Best Mattresses under $300 – Complete Reviews of 2024

Are you unable to sleep soundly at night due to your mattress being uncomfortable? After the hard work that you do the whole day, you deserve to sleep comfortably so that your body gets the needed rest. This is impossible without a proper mattress that is according to what you need.

Best Mattresses Under 300 Dollars

Buying a good mattress can break your bank since they come in quite a vast price range. However, many budget-friendly options will give you much-needed comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are unable to trust these low priced mattresses, then we are here to help you.

Many well-known brands manufacture budget-friendly options that are similar to their expensive counterparts. Not only are the mattresses durable and lightweight, but they are also perfect for all types of sleepers. To guide you make the right selection, we have reviewed the best mattress under $300.

The guide covers some important topics that would help you choose the perfect mattress for yourself. If you are buying a mattress on your own for the first time, then you have nothing to worry about. With our guidance, you will make a very good choice and also enjoy a good night’s sleep every day from now.

Top 16 Best Mattresses under $300 in 2024

1. Best Selling – Zinus 8 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

best selling mattress under $300

Green tea memory foam is high quality and comfortable material that is used in many mattresses. The Zinus 8 inches green tea memory foam queen-size mattress is not exceptional for high support and comfort. Another great thing about the mattress is its high durability.

The dimensions of the mattress are 80 x 60 x 8 inches with a weight of 43.7 lbs. Along with green tea memory foam; this mattress uses a soft polyurethane Jacquard cover. This green tea foam combined with ActivCharcoal helps you get pain free as well as fresh sleep at night. You will not wake up with any odor and would smell fresh.

After you receive the package, it is better to roll out the mattress and let it stay unused for 72 hours to expand to the actual shape. Once you start using the mattress, you will see that it contours the body shape when you sit on it and again spring back to the original form when you get up.

There are different layers to the mattress, such as 2 inches of comfort foam, 4 inches of support foam, and 2 inches of memory foam, all of which provide you with support, comfort, and proper body alignment. This mattress is perfect for all kinds of sleepers and compatible with most bases.

The mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US for content, performance, and durability.

  • 10-year warranty coverage
  • Jacquard fabric
  • ActivCharcoal, green tea extract combination
  • Outer cover removal can lead to fiberglass shard exposure

2. Best Rating – Linenspa 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

best rating mattress under $300

The Linenspa 10 inch memory foam and innerspring hybrid medium feel mattress is another strong contender in the best mattress under $300 category. This mattress provides exceptional back support to the users and is perfect for people who suffer from persistent backaches. It will help you enjoy comfortable sleep every night without feeling consistent pain.

The memory foam that has been used in this mattress contours the body so that your spine does not get added pressure. Once you get up from the mattress, it will again go back to the real form and not lead to sagging. The combination of innerspring and comfort foam ensures a high level of support to the users.

You will get a slight bounce every time you sit on the mattress due to the innerspring presence. This ensures that you land softly on your back and do not hurt yourself even if you are falling hard on the mattress. During the night, your body will be aligned at the correct posture no matter the sleeping position.

Certified with CertiPUR-US, this is a great investment, one that you will have no doubts about. If you are looking for a good mattress for your kids, there could be nothing better than this one from Linenspa. The mattress dimensions are 80″ L x 76″ W x 10″ H with 70 pounds.

  • Made from high-quality foam for longevity and support
  • Available in different sizes
  • Unboxing the mattress is hassle-free
  • Affordable mattress
  • After unboxing the mattress, you may find spots on some mattresses that are a result of the wrong packaging

3. Best Branded – Signature Design by Ashley Mattress

Best Branded mattress under $300

The Signature Design by Ashley Mattress is a very highly recommended choice for most homeowners. This mattress is 79.5 inches in length, 8 inches in height, and 76 inches in width. This king-size 8 inches mattress is available in purple color and is made from Hypoallergic material. This means that people with severe allergic reactions will be able to use the mattress without any fear.

The mattress prevents the buildup of mold, dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, making it safe for kids and allergic users. Due to the use of memory foam, the mattress can take the shape of the person who sleeps in it. This makes it very comfortable for the user, as they will not feel any pressure on the spine.

