Weekender Mattress Reviews in 2024

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Medium-Firm Mattress Review

Every people want to sleep peacefully for keeping themselves fresh and cool. In the daily competition like the environment, there are lots of pressures in their brain. If they do not get proper comfortable through sleeping or through relaxing, the working responsibilities, which are pending for the next day will not be completed in time. So the guy may be demoted in the working field. That is not efficient. As per their opinions, most off the people cannot afford mattresses for a high price; there we come with our product – The Weekender Mattress & Topper. The US-certified product has goodwill in consumers and always exclusively available on the Amazon site. One can directly purchase from there. They can deliver internationally in proper time.

So, one of the best mattress making company the Weekender has released a special type of mattresses for mankind for not only sleeping but also for relaxing activities on it. With respect to the specialties of mattresses, we can see two types of modern specialized and also affordable models from them. The two mattresses are 10-inch Hybrid Foam mattress and also 2-inch memory foam mattress topper. Here we go through some important specified reviews on the two moderate creations from the mattress authority.

Weekender 10-inch Hybrid Mattress Review

Memory Foam & Motion Isolating Springs Hybrid – Medium-Firm – 10-Year Warranty – 7 sizes

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam and Motion Isolating Springs - Medium-Firm - 10-Year Warranty - Queen

The Weekender is one of the best luxurious mattress production companies in the relaxing pieces of the equipment market. This model seems like a hybrid model through all specifications through the user. Here are some useful specifications reviews of this model.


Presence of Encased Coils:

The main thing about this comfort mattress is to sustain shock absorbers on all sides. So, one can get the highest rank of comfort while relaxing. There are encased types of spring coils those not only support the foams but also absorb the relative pressure force of the applied load. If one person moves or oscillates in sleeping time, another one cannot understand easily. It isolates all of the acting pressure force with the stresses.

Brand NameWEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress
Construction MaterialsMemory Foam & Motion Isolating Springs
Firm FeelMedium-Firm
Thickness10 inches
First Layer0.5-Inch Gel memory foam
0.5-Inch Transition Foam

Third Layer1-Inch Convoluted
Fourth Layer7.5-Inch Pocket Coils
Available SizeTwin
Twin XL
Full XL
California King
Warranty 10-Year Warranty
Available TypeMattress Only (Queen Size)

Mattress with Platform Bed Frame (Full Size)

The Thick layer of Multi Qualities of Foams:

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Motion Isolating Springs Mattress layers

This model consists of 2.5 inches of comfort foam, which delivers ultimate comfort to strained body parts. There is also gel memory foam to associate more comfort. Another side one can get there a type of convoluted foam. It supports the human body for easy respirations into breathing. In brief, it supports a super comfortable sleep.

Polyester Fabric Cover:

The mattress comes with a two-tone polyester cover which has a proper fabrication for attractive in consumer’s eyes. For that cover one can roll up the mattress while not in use. The cover is dustproof and also has a zip system for easy opening.

Classic Looking:

The bed laminations have made with the dry outfit sheet for experiencing over comfort. Moreover, it has comfort and also classic look with all specifications. So, the consumers have rated this product highly as per the information.

Light Weight:

It is a big problem for portable of the mattress as shifting life. Though it has a big size and also consisted of various layers of foams, its weight is limited within 96 pounds that are cartable, and also efficient in the case of portability.

Hybrid in Size:

This size is almost the same with California King Size which has a length of 10 inches. It is appropriate for tall people for easy relaxing and they have not to be compressed while fitting on it. Though having a good length it is not shrieked after rolling out from the packaging. It is a good pro of this product. Read our complete guide about 10-inch memory foam mattresses.

Warranty of lifetime:

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Motion Isolating Springs Mattress, Simple Elegance, First Lcass Comfort

This Company has a declaration of 10 years of international warranty to that particular one. The warranty contains manufacturing defects and failures with all delivery mistakes. In brief, it contains all kinds of useful warranty within the purchasing. So there is nothing to worry about the pre defective cases of the product.


