AmazonBasics Tri-fold Mattress Reviews in 2024

This article will take a good look at the AmazonBasics Trifold mattress focusing on its construction, comfort, portability, and pricing.

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AmazonBasics Trifold Mattress, Queen, Grey

As the name suggests, the AmazonBasics Trifold mattress has three folds that help you store and transport it easily. In this article, we will review the queen-sized variant. It measures 78″ x 58″ x 4″. When folded, its dimensions are 58″ x 26″ x 12″. As this is a queen size mattress, it is not as compact as some of the other models we have reviewed. The stuffing consists of four inches of high-density foam that promises to be both sturdy and comfortable. Amazon has decided to leave out the memory foam layer that features on quite a few other folding mattresses. We shall see whether that affects the comfort the mattress offers. A breathable mesh cover covers the foam. This cover is removable and also machine-washable. The mattress as a whole weighs in at around 25 pounds.

The hypoallergenic high-density foam that this folding mattress incorporates is CertiPUR-US certified. This means you can be sure that the foam does not contain any harmful chemicals or will give off any toxic gases. However, there was a certain amount of off-gassing when we first unpacked the mattress. While the vapors may not be harmful, the smell was quite pungent, enough that the mattress was unusable without airing. We recommend airing the mattress for at least two days, or for as long as it takes for the odor to disappear. Letting your folding mattress air before using it for the first time is a good idea in general too. The outer cover has velcro flaps that help secure the mattress when carrying it or with different folding arrangements.


AmazonBasics Trifold Mattress sofa

When it comes to folding mattresses, comfort is never a priority. But we like evaluating them based on comfort anyway. Many portable mattresses choose memory foam because it fits the bill of being both light and comfortable. Interestingly, the AmazonBasics Trifold mattress decides to go the non-memory foam route. Its high-density foam is reasonably firm and manages to provide an excellent cushioning effect. As with any foam mattress, heavy usage will lead to slight deformation. However, while in use, the foam does its job very well, and you will rarely find anything to complain about, comfort-wise. As this mattress is queen-sized, two people of average size can comfortably sleep side-to-side. The mattress absorbs movement to a fair extent, so you will rarely be disturbed by a restless bedmate. Although it is not a listed feature, the base of the mattress seems resistant to slipping.

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Overall, this mattress is not the pinnacle of comfort, but it gets the job done without any complaints. As a side note, though the cover is removable, it is probably best not to remove it. While being able to wash it is often a boon, there seems to be some fiberglass layer between the foam and the cover. When you remove the cover, the fiberglass scatters all over the place, and it is hard to clean up. The zippers on the cover also seem flimsy and have to be handled with a little care.

AmazonBasics Trifold Mattress, Queen, Grey


Lightweight design is portable and easy to set up and store

Given that it is a queen-size mattress, portability is not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the AmazonBasics Trifold mattress. However, the lightweight foam helps hit that target at least partially. While it may not be the most compact portable mattress, it is quite lightweight and can be carried by a single person without too much hassle. Its dimensions mean that it is not as easy to store as smaller mattresses. While you will eventually find space for it in your closet, this is probably not the right choice for camping trips. Unless you are willing to go through the extra trouble, that is. The mattress has useful little velcro flaps that keep it folded when you carry it around.

One section of the mattress can be folded further into two halves. Utilitywise, this opens up a few new possibilities. The primary use is as a sofa. As is the case during sleep, the foam is very supportive and makes for a comfortable sofa. You can also get creative and try out different arrangements. So there are several situations in which this folding mattress can be useful. You could use it as a spare, reserved for when you have guests staying over. Or you could use it when you need more furniture for family gatherings – the list goes on. Also, the mattress is very easy to set up. So using it in all these situations should be a piece of cake.

AmazonBasics Trifold Mattress, Twin XL, Navy


The queen-size Amazon basics Trifold mattress is available on for under $160. This seems to be a reasonable price for a queen-sized mattress. The absence of memory foam will sometimes make itself sorely felt. However, the overall product quality justifies this price quite well. To top it all off, Amazon has an excellent return policy and customer service, among other perks. So if you ever run into any roadblocks, you will be able to sort them out with relative ease. Online shopping has its pitfalls, but when you’re shopping at Amazon, you need not worry.


Overall, the AmazonBasics Trifold mattress keeps up the quality standards that the brand has come to represent. Though there is no memory foam, the mattress supports your body well and can give you a great night of sleep. When you are not sleeping on it, it can double up as a very comfy sofa. This folding mattress can fit a lot of situations, right from family nights to unexpected guests. One of the few downsides is the vague specifications that make no mention of the additional fiberglass layer between the cover and the foam. This renders the cover pretty much unremovable, which again goes against one of its selling points. There is also the issue of the odor when you receive it. However, you forget most of these problems when you lie down to take a nap on this very reliable mattress.

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