Top 10 Best Sleigh Beds In 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Sleigh Beds

Bedroom furniture is often inspired by the designs of the past. You will find Victorian and Roman aesthetics if you are living in Europe and Mughal designs if you are in Central Asia. This inspiration is a result of tried and tested models that not only customers love but are also a favorite of furniture makers themselves. One such design that has managed to transcend quite a few generations is the sleigh bed. This kind of bed looks like a sleigh and has curved headboards and footboards that provide it with its unique distinctive look.

They are extremely durable and comfortable as they cradle your body and provide a soothing body embracing fit. This fit is loved by a lot of people as it provides additional comfort when you sleep. Not only this, they are a great choice for you if you are bored with traditional designs that feature straight headboards and footboards that seem to disappear into the background despite intricate carvings and moldings. So if you have been looking for something new that is not abstract to your traditional eyes, then the modern sleigh beds are a good choice and are easy on your eyes!

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Characteristics of Sleigh Beds

The modern sleigh bed was originally made from premium quality wood and high-quality upholstery. This made them extremely big and heavy which although gave them strength but also made them very hard to move and transport. Over the years, designers incorporated different construction materials and techniques in order to reduce weight and size. Most modern-day sleigh beds today feature a single curved footboard with a straight headboard. This not only reduces size and weight while maintaining the same amount of durability for years to come but also gives it styling and aesthetics that will help it stand out from the crowd no matter where it is placed.

Additionally, the straight headboard helps you sit flush with the wall which is in line with most modern styles and trends. This way you get the comfort of a sleigh bed while ensuring that its modern design sits well with most of today’s furniture. This allows you to style your bedroom with a sleigh comforting bed while keeping most of your existing furniture. This way if you are on a budget, then you can simply buy a sleigh frame and use it with your existing spring box and mattress setup.

How to Buy the Best Sleigh Bed?

Modern sleigh beds are available in various designs and come with a lot of extra features. This is in an attempt to fulfill the vast variety of requirements that people have from their bedroom furniture. With so many choices available on the market, it can be intimidating to find the right one for you. In order to help you find the perfect choice, we have selected 10 different sleigh beds that are manufactured with different needs in mind. We will compare them based on different factors like construction material, size, durability and more. This will give you a clear picture of each of the choices and help you find the one that best fits your needs.

Top 10 best sleigh bed in 2024 – chart & reviews

#PreviewBed NameAdvantagesOur Rating

DONCO White KIDS Sleigh Bed

Styled design in a crisp white finish4.0

Baxton Studio Upholstered Sleigh Platform Bed

Luxury Style Upholstered Sleigh Bed4.1

DHP Manila Queen size Metal Bed

Victorian Style Headboard and Footboard4.3

Jennifer Taylor Home Marcella Tufted beds, King

Tufted Wingback King Bed4.7

Hillsdale Furniture Metal Sleigh Bed Frame Set

Janis Metal Sleigh Bed Set 4.2

Aico Amini Bella Veneto Queen Cortina Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed in Cognac4.0

Shop at Home Wooden Sleigh Bed, Cherry

solid wood & veneer4.1

Lafayette Cherry King Sleigh Bed by Home Styles

Footboard and rails4.2

Ashley Express Full Sleigh Bed in Dark Brown Finish

Traditional classics style4.2

Donco Kids Sleigh withTrundle Bed, Twin/Twin, White

Crafted from pine wood, white finish4.3

1. Best White Sleigh Bed – Donco Kids Sleigh Bed with Trundle, Full/Twin

Material & Design

Styled design in a crisp white finish

Our first offering from the house of Donco is full-size kids sleigh bed that comes in white color. Sporting a Victorian era-inspired design, the Donco Kids sleigh bed is a long-lasting product with a touch of sophistication. Measuring 84” in length, 56” in width and 42” in height, Donco Kids modern sleigh bed can accommodate all kids up to the age of 15. Featuring solid wood slats, the Donco Kids sleigh bed is surprisingly well made despite its lower price.

