Ashley Furniture Mattress Reviews in 2024

Ashley Furniture is also popularly known as Ashley Homestore and it is a popular global furniture manufacturer and retailer that also design its own Ashley Sleep brand of mattresses. In this Ashley Sleep brand, it offers both the memory foam and innerspring mattresses. These mattresses are available at a very affordable price.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Reviews

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Ashley Furniture’s Specifics: Ashley manufactured different varieties of mattresses under its brand name Ashley Sleep. Also, the company has provided different firmness options and a variety of low price points to choose from. If you are looking for a temporary mattress option, then Ashley can provide what you want, but it does not give you a durability guarantee if you are looking for low price mattresses. Read our Ultimate Guide about DreamFoam Bedding Mattress.

If you are looking for enduring comfort, then you can take a look at their high-quality and top-rated mattresses options where you can get a durability guarantee from the company.  The list of top-rated memory mattresses may be the best choice if you are looking for long term comfort from your mattress.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mattress Reviews

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture has many different product lines. Today we will highlight three of the mattresses, which are also the best Ashley Furniture mattresses and represent three mattress materials.

1. Ashley Furniture Chime Express Signature Design 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley Furniture Chime Express Signature Design 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress
Ashley Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress

Chime Express is a 12-inch signature design memory foam queen mattress that offers high-level comfort and firmness.  This queen size mattress is just what you need for deep sleep, as this body-contouring memory foam allows you to have a comfortable sleep that you always wanted.  This 12-inch mattress comes rolled and compressed in a box for your ease. It contains layers of memory foam for strong support and relieves the pressure with its ultra-plush sense.  The supported memory foam core will reduce motion and allows you to sleep peacefully without any disturbance.

Maintaining Chime Express mattress is simple as it is made of hypoallergenic material that keeps the pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and molds away and ideal option for adults and kids who suffer from allergies.  The queen size bed measures 59-inch width x 79-inch depth x 12-inch height and fits perfectly in a queen bed frame.  Easy-to-setup, you just need to remove the protective wrap and put the mattress on the box spring and foundation.

PictureStyle NameSizeFeature
8 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam MattressTwin
8 inch mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box for your convenience
10 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam MattressTwin
California King
Premium stretch knit cover
12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam MattressTwin
California King
Designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries

You can buy any Ashley Furniture product with confidence as they take every measure to deliver the product safely without any damage and they deliver the item on time.

Memory Foam:  Select Ashley models are made of 100 percent foam and it contains memory foam on the top layer and the support foam on the base layer of the mattress. This unique combination increases the mattress capacity to integrate into your body curves and offers a good night’s sleep.

2. Ashley Furniture Chime Express 12-inch Hybrid Mattress

Ashley Furniture Chime Express 12inch Hybrid Mattress
Ashley Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Firm Mattress in a Box

Chime Express the Signature Design of Ashley Furniture is a 12-inch hybrid innerspring mattress that offers the best support to the back and comfortable sleep as this firm mattress contains mega plush layers.  It contains 11percent Acrylic, 5 percent Para-Aramid Fiber, 11 percent Filament Poly, 20 percent Polyester, 53 percent Viscose.

This ultra-plush hybrid mattress is made with 680 individual power and gel-memory-foam packed and wrapped with a coil for superior support. The quilted foam offers you the cozy, soft and comfortable sleep that you always wanted in your life.

The mattress is easy to maintain as it is made of hypoallergenic material that keeps the pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and old away and it is the ideal option for the individuals who suffer from different allergies.  The queen size mattress measures 60-inch width x 79.5-inch depth x 12-inch height and it fits comfortably in all queen bed frames. Also, it is easy to set up, remove the protective wrap, and place the mattress on the box spring. Box spring and foundation are sold separately.  Ashley Furniture offers the best customer service and it takes every measure properly while delivering the item to the customers. Also, you can find a mattress in every budget and feel.

8 Inch Chime Express Hybrid InnerspringTwin
layers of plush padding. BED IN A BOX
10 Inch Chime Express Hybrid InnerspringTwin
California King
designed with gel memory foam and 805 individual power packed wrapped coils for maximum support.
12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid InnerspringTwin
California King
Designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries

Hybrid Innerspring: Select Ashley models are designed with gel memory foam and Hybrid Innerspring. This gel helps you sleep comfortably as it reduces pain in pressure points.  The Hybrid Innerspring helps the body control extra body heat as well.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Chime Elite Memory Foam Mattress 14-inch

Certainly, when you reach home after a long working day, your body needs rest and undisturbed sleep.  The Signature Design by Ashley brings you a 14-inch huge mattress that will take care of everything for you. Let’s know about it in brief:


Compatibility: This Ashley chime express foam mattress will comparable with different types of beds like- traditional, box spring, floor, platform, adjustable, etc. This is a versatile mattress provided by ‘Signature Design by Ashley’ only.