Packaging without Pillows:

Most of the mattresses come with a set of two pillows. But this mattress has not these. So if there are a set of two pillows, it can be considered as a complete set of relaxing pieces of equipment. The pillows can be purchased separately.

One and Only Color Combination:

As per descriptions this model of mattress comes with a single bright white color. If anybody wants to customize it by color combination, it can use wished colorful bed sheets for more attractive looking. It will be so efficient and also variable to customize as wishes.

Weekender 2-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review, King

WEEKENDER 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - King

This is one of the best slim models of mattresses from the company and has also good customer reviews through the purchase corners. For some useful technical specifications, the mattress gets more good ratings. Here we converse of some of these specifications. Also, read our complete 3-inch memory foam mattress topper guide.


Slim In Size:

The specialty of the foam mattress is very noticeable. It is the slimmest mattress as per all thick models. The model has a breadth of 2 inches that is considered as so slim in consumers and also the manufacturer’s eyes. The 2-inch foam mattress can give all kinds of comfort in the sleeping time of a tired person.

Brand NameWEEKENDER Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Construction Materialspremium open-cell memory foam
Firm FeelMedium-Plush
Thickness2 inches
Available SizeTwin
Twin XL
California King
CertiPUR-UScertified high quality standards memory foam
Increased AirflowYES
Warranty3-year warranty
Rating4.6 star
PricingWEEKENDER 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - King

Foam Ventilation:

In this mattress, the manufacturer has used a premium quality of foams, which is so much ventilated for easy breathing. It refreshes a tired mood as the main specified memory foam. Another side, it supplies super comfort to the body while relaxing. It is a significant specification of this model.

Supportive Foam:

WEEKENDER premium memory foam

The foams are quickly compressed with the body weight and have noise-absorbing properties in terms of the oscillating weight. So, one can not feel disturbance while in deep sleep. The foams quickly shape back as the relative application of loads. The foam has an increment of air flowing around the body parts of the consumers.

Best certified:

The Certipur-US has certified this product 4.5 stars for excessive demand and also very negligible cons. Having a low price as 59 dollars it has maintained all kinds of rules and regulations in testing and also in manufacturing. It is good to point of view of a product for having good certifications of a well-known source.

Standard Warranty:

The company has shown three years of international warranty to that product including all manufacturing defects and also mistakes in packaging. The company changes the product if there is pre mistake before using this product. So there should not be any tension about the quality of the product because the customer care is very active to hear your reviews as important roles.

Suitable Packaging:

The Company provides white cardboard made a box for rolling in this mattress before shipping. It is a three-layer of packaging for saving this mattress for contaminating. The box is like un-boxing a Smartphone. It is very interesting and also charming to the consumer’s eye. The box can be further sued for the long shipping of the product.

Light Weight:

Benefits of weekender mattress topper

The slim mattress has a little bit of weight concerning the size. It has only 10 pounds of weight. The little bit of weight can be easily portable from here to there. The dimension is 23.7 inches of long and 11.9 inches of width. It is easy to shift from one place to another in an easy manner.


No Cushion:

Unfortunately, this mattress comes in an attractive box with any cushion set. If it were with that, the box is considered a smart box. Hopefully, the next edition will improve these little cons by increasing the small price.

No adding Of Cooling Gel:

The more important thing about this mattress is there is no added layer off cooling gel for mild cooling in the time of sleeping. So if the price is a little bit high, the cooling gel must be added into all foam layers for extra comfort in a cool manner. The cooling gel mainly refreshes the wounded or stressed parts of the body, if there is a pain. The next edition should become with these.

Final Review

The above confessions clear that sleep is very important for people as a child, young or old. If there is no proper sleep, your velocity of working will below. It is no desire for achieving the goal. As it is the time of competition, everybody is restless to touch the sky. So, it is more important to refresh your body named machine for reusing madly.

The  Weekender Mattress always try to make those kinds of products, which are not very unique in designs but affordable in prices so you can purchase them without thinking of budget. Don’t sort out your plan for the budget, just grab the offer as soon as experiencing the ultimate joy of sleeping. If your body is rested, your dream must be fulfilled.

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