Top 10 Best Canopy Bed Frame Reviews 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Canopy Bed Frames

Although our usual four-post bed is enough to get us a good night’s sleep, most of the time, we wake up with our blankets covering our faces to stop the light from streaming into our eyes and ruining our sleep. There are two ways to stop this from happening apart from the one way mentioned prior. One is that we can employ fairly opaque curtains and stop the light from coming in, even at the window level, or we sleep in a bed with a canopy bed frame. Personally, my choice would be the second, so that we can close it without much effort even if someone forcibly wakes us up, provided we are not ready to wake up yet.

Canopy Bed is a Better Choice

Canopy beds giving some much-needed privacy, these have been used for a long time, by many royals in Europe and China as their servants would sleep in the same room as them. These beds were prevalent to the extent that they were a sure shot part of the dowry in pre-Republican China.

Today, these beds and frames are available in a number of designs that represent their predecessors along with ones that are extremely minimal and modern. To give you an idea of the models available in today’s market, we’ve listed down a few and reviewed them for you. One thing to note here is that the drapes to be used are left to your discretion. The products listed below are only the frames, some favorites of ours among the hundreds in the market.

Do note that for the products which have the size associated with them (King or Queen), the review applies to other sizes as well, if they exist.

Top 10 Best Canopy Bed Frames in 2024 – Chart & Reviews

1Naples White King Canopy Bed by Home StylesSlightly flared legs
Raised panels
2Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed, White, Queenclassy design in a clean silhouette4.1
3Princess Toddler Canopy Bedlow-to-the-ground base and mattress4.3
4DHP Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed, Queen Size - Blackmodern design canopied bed4.5
5AUFANK Canopy Bed with Sturday Metal Bed Frame, White Queen Sizemade of durable steel
6DHP Modern Canopy Metal Bed, Gold, KingModern design Golden Metal
built-in headboard
7Mainstays Four Post Canopy Bed (Full, Black)Modern Design Sturdy Metal Frame4.0
8Zinus Patricia Metal Framed Canopy Four Poster Platform Bed Frame, QueenStrong Steel Mattress Support / No Box Spring Needed, Queen4.7
9Best Choice Products Modern 4-Post Queen-Sized Canopy Bedframe, BlackBUILT-IN HEAD AND FOOTBOARD3.9
10Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Dover King Canopy Bed, Textured BlackTransitional King Canopy Bed featuring a delicate scroll design3.9

1. Home Styles Naples Wood Canopy Bed, King

Being one of the most popular canopy beds sold on different online shopping sites, the frame is made of wood, as the name suggests. Sturdy, yet light to see, the bed frame is available in two colors – black and white. Easy to assemble, the bed is delivered in good packaging ensuring that the piece of furniture is not damaged in transit.

Naples White King Canopy Bed by Home Styles

Belong to the contemporary class of furniture, the bed is extremely easy to assemble at home and does not take more than a few hours, thanks to the markings which indicate how and where the different components should be screwed in.

Though the frame does not look very strong, in reality, it serves its purpose, and is sturdy through the course of decades as well, going on to prove that appearances are deceptive at times. Giving you the full freedom to decorate your sleeping space, it does not come with any pre-designed hangings or curtains, thus helping you personalize the space that is most personal to you.

Other features (and ones mentioned in passing previously) are elaborated upon below, for your benefits.

Easy Assembly

As mentioned before, the bed is extremely easy to assemble and handle. A couple of people can easily assemble the structure in a matter of hours. Also, the joints are wedge typed, and not butt type. So this adds another layer of reinforcement to the structure along with the nuts and bolts that hold the structure in place.

Contemporary Look

The bed, as you can see from the image, is extremely simple to look at, yet is elegant. It is not sparse or austere as other beds can sometimes appear. Going for a contemporary look, the manufacturers have ensured that the bed pulls the look off, successfully, without being overbearing or too simple. Also, the range of colors the bed is available in – black and white (by name, although the white looks more grey) – is also simple, and is contemporary, if colors can be called so.

Flared Legs

In theme with the contemporary design, the legs of the bed are flared below the bed rails, to a tiny extent which lets us know that the manufacturers had an eye for detail. Although leaving it unaltered would have been okay as well, there is no denying the fact that flaring the legs up a tiny bit makes the bed all the more aesthetic to behold.