Quality & Durability

Made from strong pine wood, the Donco Kids sleigh bed can withstand all kinds of rough use and accompany your kid throughout his growing years. Despite its rigid construction, the sleigh bed weighs in at only 62lbs. This ensures that it stays grounded even if your kid is jumping and hanging off of the edge while ensuring that you can easily transport it to a different location whenever needed. If you are looking for kids sleigh bed that is elegant classy and minimalistic, then the Donco Kids sleigh bed is a great choice for you.

Other Advantages
  • Trundle bed
  • Strong pine wood construction
  • Sophisticated & classy design
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • More economically priced than most of its competitors

    2. Best Upholstered Sleigh Bed – Baxton Studio Velvet Upholstered Faux Crystal-Buttoned Sleigh Bed, Queen, Black

    Material & Design

    Wholesale Interiors Castello Velvet Upholstered Faux Crystal-Buttoned Sleigh Platform Bed

    Baxton Studios was established in 2002. Since then, they have developed a reputation for making durable and classy furniture that can blend into any interior with ease. With the same values in mind, Baxton has come out with a futuristic and sophisticated sleigh bed. This bed has a crystal buttoned design for added style. Available in queen and king size, the Baxton Studio Velvet Upholstered sleigh bed is a mixture of style and antiqueness. This helps it stand out among the crowd. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around. The rolled over footboard and headboard give it an extra flavor of oomph. Its contemporary cushioned elegant design will remind you of royal times in Central Asia. Its black velvet upholstery will give treat you to the most comfortable fit every time you use it.

    Quality & Durability

    The Baxton Studio sleigh bed is made from premium wood and fabric which helps it give it a durable life. Constructed in Malaysia, Baxton has used high-quality solid wood for the frame which makes the sleigh bed extremely rigid despite high stress. It comes with dark rubberwood feet at the bottom that not only give it consistent aesthetics but also help keep it stable on slippery surfaces like marble and tiles. It comes with a sprung slatted base that is better than solid slats as its design provides more cushioned areas for your mattress which translates into a better sleeping experience. Additionally, its black velvet upholstery provides it with softer rails and headboard. This makes it an excellent choice for reclining as well.

    Other Advantages
    • Moderately priced for its features
    • Stylish mix of contemporary and antique design
    • Dark rubberwood feet for extra grip
    • Lightweight design
    • Sprung slatted base
    • Faux crystal buttons for added aesthetics

      3. Best Queen Sleigh Bed – DHP Manila Metal Bed Frame with Victorian Style Headboard and Footboard

      Material & Design

      Metal Sleigh Bed with Victorian Style Headboard and Footboard

      The DHP Manila Metal Sleigh Bed is the best queen sleigh bed with a minimalistic Victorian style that is available in 3 sizes, queen, king, and full size. Its elegantly curved frame gives it a hint of modern sophistication while the Victorian detailing helps it stand out from the crowd. DHP is a known brand that makes excellent furniture and other utilities that are specially designed for small living spaces. The Manila Metal Sleigh Bed has also been designed with small living spaces in mind. It features a sturdy metal frame to withstand high amounts of stress but its lightweight construction helps you move it around easily.

      Quality & Durability

      Constructed from premium quality materials the Manila Metal Sleigh Bed does not squeak or wobble like most metal sleigh beds in this price range. Its sturdy metal frame ensures rigidity under high amounts of stress while its contoured feet provide it with enough grip for a stable sleeping experience under most situations. The Manila Metal Sleigh Bed has a weight limit of 500lbs which means that it is a great choice for people weighing under 300lbs. Its 55lbs design makes it extremely portable and easy to move while ensuring enough structural stability for long-lasting and durable use. Its structure has been designed with functionality in mind.

