have to worry about space at all.

Portable: Pack n play mattresses usually contain polyurethane foam whose density is not too high. This means that they are lightweight while being firm enough for a baby to sleep safely. This factor ensures that they are at least as portable as the pack n play itself. So your baby can play and sleep in comfort wherever you go.

Playpen Upgraded: Parents prefer the pack n play over a playpen because it provides a restricted but comfortable environment for their child. However, a pack n play is often not comfortable enough to sleep in. A pack n play mattress takes care of that drawback and lets your baby sleep in peace. They can also play on the mattress quite happily and without any hassle. A content baby makes parenting so much easier, and a comfortable foam mattress achieves that quite well.

What Should You Look For While Buying The Pack N Play Mattress?

As with any other product, there are several different specifications of pack n play mattresses. Each of them is suitable for a certain kind of pack n play or satisfies a particular need. In this section, we take you through the various factors you need to consider before buying a pack n play mattress for your baby.

Usage & FitNapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play Mattress Perfect Fit

If you already have a pack n play at home, make sure you know its exact dimensions. Measuring it accurately by hand can be difficult, so refer to the manual or web site of the pack n play. Using a poorly fitted mattress in your baby’s pack n play can pose serious risks. You should not be able to insert more than a finger between the edge of the mattress and the frame of the pack n play. Choosing a mattress with a good return policy is always advisable, just in case, it is a little too large or small.


As your baby will sleep on this mattress, it is a good idea to check if the fabric is hypoallergenic. This means that it is free of any harmful chemicals that might cause irritation in adults but could be worse for babies. Natural cotton is almost always entirely hypoallergenic and safe for babies. The material of the stuffing is also important – it should be both supportive and lightweight. The most common material is polyurethane foam, sometimes with a top layer of memory foam.

Brand Awareness

If you are worried about the mattress’s quality, knowing which brand to buy can help a lot. In this regard, Milliard and Graco are two of the most trusted brands in the mattress business in general and for baby sleep products in particular. They have both established a good reputation by consistently providing high-quality products at a decent price range. Most of their products have high consumer ratings and rightly so. They also offer impeccable customer service that is accessible at the press of a button.


This is more of what we covered in the Usage & Fit section. There is a range of pack n play mattresses available in different sizes. What size you choose entirely depends on the size of your pack n play. As we mentioned earlier, the mattress has to fit snugly in the pack n play to avoid any mishaps. The most common thickness available is three inches. In general, the thicker the mattress, the more comfort and support it provides. Some budget mattresses are 1.5 inches thick.


A common conception is that a mattress should be squishy to ensure the best comfort. For the most part, this is true for older children and adults. However, babies’ bones do not fully develop until they are around 2-3 years old. During the preceding period, they need all the support they can get when sleeping or lying down. Overly soft mattresses cannot provide this support. As a result, they may hinder proper development and even cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in extreme cases. When you buy a pack n play mattress, always make sure it is stuffed with a firm enough foam. If you create an indent in the mattress with your fingers or hand, it should restore its shape on its own.

Mattress Cover & Casehiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad Cover Features

Some pack n play mattresses come with removable covers while others don’t. Also, these covers are generally machine-washable. This is an essential feature for any product that comes into contact with infants as you never know when they might have an accident. It is effortless to slip off the cover and pop it in your washing machine. On the other hand, washing a mattress is much more difficult and can be avoided by simply using a cover. Some mattresses have non-removable covers, in which case you have to wash them by hand. Also, many models offer a carry case. This can be quite useful if you plan to travel a lot with your baby and don’t want to compromise on comfort. Pack n play mattresses are very light, allowing for easy portability.

Top 12 Best Pack N Play Mattresses in 2024 – Chart

Here are our picks of 2024’s best pack n play mattresses available on the market.

