Compact Technologies Folding Mattress Review in 2024

In this article, we will review a fast-moving folding mattress from Compact Technologies that have high ratings and wide acceptance.

Folding Mattresses find widespread usage due to their portability and multiplicity of usage. They are easy to store and have found wide usage in homes and among keen campers. Folding mattresses save space and help avoid the need for futons that are rather clunky and use up space. They can also double as Ottomans.

Compact Technologies 6″ Memory Foam Portable Mattress Review

6" Memory Foam Portable (Fold-Up & Fold-Out) Guest Bed w/Case, Tri-Fold Away Travel, Floor, Camp, Foldable Futon & Topper for Fast Trifold Sleep Comfort

The Compact Technologies 6″ Memory Foam Portable mattress is an excellent piece from Compact Technologies. The product is designed for comfort and durability. It provides the user with a wonderful sleep experience in the home, in the Recreational Vehicle (RV), and for all those enthusiastic campers who prefer the open. As a product that has provided great comfort when used on very flat surfaces or bumpy surfaces, especially when you are on a camp, this product has won appreciation from a wide circle of satisfied users.

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The product is made from high-quality Memory Foam that is known for its comfort and durability. Memory foam is a widely used material in mattresses that have addressed the need for greater comfort, and this particular mattress provides excellent support without bottoming out.

The strength and thickness of the foam enable the user to have a sleep in proper warmth even when they lay it on cold tiles of the bedroom. Those people who are embarrassed in making their guests sleep on the floor need not feel guilty anymore, with this excellent folding mattress in their home.


Compact Technologies 6 inch memory foam folding mattress design and layers

This is a tri-fold design that allows you the liberty to fold and pack with ease and is easily portable. The product is constructed with two layers using unique multi-density foam that allows the user not only great comfort but also has been able to provide pain-free sleep for those people who have been prone to chronic pains while sleeping. The bottom layer is made of a 4″ base, which provides tremendous support, and because of its design, the seams are not visible. The top 2″ layer is made of Soft Air Memory Foam of the highest quality. This layer provides ample support to the back, hips, and knees and also gives immense comfort and pain-free sleep all through the night.

Memory Foam has been in wide use for around 50 years since its invention by NASA. Memory Foam was invented to make the lives of their astronauts more comfortable and safer during space travel. Since then, the product has got widespread usage, especially in the manufacture of mattresses and cushions. As a material that regulates temperature, it has found tremendous usage in the sitting room and the bedroom. Mattresses made from Memory Foam have a high density and is known for the firm support and excellent pressure that it provides. This translates to superb comfort to the user and also gives greater durability to the product.

The Folding provision

The Queen 6″ Memory Foam Portable Mattress serves two purposes. When the threefold mattress is fully unfolded, it becomes a comfortable and fully supportive Queen-sized mattress that can provide excellent comfort to the sleeper. You can fold it and use it as a ‘couch’ with back support during the day. This is ideal for those who prefer to watch movies or play some form of card games when it can alternate as a table.

Ideal For Campers & Travellers

The Compact Technologies 6″ folding mattress is travel-ready and easily portable. For those enthusiastic campers, this is ideal as the mattress can be laid out on bumpy surfaces encountered during camps. This top-quality mattress provides great comfort on these floors and also on the floors of your Recreational Vehicles. In both these cases, it keeps your body warm and cozy.

As mentioned earlier, this folding memory foam mattress is easily portable. This piece is provided with a rugged travel case made of Oxford fabric to add to the portability. In addition to this, it comes with a strong double stitched cover with zips. This can be unzipped easily and can be machine washed regularly. All this enables the mattress to give long years of comfort to the users, especially those who are adventurous and have the travel urge.

Size & Specifications

The Queen – 6″ Folding Memory Foam Mattress has the dimension of 58″ x 80″ x 6″ when fully unfolded. This is the normal size of a Queen size mattress available in the market. When folded, the mattress measures 18″ x 27″ x 58″ and fits perfectly into the Oxford Travel Case provided at no extra cost. While shipping, the package dimension is 64.5 x 13 x 12.5 inches and weighs about 54.9 pounds. On unpacking the mattress slowly expands to its normal size.

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The Compact Technologies 6″ Memory Foam tri-fold mattress has received rave reviews for its firm yet soft feel, its stretchability, and enduring comfort. The need for a folding mattress is growing since people are trying to save space in their living rooms. This folding mattress is the ideal choice for your home as it not only saves space but also provides excellent comfort and peace to the sleeper. Reviews have shown that it has helped many people with chronic pains in their joints and back to have fully recovered from these symptoms after prolonged usage. The product can also double up as an item you can lean against the wall with one of the folds providing you back support. Moreover, when it is fully folded, it can also double as a table for you and your friends to play games like cards.

This folding mattress has been widely accepted for its simple yet sturdy and durable design.

Most importantly, though it appears to be slightly higher priced at around $200 per piece, it is worth the money you spend. Overall this is an excellent piece to have in your bedroom.

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