      The Manila Metal Sleigh Bed features enough space underneath it for an additional trundle that can be pulled out easily whenever needed. Lastly, its easy-to-assemble design ensures that it can be assembled by you without the need for professionals or sophisticated tools. The Manila Metal Sleigh Bed requires a simple screwdriver and comes with easy-to-read detailed instructions for assembly.

      Other Advantages
      • Lightweight durable metal construction
      • Antique Victorian era inspired siege bed design
      • Available in 3 sizes: queen, king & full size
      • Weight limit of 500lbs
      • White color
      • Detailed assembly instructions
      • No squeaking or wobbling

        4. Best Tufted Sleigh Bed – Jennifer Taylor Home Sky Neutral Upholstered Marcella beds, King

        Material & Design

        Tufted Wingback King Sleigh Bed

        Our choice for the best tufted sleigh bed is the Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed. This comes in a king and queen size. Constructed from dried birch, the Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed has a woven polyester surface. This surface is wrapped over fire retardant foam for added safety. Available in two materials, you can choose whether you want the bed in soft linen or luxurious velvet. Its construction allows for a comfortable sleeping experience. It also comes with a hand-tufted footboard and headboard. These give it a classy unique and sophisticated finish for an added layer of luxury.

        Additionally, all the exposed metal parts and rivets on the Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed come with a metal zinc finish. This not only gives it great contrast against the fabric but also makes the exposed parts weather and corrosion-resistant. The Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed is a great choice if you are a fan of mixed contemporary traditional designs that are a throwback to the past with the functionality of the present.

        Quality & Durability

        The Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed has a wooden frame that is constructed from kiln-dried birch which is extremely strong and weather resistant. This gives the sleigh bed overall structural stability no matter if the load on it is evenly distributed or not. Its fire retardant foam padding ensures that it does not catch fire even if embers fall on it while someone is smoking or lighting candles nearby. This gives it an additional layer of safety against unwanted fires making it an excellent choice for people that love scented candles and other flammable things.

        The zinc coating on all exposed hardware prevents any and all kinds of corrosion which ensures that your Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed will last you for years to come. Its sturdy construction allows the Jennifer Taylor sleigh bed to withstand a load of up to 600lbs with ease making it an excellent choice for heavier users as well.

        Other Advantages
        • Dried birch frame
        • Hand-tufted footboard & headboard
        • Choice of fabric: soft linen & luxurious velvet
        • Zinc coated exposed hardware
        • Contemporary traditional design
        • Handmade construction
        • Easy-to-assemble instructions and design

          5. Best Sleigh Bed Frame – Hillsdale Furniture Janis Metal Sleigh Bed Set with Rails, Queen

          Material & Design

          Janis Metal Sleigh Bed Set with Rails, Queen, Textured Black

          Our choice for the best sleigh bed frame is the Hillsdale Janis Metal sleigh bed that is made from premium alloys and comes with full-sized rails. This gives it a sturdy and rigid structure while the full-sized rails ensure optimum safety when you are sleeping. Its classic shape with slightly curved legs gives it a unique look while strap spindles ensure that your mattress stays stable during tensed nights.  Its affordable price allows you to fit the frame with your own choice of box spring to get the perfect sleeping comfort for you. This also allows you to improve its structural integrity by fitting it with reinforcements at the bottom.

          Quality & Durability

          The Hillsdale Janis Metal sleigh bed is constructed from premium quality metal alloys that have been welded together to form a rigid and sturdy frame. This allows the Hillsdale Janis Metal sleigh bed to withstand loads of up to 400lbs easily. Additionally, the Hillsdale Janis Metal sleigh bed also comes with full-sized rails. This allows for added protection in case you are a turbulent sleeper as the rails will protect you from falling down when sleeping. Its simplistic and minimalistic construction allows you to fit it with either a mattress supporter or a storage compartment depending on your needs and requirements. You can also add reinforcements at the bottom for additional rigidity and stability in case you are a heavy user and would like additional durability.