PreviewPack N Play MattressesThicknessFeaturesOur Rating

1. Milliard Classic Pack N' Play Mattress


2. Milliard Elite Pack N' Play Mattress


3. Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box

6 InchRecommended Mattress Firmness
Unbox, Unroll and Expand!

4. Dream On Me, 3" Foam Pack and Play Mattress, White

3-InchSafety first Always
Fits most popular playards

5. NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play Mattress

1.5 InchFoam Construction

6. Hiccapop Tri-fold Pack n Play Mattress Pad with Firm (for Babies) & Soft (Toddlers) Sides


7. Dreamcountry Foldable Memory Foam Pack n Play Mattress Pad


8. Biloban Trifold Pack N Play Mattress Topper

2 InchNon-slip Backing Design for Comfortable Sleeping

9. MBQMBSS Tri-fold Pack and Play Mattress

1.5 InchMulti-Use Waterproof Folding Portable Crib Mattress
High Density Foam for Babies and Toddlers with Travel Carry Case

10. Swaddlez Pack n Play Mattress Pad Mini Crib Waterproof Protector

39 x 27 x 5 inchesULTRA SOFT BAMBOO

11. Pack n Play Sheets Set, Min Crib Sheet

Fitted 100% Jersey Cotton

12. My Little North Star Pack N Play Crib Mattress Pad Cover

39.00 x 27.00 x 5.00 inchesFits Most Baby Portable Cribs
Dryable Waterproof Quilted Fitted Mattress Protector Pad

1. Milliard Classic Pack N’ Play Mattress

Milliard Classic 2.5 inch Pack N' Play Mattress

The Milliard brand started in 2009 as a candy business. Since then, it has grown exponentially and now offers many different products that aim to make your life easier. Among these is, of course, mattresses and, more specifically, baby mattresses. Milliard’s baby products are of high quality and promise satisfaction. Moreover, they deliver all over America with a good return policy. The Milliard Classic Pack N’ Play mattress is a standard-issue product that aims to replace the pack n play’s a hard base.


The Milliard Classic Pack N’ Play mattress measures 38” x 26”. It will fit in a lot of standard pack n plays. Measure your pack n play to make sure. It has a stuffing of 2.5 inches of high-density foam that has been designed with comfort in mind. The mattress has a cotton cover that is removable and machine-washable. So you do not have to worry too much about spills and stains. This is understandably available in only one size as Milliard has targeted it at the pack n play.


This pack n play mattress sports high-density foam. It is not the firmest of foam available. So the manufacturer recommends not using this mattress for newborns and very young infants. If you are ever in doubt, consult a physician for proper medical advice. However, Milliard does promise a great balance between support and comfort. We found that babies who are old enough to use it find it very comfortable and fall asleep quickly.


The fabric of the cover is hypoallergenic and passes CertiPUR-US standards. Besides, the stuffing contains a fire-retarding layer, which is a useful safety feature.


The mattress weighs a total of around four and a half pounds. This is not very heavy at all. So it is easy to carry around and is quite portable. As a result, you can ensure your child gets the best comfort wherever you go. The only issue is the lack of a carry case.


The Milliard Classic Pack N’ Play mattress is available for just under $90. This is a little pricey. However, there are frequent sales that offer this mattress at a heavily discounted price.

Overall, this mattress is quite functional and comfortable and is the right choice if you own a standard-sized pack n play.

2. Milliard Elite Pack N’ Play Dual-Sided Mattress

Milliard Elite Pack N' Play Mattress - Dual Sided Mattress - Soft Side for Toddlers and Firm Side for Babies

Here is another product from Milliard. The Elite pack n play mattress has the unique feature of being double-sided. This means that each side of the mattress has a layer of different thickness. As a result, you can use this mattress for newborns and then flip it when an older baby uses it. Apart from this feature, it is quite similar to the Milliard Classic, both in construction and comfort.


The Milliard Elite dual-sided Pack N’ Play mattress measures 37.5” x 26”, which is again close to a standard pack n play. Unlike the Classic model, however, you get three inches of high-density foam. Due to this, the amount of support should be marginally higher. However, the main talking point of this mattress is its double-sided cover. You can choose the firm side for infants. On the other hand, the soft side is suitable for toddlers and also provides more comfort with its plushness.


Comfort-wise, the unique dual-side cover on this mattress provides a little variety. The firm side offers pretty good support without being uncomfortably firm. And if you need more comfort, you just have to flip the mattress for the soft and plush side. Also, the removable and machine-washable cover makes cleaning up a lot easier.


The different materials in this mattress all pass CertiPUR-US standards, which means there are no harmful emissions or allergy triggers. The stuffing also contains a fireproof layer, which is a requirement in today’s world. Regarding the safety of usage, while the mattress has a firm side, it is advisable to consult a doctor about infants’ safety.


Like most pack n play mattresses, the Milliard Elite mattress is relatively lightweight. At under 4 pounds, it should not be a hassle to carry this with you when you travel. Paired with a portable pack n play, you can be sure that your baby is comfortable wherever you go. However, the mattress is not foldable. Also, it does not have a carry bag.