2. Novogratz Marion Metal Canopy Bed Frame, Queen

If you’re looking for a metal-framed bed that looks very simple and is sturdy for use, this is the bed you’re looking for. The metal used to make the frame is iron (as mentioned in the heading), the strength and durability of which satisfies almost everyone who purchases the bed frame. Finished with pain that doesn’t peel off very easily, the manufacturers have ensured that the framework of the bed stays free of weakening factors like rust.

Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed, White, Queen

 Aiming to give a contemporary and rustic feel, the bed frame is available in three colors – namely black, white, and gold. Finished with metallic matte paint, it is needless to say that the bed is surely a looker and can take the decor of your bedroom to a level of unseen class.

While talking about the functionality, the bed can support a weight of 400 odd pounds which is more than what the average person will ever need. With an average human weighing around 137 pounds, the bed more than compensates for the weight of you and your sleeping partner. The credits for this additional strength go the extra bed rails present in the bed apart from central rails. These ensure maximum stability and keep your bed from moving or creaking when you lie or change positions on it.

Other factors that the bed possesses that were mentioned in passing before, and ones that are new, are explained below for you to get a thorough understanding of what you’re in for if you invest in this bed.

Additional Strength Owing To Extra Side Rails

Apart from the central slats that almost every bed has, this bed also has additional bed rails which increase its stability. It also comes with central legs which keeps the structure from sagging during use. Assembled with screws and fastened tightly, the bed can withstand the kind of force it is meant to take, with extreme ease. The only compromise that could possibly come to the structural integrity of the bed is that of the structure being unstable owing to being screwed in loosely, which is in our hands.

Very Appealing Look

The colors in which the bed is available are classy, to say the least. With no designs to accentuate the structure, the bed is very very simple to behold, and it being so gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate your bed as you see fit, without having to stick to any theme that may already be present on the frame. Kept at the right place, with the right throw of light on it, the bed can change your room into a space that will surely leave you spellbound.

Beware Of Screw Size

One qualm that a lot of buyers have with the product is about the screws. Although the screws fit perfectly most of the time, occasionally some of them are a size too large or small, which makes for a frustrating assembling experience. Also, the screws sometimes don’t match the color with the frame itself, and if you have a thing for aesthetics, it is in your best interest to call the manufacturer/seller to confirm the specifications of the screws that will be sent with your bed.

3. KidKraft Princess Toddler Canopy Bed for Little Girl

These beds are designed not just for adults but for kids as well. The model being talked about here is a bed for girls below the age of 5. Made of wood, the bed is well equipped to carry the weight of its tiny occupant.

Princess Toddler Bed

The structure is majorly pink in color with even the accents being pink. The baby pink and the accents undoubtedly give the vibe of a tiny princess using the bed, making sure that your daughter certainly feels that way. The headboard has the image of a crown in gold, and its combination with the pink and the patterns surrounding the same make for a very cute (for lack of a better fitting word) composition.

 One feature that is markedly different for this bed compared to others (including the ones for adults) is the lack of rails that connect the tops of adjacent posts. Making it unique, the post heads are also adorned (the description of which you’ll find later in the article).

Functionally speaking the bed is more than capable of accommodating its occupant. It is a bit low (as is supposed to be while catering to infants) making it the perfect transition from a crib to a normal bed. Capable of supporting a weight of around 50 pounds and the weight of an average infant being a little more than half its capacity at 26.5 pounds. The assembly is highly intuitive and does not take more than a couple of hours even for people who are assembling a bed for the first time in their lives.

The bed also has other features apart from the ones mentioned, some of which include the following.

Crown Post Head

The head of the post is adorned in the form of 3-dimensional crowns, gold in color, which keep in the theme of the bed being that of a princess. The detail on these crowns is a testament to the thought being put into designing the frame of these beds, which is definitely no less than the thought put in while designing the beds of adults.

Decorative Side Rails For Protection

Considering the beds are going to be used by infants who are just transitioning from their crib to a bed, it is necessary that there be protection on either side to prevent them from rolling and falling on the ground. The bed proves to be an amazing even with respect to this aspect. With protective side rails that are also made of wood and pink in color with accents, the protection is both aesthetic and functional.