          Other Advantages
          • Available in 3 sizes: queen, king & full size
          • Strap spindles for additional comfort
          • Curved side legs for additional aesthetics
          • Full-sized rails included
          • Economic & affordably priced when compared to other offerings on the market
          • Extremely durable & long-lasting

            6. Best Cortina Sleigh Bed – Aico Amini Bella Veneto Eastern Sleigh Bed in Cognac, Queen

            Material & Design

            Bella Veneto Queen Sleigh Bed in Cognac

            The Aico Amini Bella Veneto sleigh bed is our choice for the best Cortina sleigh bed. It constructed using high-quality food and has a unique carved finish that helps it stand out from the crowd. Aico has used a premium cognac staining technique to help bring out the wood’s texture for added aesthetics. This gives it a deep cherry red color with understated black grains in the wood. These make for an excellent visual appeal if you love wood. Often called a work of art for this budget, the Amini Bella Veneto sleigh bed features exquisite curves. These curves form amazing lines. This combined with its hand-carved beautiful carvings gives this bed an excellent visual appeal. This is despite its understated cognac finish when up close and personal.

            Additionally, there are two USB ports on either side of the headboard. This allows you to charge your gadgets and smartphones from the convenience of your bed. Lastly, its contemporary classic look can fit well with most modern interiors.

            Quality & Durability

            Aico uses premium quality woods like mahogany, rosewood, etc. to construct its sleigh beds. The Amini Bella Veneto sleigh bed uses the same kinds of premium woods. These give it excellent aesthetics and also give it great structural rigidity. This allows the bed to withstand loads up to 600lbs with ease. This simple fact makes it an excellent choice for heavier users as well. Its wooden slats on the bottom help it accurately support mattresses for years to come. This allows you to experience excellent uninterrupted comfortable sleep whenever you lie down. It’s constructed from excellent quality solid wood and reinforced metal brackets for long-lasting durability.

            Other Advantages
            • Unique eccentric traditional wood carved finish
            • Cognac finish
            • Two USB ports on either side of the headboard
            • Wooden slats & solid wood veneers
            • Easy-to-assemble & detailed instructions provided
            • Beautiful and classy design

              7. Best Wooden Sleigh Bed – Shop at Home Solid Wood Sleigh Bed, Cherry

               Material & Design

              solid wood & veneer sleigh bed

              The Shop at Home solid wood sleigh bed has the best queen Sleigh bed frame that comes in a cherry finish. This helps it establish a bold statement wherever it is placed. Featuring a traditional curved design with Victorian carvings, the shop at home solid wood sleigh bed is more than just another piece of furniture. Its traditional styling gives it a royal look that is a throwback to the 19th century American & French Empires which were the inception point for sleigh beds. Its hand-carved frame not only gives it a rustic feel but also enhances the bed’s overall structural stability. The bed weighs a total of 246lbs which is exceptionally heavy and sturdy in this price range. So if you are looking for a permanent addition to your room that can last you for years to come, then the shop at home solid wood sleigh bed is an excellent choice for you.

               Quality & Durability

              Available in queen size, king size sleigh bed and California king sizes, the shop at home solid wood sleigh bed is compatible with all body sizes. The sturdy heavyweight wood construction provides additional stability and support for even heavyweight users. The large construction not only makes a bold statement but also provides it with added durability to withstand all kinds of abuse thrown its way. The shop at home solid wood sleigh bed is our best choice for a queen-sized sleigh bed. This is due to its heavyweight and durable construction and understated cherry wood finish. It also comes with traditional curves and carvings on the headboard and footboard.