At just under $100, this model is slightly more expensive than the Classic. However, the dual cover gives it extra utility, meaning that it can conceivably be used for longer. Also, keep an eye out for frequent discounts.

All in all, the Milliard Elite Pack N’ Play mattress is a good option if you want a mattress that has the quality along with a bit of adaptability.

3. Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress

Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box – GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Non-Toxic, Breathable, Removable Washable Water Resistant Outer Cover

Graco is another brand that is well-known for its quality baby care products. The Graco Premium Crib and Toddler Mattress is one of these products. It is available in two variants. One of them is the standard full crib-sized mattress while the second one is a dual-sided version with a firm side and a softer one. Both these products are of good quality and would benefit your baby greatly. However, they serve slightly different purposes, at least partially.


The first variant of this mattress measures 52” x 27.6” x 5”. At this size, it fits most standard cribs. The stuffing is entirely polyurethane foam. The dual-sided variant is only slightly bulkier at 52” x 28” x 6”. Both the versions come with polyester covers that are waterproof, removable, and machine-washable. The base variant is suitable for toddlers, while the double-sided one can be used by infants, too, on the firm side.


Both of these mattresses are relatively thick. As a result, they provide ample support for your baby or toddler. The base version offers 5 inches of high-density polyurethane foam, while the double-sided variant offers 6. Both of these are sufficiently firm. The soft side of the dual mattress is excellent if you have a toddler who needs a little more comfort. The foam is breathable and ensures proper airflow.


The materials used in both the mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold, and CertiPUR-US certified for safety. So they do not contain any harmful chemicals, nor will they emit any gases after unpacking. Due to the fire-resistant layer present, they also pass federal flammability standards.


The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler mattress is not designed with the pack n play in mind. Since traditional cribs are not exactly portable, these mattresses do not need to be portable as such. They are also relatively heavy at 7 and 13 pounds, respectively.


The Premium Foam version of this mattress is available at just under $80, while the Ultra 2-in-1 model comes in at under $150. This is a significant gap in pricing, given that there are only a couple of unique features. However, the dual model can be used for longer, so it may be a better option in some cases.

4. Dream On Me Foam Pack And Play Mattress

Dream On Me, 3" Foam Pack and Play Mattress, White

Dream On Me is a family-owned brand that sells quality baby products at affordable prices. Their 3-inch foam pack n play mattress is an affordable way to convert your pack n play or playard into a functional bed for your toddler. It fits a lot of the pack n plays that are commonly available on the market.


This foam mattress has dimensions of 37.5” x 25.5”, which is quite close to most baby cribs’ size. The 3-inch foam stuffing is a little more firm than average. However, it does not compromise too much on comfort. It also has a reinforced, waterproof, and anti-bacterial cover.


As we mentioned previously, this mattress is quite firm. As a result, you can safely use this for an infant. Also, though the foam is firm, it is still quite cozy and lets your baby get a good night’s sleep. The cover is easy to clean. While it is not removable, you can clean it by simply wiping it down with soap and water.


Dream On Me has left no stone unturned to ensure that their mattress is safe for babies. The mattress is Greenguard Gold-certified, CPSC-certified, and passes all flammability and toxicity tests. Also, the cover is anti-bacterial.


The mattress is exceptionally light at just 3 pounds. This means that you can easily transport it without having to make any special arrangements. In addition, being a baby mattress, it is pretty compact. Wherever you may travel, your toddler can have a familiar place to sleep, which is more important than it might seem.


This mattress gives you great value for money. For less than $50, you get a mattress that provides both comfort and support that babies need. Your baby can sleep in peace, and this, in turn, lets you sleep comfortably too.

5. NapYou Pack N Play Mattress, Foam Construction

NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play Mattress

The NapYou pack n play mattress is an Amazon-exclusive product that delivers a baby-sized version of one of the most popular kinds of portable mattresses – the trifold mattress. This lightweight mattress has three segments that can be folded into a compact form factor. Moreover, you get a convenient carry bag along with the mattress. When folded, the mattress fits perfectly in this bag.


Continuing the trend, this mattress’s dimensions are very close to those of a standard pack n play. Also, it has rounded edges to make it a little easier to fit it in a pack n play. The foam stuffing is only 1.5 inches thick, but the tradeoff is that it is easily portable. The cover is waterproof, removable, and machine-washable. The fabric used is a blend of organic cotton and polyester.


