Best Full XL Bed Frames – 2024 Guide

A bed is the pride of your room. It binds your entire room together. Therefore, it is necessary to have the perfect bed frame that goes flawlessly with your bedroom setup.

There are a huge variety and range of bed frames available in the market. They come in various shapes, designs, dimensions, and whatnot. In such a situation, making the right choice can become pretty daunting.

There are plenty of factors that one needs to consider before narrowing down their options. Though every model has its own uniqueness and some different feature to offer, there are a few things that run in common with every bed frame. For instance, the size of the bed, the dimensions of the room, economic feasibility, material used for the frame, etc.

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Being thorough with this buyer’s guide can help you carefully scrutinize your options and choose a bed that is crafted just for your needs.

What is a Full XL Bed Frame?

A full XL bed frame is also known as a king-size bed. It is one of the biggest sized bed frames available in the market.

Though it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, the standard dimensions of a full XL bed frame are 76″X80″. Needless to say, the gigantic size of the bed makes it the most comfortable option for a good night’s sleep.

These beds are a perfect choice for families and couples, where sharing a small bed can become taxing. The full XL bed frame provides you ample space to stretch out and get a peaceful sleep every time you fall on it.

Benefits of Using a Full XL Bed Frame

Having a proper sleep is a necessity for maintaining a healthy body. For that to happen, you need a comfortable bed. The full XL bed frame offers a lot of benefits along with the comforts of good sleep.

A good night’s sleep

A lot of people face the problem of insomnia because they feel crowded in their bed. Crowding doesn’t mean that a lot of people are stuffed together! Cramming, even with one more person alongside, in a small bed, can make the sleep uncomfortable.

You are always conscious that a slight movement might hit your partner or anyone else sleeping next to you. It is even more difficult when you are a light sleeper.

A full XL bed, therefore, provides you with enough room to stretch out your arms and legs and get that sound, undisturbed sleep.

Better positioning while sleeping

In a small bed, you are often forced to coil yourself to adjust in. You have a fear of spinning down, so you keep your movements restricted. As a result, the backbone is left in a stressed position throughout the night, resulting in back pain and sore muscles.

With a full XL bed frame, you would not have to face any inhibitions. You can straighten your back, hands, and legs completely and sleep tension-free like a baby.

Better blood circulation

It is a well-known fact that the more our body moves, the better will be the blood circulation. However, during sleep, movement is not in our control. Therefore, a relaxed state is the only way to ensure proper blood circulation.  

A small bed forces you to sleep in a compressed state. Restricted movements result in stiffening of the muscles and the body because of improper circulation of blood. Hence, you wake up even more tired and stressed than you were when you went to bed.

A full XL bed gives you ample space to even do a full 360-degree spin while sleeping! Your body is always in a relaxed state as you are allowed to get in any position that is comfortable for you. This results in a fresh and happy morning, with no soar muscles.

More accommodating

People with a height of more than 6 feet are always stressed by the standard bed models. Because of their tall stature, they cannot fit in properly. They either have to sleep diagonally or get in a fatal position or just let their legs hang in the air. This causes health issues like back problems, joint pains, etc.

A full XL bed is, therefore, a perfect choice for tall and even a healthy person. The bigger size of the frame offers more strength, making it more durable for a person who is a little above on the weighing scale.

Things to consider before buying a full XL bed frame

Buying a bed can be a herculean task. The range of models can be pretty intimidating, leading you to choose the wrong bed in haste and confusion.

Therefore, it is necessary to know about a few factors thoroughly so that you can consider them while making your purchase.


The first and foremost factor to consider is the size of the bed. A perfect dimension is necessary to avoid all the problems associated with improper sleep.

Many people prefer to choose a bed based on the dimensions of their mattress. This way, they can avoid getting a much bigger or smaller bed frame.

Another thing to consider before finalizing the dimension is the user’s height and body weight. If you are making a switch to a full XL bed, it is most definite that you don’t wish to be in the same situation as before.

Make sure that the bed is accommodating for your size and weight. The frame should be sturdy and strong to hold your weight and stay together in the longer run.