              Other Advantages
              • Excellent build quality in this price range
              • Hand-carved frame
              • Available in 3 sizes: queen, king, and California king
              • Solid wood 246lbs construction

                8. Best King Sleigh Bed – Home Styles Lafayette Mahogany Solids Cherry King Sleigh Bed

                Material & Design

                Lafayette Cherry King Sleigh Bed by Home Styles

                Our choice for the best-upholstered sleigh bed king size is Home Styles Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed. Made from cherry veneers and mahogany solids, the Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed comes in an ancestral traditional design. This makes it a perfect choice for themed hotels and motels too. Its rolled footboard and headboard provide it with a unique look. This look is adorned by exquisite moldings and carvings. It is also relatively cheaper than most of the fancier options. The Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed provides you with ample style and durability for years to come. The spindle legs at the bottom add to the overall aesthetics of the Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed. In addition, it also provides it with much-needed support and grip on slippery surfaces.

                 Quality & Durability

                The Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed is constructed from heavy-duty mahogany solids. These are known for their exceptional rigidity when under high stress. Mahogany can also withstand all kinds of weather thanks to the nature of the wood. This allows you to experience high-quality performance in the cold winters of the north and the blazing heat of the coast. The combination of a larger headboard with a smaller footboard gives it additional stability when heavy objects are placed on the far end. It also provides it with a unique look that is sure to be a great addition to your bedroom. All in all, the Lafayette Mahogany sleigh bed is an extremely comfortable sleigh bed. The fact that it comes with heavy solid mahogany construction provides it with exceptional durability.

                Other Advantages
                • Cherry veneers
                • Mahogany solid wood construction
                • Antique design & look
                • Spindle legs for added grip and support
                • Heavy-duty durable build quality

                  9. Best Full size Sleigh Bed – Ashley Express Full Sleigh Bed in Dark Brown Finish

                  Material & Design

                  Full Sleigh Bed in Dark Brown Finish

                  If you’ve been looking for a full-size sleigh bed then we have the Ashley Express Full sleigh bed for you. It comes with a dark wood finish and rails as well. Constructed from selected veneers and hardwood solids, the Ashley Express Full sleigh bed features a rich antique design that can fit well with most mid-century styled bedrooms. It can also be a great addition to themed motels and resorts where its sturdy construction and elegant design will add to the overall aesthetics while ensuring a long-time durable use. The exposed metal parts come with an antique bronze finish that fits really well against its dark wood background. This gives the Ashley Express Full sleigh bed a lot of character and sturdiness that can withstand all kinds of challenges thrown its way.

                   Quality & Durability

                  The Ashley Express Full sleigh bed is a product of the amalgamation of selected veneers and long-lasting hardwood solids. This gives it exceptional strength and the ability to withstand most loads thrown its way with ease. The selected veneers give it a lot of styling too. Coated in top of the line protective and vinyl coatings, the Ashley Express Full sleigh bed will last you for decades to come. The maintenance is regular and easy. It can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth to maintain its showroom finish for years to come. This makes the Ashley Express Full sleigh bed an extremely durable choice in Full Size. It also lasts longer with easy maintenance.

                  Other Advantages
                  • Dark wood finish
                  • Constructed from hardwood solids & selected veneers for a unique look
                  • Antique bronze coating on exposed metal parts
                  • Exceptional build quality for the price

                    10. Best Twin Sleigh Bed – Donco Kids Pine Wood Sleigh Bed with Twin Trundle, White

                     Material & Design

                    Measurements are 84" length x 42" width x 42" height

                    Lastly, we have the Donco Kids Pine Wood white sleigh bed, our best choice for a Twin sleigh bed. This comes with twin trundles and a pinewood construction. This gives it an elegantly understated look that is excellent for children’s bedrooms. Its ambiguous design and white textured paint makes it excellent for all genders and provides it with a grainy finish every time your hand touches the frame. Its headboards and footboards have been designed with older sleigh beds in mind. Hence, there aren’t any aggressive curves. This helps the Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed easily blend into the background. It also ensures that your little star is never overshadowed.

                    The pinewood Sleigh bed frame gives it excellent rigidity. It also gives it a unique wooden look that will provide a rustic feel to any room. All in all, the Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed has an excellent design that not only looks well but also has excellent structural stability.