The thin mattress does not promise a lot of comforts. However, the organic cotton-polyester fabric blend is exceptionally soft to the touch and makes up for the lack of foam. Given that this mattress is most suitable for traveling parents, this is a decent compromise to add portability. The mattress is functional.


This mattress does not provide the best support, so it is probably suitable for toddlers and older. The curved edges may leave unnecessarily large gaps if the pack n play is too big. These gaps can pose a risk. Make sure you are buying the right size.


Portability is the main selling point of this mattress. When folded, it measures 26” x 12.5” x 4.5”. This compact package fits inside the complimentary carry bag and leaves enough room for a baby blanket. This feature is a godsend for families that have to travel a lot. The mattress is also incredibly light, weighing in at less than 3.5 pounds. Besides, you do not require a pack n play to use this mattress, of course.


The NapYou folding pack n play mattress is a budget option at less than $50. There are a few compromises, such as the meager 1.5-inch stuffing. However, it is the epitome of convenience, especially for parents who are always on the go. This mattress targets that specific need, and if you are in that situation, this is a great choice.

6. Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad With Firm Side & Soft Side

hiccapop Tri-fold Pack n Play Mattress Pad with Firm (for Babies) & Soft (Toddlers) Sides | Portable Foldable Playard Mattress, Playpen Mattress for Pack and Play Crib | Includes Carry Case

The hiccapop Pack n Play Mattress Pad is a dual-sided mattress that takes things a step further with memory foam. Memory foam is known to provide great comfort and also be a little more expensive. However, this mattress is only a few dollars more expensive than its competitors.


This double-sided mattress measures 38” x 26”, the standard pack n play size. The thickness of the foam is 3.25”. On the soft side, which is meant for toddlers, there is a layer of memory foam to provide maximum comfort. Newborns and infants can use the firmer side. The jacquard cover is plush, soft, and comfortable. Also, the cover is removable and machine-washable.


The memory foam layer is a feature that has surprisingly not seen a lot of usage in pack n play mattresses. This is surprising because it provides comfort that is superior to that offered by regular polyurethane foam. That is precisely what this mattress delivers too. The firm side is not too far behind, either. Washing the mattress is easy, and the cross-stitching of the cover ensures that fluids do not seep through to the mattress.


The mattress is hypoallergenic and holds up against CertiPUR-US standards. It also passes all flammability and toxicity tests. Ensure the mattress fits the pack n play snugly as the curved corners can potentially create unnecessary and harmful space.


This mattress has relatively limited portability, though it is not impossible. At 5.5 pounds, it is marginally heavier than most of its competitors. If you can procure a large enough bag, carrying this around might not be too difficult.


At just under $55, this mattress is a powerhouse that can fulfill the needs of two different age groups of babies. The memory foam layer is what sets it apart. In most cases, spending a few extra dollars to purchase this model is worth it.

7. Dreamcountry Foldable Pack N Play Mattress Pad

Fitted Foldable Memory Foam Pack n Play Mattress Pad Portable Playard Mattresses 38X26x3 with Washable Cover & Storage Bag

The Dreamcountry pack n play mattress pad attempts to go the foldable route without compromising comfort. What we get is a perfectly fine 3-inch memory foam mattress that comes with a nifty grey bag to carry it in. Though it is a little bulkier when folded, it seems reasonably portable.


This mattress is available in the standard pack n play size of 38” x 26”. It has three inches of pure memory foam that is not too soft and provides enough support for a toddler. You also get a grey 26” x 13” x 9” polyester bag for carrying the mattress when it is folded. Many foldable mattresses ignore this quality-of-life improvement, and it works in favor of Dreamcountry here.


As the stuffing is entirely memory foam, this mattress is one of the best in comfort. However, this also means that it is strictly unsuitable for infants as it is not firm enough. The polyester cover is removable and machine-washable too.


The foam is CertPUR-US certified free from lead, phthalates, and other toxic substances. The mattress is breathable and also has a fireproof lining.


As it is foldable, this mattress is one of the more portable ones on this list. The carry bag is a handy addition and is very convenient to carry around. It takes up around the same amount of space as an average suitcase, so it is not too bulky. You can easily take this with you on road trips and the like. At 4.5 pounds, it is also light enough to carry without breaking a sweat.


The Dreamcountry Foldable pack n play mattress is amazingly priced. For less than $65, you get a mattress that is not only foldable but also manages to provide comfort on par with regular mattresses. This is an excellent investment if you need a portable sleeping solution for your baby.