Same Sized Mattress Available

Although this is not a concern for adult beds, finding the exact mattress size as a crib or a bed for infants can prove to be a Herculean task. The company manufacturing these beds, KidKraft, has us covered on that front as well. Always suggesting that we buy their mattress along with the bed for the best experience, they manage to stay on top of their marketing as well as the customer’s good books.

4. DHP Rosedale Black Canopy Bed

It is one of the most popularly sought out models owing to the brand it comes with – DHP (Dorel Home Products). Having created a name for themselves in the market of contemporary and traditional styles of furniture, the company is one that has not new to the world of canopy beds.

DHP Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed, Queen Size - Black

This particular model is made of sturdy metal and is finished with matte metallic paint, which makes it look classy. The feeling of simplicity and elegance is further enhanced by the plain extrusions of the metal frame without any indentations on it. For the particular black model that’s being discussed here, the look goes really well, and the entire setup all but begs to be kept in a room with grey interiors (or even any other colored interior) to spruce the place up like nothing else.

 Considering that its made of metal and fastened with screws and bolts, it is needless to say that the bed frame is undoubtedly sturdy. Capable of carrying a weight of around 500 pounds, the bed is more than enough to accommodate two adults effortlessly. The bed rarely gives way or squeaks as it comes with central legs and is sturdier than beds with just the four legs.

Other features that the bed possesses include the following, which are described below.

Amazing Value For Money

For the price of 200 dollars, the bed is considered a steal by many including us. For every 1 person who has some gripe against the bed, there are innumerable people who like it. Although the price might lead us into believing that the bed might be of inferior quality, on purchasing, we are sure to get to know that it was a misgiving on our part.

One Year Warranty

This itself speaks volumes about the quality that the bed possesses. Not many companies producing these beds warrant for the performance and durability, owing to some cut corners here and there. Further, these companies even stop responding to the customers’ queries if things go downhill. But the warrant issued by DHP squashes any doubt we may have about the quality of the bed.

Packaging And Delivery Gripes

The only place where we might face some dissatisfaction when it comes to this bed is that of its packaging while delivery and the pace and method of delivery itself. Occasionally the sizes of the screws might get mixed up, making way for a bit of confusion and frustration while setting up the bed. Also, one thing to note about the packaging is that it is pretty longitudinal, and might be an annoyance to carry to higher stories without an elevator (of course, you can choose to risk it, and have a “pivot” episode).

 5. AUFANK Sturday Metal White Canopy Bed Frame

This is one of the beds that’s markedly different from the ones listed above for the simple reason that it is borderline ornate, and strays away from the average contemporary look of these canopy beds commonly available in the market.

AUFANK Canopy Bed with Sturday Metal Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Mattress Foundation White Queen Size

Available in three different colors, the bed goes for a look that is both contemporary and traditional. Unlike other beds where the extrusions and the designs near the headboard are particularly, angular, the ones in this bed are elegantly curvilinear.

 This bed is also rated for carrying a total weight of 500 pounds, quite a lot more than how much a couple of humans weigh (280 pounds).

Assembly Video Available

While the assembly of these beds is intuitive to an extent, there is no denying the fact that a video helps the case twice as much more owing to the simple reason that we can at least mimic the actions on the video if we can’t visualize how the parts will fit in.

These videos also help us save a lot of time in the sense that by following these, the margin for error is reduced significantly, thereby making for a hassle-free assembly on the arrival of the product.

1 Year Warranty

As mentioned for previous models, the fact that a company is providing a warranty for the durability and stability of the product itself goes on to say how confident the manufacturer is, about the product. Considering that documents of warranty and guarantee are not things that are taken for granted by anyone, it is safe to believe that the product will definitely last for a year, failing which the product will be replaced by another piece on placing a complaint.

This also gives us an added feeling of security that the money that we’re spending is an investment and not a loss.

Traditional, Yet Not Gaudy

Being one of the only beds in the market with a metal frame yet trying to be traditional in looks, the bed managed to find the balance between ornate and simple. Unlike other ornate structures, which are sometimes too overbearing on the eyes, gaudy in other words, this one is still simple and functional.

 The posts which extend a bit beyond the rails connecting them to their adjacent counterparts have a spherical finish which adds to the look that the manufacturers are going for.