                     Quality & Durability

                    Pinewood is a great wood for constructing kids’ furniture. The Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed’s frame has been constructed using the same. It is cheap and takes to paint easily which allows manufacturers to keep the cost to a minimum. The best part is that the manufacturers can paint it in vivid paints and designs that can attract kids. Pinewood is extremely durable. This makes sure that the Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed can withstand all kinds of abuse your kid throws its way.

                    Additionally, the wood is known to develop an antique patina with age and use. This combined with the Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed’s white finish will result in a much richer and rustic looking bed as your child grows up. The bed also has reinforced metal brackets and rivets to hold the frame in place even when under heavy stresses. Overall, the Donco Kids Pine Wood sleigh bed is an excellent durable choice for you. The fact that it comes with twin trundles is a boon in case some friends come over for a sleepover.

                    Other Advantages
                    • Twin trundles
                    • Affordable pricing
                    • Sturdy pine wood construction
                    • Premium white textured paint for an elegant look
                    • Heavy & sturdy build quality despite its economic price

                      Your Complete Guide To Buying The Best Sleigh Beds

                       What Is A Sleigh Bed?

                      A sleigh bed is a contemporary bed design that has been popular for over a century. Loved and applauded by many for its comfort and design, the sleigh bed is shaped like a sleigh. Its unique look and design come from its curved headboard and footboard. These vary from model to model depending on the designer’s choice. This gives it a body embracing shape that adds to your comfort. It also allows for a versatile functionality where you can either fit it with a box spring or adjustable support that allows you to change its height on the go. This versatile functionality ensures that it can fit all types of people. It also provides features that can be useful for people with mobility issues.

                      Most modern sleigh beds nowadays feature very fewer curves and minimalistic headboards that are straight in order to fit flush with walls. This change from the traditional design is a result of modifications that have happened over the years. Although antiquely styled sleigh beds are still available in the market, they are more of a luxury and have very little practical use. Older traditional sleigh beds feature huge curves and unique carvings that help the bed stand out in almost every setting. Some artists even took the liberty to further enhance the sleigh bed’s body embracing factor by adding rails that would blend into the original curves. This would result in the traditional music note/wave shape that is often associated with sleigh beds.

                      What Are The Types Of Modern Sleigh Beds?

                       There are many types of modern sleigh beds that can be differentiated based on the construction material used to build them. This affects their durability, portability and adds extra features depending on what you are looking for. We will look at the 4 major materials that are used to construct the most sleigh beds that are currently available in today’s market. Each of these 3 materials has significant advantages and disadvantages which will make certain sleigh beds a great choice for you.

                       1. Wooden Sleigh Beds

                      Wooden beds have been around since one can remember. There is a good chance that you already own a wooden piece of furniture. Wood is soft and cool to the touch. This makes it an ergonomic material for constructing beds and other types of furniture. It also provides you with a rustic touch in terms of aesthetics which helps enhance the overall look of your room. Wooden sleigh beds are sturdy structures that can withstand huge amounts of stress. They also provide your interiors with a unique look. Wood is easy to carve and hence you will find tons of different designs of sleigh beds. These range from minimalistic simple sleigh beds to extremely sophisticated and eccentric beds that are the epitome of luxury.

                      Many luxurious offerings that are aimed at higher-end markets are equipped with features like Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, programmable lights and much more. This not only turns your sleigh bed into a multimedia station, but wood helps absorb vibrations making for a much richer audio experience. The downside of wooden sleigh beds is often their weight which makes it hard to transport them if you have to move to a different location.

                       2. Aluminum Sleigh Beds

                      Aluminum is a lightweight weather-resistant material that is used to construct all kinds of industrial equipment and vehicles. Naturally, aluminum sleigh beds are known for their rigid structure despite their lightweight construction. This makes them an excellent choice for hotels and public places where you might have to move things on a regular basis. Aluminum sleigh beds will be able to withstand all kinds of abuse that would otherwise prove disastrous for wooden beds. Their weatherproof construction makes them an excellent choice for kids and senior citizens as well. Their ability to prevent corrosion and easy to clean surface ensures that it is a long-lasting companion for you for years to come while requiring little to no maintenance. If you are in the market for a sturdy portable sleigh bed, then aluminum should be your choice of material.