Room Space

You would not want your bed to be out of proportion with your room. A big, bulky bed frame can alter the entire dynamics of your room. It will not only impact the aesthetics of the room but will also occupy unnecessary space.

It is therefore important to dimension the room properly before putting a pin on the bed of your choice. Make sure you have enough space left for movement or any additional decoration, even after the installation of the bed.


The furniture industry has got a whole new outlook in the 21st century. Gone are the days when wood was the only material used for making furniture.

The variety of material options available is extraordinary. This exemplary range not only allows you to choose a beautiful bed, but it also fits in your budget well.  

Here a few materials that you can consider for your bed frame as per your liking as well as economic feasibility.


Whenever someone talks about furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is wood. Wood has been used for making furniture since time immemorial.

Using wood for your full XL bed frame can bring that rustic and elegant look to your bedroom. Wood adds a certain luxury to the product making the ordinary look extraordinary. Apart from looks, wood provides strength, durability, as well as longevity to the product.

Depending on your budget, you can go for different varieties of wood like pine wood, oak wood, teak wood, and so on.

However, it should be noted that wood can be a bit expensive. Also, the bed frame can turn out to be very heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move or relocate.


Metal has become the new definition of modern contemporary furnishing. People prefer going for the metallic furniture option as it adds just the right amount of pizzazz needed to brighten up your bedroom.

You can get a variety of colors as well as designs in metal. A metallic bed frame is highly durable and lightweight, making it easy to relocate or move. It is also cheaper than the wooden bed frame and can fit right into your budget, with the added luxury.

Metal, however, fails to provide the sturdiness and warmth that comes with wood. It is, therefore, necessary to take proper care of the furniture for a better life.


Laminates have opened the window to pocket-friendly luxury. These are sheets made of wood or wood-like material that is pasted over wooden boards.

Laminates also offer thousands of colors, designs, and styles. You can match your bed frame with your curtains or your wall paint. It will gel perfectly to give that panache to your bedroom.

The factor of durability and longevity lacks in the case of laminates, so the product might not survive the long run.


Wicker is a very light material made from plants or plastic, woven together. It is also a sturdy option that is exceptionally lightweight.

Wicker has its own unique design that can give a completely different outlook to your room. However, the material is not durable and cannot last as long as wood or metal bed frames.

Storage space

Most people prefer buying beds with bed boxes. A bed box is like an additional hidden storage space that you can use to keep the extra items in your bedroom.

With the new designs coming up each day, the bed boxes have been revolutionized into under bed closets. They come with drawers and shelves and can be put into multiple uses.

If you don’t want storage space, you can go for a bed frame without one. The height of the bed gives you ample space underneath for proper cleaning. This can spare you from those filthy dust bunnies collecting under your bed.

1. Best Full XL Plateform Bed – Greaton

This full XL platform bed frame by Greaton comes in an elegant grey color and is made of durable quality fabric. It is completely compatible with every mattress type. In support, the foundation of the bed fully provides stability and strength for huge mattresses as well.

The plus point is that it’s super easy to assemble. You just have to unpack, and in a few seconds, the frame can be assembled, put together the hardware, and you’re good to go.

Bed Frame Material

This product is made of wood material and is highly durable. Not like a traditional bed frame, it eliminates the need for a base to keep it on. Also, no box spring is required with this product, and the mattress can be directly placed on the frame.


The bed foundation is quite sturdy and strong and is capable of supporting large mattresses. Additionally, it supports latex and memory foam too, which in fact prevents sagging and enhances the mattress’s longevity.


With this full XL platform bed frame, you wouldn’t need to pay extra for buying a bed frame as the platform comes along with attached legs. Not to forget, this platform can be assembled easily by reading the instructions provided. Also, the package includes tools for putting together the bed frame.  The package is compactly packed, so it’s super easy to carry them through doors and narrow hallways.

Additional Features

The platform bed frame is supported by a heavy-duty slate, which permits air to flow through the mattress. Thus, you know you’re not compromising with hygiene. Another feature is that they are built at low to ground height so that your room appears more clean and uncluttered.