You will not spend much time on the installment of the mattress. All you need to do is unpack the package, unroll the mattress, and place it on your bed. No matter what base you have, this mattress will be compatible with all. The mattress has a one-inch thick memory foam and 1.5 inches thick transition foam.

The best thing about this mattress is its long warranty period of 10 years. Most mattresses have an average longevity of up to 10 years, and warranty coverage of the same timeframe increases the customers’ trust.

  • Constructed with Hypoallergic material
  • Foam provides firm support
  • Long warranty coverage of 10 years
  • Memory foam gives you pain-free sleep
  • The temperature of the mattress is cool while sleeping
  • Firmness may be hard

4. Most Comfortable – Iyee Nature 10 inch Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Most Comfortable Mattress under $300

The Iyee Nature 10 inches cooling-gel memory foam mattress is a king-sized high quality that can be used perfectly for different bed frames. With a weight of 67.59 pounds, the mattress dimensions are 76 x 80 x 10 inches. The firmness of this mattress is a medium that is suitable for most users.

The presence of cooling-gel memory foam ensures that you get the right sleeping temperature. Your body will not become too hot, even in high-heat. You can sleep soundly due to the medium firm memory foam that takes the shape of your body. The motion isolation of the mattress is good, where you will not feel disturbance even if your partner is moving in his or her sleep.

You will not experience any pressure on your back and neck while sleeping. The pressure is released so that your body can be in the proper alignment for a comfortable sleep. Another great thing that happens due to the presence of comfort foam is good ventilation. This reduces the risk of bad odor due to sweat, and you end up fresh every morning.

After opening the package, you will have to wait for 72 hours like every other mattress so that it stretches out to its original shape. You will not have to worry about the company’s customer service since they are very helpful and always prompt in their responses.

  • Medium firmness with exceptional support
  • Proper ventilation in the comfort foam for freshness in the morning
  • Memory foam contours the body shape
  • Opening the package may be a hassle for some

5. Best Hybrid – Vibe Quilted 12-Inch Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Best Hybrid mattress under $300

The Vibe Quilted gel memory foam and innerspring hybrid pillow top 12 inches mattress is equipped with a dual top technology that enhances the sleeper’s comfort. The surface of the mattress is combined with memory foam and a layer of cooling gel. With the memory foam, the mattress will take the shape of the sleeper’s body.

The contour shaping done by the foam relieves any pressure that the sleeper might feel in their spine. It also corrects the alignment of your spine and relaxes the position so that you can sleep comfortably without any pain in your body. The memory foam is of high density so that your body gets the required support.

With the dimensions of the mattress being 80″ W X 76″ L X 12″ H and a weight of 110 pounds, this mattress is perfect for all types of bed frames. The mattress of certified by CertiPUR-US for its durability, performance, and comfort. There is also low motion transfer in this mattress that lets you sleep without any issues when the sleeper on the other side moves or gets up.

Another great thing about the mattress is that it is made from Hypoallergic material. That means that you will not suffer from any allergies while using this mattress. It will also provide you with the required orthopedic support sp that you do not feel any extra pressure on your back.

  • Heat dissipation technology in the mattress
  • Absence of bad odor after unpacking
  • Antimicrobial material
  • Adjustable base
  • Lacks the needed softness

6. Best Memory Foam – Molblly 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

Best Memory Foam mattress under $300

Molblly is a well-known manufacturer of foam mattresses, and the 10 inches memory foam mattress is no exception. There are three layers in this mattress, and all of these layers are different types of foam. You will find memory foam of 2 inches in the first layer, whereas, in the second layer, you will comfort foam of 4 inches. The third layer consists of support foam of high-density.

Due to the presence of memory foam, you will not have any issues when sleeping. The foam will take the shape of any person who sits or sleeps in it. These three layers have a Hypoallergic cover that prevents users from getting allergic reactions while sleeping. This is exceptionally important for people who, in general, have allergies and cannot tolerate most materials.