 6. DHP Metal Gold Canopy Bed Frame

Staying true to its brand name, this bed is one that is highly revered by anyone who knows about canopy bed frames properly. Compared to the Rosedale model, this model is even simpler, but more classy, owing to the fact that every angel found on this bed is a right angle. The designers have just played around with perpendicular and parallel lines to create the structural framework of this bed.

DHP Modern Canopy Metal Bed, Gold, King

Made of metal, as the name suggests, this bed is also finished with matte metallic paint in different colors. The bed is designed to support a weight of 500 pounds like most other beds, and thus is on par with the competition it faces in the market of canopy beds. Clearly a contemporary canopy bed, the colors these beds are sold in, also are mostly modern and fit very well within the usual colors of our bedrooms. The colors include gold, dark grey, pink and white. In the mentioned colors, pink is the only color that might feel out of place if our interiors are not matching the color of the frame. But that’s an easy repair if we want to theme the room according to the bed. Else the color can be ignored.

The gold one, the one being talked about, in particular, is a subtle one, and not flashy in any way. With the proper throw of light on it, the most it manages to do is show its true color, all the while never reflecting the thrown light completely, owing to the matte finish.

Other facts that you should know about the bed before you purchase are mentioned and described below for our convenience.

Gold Design – Black Is Not Available

You surely did not read black in the list of colors mentioned above. Although dark grey is a close enough match according to a lot of people, those of us who want only black metallic colors are in for a disappointment in this regard when it comes to this bed.

However, if you are anyways planning to invest in drapes or curtains, those will anyway cover the frame pretty well. So this bed is a good option to invest in even if you want black, considering the fact that the frame will be obscured anyway.

Simple Headboard

As mentioned, the designers have only played around with perpendicular and parallel lines in this particular design. The headboard is essentially a couple of horizontal parallel lines at regular intervals, which makes for a very classy look for the entire bed.

Additional Strength

The bed, like other products produced by DHP, has central legs and additional bed rails to support the load it is meant to carry without any difficulty. Also, the fact that it is made of metal and is fastened with screws, leaves only one place where weaknesses can occur – loose joints. If we put some effort into making sure that the bolts and screws are fastened tightly, then we can rest assured that the bed will not so much as squeak even if we jump on it.

7. Mainstays Modern Canopy Bed, Sturdy Metal, Full

Even though it is manufactured by Mainstays, the bed looks similar to the Modern Metal model produced by DHP, except for a few minor differences (which is what sets this bed apart from the rest of most of its counterparts). As the title signifies, it is made of sturdy metal and can withstand a weight of up to 500 pounds. It also possesses three central legs which pave way for it to be structurally sound, thus ensuring that it doesn’t sag with extended use.

Mainstays Easy to Assemble Modern Design Sturdy Metal Frame Four Post Canopy Bed (Full, Black)

The bed is available in different colors, including black, gold and white like most other contemporary canopy beds found in the online market for the said beds. The colors are matte in nature and are not overbearing on the viewer no matter what. It is available in all the normal sizes, thus giving you a variety to choose from, depending on how many occupants will use the bed. Some things that draw attention to the quality of the bed, and urge us to buy this bed among the hundreds found in the market are as follows.

Rounded Column Heads

The bed’s posts which extend beyond the rails connecting the adjacent ones are finished in a spherical manner, giving the bed an overall simple look. These spherical post heads also draw attention to themselves as they are the only curvilinear feature in an otherwise angular bed. It is needless to say that the addition of drapes or screens to the bed will give it a good look, considering that most of the elements seen will then be curvilinear and the post heads will fit right in.

Solid Legs

Most beds only have metal extrusions as their frames. Although even they are strong, there is no denying the fact that solid sections will be even stronger than the hollow sections.

This bed comes with solid legs that can support the rated weight of the bed with casual ease without causing any damage to the structural integrity. This quality alone is enough to set this bed apart from its counterparts, for not many manufacturers do this, owing to the excess metal used per bed.

8. Zinus Patricia Metal Platform Canopy Bed Frame, Queen

This bed is produced by the company Zinus which has managed to carve a name for itself in the world of furniture owing to the quality it provides and the warranties it gives. The bed is no exception to the standard of quality set by the company.

Zinus Patricia Metal Framed Canopy Four Poster Platform Bed Frame

Made of metal, the bed is extremely sturdy for all uses. Although the weight that the bed can support is not known, it’s a safe bet to guess that the bed can easily carry a weight of around 500 pounds, like all other beds in the market. These come in just two colors, black and white and the industrial design of these contemporary beds is sure to redefine your bedroom.