  • Low to the ground platform bed frame
  • In-built slat support for ventilation
  • Packed compactly
  • Box spring not required
  • Low-quality hardware
  • No holes for a headboard attachment

2. Best Full XL Bed Frame With Storage – WEEKENDER

Weekender brand has come with a folding platform bed frame of 14 inches. With no box spring attached, this product is quite sturdy and completely noise-free. The full XL bed size when fully assembled are 78 x 52 x 14 inches.

It offers an extra 13 inches of storage space for clearance under the bed. Thus, this full XL bed frame with storage is an add-on to other features and makes it a better choice against competitors in the market.

Extra Storage Base for All Mattress Types - Full XL

Bed Frame Material

It is made of a metal frame, which makes it strong and durable for long term use. The folding platform-style makes it more convenient to carry around when you’re maybe shifting to another room. It also makes cleaning easier and keeps your place hygienic.


This folding full XL bed frame by Weekender is a premium quality product that comes with a 3-year warranty period. So you needn’t have to worry about the damaged frame as luckily has it covered for you. Also, it comes with a 1500 pound weight carrying capacity. This makes it a great choice for spring mattresses or latex and memory foam.  


Worried about how to assemble and not to say when you are delivered low-quality tools. This should neither be your concern when you’re buying this product. The reason being, you just have to unpack, then unfold and tighten up bolts of leg support by your hand, and after that, it’s ready.

Additional Features

Except for the above-mentioned features, the braced offset support at the center of the bed frame enables exceptional stability to the entire bed frame.

  • 3-year warranty
  • 1500 pound weight capacity
  • No tools required for assembling
  • Extra 13 inch storage space
  • Sometimes squeaks

3. Best Full XL Metal Platform Base – Mantua

This full XL platform bed frame doesn’t need an extra box spring for support or foundation. The product has a sturdy and strong platform base that is necessary for almost all modern mattresses. Its premium quality gives your bedroom a more stylish look with a reliability feature.

In addition, it can fit into a full-size standard XL mattress or even within an old wooden frame.

Bed Frame Material

This full XL bed is made of metal and comes in a classy silver color. When it comes to Mantua, you can’t question their premium quality bed that is very durable and long-lasting. With no need for a box spring, it can be independently used as a frame for your bed.


When it comes to durability, Mantua has assured its customers that their money is going in safe hands. The frame has been tested to handle the weight of 2,000 lbs, which is quite assuring of its reliable and sturdy feature.


It is very easy to put together the product with no extra tools required setup. It’s as easy as snapping the frame out from the packaging and quick to faster parts in the setup place. This full XL bed dimensions are 41 x 27.5 x 7 inches.

Additional Features

The bed base stands off the floor at 14 inches in height, so this extra space can be used wisely for storage purposes. Thus, you don’t need to worry about where to stash your extra items.

  • 2000 lbs weight holding capacity
  • Easy to setup
  • No box spring needed
  • Small frame size
  • Little expensive

4. Best Full XL Platform Bed for Mattress & Frame – Mayton

Adding this full XL bed frame, which comes in beige color, will make an already aesthetic looking bedroom more classy and elegant. This full XL platform bed by Mayton is made of premium quality material. It is more durable and sturdy for you to have a peaceful night. Also, it is made of durable wood construction, which makes it your right choice.

The platform bed comes with an attached leg, so not only this makes the bed strong but also provides a little extra space. Thus, ditch spending money for storage boxes and slip in your small extra items under this bed.

Mayton Platform Bed For Mattress, Eliminate Need For Box sping And Frame, Full XL Size, Beige

Bed Frame Material

As said, this full XL bed is made of wood for durable construction. This bed frame is typical modern bedding with no box spring needed underneath or a foundation. Thus, all you have to do is place the mattress directly on it for a comfortable experience.


The plus on feature is the heavy slat designed for good support to mattresses. This not only makes the bed more strong but also slat lets air pass through for proper ventilation. Thus, you’re ensured of a healthy surrounding with sound sleep.


I hope we didn’t forget to mention that this platform bed can be put together in just a few minutes. Simply unpack and place in a set place, and after attaching hardware to it, you can enjoy leisure on this bed frame.

Additional Features

These platforms beds are packed densely so you can easily carry it through doors and hallways. Just click on the product and enjoy the presence of this full XL bed frame at your home.