The technology used for the manufacturing of the mattress is aimed only at the comfort of the sleepers. With proper airflow technology, sleepers will not feel any discomfort or rise in body temperature. There is enough ventilation to let the body breathe when it is resting. This ensures sound sleep and does not wake you up in the middle of the night.

The “in a box” means that the foam mattress is compressed into a box tightly, and that is how it is delivered. You can pack the mattress in that box and move it to another place. This makes it easy to move the mattress, especially when you are moving houses.

  • Medium firmness of the mattress
  • Packaged tightly
  • Proper ventilation
  • Sizes may not always be correct

7. Best Innerspring – Modway Jenna 10 inch Innerspring Mattress

Best Innerspring mattress under $$300

Another very high-quality brand is the Modway Jenna 10 inches innerspring mattress. Modway delivers many different types of product lines, and the Jenna line is an amazing one. This mattress is great for side-sleepers but can be used perfectly for other types of sleepers as well. The firmness of this mattress is medium, which helps in keeping your spine at the right angle.

There are different sizes for the mattress, and you can choose the one depending on your bed size. Along with that, you can place the mattress on different bases without worrying about fitting and placement. Even if you place the mattress on the floor without any base, there will be no issues with the mattress’s comfort or stability.

The mattress is constructed in such a manner that it reduces any kind of pressure on your hips, shoulder, back, and neck. When you wake up, there will be no stiffness in your body, and you will feel fresh. The motion isolation feature of the mattress is also very good, giving it limited bounce. This is perfect for partners who have different sleeping schedules.

The mattress’s weight is 94 pounds that are quite lightweight, and the dimensions are 80 x 76 x 10 inches. Another attractive feature about the mattress is its 10 years warranty that gives the users satisfaction and trust in the brand. Leave the mattress unused for about 72 hours after opening the package so that it can go to its actual size.

  • Quilted pillow top
  • Relieves body pain
  • Extra support due to pocket coils encased individually
  • Cooling comfort not present

8. Best Firm – Milliard 10 inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Best Firm mattress under $300

The Milliard memory foam 10 inches firm memory foam mattress is another mattress that would be a very good choice for most households. Equipped with a 2.5 inches comfort layer memory foam and 7.5 inches base layer with high-density foam, the mattress gives very good support to the sleepers.

The mattress also comes with a removable, machine-washable top cover. You can also opt for an extra cover if you do not want to disturb or remove the preinstalled cover. No matter which covers you use, the mattress would be free from dust since it can be washed. In addition to that, you can spot clean the mattress with light soap.

Unlike most mattresses, this mattress does not have fiberglass and has a cover made of cotton rib that provides safety from fires. The mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, due to which you will not the bad odor that is normally emitted from a new product. There are also no harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, formaldehyde, or any heavy metal.

The mattress is quite firm, which means that you will not sink when you sit or sleep on it. You will get proper resistance; however, the material is not hard at all. Depending on your weight, the resistance of the mattress would work. This ensures that back or front sleepers can maintain their body alignment and posture.

  • Perfect for back and front sleepers
  • Lack of fiberglass
  • Memory foam is good for body posture and prevents back pain
  • The firmness may be too much for side sleepers
  • Memory foam does not have cooling properties

9. Best Plush – Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

best plush mattress under $300

The Olee Sleep 10 inches gel-infused layer top memory foam mattress is a plush mattress that is perfect for all bed frames. It is made from 93% polyester and 7% spandex with a foam mattress of medium density. The mattress provides ultimate comfort with good support in the absence of any pressure points.

Sleepers can enjoy a good sleep without waking up to immense pain in their body. The mattress has a gel infusion that helps in regulating the temperature and prevents any hot spots when the mattress contours the body. Due to this contouring, the sleeper will be able to sleep comfortably in any position.

The durability of the mattress is one thing that you do not have to worry about. Despite being in a budget-friendly range, the mattress will last for a long time. With an outer cover that is breathable and washable, there will be no accumulation of dust and dirt on the mattress. The base of the mattress is a high density that contributes to its durability.

When you get the package, you need to remove the mattress from the box within 72 hours. Give 72 hours more for the mattress to expand to its original size, and then place it on your bed base. During this time, any smell that may be present in the mattress would evaporate.