5 Year Warranty

Some beds come with a warranty for a year. But most beds don’t even have the word “warranty” written anywhere in the seller’s description of the product. In such a scenario, the 5-year warranty that Zinus promises on this model is pleasantly shocking. For any company to claim that their product will last for a period of five years is proof enough of the bed frame’s high strength and durability.

‘Frame With Desk’ Option

Most beds only come with frames supporting the beds itself. One unique option that this bed comes with, is that of an attached desk. Considering that we all work in our bedrooms more often than not, it would make sense for us to have a bedside table to keep our laptops on, while we’re planning to retire. This model takes that up by a notch and can come with a standard attached table at a height of 2’-6” which gives you the option of working on this table with a chair, making sure that your laptop does not see how the bed feels, at any point in time.

Extremely Lightweight

For the warranty it has, and the weight i is rated to carry, the bed weighs a mere 90 pounds, as compared to its counterparts which weigh 110 pounds or more. This paves for an easy assembly experience even if only one person is doing the job.

Numbered Screws And Slots For Easy Assembly

Adding on to the point of easy assembly, the screws used for fastening the different parts are numbered, and as are the slots. All you have to do is align the slots on different parts and screw in the bolt with the matching number. Given how this is easy to do, you’ll be able to assemble the bed in no time.

Tools As Accompaniments

The assembly is further simplified owing to the provision of tools from the company’s side to ease the process. The bed comes with all the parts, an instruction manual, and the tools required for assembly (hex wrench and a rubber mallet), which are not offered by any other counterparts of the company.

9. Best Choice Products Four Poster Queen Canopy Bed Frame

The bed, albeit being similar to the DHP Rosedale model, has some stark differences that set it apart from the DHP one. It is made of sturdy metal and can carry loads effortlessly like that of all the other models mentioned before this one. However, the difference here is the higher load carrying capacity that it provides. Capable of carrying a load of a whopping 660 pounds, this is a mile apart from the 500 pounds that its counterparts carry.

Best Choice Products Modern 4-Post Queen-Sized Canopy Bedframe, Black

The bed is similar to its counterparts in other ways, including the style it is built-in. It is abed of the contemporary style and is very minimalistic and simple (before the drapes are hung over the frames at least). The bed has legs along the center in the longitudinal direction which is different from most other models having the same in the transverse direction. Although both seem to work well, it does put doubt in our minds if the ones being longitudinal are better, considering the higher load that it is capable of carrying.

Some features that set this bed apart from others, are listed and elaborated upon below, for your information.

Cross Head Design Unique

The bed’s crosshead design in the headboard is similar only to the one other model of DHP Rosedale. Every other bed that is available in the market (for the most part) only has parallel and perpendicular elements for the headboard and rails. The use of the X pattern makes the bed more rustic, adding an austere yet pleasant feel to your room.

Longitudinal Central Legs

Almost all the models of beds, as mentioned before, have central legs extending in the transverse direction (with the sleeping position as reference). However, this bed has them in the longitudinal direction, with minimal slats for carrying the weight of the bed. The judicious and intelligent use of materials and the engineering behind the design makes way for its lightweight in comparison to the load it is designed to carry.

10. Hillsdale Furniture King Canopy Bed Frame

The bed is made of metal, with cylindrical extrusions of steel. For the average load that beds are designed to carry, this one is extremely light, a little over 25 pounds which makes it easy for even one person to assemble, without anyone’s help in a matter of a couple of hours.

Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Dover King Canopy Bed

Borderline traditional in design, this bed can take you back in the time provided the rest of your bedroom is themed the same way. The designs at the headboard and near the foot are extremely delicate and give one a very pre-renaissance feel. Functionally, the bed is one that is described to perform really well, with little to no qualms being expressed by consumers.

The bed is constant in keeping with the theme of a traditional bed through the color options provided as well. The colors available – black and cream – are both classy in nature, but never gaudy. Some unique features of this bed include the following, for your knowledge, in a bid to help you make the right choice while purchasing.

Delicate Scroll Design

The decorations on the headboard and the foot of the bed are very delicate, representing a delicate scroll design. The curvilinearity of the decoration is the highlight of this model, making a good option for those who have a thing for antiquities and old themes.

