Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Memory foam is basically made up of polyurethane and other additional chemicals which help in increasing the density and viscosity of a mattress. The value of density in a memory foam mattress decides its comfort level. The higher density foam allows the mattress to mold quickly according to your body shape and size and when you get up from the bed, it quickly returns to its original place. Memory foam is the most recommended and largely used mattress type in the world which ensures the comfort and luxury of the users.

The Memory Foam proved itself as one of the most innovative mattresses.  These foams are sensitive to heat and pressure viscoelastic. This material conforms according to the body shape of a sleeper. The weight and heat shape custom contoured sleeping surface. This prevents the pressure points waking you up because of ache and pain.Memory Foam Mattress Keep Spine Straight

Tips For Choosing The Best Valued Memory Foam Mattress

There are many things which one must consider while buying a memory foam mattress. Whether you are going to buy a traditional memory foam mattress or a GEl infused one, how much you are willing to pay for a foam mattress and what is your budget? All these things matter a lot when you are in the market to grab a perfect sleeping mattress for yourself. We have sorted out some useful tips which can help you in grabbing cheap memory foam mattress with more comfort and durability.

  • 1.  Decide your budget for memory foam mattress before you enter into market because if you will go without planning, you will end spending extra dollars.
  • 2.  Decide the type of memory foam mattress you are interested to buy before entering the market. You can read memory foam mattress reviews online to figure out what people say about different types of foam mattress and how it will work for you.
  • 3.  Think about the density and ask retailers about it. Decide between whether you are looking for a tough mattress or a soft one? How much density and recovery potential you are looking forward to? All these things must be considered while buying a brand new memory foam mattress.
  • 4.  Ask the salesperson about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of memory foam mattresses. Also, ask about their prices and manufacturers.
  • 5.  It is also vital to check different reviews of memory foam mattress manufacturing companies online prior to your shopping. This will help you in understanding what other customers think about different companies and their products.
  • 6.  Negotiate and compare prices of different companies. You can also check prices online and then compare them with other companies. Mostly online vendors sell foam mattresses at reasonable rates as compared to vendors sitting in the market.
  • 7.  Analyze different layers of memory foam mattress as most of the brands use stuffing and padding to increase the size and length.
  • 8.  You can also shop memory foam mattress by brand. Different brands offer different quality and it is always good to check about products of different brands online as it will give you a better idea.

My Top Picks

If you went through all the info provided above without missing a point, then I will move to the next section of my best picks for memory foam mattresses.

Best Selling Memory Foam Mattress
What do you need to do at the end of the hard working day, of course, a deep sleep! This review of most comfortable 12-inch bedding product on my website will help you to choose a comfortable layering to sleep well. The Sleep Innovation 12-inch mattress comes with excellent material without heat retention that will no more cause disturbed sleep. It comes with anti-allergic and anti-dust technology that keeps you healthy as well.

Best Memory Foam Mattress For The Money
You will find this mattress review great that comes with the most basic density of 2lb level for memory foam. Enjoy the maximum comfort while sleeping on Signature Sleep 8-inch foam mattress that is loaded with awesome adjustable body weight feature. You don’t need to worry about your spinal cord pain as the adjustable body weight features shape it according to your body weight. You have to give it a try for extra comfort sleep.

Highly Comfortable Foam Mattress
DynastyMattress is a high-quality foam mattress on my website; it helps you to enjoy the safe level of comfortable sleep. It comes with the 3.5-inch Cool Breeze layer of Gel and 2-inch thick layers of Cool Air Flow foam makes it more comfortable for all seasons. On buying this mattress, you will get the matching mattress cover pillow for free. Buy the DynstyMattress and get rid of the back pain.

Best Brand Memory Foam Mattress
This is one of the greatest foam mattresses in my collection, Serta 12-inch Gel-Memory foam mattress. It comes with three different comforting layers of foam in which the gel is infused, and this is the key to enjoying the most comfortable sleep, and the combination of gel beads makes it extraordinary comfortable for the spinal cord. Try this queen size 12-inch thick memory foam to get the joy of relaxed sleep.

Best Gel Infused Foam Mattress
I found this foam mattress perfect in my reviews collection, Brentwood 9-inch foam mattress loaded with 2-inch infused gel, 2-inch Ventilated Cool Airflow layer and 5-inch therapeutic support. All of these features will never let you feel bumpy while turning the side and don’t let you come out from the deep sleep. You must try Brentwood foam mattress for extra comfort sleep.

Best Firm Memory Foam Mattress
This foam mattress has priceless features, DreamFoam is one of the famous bedding product in my mattress reviews collection. This mattress gets rid of your back pain. The 7-inch Trizon makes it surprisingly comfy to sleep well. The firm surface of this mattress makes it perfect for all age people even for kids. You will glad to know about its 25 years manufacturing warranty that urges you to buy this comfortable foam mattress.

Best Therapeutic Foam Mattress
I include this memory foam mattress in my luxuries collection; it would not be affordable for everyone, but the one who will buy this mattress will never want to sleep on any other surface. This 10-inch mattress foam created with the most advanced mattress foam technology. It can be used in all weather conditions as its environment-friendly features make it perfectly comfortable.