Check our full review about the olee sleep mattress.

  • The base layer is of high density
  • Washable cover
  • Gel infusion regulates the temperature
  • The mattress is medium-firm
  • There may be a slight chemical smell when the box is opened

10. Best Medium – Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep 12 Inch Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Best Medium firm mattress under $300

The Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep 12 inches foam and pocket spring mattress are measured at 57 x 13 x 12 inches and 65 pounds. This mattress is equipped with high-density foam padding and has a durable and very comfortable covering. The set up of the mattress is hassle-free and does not take much time.

The top layer of the mattress is made from felt, and the feeling is very smooth. There are pocket spring goals of 10 inches that can move and bend very easily. This gives your body an amazing contour so that you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Based on your body shape, the coils will bend so that there is proper comfort.

The box package’s presence is not only for the easy packaging but also for the proper transportation of the mattress from one place to another. Whether you are changing houses or even moving the mattress to another room, there will be no issues. This makes the whole experience a much easier one.

Once you have installed the mattress in your room, you need to leave it for at least 72 hours. This will ensure that the mattress expands to the proper size, and then you can set up your whole bed. The spring coils will reduce the motion transfer of the mattress so that you can sleep worry-free.

  • The top layer is made from felt
  • Motion transfer is absorbed
  • It comes in a portable box for transport and setup
  • Pocket coils are wrapped individually
  • The firmness of the mattress may not be comfortable for many people

11. Best Cooling – Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress

Best Cooling mattress under $300

Classic Brands is a high-quality brand that manufactures firm and durable mattresses. The cool gel memory foam 8 inches mattresses that contours your body very well. With this mattress, you will not feel any discomfort while sleeping. The support provided by this mattress is exceptional that limits neck and back pain.

The first noticeable thing about the mattress is the material used for manufacturing. There is flexible Polyfoam used in the mattress, and the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US. The gel technology used in the mattress is cutting-edge and helps in the mattress’s ventilation process.

Another thing that is worth noticing is the firmness. Though not exceptional, the firmness is better than most mattresses in this budget. Along with that, it cradles your body posture so that you will not feel any pressure on your spine. This is good for the long run since you will get to sleep very comfortably.

The mattress dimensions are 76″ W x 80″ L x 8″ H and weigh about 72 pounds. You can easily use this mattress for your kid’s room since it is very soft and will not give them any discomfort. The gel foam present in the mattress draws away from the heat present in your body and keeps you cool all night long.

  • Amazing support with exceptional comfort
  • 10 years warranty period
  • Contains antimicrobial making it allergen, mold, bacteria, mites and dust resistant
  • It can be used for kids
  • The firmness of the mattress may be too much of a problem for some people
  • The expanding of the mattress may take more than usual after unpacking

12. Best Layered – Vesgantti 11.4 Inch Multilayer Hybrid King Mattress

Best Layered mattress under $300

The Vesgantti 11.4 inches multiplayer hybrid king mattress is known as the best-layered mattress due to its multiple layers that provide you with optimum comfort. The mattress is suitable for every sleeper, and you will not wake up due to discomfort and uneasiness. If you are in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, then this mattress is the best for you.

The Vesgantti comes in a box that is very easy to manage and also easy to transport. You can move the box from one room to another even if your doors are narrow. The mattress can be packed in the box, and you will not have to find new ways to move the huge mattress from one room to another room.

Another great thing about the mattress is its breathability, which keeps your body temperature cool at night. The foam types used in this mattress are of premium quality and will give you nothing but support and comfort. There are individual pocket coils over which the foams are placed. This ensures that the mattress returns to its old shape every time it sinks when you sleep or sit.

The mattress can work well for at least 6 to 7 years and give you no reason to complain. The company gives a warranty of 10 years, which will fall well under the usage years. If any problem arises, then you can easily contact the manufacturer.