                      3. Steel Sleigh Beds

                      Steel is a cheaper option than Aluminum sleigh beds if strength and durability are what you are looking for. It is as strong as aluminum but lacks its lightweight capability. This makes steel sleigh beds relatively heavier and hard to move. This could also prove to be beneficial for you if you want to anchor your bed to the ground like in a hotel or a caravan. The steel structure will be perfect for welding and drilling holes with little to no loss of structural integrity. This cannot be said for aluminum as it is more brittle and can easily fracture when structural integrity has been compromised.

                      Steel sleigh beds will require regular maintenance though as they are not completely resistant to weather and corrosion. So if you are looking for a cheaper option and don’t mind the extra effort for Maintenance, then go for a steel sleigh bed.

                      What Are The Benefits Of Using a Sleigh Bed?

                       1. Luxury

                      Wooden sleigh beds are often the most expensive choices on the market. They feature rare woods and handcrafted construction that offers a premium feel. Modern sleigh beds will treat you to modern luxuries. These include Alexa integration, Bluetooth speakers, inbuilt charging ports, programmable lights and much more. This might be a great choice if you are tech-savvy and often like to surround yourself with gadgets. If you are into more traditional designs then high-end sleigh beds might interest you. These usually feature handcrafted upholstery alongside rare woods. You will find plush linings and even rare stones incorporated into some models. These usually feature exquisite handcrafted carvings and moldings.

                      2. Aesthetics

                      Whether you work in an office or the field, everybody tends to unwind in their bedroom. If your bedroom has interiors that appeal to you and things that go well with your style then you would always feel invited and more comfortable when you fall asleep. Sleigh beds feature curved headboards and footboards that will add to the overall appeal of your bedroom. You could either opt for a traditional design featuring eccentric curves or a more modern minimalistic design. These tend to have smaller headboards, footboards, and curves that blend in instead of standing out. This way you can improve the overall aesthetics of your bedroom depending on your liking,

                      9 Things To Consider When Buying A Sleigh Bed

                      1. Material

                      Sleigh beds are available in a variety of materials with the most popular among them being aluminum, steel, and wood. Depending on your needs, requirements, and location you should select the material that fits your needs the best. For example, if you are in a humid environment or near the coast, then you should opt for an aluminum sleigh bed. It will be able to withstand that kind of weather easily. Wood will swell up in humidity whereas steel beds would be prone to corrosion due to the salty and humid environment.

                       2. Color

                      Color is another factor that should be on your checklist. Most buyers feel that color only adds to aesthetics but there is much more to it. Lighter colors are not easy to work with when color coordinating your interiors whereas darker colors tend to offer a more understated look. This becomes of utmost importance if you have little kids as the bed is bound to get drawn on someday. A lighter color makes for a great canvas for your little one while the darker color will be hard to paint on. Darker colors will also be able to withstand splashes, spills and other kinds of abuse much easily whereas lighter colors will offer stimulation to your newborn’s young brain.

                      3. Size

                      You should select a bed size based on your height and room size. The bed should be large enough to accommodate you while being small enough so that it doesn’t completely take over your living space. Modern beds are available in mainly 5 sizes: single, double, queen, full and king size sleigh bed. Depending on your requirements you should find the one that best fits your needs.

                      4. Warranty

                      Beds are a long term investment and hence you should look for a sleigh bed that is made by a trustworthy manufacturer offering you at least 3 years of warranty and a decent track record for customer support. Beds are complicated and have various parts that could be defective or simply not up to the mark. Having a warranty will protect against all kinds of manufacturing defects or failures that would otherwise prove to be disastrous.