Comparatively Cheap Option

For 200 odd dollars, this bed is a good option for the aesthetics and the quality that it provides. With a unique design that is bested by none of its counterparts in the market, the investment is one that is sure to give you only positive results.

Post Finished With An Outward Tapering

In most canopy beds, the posts don’t extend beyond the horizontal top rail connecting the adjacent posts. In the few where the posts do extend, the design is either spherical or square-like. However, in this model, the cylindrical extrusion tapers outwards and is covered by a plate having a larger diameter than the extrusion, giving it a unique look in sync with the uniqueness of the model itself.

Sleep Quality is Important

In today’s world, a lot of us barely have time to rest our bodies and minds. Although we all theoretically know the importance of good, deep sleep, we somehow end up in situations where our sleep is compromised. Now, obviously we do not mean to do it intentionally, but what we do not realize is that our body can only take so much. Sleep deprivation or reduced quality and quantity of sleep can have extremely detrimental effects on our wellbeing, both mentally and physically. This can take a toll on our professional capabilities, which will end up being more stressful, and in a bid to save our jobs, we work harder by cutting corners on our rest, thus worsening our situation even further.

Canopy Bed Helps you get better sleep

Now, other times, even when we do make the time for it, the place of sleep or the time when we choose to sleep can affect the quality of our nap. It is necessary for us to be in a quiet environment at a comfortable temperature to be able to sleep well. Research suggests that people tend to sleep deeper in quieter and dimly lit environments than they do in bright and loud environments, as a combination of the latter two, or even one of the two, prevents them from transitioning into REM (random eye movement) sleep. This stage of sleep is considered to be the greatest, and sleeping in this state gives our body all the time and space it needs to rejuvenate and gear up for the next day.

Thus, it comes down to us making our sleep time that much more productive for our body, and making sure that we transition and stay in REM sleep for as long as we can. Now, as mentioned, temperature and sound are two things that influence our quality of sleep. But the list does not end there. The quality of our mattress and the place where we sleep itself can have a consequence on our sleep which may not always be the best thing unless we make sure that we are covered on those fronts as well.

Your Guide To Buying A Great Canopy Bed Frame

If you’re reading this piece of writing, then you are obviously considering buying a canopy bed, or are curious about it. On either front, we have got you covered. With the number of products available in the market that all proclaim themselves as being the best, making the perfect purchase decision can be staggeringly hard, and that’s where this article aims to help you out. You may be entirely new to the concept of these beds or might be having some idea about them, but let’s start basic, here.

What Is A Canopy Bed?

A canopy, by dictionary definition, is a covering on top. A layer of something that divides a said space into layers. Combining that concept with a bed, a canopy bed is a kind of bed that has posters rising to a certain height upon which a canopy is placed. Essentially, rails run from the top of the posters connecting them to their adjacent counterparts. Upon this frame, we can add elements like curtains and screens, thereby enhancing the look of the room, along with increasing the privacy for the users.

Used by tons of people all over the world for sprucing up the different bedrooms of the house, these have begun to rise exponentially in popularity.

In a nutshell, these beds add a character to your bedroom like no other piece of furniture can. Being equally artsy and functional, canopy beds help you find the right balance while decorating your room. Although it is not a necessity, it is an investment worth making if you are already considering changing your bed frame. Giving you a chance to start afresh every day, these beds will definitely increase the quality of both your sleep and life.

Why Should You Invest In a Canopy Bed Frame Over a Normal Bed?

Although it is not a necessity in anyways, these beds come with a variety of perks that’ll make your life happier. Be it a better standing among friends, or just a good interior decor, the beds are sure to change your outlook. Some of these perks are listed below to help you decide if the beds are worth it or not.

1. Eye Turner

It goes without saying that these beds are still at the infancy of their potential fame. So it is a sure shot fact that whoever visits your home will give you a compliment or two about these beds along with queries about the cost and mode of purchase. Canopy beds add just the right amount of splendor to your room and elevate the aesthetics like nothing else. If you have an eye for detail and have a dream about redefining the space that is most personal to you (your bedroom), then this is an investment you should definitely consider making.