  • Quick to assemble
  • Better sleeping experience
  • Slat support for ventilation
  • Compactly packed
  • No additional storage space
  • Lesser weight capacity

5. Best Full XL Bunk Bed – Acme Furniture

This full XL bed is a bunk bed by ACME that comes in a unique sandy black color. What makes this product different is the bunk-style built a bed in guardrail setting of full length. It includes two built-in ladders that are organized in a slat system. Also, this bed frame doesn’t include mattresses. The height of the guardrail is 15 inches and of clearance among rails is 40 inches.

This is a great saver product to bring home without buying separate beds for your children. As it is a type of bunk bed, it occupies lesser space than 2-bed frames of similar size.

Bed Frame Material

This product is made of metal construction, which adds to the sturdiness and keeps the base strong. The full-length railing and side ladders are built to provide your child safe and sound sleep without any disturbance.


This product by ACME Furniture has passes QC which certifies its premium quality, making it a great choice among its buyers. Besides, ACME has been in the market for about 33 years and has built confidence among the customers for providing fine quality products.


After the delivery, one will have to make the effort of assembling this product together in the place. The assembly comes in two boxes and is a little tedious task to set up, but once put together, you would be satisfied by its quality and durability.

Additional Features

The striking feature of this limbra bunk bed is that it occupies less space but more bedding area occupancy. Thus, this product is a perfect choice for children’s bedrooms.

  • Safe for children
  • QC certified
  • Bunk bed with a slat system
  • Sometimes difficult to assemble

6. Best Wood Full XL Bed Frame Slats – Mayton (Note: Only Slats Sales)

The package comes with slats that can fit in a standard full XL bed size. It goes perfectly with a full XL bed frame. But you can compare the slat size with your full XL bed dimensions to ensure you’re buying the right one. The slat that comes in the packaging can be directly used on the bed frame without the use of linked springs.

The dimensions of the product are 80 x 54 x 1 inch.

Mayton 0.75-Inch Heavy Duty -Mattress Support Wooden Bunkie -Board/Slats, Full XL, Beige

Bed Frame Material

The product is made of excellent wood material that makes it very durable and provides a great foundation for the bed frame. These thirteen slats made of wood with firm support to the bed also are linked together to not allow movements while sleeping. This enhances your sleeping experience and wards off sagging.


The wood is used of supreme quality to upgrade the bed frame firmness and provide firm support. Bu the use of this product, you can expect a double in the mattress longevity.


It gives the bed frame a little lift in height for a more convenient sleeping experience. With no box spring to link, the product requires no assembly but just placing on the bed, which makes it a quick go.

Additional Features

This product comes with a replacement guarantee in case of any damaged or broken slat delivered. Thus, you don’t worry much before buying it as the brand promises a great replacement policy.

  • Replacement policy
  • Supports bed frame
  • Assembly not required
  • Slats sag overtime
  • Not very sturdy

7. Nutan 13-Inch Full XL Platform Bed

This product by Nutan is an ideal choice for comfort lovers. Coming in a grey color, the product is good to go with every type of mattress. It is a premium quality product and competes in the line of durability and sturdiness with other such products. The base of the bed fully supports large mattresses with amazing stability and strength.  

The attached legs at the foundation of the bed give the room a clean and elegant look eliminating cluttering of items beneath the bed. However, this product is not a full XL bed frame with a headboard that is one drawback.

Bed Frame Material

The wood material makes this full XL bed highly durable and hugely demanded among its customers. The feature of no box spring required for the frame makes it likeably demanded by consumers tired of traditional beds.


One thing that can’t be questioned about this product is the durability enhanced by heavy-duty slat. It acts as great support for the bed in keeping it intact. This gives its users a good sleeping environment without the mattress shifting during any movement.

An advantage of having a slate underneath is it allows ventilation. Allowing air to pass through the mattress is very much needed for a hygienic environment and sound sleep.


This full XL bed can be assembled easily by following the instructions booklet that comes along with your package. So, once the product is delivered to your doorstep, carry it through doors and narrow hallways as it is compactly packed to ease up the process. The company surely makes sure to give their customers a great experience right from buying it to arranging it as your bed.