                      5. Delivery & Assembly

                      If you plan on ordering your sleigh bed online, then it would be a good idea to go through the site’s delivery policies and assembly assistance (if any). Most websites send over disassembled beds that have to be manually assembled by the end consumer. This could be a huge hurdle for you if you have mobility issues or are a senior citizen. So go through all the delivery policies and if you plan on assembling the bed yourself, then ensure that your buyer provides you with detailed instructions for the process.

                      6. Weight

                      You should keep in mind the weight of your sleigh bed. This is especially important if you live in a high rise building. Most sleigh beds are easy to assemble. However, they tend to consist of large pieces that can be difficult to carry and transport through narrow spaces. And if you are planning on buying a solid hardwood sleigh bed then the weight should be a big concern to you. Not only will it take a lot of manpower to move the bed, but once in place, it will be very hard for you to adjust the placement.

                      Hence, if you are buying a sleigh bed that is large and constructed from solid hardwood then make sure that you have made arrangements for its heavyweight and already decided a place for it. It would also be a good idea to have an extra pair of hands in order to help you assemble it, in case you are going to make an online purchase.

                      7. Comfort

                      Beds at the end of the day are meant to comfort you and take away all your worries. An ideal bed should feel like a bed of clouds whenever you decide to take a nap. If the bed is not making you feel this way, then it is simply not the right bed for you. Comfort should be your first priority. However, you should take into account all other factors. These include size, bed height, mattress compatibility and much more.

                      If you have any persistent injuries or are planning to make the purchase for some with mobility issues or other disabilities, then comfort should be of paramount importance for you. You should take into account upholstery materials in order to ensure that nothing can hurt you. You should also buy a lower height bed in case you have any issues in your knees or legs. This would put less stress on your kees while trying to get up. It might be ideal to sacrifice a few features in favor of comfort. However, it would be a grave mistake to sacrifice comfort for features when purchasing a sleigh bed.

                      8. Design

                      The design of your sleigh bed also plays an important factor when making your purchase. Sleigh beds have curved headboards and footboards. Although these make for great aesthetics, they often end up taking extra space and adding weight to the overall unit. If you are someone staying in a compact apartment in a metropolitan city, then the design of your sleigh bed will play a very important role in order to ensure easy installation and maximum comfort.

                      If you plan on buying larger designs with eccentric curves, then you will have to factor in the ideal room size. This will fit your choice of sleigh bed in your bedroom. So if you have a smaller living space then it would be a good idea to shy away from more eccentric designs. These tend to take up extra space despite giving the same mattress size. This way you can ensure maximum comfort while utilizing your living space to the fullest.

                      9. Features

                      The modern world has brought technology into every part of our lives, be it the technology used in our toilets or the smartphone in our pocket. Everything has evolved with time and incorporated new and improved technologies in them and furniture hasn’t been left behind. With new integrations and foldable furniture popping up every day, sleigh beds have taken a step towards the future too. Many sleigh beds that are aimed at more luxurious users feature a variety of integrated technologies. These include but are not limited to Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, built-in displays, passive bass amplifiers and much more.

                      Technologies like Bluetooth speakers and passive bass amplifiers make use of built-in grooves and features. These provide a much richer experience despite being inferior in terms of technologies. For example, many designers that have incorporated speakers into their wooden sleigh beds make use of wood to their advantage. The design of the speakers makes use of wood to absorb noises and unwanted vibrations to provide a much richer audio experience despite low powered speakers. Similarly, its slots and groves fit TVs and will hide the bezels. This is so that they provide a much cleaner viewing experience. So if you are a tech-savvy user, then you should look for sleigh beds that have incorporated technologies in them. You can find features like programmable lights, inbuilt speakers, displays and much more to take advantage of. These give you an ultra-premium comforting experience.

                      We hope this article provides you with useful tips to select a sleigh bed that is just right for you!

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