Top Rating Dual Layer Mattress
Sleep well overnight and make your next day fresh while sleeping on Red Nomad 10-inch luxury foam mattress. This mattress is the perfect combination of 7-inch polyurethane base, 3-inch ventilated material, and the whole 10-inch memory foam is best for a comfortable sleep. I found this mattress costly as compared to other ones on my website, however, after going through all of its features it would not cost you a bomb.

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Things Should Know Before Buying

How important it is to spend your money where you spend your time? You spend at least 1/3 of your day on your mattress; you need to consider a few important points when buying one. The Sleeping surface of some foams can be detrimental to your health, you don`t need a high budget to purchase a good foam. Before you head out to the shop, take your time and read our following guide thoroughly.

  • Bed Frame The memory foam doesn`t need a spring box. The memory mattresses are not made with inner springs. The foam mattresses tend to be lower as compared to traditional mattresses.  This foam works well with all types of bed frames, especially the platform.
  • Thickness The depth of Memory foam lies between 8 inches to 13 inches. Only a few mattresses are made of memory foam. Considering your preference will be better as the thickness of a mattress benefits i-e the pressure sensitive system. When buying a mattress, remember depth means firmness.
  • Density The density of your mattress is even more important than thickness. It determines the firmness of the surface.  Density can be only measured in pounds. The heavier your mattress is, the more density you will enjoy. If you are a side sleeper, then you need a plush surface. Buy memory foam that is between 3-4 (ideally 5) pounds.  A firm foundation is essential for good night sleep. Firmness helps to cure for back pain.
  • Type of Foam The traditional foam is popular and many of mattresses are made of it. As the primary disadvantage of sleeping on this traditional foam is heat, memory foam was introduced. The gel foam is made with foam infused gel beads. This allows for better air circulation to help us sleep. If you prefer mattresses made from natural materials then you should try latex foam.
  • Top of The Mattress When buying a Memory Foam Mattress, remember this is the part you will feel the most. The variations are differentiated based on the sleeper. Yes, if you are a back or stomach sleeper then you need a tight top. If you prefer sleeping on your side, then you need Euro Top, Pillow Top, and Plush Top.
  • Buy Certified Mattress Only consider purchasing mattresses certified from standard testing of foam and different chemicals. Make sure the foam you are buying is not made with the following:
  1. Ozone Depleters
  2. PBDE Flame Retardants
  3. Mercury and Lead
  4. Formaldehyde
  5. Phthalates

Ideally, you don`t need fire retardant to be used in your foam. Just buy for your compliance and your preference.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews
Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

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How Much to Pay For a Memory Foam Mattress?

You may encounter various varieties of memory foam mattresses ranging from cheap to high priced and you will be confused in the end. You can purchase a cheap memory foam mattress and there is nothing bad in it until and unless you are not wasting your money. The best memory foam mattress is the one which offers comfort and flexibility with quick recovery. Often 2lb foam mattress is available at cheap rates but they are not as much comfortable as compared to other densities of memory foam mattresses. It is perfect to go for something between 3lb to 5lb in cheap prices as this density of memory foam mattress is widely accepted by customers all over the world.

Whether to Go For a Memory Foam Topper or Memory Foam Mattress?

When you go to market, you encounter lots of varieties of foam mattress and it is often confusing to decide which one to go for. We have cleared things for you in this guide so that you may enjoy a tension free shopping of foam mattress.

Memory foam topper is basically a layer of foam which is often spread over your normal mattress to offer you a comfortable sleep. If you have bought a new mattress recently and now you want to enjoy the feel of memory foam then we will recommend you to go for a memory foam mattress topper. However, if you are tired of your old mattress then you should go for a new foam mattress. This will not only help you in getting a night of better sleep, but it will also improve your overall health as it offers regular blood circulation to the human body.

Another name for foam topper is foam mattress pad which is a little bit different in shape and size. Both of these are used to offer a comfortable layer over your flat or firm traditional mattress. Some brands use the name of mattress topper and others call it memory foam mattress pad but both products are pretty similar to each other with the same purpose. You can go for either of them and they are a cheap solution to convert your old mattress into a foam mattress with extra comfort and relaxing feel.

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress:

  • 1. Offers comfortable and sound sleep with all benefits associated with proper sleep.
  • 2. Orthopedic remedy for all those people who suffer from joint pains as it automatically adapts to the shape and size of your body.
  • 3. It increases circulation of blood in the body and offers a perfect sleep.
  • 4. Excellent for people with allergies. Memory foam mattress comes with anti-microbial and anti-dust mite which enables the sleeper to breathe more easily.
  • 5. Decreased motion distributor which never disturbs your sleep by movement of the person sleeping beside you.
  • 6. Deep sleep and relaxing feel throughout the night.


Memory foam is a latent form of mattress available in the market that offers maximum comfort to the sleeper. If you are tired of your old mattress then its best to buy a valued memory foam mattress for yourself. We hope that this guide will help you in making the right choice for your foam mattress purchase.


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