  • Innerspring mattress for good support and bounce
  • Contours the body exceptionally for comfort
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • It may be slightly heavy

13. Best Gel Infused – LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Gel Infused mattress under $300

The Lucid 10 inches gel memory foam mattress is also a great plush mattress. This mattress gives you proper support so that your body is positioned at the right alignment. You will never feel any pain when your body is placed in this mattress. This mattress is dense and is best for slightly heavy people.

Since this mattress’s support is exceptional, it will not sink uncomfortably when people with heavy body weight sleep on this. Instead, it will provide you with good resistance so that the contouring is done properly and lets you be comfortable all through the night.

If you have joint and back issues, then this mattress could be magic for you. Once you start sleeping on the mattress, you will slowly get rid of all your issues. You will wake up completely fresh and free from any pain.

The mattress is great for side sleepers but would also be similarly good for other sleepers. The long warranty coverage of 25 years is the best thing about this mattress.

  • Warranty coverage of 25 years
  • Budget-friendly option and provides value for money
  • Free from any pressure point
  • The trial period is very short at 30 days
  • Some side sleepers may feel uncomfortable

14. Best Relieve Pressure – Milemont Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best Relieve Pressure mattress under $300

If you need a suitable mattress that will relieve pressure from your body, then the Milemont memory foam and the innerspring hybrid mattress is the one for you. The foam fits all-around your body snugly and makes you feel very comfortable. You will not feel any discomfort since the mattress will take the shape of your body.

The foam used in the manufacturing of the mattress is of high-quality. The major benefit of this is high durability. You can use the mattress for a long time without worrying about the foam sagging or losing its bounce. That means the mattress’s coils will ensure that it returns to the real shape every time you get up from the mattress.

If you are worried about dust accumulation, then the washable cover will solve all your issues. You can remove the cover and wash it at intervals. You can also opt for an additional cover if you do not want to remove the one that has been given with the mattress.

  • The coil of the mattress is durable and retains the actual shape for a long time
  • The foam quality used in the mattress is very high
  • Comes with a washable cover
  • Firmness may be problematic for some

15. Best Choice Products – 10in King Size Dual Layered Medium-Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Best Choice Products mattress under $300

Best Choice Products are made, keeping in mind the comfort and sound sleep of their users. They focus on making the lives of their customers much healthier and pain-free. This 10 inches king size dual-layered medium-firm memory foam mattress has a length of 80 inches, a width of 76 inches, and a height of 10 inches.

The mattress provides exceptional comfort with its double layers of memory foam and Polyfoam. The memory foam layer is 2.5 inches thick, whereas the Polyfoam layer is 7.5 inches thick. You will find that the memory foam takes your body’s shape when sleeping, making it pain-free.

The foam of the mattress is certified with CertiPUR-US for high durability and comfort. Before you start using the mattress, it is better to let 48 hours go by to expand, and any odor goes away. This would create a much more relaxing experience for you.

The manufacturer provides warranty coverage of 60 days in which you can change the mattress in case of any defects. Once you start using this, you will feel the change in your sleeping pattern and the freshness when you wake up. The medium firmness makes the mattress perfect for all sleepers with body ache issues.

  • Memory foam takes the shape of the user’s body type
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • The set up is very easy and stress-free
  • The open-cell feature allows proper ventilation and airflow
  • Medium firmness for all sleepers
  • Full body support for a comfortable sleep
  • A low warranty period of 60 days

16. Best Price Mattress – 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

best price mattres under $300

Even though it has been placed last, the Best Price 8 inches foam mattress is no different from any of the mattresses mentioned above. The material used in the construction of this mattress is 100% foam. This mattress is infused with green tea extract to give you a calm and undisturbed sleep.

There is also the presence of pressure relief ventilated foam that ensures proper airflow. This leads to a sound sleep without you getting too hot at night. You will get all the support you want with the high-density foam. There is a 2 inches of memory foam, 4 inches supportive layer, and 2 inches of pressure relief foam in the mattress.

The mattress comes with 10-year coverage, where you can call customer service in case of any issues with the product. It is also certified with CertiPUR-US on its durability and performance. There are no pressure points present on the mattress that gives you the needed relief.

One attractive feature about the mattress is its motion transfer. You will not be disturbed even if your partner is moving on their side.