2. Added Privacy

On adding a screen or a curtain in the top rails, we can create a small world for ourselves on drawing them. By employing these types of beds, you can still let light tomorrow the room without having to compromise on your privacy. Depending on the kind of screen you buy and how opaque they are, you can choose the look of your room along with the degree of privacy you want for your room.

3. Spatial Regulation

Occasionally, especially in villas and houses with large ceiling heights, the spaces can be too much to take in, so much so that they sometimes feel cavernous. Although we all like monumental buildings that are grand and huge in every sense, we don’t order that our houses and the spaces within be that way. We’d all rather have a cozy home, our open world within the huge one around.

In this regard, the canopy beds certainly have a great reputation. Having the ability to create layers inside the room, these are more than able to partition the room spatially even without screens. Also, the perpendicular elements present in these beds go hand in hand with the geometric nature of the room, thus adding aesthetic value to the room as well.

4. Canopy Beds vs Normal Beds

Regular or normal beds are your average beds that do not have posts extend to heights above that of the bed rails. Although there is no fault with them as such, the fact that the canopy beds have more to offer cannot be denied by anyone.

Canopy Beds offers more features and comfort than Normal Beds

Canopy beds are accompanied by the above-mentioned features of added privacy, added aesthetics and spatial regulation to your bedroom along with serving the function of a bed quite successfully. Although your regular beds also have a focal point and can have elaborate headboards, the rustic designs of the present fay canopy beds somehow beat the appearance of the regular ones.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that canopy beds come with their own share of trouble as well. Considering that the rails are a good elevation form the bed wiping them and cleaning them might be a hassle if there are no screens or curtains hung upon them. Also, considering that most of the time, we buy these beds online, they’re delivered in a box and left for us to assemble. For those of us who are good with tools, there is no issue. For the other half who’ve never seen a wrench in their life, however, this can prove to be a daunting task.

That said, they’re still a good investment with a small price to pay. Canopy beds come in various colors and are made of various materials such as wood and metal. Although most of the characteristics depend on the exact specification of the material, some generalizations can be drawn from the trend seen in the durability statistics of beds made with the respective materials.

Canopy Bed Frames Made Of Wood

These beds, if made with the wood of inferior quality can splinter prematurely and become unusable sooner than usual. Also, any kind of wood is susceptible to damage through insects and termites, thus the house should be insect treated from time to time to ensure that these beds last long.

Canopy Bed Frames Made Of Metal

Again, one cannot say that these will surely last longer than the beds made of wood. However, the general trend is that these are made with iron or steel and finished with matte metallic paint. The finish ensures that the metal does not come in contact with air and moisture which can wreak havoc on the structure. These beds are becoming more and more common owing to the fact that the intensive craftsmanship is not required in making these, as compared to their wooden counterparts.

The play of materials along with the colors these come in provides for a wide variety of options to choose from. Some of the colors in which these beds come include black, white, gold and cream.

All of the above-mentioned colors are neither too overbearing nor very dull. They stick our just the right amount from their surroundings and enhance their place of presence in a subtle and classy manner.

Points to Consider when Choosing a Canopy Bed

After having read this guide, you must have gotten some kind of ideas as to what to expect on purchasing one of these beds. The following section is to help you decide to make a good purchase decision based on what we think you might like. The kind of furniture we pick out for our house is often a reflection of our personality itself. So, narrow down from these options and see which one will suit you best.

1. Your Taste – Artsy Or Practical?

If you are an artsy and a person with an eye for antiquities, you should consider buying a traditional canopy bed instead of a contemporary one. However, if minimalistic furniture is your cup of tea, then the latter is the way to go, for you.

2. Carrying Capacity Of The Bed

This is the functional quotient of the bed. There is no point in investing a piece of furniture that creaks and makes weird noises when you use it. Thus, buy a bed that has a carrying capacity more than the total load that will be put on the bed once it is being used.

3. Colours Of Your Choice

Once you’ve decided on the first two criteria, this is what you should put your mind on. The color of the bed can be chosen in two ways. First, you can choose the color you like best among the options available with respect to your model. The second option would be to stay in sync with the theme of your bedroom and choose a color that would best go with, or contrast the walls of your room.

Now you know all you need to know to buy a canopy bed from what the perks are, to what to look out for. Make the leap from a normal bed to a canopy bed, and up your interior design game, for a change for it is sure to turn eyes and make you feel special like nothing else.

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