8. Biloban Trifold Pack N Play Mattress Topper

Biloban Trifold Pack N Play Mattress Topper 38" x 26", Waterproof Breathable Soft Portable Foldable Playard Mattress Topper, Baby Foam Playpen Mattresses with Removable Zippered Cover

Biloban specializes in offering practical and affordable baby products. Their Trifold Pack n Play Mattress Topper promises to be an improvement over the hard floor of a pack n play without burning a hole in your wallet. As a bonus, it is foldable and very compact. So if your pack n play is portable too, they will be quite useful together.


The Biloban pack n play mattress topper fits any regular pack n play. It sports two inches of high-density polyurethane foam of medium firmness. In addition, the edges are rounded to help create a more comfortable fit. The jacquard cover is removable, waterproof, and machine-washable.


This mattress topper is not a world-leader in comfort, but it is enough to let your baby(and you) get a peaceful sleep. The jacquard cover is very soft and delicate, and your child’s skin should have no problems with it. The foam is designed with air bleed, which means there is superior air circulation. As a result, it keeps your baby’s body heat down.


The cover of this mattress topper is hypoallergenic, and OEKO-TEX certified. This means that it is free from any harmful chemicals. It has an anti-skid base, which can be especially useful for babies who roll around a lot in their sleep. It can also keep your toddler safe during play.


You get a convenient carry case along with this mattress. In addition, it is incredibly lightweight and compact. So you can carry this anywhere without any hassle.


At just under $45, the Biloban pack n play mattress topper easily fits into most budgets. Overall, it gives you great value for your buck.

9. MBQMBSS Trifold Pack And Play Mattress

MBQMBSS Tri-fold Pack and Play Mattress Multi-Use Waterproof Folding Portable Crib Mattress

The MBQMBSS trifold pack n play mattress is a standard portable mattress available in both the standard pack n play size and a slightly larger size. The product is pretty standard-issue and ticks all the boxes for a good-quality and durable product.


This mattress comes in two different sizes – the standard 38” x 25” and 40” x 28”. The standard size has 2 inches of high-density foam, while the larger one has 1.5 inches. Both the variants have a soft jacquard cover that is certified toxin-free. In addition, you get a zippered travel bag to carry the folded mattress.


The standard size variant offers 2 inches of high-density foam. This is not the highest we have seen, but it is functional and provides good comfort. On the other hand, the larger one has 1.5 inches though it is not too much worse. In the end, it is almost always an improvement over the pack n play base. The jacquard cover is very soft. It is also waterproof and easily cleanable, ensuring ease of use for the parents too.


The cover is certified non-toxic and PVC-free and passes all federal safety standards. The mattress is also designed to prevent any unnecessary gaps between itself and the pack n play frame. The mattress is designed with air bleed to regulate body heat effectively.


The mattress fits snugly in the travel bag that comes along with it. It is also lightweight. In addition, the relatively low foam thickness contributes to easier portability, making it easy to carry around.


The price lets this product down a bit. At under $50, there are several better options available on the market. You would conceivably buy this mattress only if you have some kind of brand loyalty towards MBQMBSS.

10. Swaddlez Pack N Play Mattress Waterproof Protector

Pack n Play Mattress Pad | Mini Crib Waterproof Protector | Padded Cover for Graco Playard Matress | Fits All Baby Portable Cribs, Play Yards and Foldable Mattresses

This Swaddlez mattress pad is a good option if you do not want to buy a whole mattress. It is designed to fit a regular pack n play mattress comfortably. You can also consider this if you have a pack n play mattress that is old or worn out but doesn’t want to purchase a new one.


This mattress protector measures 39” x 27” and has a 5” skirt. As a result, it can fit a standard pack n play mattresses of any thickness as the extra fabric can simply be folded away. Moreover, it has an ultrasoft bamboo layer at the top, along with a TPU foam membrane.


The bamboo top is very soft and provides excellent comfort. It is a great way to extend the life of old mattresses whose stuffing has worn out or sunk in too much. The TPU membrane is waterproof and is designed to protect your mattress from any accidents. The pad is fairly easy to wash.


The surface of the pad is soft and gentle on your toddler’s skin. It is also certified phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA-free to ensure maximum safety. Bamboo fibers are naturally breathable and help keep your baby cool during sleep.