  • God motion transfer for undisturbed sleep
  • The pure foam used in the construction of the mattress
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Firmness is not suitable for many types of sleepers

Types of Mattresses That Under $300

Spring Mattress

A very common kind of mattress is the spring mattress. These are recommended for people who suffer from backaches. Many people opt for spring mattresses since they are very relaxing to sleep on. There are many different layers in a spring mattress, with the top and bottom layers being cotton.

The mattress is also supported with coil springs and pliers made from an insulating material. These mattresses are very durable, and you can use them for a long time without any damage.

You can opt for a spring mattress if you suffer from intense backaches and sore neck after waking up.

Foam Mattress

Another type of mattress that is perfect for body pain and aches is the foam mattress. The mattress has been constructed to relieve pressure from the user’s back. This ensures that the person sleeping on it does not feel back pain every morning. This mattress will take the exact form of your body no matter what posture you sleep in.

Similar to spring mattresses, there are many different layers in a foam mattress. The mattress’s top layer consists of memory foam that is soft. As the layers go down, it becomes heavier and harder to support the mattress base.

Water Mattress

Water mattresses are exactly what the name suggests, which means it has water inside it. There is a layer of water inside the mattresses that can be heated for different therapeutic benefits. These mattresses are said to support the spine and relieve you of unnecessary pressure.

Even though the mattress has many therapeutic benefits, it is not a practical solution for most households. You need to take immense care of this mattress; otherwise, it may create a mess in your whole house if there is a puncture. Additionally, if you sleep with someone else, their movement can likely wake you up due to the water tide change.

Air Mattress

An air mattress is a great option for people who are looking for lightweight mattresses that can help with correcting their sleeping posture. Even this mattress relieves any undue pressure on your spine and neck, thereby giving both these sections a proper alignment. This lets you sleep peacefully at night and wake up fresh.

One drawback of using an air mattress is that it can move slightly and lead to uneasiness while sleeping. If you are a light sleeper, it is best not to opt for the air mattress since you might not be able to sleep as peacefully as you may have imagined.

Types of Mattress Foams

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam or Polyfoam is one temporary kind of foam used when you have guests over at your house. It is said to be good for temporary use since the foam’s quality is not good. This foam would sag when used multiple times and does not provide the required support.

You will not receive the needed back support that is necessary for a comfortable sleep. One thing to remind you about this is that the mattress is very economical. Hence, if you have a very low budget but need an extra mattress for your guests, then the Polyfoam mattress can be a fine choice.

Latex Foam

A latex foam mattress is more long-lasting than a Polyfoam mattress. They are an eco-friendly option since the material used in the formation of the mattress is organic. Hence, this is a very good choice for people who are exceptionally strict about using eco-friendly products. Besides that, the mattress will not sag easily after one or two use.

This mattress’s heat transfer feature is quite good, which means it will make the user hot when sleeping on this mattress. You can use a latex foam mattress since they are an affordable option.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the costliest out of these three and also the best. This foam mattress takes the shape of the person who sits or sleeps on it. You will not be facing any back pain or aches while using a memory foam mattress. One of the best things about a memory foam mattress is its durability and longevity.

Once you have invested in this, you do not have to worry about spending money on another mattress for at least 6 to 7 years. Even though this mattress price may be more, people looking for long-term investments would benefit hugely from buying the mattress.

Things to Look For When Buying a Mattress under $300

Before you purchase a mattress for yourself, you need to see that you are not choosing the wrong product. When you are buying one alone for the first time, then many things could go wrong. Most people go for the mattress’s size and softness; however, many other factors have to be considered to make the right choice.

Below are some of the necessary considerations when buying a new mattress for your house. Following these below-mentioned considerations are especially important when you are looking to buy the best mattress under $300.


People are most worried about when they are choosing a mattress under the $300 range is its durability. Most people have this idea in mind that a budget-friendly mattress would not be durable. However, the mattress’s durability is not always based on the price, even if it is a major concern.

You need to check the specifications of the mattress that you like to see if it is a durable option or not. The materials that are being used for the mattress would help you understand the level of its durability. Remember not to choose mattresses that come with a low warranty period, as this is a warning sign about their low durability.