Comfort & support: These mattresses are smartly created with gel & charcoal-infused memory foam. This gives ultimate satisfaction and body contouring while sleeping. The green tea firm support foam is added for pressure point relief, who are suffering from back pain.

Ultra Plush mattress: You will have the luxury of memory foam, but without worrying about overheating while you are in deep sleep. This mattress is outfitted with gel & charcoal-infused memory foam which provides uninterrupted sleep every night!

Lightweight: This mattress has a diameter of 83.5 x 72 x 14 inches and it weighs only 1 pound or less than 500 grams. That means – you can take this mattress with you while you are traveling with the included box.

Cooling Technology: The latest ‘green tea ventilated foam’ technology guarantees temperature control during the night. This mattress is fitted with a micro cool technology cover, which will ensure the basic cool feeling and prevents sweating during the sleep.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - 14 Inch Chime Elite Mattress layers

Easy to assemble:  The ‘Signature Design by Ashley’ is easy to assemble. You can do that for yourself without needing other people’s help. The mattress inflates instantly and became ready for use. Though its a very wide mattress, but packing is easy like butter in the provided box.

Various formats: This mattress came in different formats like – queen, king, and California king.

Helps with back pain: Using this mattress, you can get from your back pain. According to the customer’s review,  it truly works. You can notice the difference from the very first night, and using it for 2/3 months the back pain will vanish like magic!

Affordable price point: The ‘Signature Design by Ashley’ is affordable for anyone who likes to invest in a mattress, that not just gives worry less sleep but reduces back pain. For the queen mattress, it will be $4** and for the king-size, it’s $6**. Lastly,  the California king will cost $6** only.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Chime Elite Memory Foam Mattress
ThicknessPictureFoam LayersAvailable SizesPrice
10 InchAshley Furniture Signature Design - 10 Inch Chime Elite Mattress3-inch Gel & Charcoal infused memory foam
2-inch green tea transition foam
6.5-inch green tea firm support foam
Check Price
12InchAshley Furniture Signature Design - 12 Inch Chime Elite Mattress2-inch Gel & charcoal infused memory foam
10-inch green tea ventilated foam technology
California King
Check Price
14 InchAshley Furniture Signature Design - 14 Inch Chime Elite Mattress3-inch Gel & Charcoal infused memory foam
2-inch green tea transition foam
9-inch green tea support foam
Check Price

Free Shipping: If you buy this mattress, they will not charge you for any shipping. Means, you are also saving a few hard-earned money of yours. Furthermore, they will ship the mattress in 1-2 days after finalizing the order.

Warranty: 10 years long non-prorated warranty will be offered by the ‘Signature Design by Ashley ‘ when you are buying this king or queen mattress. You may have to request the manufacturer’s warranty by calling their customer service.


Customer service: According to the few unhappy buyers, customer service is not able to respond quickly due to the high volume of clients.  Though its the best mattress according to 95% of the buyer, who are using this mattress for a long time.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Sierra Sleep – Mygel Hybrid 1100 Mattress

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Sierra Sleep - Mygel Hybrid 1100 Mattress

Sierra Sleep mattress is a Mygel Hybrid 1100 mattress that is considered as the best traditional innerspring queen size mattress. This hybrid queen mattress combines cooling support layers and plush comfort layers. This signature design Sierra Sleep mattress comes with a washable knit cover that allows you to wash the cover effortlessly.

The mattress is designed with layers of gel memory foam that contains layers of gel-infused foam with a thick base layer top. And the cooling gel technology used in this mattress offers maximum comfort and a plush feel.  The base is wrapped with individual coils that offer extra support and give you complete rest.

The queen size mattress measures 60-inch width x 79-inch depth x 11 inch Height to fit queen size bed frame and it can be the ideal upgrade mattress for young adults. Easy-to-setup, all that you need to do is unpack the mattress and put it on top of box spring or any other bed frame and enjoy your restful sleep.

Ashley Furniture takes the extra step to package, safeguard and deliver your matters on time.  Sierra Sleep mattresses are designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture, which is considered as a reliable source for rugs, lighting, stylish furniture, mattresses, and accessories. You can find a mattress for every budget and taste. The company has been providing quality furniture since 1945.

Mygel Hybrid & Pocketed Coils:  The pocketed coil design is a very useful feature as the individually wrapped coils are a much better option than constantly tied coils.  When the coils are wrapped individually, they integrate into your body curves and offers better comfort and support. Also, it reduces the bounce when you roll on the mattress. All these features can help you sleep peacefully.

  • Ashley Furniture offers  very low price mattress
  • It offers Hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses
  • Available in King Size, Cal-king, queen, full, and twin. Also, you can choose low profile or regular box spring mattresses
  • Some models are imported from China
  • Not enough history to review the quality


Ashley designed their Ashley sleep division only a few years ago so that you don’t get to see any long track record to review the quality of the mattresses.  However, the retailer offers affordable matters and available in different firmness levels.  The Ashley Furniture mattresses are nothing less than the popular brands as it takes care of the customers’ needs and delivers the same.

About Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture was established in 1945 by Weinberger and he opened as a sales organization in Chicago, Illinois.  Currently, the company has more than 600 retail stores in forty-eight states in the US.  Ashley Furniture sells a large range of furniture including loveseats and sofas for the living room, dining tables and chairs for the dining room, and various furniture options for the bedroom.

Ashley Homestore retailer also carries a large range of well-known brands of the mattress, including Sealy, iComfort, Beautyrest, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Stearns & Foster.  Along with these global brands, the retailer also has a great Ashley Sleep mattress line with hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses.  The Ashley Homestore offers around hundred queen size mattresses, and the price ranging from 199 dollars to 4,499 dollars. They have twenty queen models available lesser than 500 dollars and 50 queen models available over 1000 dollars.

Quality of Materials

Ashley Furniture manufactures Ashley Sleep memory foam and innerspring mattresses and their prices are comparatively cheaper than other popular brands but the company has faced several durability complaints from customers. This means these mattresses are the ideal option for temporary solutions.

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Reviews

When customers find a high-quality gel, pocketed coil, innerspring, or foam mattress at Ashley Homestore, the company does not focus just only on mattresses.  This shows that the company lacks some of the mattress central customer service policies, but they still have a very good customer support team and perfect after-sales service.

Ashley Furniture is one of the highest selling brands in America, claims style, high-quality, large variety and best customer services are its significant characteristics. From its meek beginnings in 1945 as a supplier of wall units and occasional tables, Ashley Furniture Homestore has grown to biggest home furnishing manufacturer in the US industry, and Ashley Homestore is the best one-stop store where you can find all the required furniture for your home.

Also read out guide about sweetnight mattress.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Types

Ashley Sleep mattresses come with various thickness options and different price ranges. These mattresses are very affordable compared to other branded mattresses. Here you can find the line of mattresses and its pros and cons so that you can choose the best one for your sleeping needs.


Ashley Sleep innerspring mattresses contain thin layers of foam, either memory foam or gel, and on that thin foam layers, there will be another foam layers that allow you to choose the firmness, material and the thickness as per the price point, and finally, for extra support, it uses Bonnell coils system. These mattresses offer the best comfort initially, but after using it for some time, it loses its durability and feel of the support system.  The advantages of these mattresses are that they are available in different firmness and also available at different prices.  The disadvantages are that some users report that it sags quickly and also has some quality issues.

Memory Foam

Ashley Sleep Memory Foam mattresses are simple compared to the innerspring mattresses.  The memory foam mattresses are available in twelve different choices that range from firm to plush mattresses and also contain higher or lower profiles depending on the cost of the memory foam mattresses.

The main mid-line option is a 10-inch memory foam elite.  This mattress has a cooling cover with layers of cooling green tea and foam is infused with a charcoal layer for comfort, and contains perforated transition foam layer, along with a high-density foam base. But like any other mattress, it also got some reports on durability and some users find discomfort initially. The advantages of this line of mattresses are that it is available at a very affordable range and available in different firmness ranges. The disadvantages are that some durability issues and some felt initial discomfort


Ashley Sleep hybrid mattresses are available in different firmness and thickness and each mattress contains a pocketed coil system to support the back and layer of memory foam on the top layer.  This is the most popular mattress as it offers the utmost comfort and durability. The advantages of these hybrid mattresses are that they are available at an affordable range and disadvantages are that at times some customers felt discomfort.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Sale

Ashley Furniture offers a range of financing and payment options to match your needs in particular. It allows you to choose from the following APR financing options:

  • 24 months financing, you need to make a minimum purchase
  • 6/12 months financing and you don’t need to make a minimum purchase
  • 60 months, check the local store for information
  • 48 months, you need to make a minimum purchase
  • Minimum monthly payments are needed.

The company also offers finance for those individuals who don’t have a perfect credit history. These individuals can get finance through Genesis Credit at 29.99 percent.


Price Match: Also, the company offers price matching, if you find a similar, in-stock item from Wayfair, Amazon, Target, Overstock, or Hayneedle. But, there are various rules and regulations that need to be followed to apply for price matching.  However, this price match option is very useful when going for furniture shopping.

Warranty: The Company offers a warranty on the individual mattress. Also, it is advisable to make sure to find about warranty policy before you purchase the mattress.

Return Policy: Ashley Furniture does not take foundation, mattress, or adjustable bed returns, it takes them back only if they are delivered damaged.  If you see any damage in 72 hours from your delivery, then you can contact the customer service department.  Remember, Ashley will not replace or repair your product even though the product was defective.  If you are not happy with the mattress taken from Ashley Furniture, then you cannot make returns, a contrast to 90-120 day sleep trial offers that competitors offer.

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