Given that this is a mattress pad, it is lightweight, and there is no difficulty in carrying it around at all. It is also easy to install and remove and can be used with several different mattress sizes.


At under $20, the Swaddlez mattress pad is a very cheap option to revitalize your old and worn out pack n play mattress. It is very versatile and fits pretty much any pack n play mattress. This is a no-brainer if you are on a budget or simply want to save money.

11. Kids N’ Such Pack N Play Playard Sheet Set

Pack n Play Sheets Set, Min Crib Sheet, Fitted 100% Jersey Cotton, Will Fit Any Playard, 2 Pack

Here is a product from Kids n’ Such to go along with your pack n play mattress. These sheets are designed explicitly for pack n plays. They are quite soft while also promising to withstand daily wear and tear. You can use these with pack n plays of any size.


These pack n play sheets are “universal,” meaning that they will fit pack n play mattresses of any size and thickness. This is possible because of the elastic band running around each sheet that ensures it stays in place. The fabric is premium lightweight jersey cotton. The sheets are available for pack n plays as well as cribs and bassinets.


The 100% jersey cotton sheets are very soft to the touch and should be quite comfortable for your baby. However, you will have to pay a premium for this kind of comfort. The sheet is easy to remove and is machine-washable.


The sheets are phthalate-free. The unique 360-degree elastic band ensures that the sheet fits snugly. In addition, it makes sure the sheet stays secure even if your baby rolls around a lot.


These are bedsheets, so of course, they are portable. As mentioned earlier, they are also adaptable, and you can use them with pack n plays of varying sizes without compromising on the fit.


At just under $30, the Kids n’ Such sheet set is not the cheapest you will find. However, these sheets justify their cost with some premium comfort and usability. If the price is not an issue, this is a great choice for your baby.

12. My Little North Star Pack n Play Crib Mattress Pad Cover

Pack N Play Crib Mattress Pad Cover - 27" X 39" Fits Most Baby Portable Cribs, Mini Crib, and Play Yards. 2 Pack Washable, Dryable Waterproof Quilted Fitted Mattress Protector Pad

The My Little North Star mattress pad is another useful add-on product you can consider if you already have a pack n play mattress. It promises to spruce up your pack n play mattress and make it a little more comfortable for your baby.


This mattress pad measures 39” x 27”, which is reasonably close to the standard pack n play mattress size. It also has a 5” stretchable skirt that allows you to use it on slightly larger mattresses. In addition, it has a high-quality waterproof lining that will keep your mattress safe from any spills.


The top of the pad consists of soft-quilted microfibers that are soft and comfortable. There is also a 1.5-inch filling that provides that extra bit of support that an old mattress lacks. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the frequent washes that are required for baby products.


This mattress pad is certified non-toxic and is free from phthalates, lead, and BPA. It is hypoallergenic and also flame-resistant. In addition, it is bacteria- and dust mite-resistant. In short, you can be sure that your baby is safe and happy.


The 5-inch skirt of the My Little North Star mattress pad lets you use it for pack n play mattresses of almost any size. You can even use it for small cribs.


You can buy the 1-pack for just under $16 and the 2-pack for $5 more. This is quite a reasonable price and makes this pad a great budget option. It does its job of boosting comfort quite well and is also very durable.

After Buying A Pack N Play Mattress – Maintenance & More

How do I install my Pack N Play mattress?

Foam mattresses usually ship in a vacuum-sealed package. Because of this, you will have to let the mattress expand after unpacking. This can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. After the mattress reaches its listed size, you can place it in your pack n play and start using it.

Can my newborn sleep on a Pack N Play mattress?

Newborns and infants require more padding and support to help their bones develop fully. So the mattress should be firm and not too soft as it may sag too much. Consult a physician for more specific advice.

How do I clean my Pack N Play mattress?

If your mattress has a removable cover, it is most likely machine-washable. If the cover is not removable, you can clean dirt and stains using a wet cloth and mild soap. These are called wipe-clean mattresses.

What precautions do I have to follow?

The main point of interest is ensuring that the mattress is firm enough for an infant’s. For babies in general, make sure that the gap between the mattress and the frame is not too large. Use well-fitted sheets so that there is no chance of bunching up, which can cause suffocation. Always maintain good hygiene as your child’s skin is very sensitive.


Pack N Play mattresses offer your child a safe place to play, sleep, and generally be entertained. We hope this article provides enough information for you to make an informed decision on which mattress to choose to fit your needs.

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