When you are looking for low budget mattresses under $300, you need to check the certifications. This is equally important for the expensive ones; however, it holds more risk for low-priced brands. Many mattresses have Oeko Tek or CertiPUR-US certifications that are some of the best.

There are many other certifications that your mattress may be awarded. If you do not know the meaning of a particular certification, you should conduct your research. Make sure that the certification promises durability and safety, among others.


The firmness of a mattress determines how hard or soft the matter is. Some people prefer hard mattresses while some prefer soft. That is why this is one of the first things you should look into when buying a mattress. The firmness that you choose for your mattress will depend on your comfort level when sleeping.

Check the stability range of the mattress that ranges between 1 and 10. For most mattresses, 1 is tender, and 10 is extremely hot. Ensure that the stability you choose is not uncomfortable in the long run and can provide you with comfort until the time you use the mattress.


Support provided by the mattress is another matter of concern. If you do not have the proper support, your body will be aligned wrongly, which could cause immense pain. Most mattresses lead to body aches due to the lack of proper support or completely wrong support.

The mattress should be able to support your weight as well as to adapt to your body form. When you lie on the mattress, it should take the shape of your body curves. This is the only way your spine will be positioned properly and will not feel any pressure leading to body pain and aches.


The mattress that you buy should be immensely comfortable. There is no point in purchasing a good mattress if you end up feeling uncomfortable when you sleep. That is why it is better not to choose a very hard mattress since it can lead to back pain. However, sleeping on too soft a mattress can also be harmful to your back.

It is better to see if you can roll around in the mattress and get up or sleep on it comfortably. The hardness of the mattress will vary depending on the body conditions and preference of each individual.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation or motion transfer feature is often not paid attention to by most people. However, this should be a very important consideration, especially if you share the bed with someone else. It can be very annoying for you to wake up when your partner moves on their side or gets up from the bed.

If you are a light sleeper, then it can hamper your whole sleeping cycle. That is why you must choose a mattress that comes with a reduced motion transfer feature. This will ensure that even if your partner is moving on their side, your side of the bed will not be disturbed immensely.


Temperature is another essential factor that you need to look into when purchasing a mattress. Most of the good mattresses that you find in current times will have natural ventilation and good-quality foams. Moreover, the mattress should have period shift elements that can release the temperature of your body and keep you relaxed throughout the night.

For mattresses under $300, you need to be very aware that they have proper temperature management features. You do not want to be too hot or sweat unnecessarily due to trapped heat in your body.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for everyone; however, it is important for people who have a habit of sleeping near the bed’s edge. Most low budget mattresses come with steel rods that are very uncomfortable. They can even hurt you and wake you up in the middle of the night. That is why it is better to look for a mattress that comes with memory foam support.

The memory foam support would be enough to provide you with the needed boundary. On the other hand, it will not be hard enough to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure that the edge is soft yet firm.

Price Range

Price is probably the most important criteria when you are purchasing an item. Even when you are buying the best mattress under $300, the price ranger will vary. Below $300 can mean $100, $200 or $300. Each price factor would make a huge difference to the durability or the quality of the mattress you are buying.

Try to opt for the higher range of the under $300 category so that you get the best mattresses for yourself. No matter what you buy, make sure that the money that you are paying is worth the product that you are buying.

When Is the Right Time to Get A New Mattress?

Getting ample sleep at night is necessary to avoid fatigue and tiredness all day. The first signs that you need a new mattress are when you feel sleepy during the daytime. Despite sleeping at the right time, there might be some other issue if your sleep is not complete. Upon close inspection, you may see that the issue is the discomfort provided by the mattress.

In case you are unsure whether you need a new mattress, we have pointed out some major warning signs. If you see one or more of these, you need to consider investing in a good mattress.

Bed Lifespan

Studies say that the average lifespan of a mattress is about 8 years and after this, the foam starts deteriorating. If you are using a cheaper mattress, then the lifespan will decrease accordingly. Depending on your mattress’s age, you would need to understand when the right time to change it is.

