Sleeplace Multi-Layer Tri-folding Memory Foam Mattress Review in 2024

Sleeplace is the flagship brand of Grantec Co., Ltd., (Grantec International). Years of research and experience in designing and manufacturing quality mattresses and related bedroom accessories have gone into this product. Sleeplace brand uses the best of technology and materials to bring you excellent products. These cater to all sleep patterns and body weights. They are comfortable and made to last long.

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SLEEPLACE Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Review

SLEEPLACE Multi Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam Topper Mattress, Single, Blue-grey

The Sleeplace Multi-Layer Tri-folding Memory Foam Topper Mattress, Single, Grey is an excellent product from Grantec Co., Ltd, under its Sleeplace brand. This product has been well received for its comfort, durability, portability, and easy storage. Also read our latest review about the Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Mattress.

The Aerospace industry led by NASA was researching for materials to help their astronauts during space flights. NASA invented this unique material for use on their spaceflights. This product known as Memory Foam later came in for commercial use and today has found widespread usage in the manufacture of mattresses and accessories and for seatings.

The Memory Foam used in this product is of the highest quality. This memory foam has very low elasticity; however, its shock-absorbent property is excellent, and it comes back to its original size very fast. The material used is durable and is capable of maintaining the temperature. This is a critical aspect of every mattress as people do not prefer mattresses that heats up when in use. This product can diffuse the heat generated by the body and helps to maintain the temperature.

Design & Materials

This excellent tri-folding memory foam mattress has the comfort of the user in mind.

As mentioned, the design lends itself to easy portability and is ideal for sleepovers, camping, or for use in a dorm room. The tri-folding design also enables easy storage in limited space. This can help to save space, especially where the room sizes are small.

This topper has a 4-inch thick memory foam developed by the company over long years of research. The company’s goal has been to provide the utmost comfort to its customers through all its products. The bottom of the mattress is of non-woven fabric stitched firmly to give strength and durability.

Size & Color

This excellent topper has a dimension of 75-inch length x 25-inch width x 4-inch thickness when fully unfolded and used as a mattress. The 4-inch thick foam mattress gives long-lasting comfort and is very easy to carry around for use in different locations. On folding, it measures 25-inch x 25-inch x 12 inches thick and can be easily stored. The standard size of the Twin mattress is 74-inch x 39 inches.

However, the mattress in review, though known as Twin size, is narrower and slightly longer than the standard twin size.

The product under review comes in Grey or Blue color.


Comfort & Dual Usage

This is a well designed and efficiently made topper using the very best of materials. This topper is very comfortable and gives the user the opportunity for dual usage. As a mattress, it provides immense sleep comfort, and as a 12-inch high seat, once it is fully folded, it enables you to lounge and watch your TV programs or chat with your friends. Alternatively, you can fold the mattress once and rest the other fold against the wall to use it as a more comfortable seat.

Heat Diffusing Capacity

This product has found many enthusiastic users who have been impressed by the comfort that it provides during sleep. The excellent memory foam used in manufacturing this topper adds comfort by diffusing the heat generated by prolonged contact of the body with the mattress. People generally prefer a mattress that does not heat up during sleep, and for such people, this is the best choice.

Ideal For Camping

This folding topper is also ideal for an enthusiastic camper. The topper folds quickly and is portable. This makes it easy to carry from place to place. At the campsite, the product will prove to be a useful mattress that gives comfort even on slightly uneven floors.

Ideal When Uninvited Guests Drop-In

At home, it is a great boon when you get an uninvited guest. You can unfold the topper on the floor to give the visitor a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. This topper is the ideal choice for meeting such emergencies.

Best For Sleepovers

People have also used this topper in their office when they have to stay back for some emergency work. This is an ideal choice for sleepovers as it keeps away the cold of the floor. Users have found the product as good as a regular memory foam mattress at less than 1/4th of the cost.

Cost-Effective Solution

This product from Grantec Co., Ltd, is an excellent piece of bedroom accessory. It is not only made for comfort but is also a highly cost-effective solution. A regular branded mattress is a very costly investment, and on average, the price would range anywhere between $500 and $1500 per piece. Most of the Memory Foam mattresses fall under this range, and the user should make his choice after careful consideration of factors like quality, comfort, durability, and warranty. This could be a steep purchase for many, and the alternative is to go in for a memory foam topper similar to the one reviewed here.

The topper reviewed here costs around $75 to $80 per piece and has the quality to give a comfortable sleep experience and the utility that you expect in such a product.


Not Very Firm

This appears to be the only disadvantage that we can point out about this mattress. A few users have voiced this complaint.


Trying to decide on a mattress that would be of use when guests drop in needs careful consideration of factors like the availability of space, the quality you are looking for, and the cost you have budgeted for this purchase. Importantly, if there is a space constraint, then you have no option but to go in for an easily storable folding mattress topper that could serve the dual purpose of a mattress and a seating arrangement. Make your choice after careful consideration of all factors.

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