Do not use a worn-out mattress since it will not let you be comfortable while sleeping. You could choose a good mattress with high longevity since you will not have to worry about changing the mattress for the next few years. This is the first sign that will let you know that it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Sagging of Bed

The sagging of the mattress is probably the next big sign that you should keep an eye on. Most mattresses take the shape of your body, and with time, the shape would become permanent. If you see that your mattress has sagged despite it being firm, you need to change the mattress. This is bound to happen over time, no matter how expensive or form your mattress is.

The sagging happens when the mattress’s spring gets worn out with time and can no longer give the needed support. If you are the owner of a memory foam mattress, you may experience the hammock effect, which can be very uncomfortable and cause backaches.


Discomfort can occur for many reasons, but most people do not even realize that their mattress is no longer comfortable. If your schedule is busy, you might just fall asleep when you drop into your bed. As soon as you wake up, you get involved in your daily chores, ignoring the fact that you may have neck pain or backache.

If you find yourself sleeping better at your friend’s house or a hotel and waking up with a pain-free body, then you need to buy a new mattress.

Body Pain

Realizing that your mattress is the reason for your body aches calls for immediate change. Studies show that the firmness of your mattress should be medium for experiencing a painless sleep. No matter what your sleeping position is, the mattress should be able to support your body posture.

Avoid choosing very soft foam as it can be another cause of body ache. You need proper support and firmness so that the body positioned can be at the correct angle.

Dust Mites

Foam mattresses are prone to dust mites that build up as time goes by. Dust mites are the number one reason for many kinds of allergic reactions. People who are prone to allergies may end up sneezing most of the time at night. If you see yourself having allergic reactions every time you come in contact with the mattress, then dust mites could be a very big reason.

In such a scenario, you need to change your mattress immediately. You could opt for latex foam that restricts dust mites’ buildup and saves you from any serious allergic reactions.

Weight Change

The changes in the mattress weight show the effectiveness of the mattress. If you see a change in the effectiveness when you go from a single sleeper to sharing the mattress with a partner, you may need to opt for a new one. This would mostly mean that your mattress is not constructed to bear the added weight.

You can try using a mattress topper with dense foam before you change the mattress altogether. However, if the problem stays, then there is no other way than to change the mattress. Make sure you choose a mattress that can effectively hold you as well as your partner’s weight.

Make sure that the mattress is firm and provides you with good support.

How to Care for Your New Mattress?

Just because you are looking for an affordable mattress does not mean that you cannot use it for a long time. Most people believe that cheap mattresses would wear out very quickly, and you would have to invest in a new one. However, whether your mattress is cheap or expensive, taking the right care would ensure that it can be used for a long time.

Various ways are there using which you can keep your mattress clean and fresh. Mattresses are prone to dust and dirt and you cannot wash them as you do with your bed covers or pillow covers. Just like you protect your pillow and bed, there are washable mattress covers that you can find fitting your mattress’s size.

You can clean the covers after every few days so that the dust is not exposed to the mattress. If your mattress comes with a cover, do not try to take it off and buy an extra cover. You can also spot clean the mattress if needed. However, for this, you would need to use a very mild detergent and warm water. Use a soft cloth so that the cleaning is not harsh enough to damage the mattress.

Summing Up

A good mattress is the means to a good night’s sleep, but it should not be a financial burden on you. You will find many cheap mattresses in the market, but they will make you uncomfortable and lead to back pains. If you are not sleeping in the right posture, you will feel stiff and achy when you wake up the next morning.

For this very reason, you will have to look for a mattress that is durable, firm, and also provides you good support. The sixteen mattresses we have reviewed in this guide have a different price range in the under $300 category.

Look into the type of mattress you want and the foam that would be most comfortable if you choose a foam mattress. The brand you are choosing is also very important, and you should try to choose well-known brands like Zinus, Lucid, Olee, or others. This would ensure that even though the price is low, the mattress’s quality is not being compromised.

Choose a mattress that would last for at least 9 to 10 years without wearing out extensively. Follow our guide for the best mattress under $300 and purchase a comfortable mattress for yourself!

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