Additional Features

Nutan has listed this product online at a reasonable price.  The attractive feature of this product is its low-to-ground, a type highly demanded by people currently.  

  • Densely packed
  • Slat ventilation
  • Easy to assemble
  • No headboard attachment
  • Lesser weight holding capacity.

8. Mayton 8-Inch Full XL Size Box Spring Mattress Foundation

Mayton comes with another product in the range of room furniture. This time it is the 8-inch mattress foundation with a box spring. The product is made of strong wood material, adding to its sturdiness and durability. Not to forget, it is made up of dense yet light lumber that protects the product from cracks. This ensures the mattress is delivered in the right shape.

The wooden box spring works well for every mattress. So you can easily slip in your mattress in this perfect box spring.

Bed Frame Material

This box spring can fit in a full XL bed mattress and is made of wood material. The wood o=is so great quality and doesn’t shed overtime. The company makes sure the best quality product reaches its customers for which light lumber is used to prevent cracks.  


The products are made in the USA with the highest degree of durability and reliability. Mayton has been in the long run for providing home furniture and still delivers the finest features products. Thus, to ensure you develop a sound sleep habit and wake up equally fresh, this product should be on its way to your home.


Characterizing the quick-to assembly feature, this product absolutely doesn’t require any assembly. It’s delivered at your doorstep, completely assembled. Thus, all you have to do is put it in its place and start using it.

Additional Features

The company offers a quick shipping process due to its compact packing. So order now, and it will be in your room very soon.

  • Quick shipping
  • No assembling required
  • Can be used with any mattress
  • Weight holding limit not much

9. Glenwillow Foldable Platform Bed Base

Another run in folding type of bed frame is the Glenwillow Foldable Platform Bed Base. This full XL bed frame comes in a stylish grey color and can be quickly folded when not in use to create extra space in the room. This type of platform bed is a replacement of the box spring traditional bed type. So, if you have an old bed base at home and are tired of the spring adjustment, quickly order this product available online.

These full XL bed dimensions are 41 x 27.5 x 7 inches. However, it is not a full XL bed frame with a headboard, so you’ll have to spend an extra on the headboard.

Bed Frame Material

In the range of wood material bed frames, this platform base is made of fine quality metal. It is sturdy with its quality, reliable frame. Additionally, the plastic caps covered legs protect the floor from scratches while moving it.


The product is made of fine commercial high-grade steel, which makes it extra durable and a perfect choice for your choice. Also, the heavy welded wire at the desks provides a fine surface to keep your mattresses.


Most of the products require tool assembly, which can be a tedious task to do. But Glenwillow has launched this product that requires absolutely no tools for assembly. Thus, no more stressing over how to put together a bed frame.

Additional Features

Extra storage space of about 13 inches is available underneath the bed. So, this full XL platform bed frame with storage is completely an ideal choice for you.

  • Extra storage space
  • Can fit headboards
  • Durable steel material
  • Not much sturdy
  • Doesn’t come with a footboard

10. Heavy Duty 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Glides with Center Support

This item by King’s brand weighs around 22 pounds and comes in a shiny black color. This piece is 71.5″L x 9″H in dimension and can be adjusted to fit a full-size bed. It comes with gliding legs that come with center support.

The core legs at the bottom come with a gliding feature to prevent the floor from scratches. Further support is provided by three other legs and a center rail at the base for a good foundation. In total, it comes with four glides.  

It is an adjustable frame to accommodate queen and twin-size mattresses as well.

Bed Frame Material

This product is made up of good quality metal material. The material enhances product durability and strength. The glides and central framework of this platform bed are of equally good quality metal to keep the mattress still in position. Therefore, the bed frame ensures good sleep without disturbances due to the moving of the mattress.


The four gliding legs and center framework ensures a firm base for your mattress. These further defending the mattress from sagging and remain intact of its good quality. This foldable bed frame with plastic cups is not only itself so durable but also increases the life of the mattress by protecting it from sagging.


The product comes compactly packed, so after unpacking, it has to be assembled. However, assembling might take up to 10 minutes, but the result will be worth it. Extra tools would not be required during the process of assembling. Thus, no worry over bad quality tools delivered and an extra amount to be paid to buy new.

Additional Features

Besides the above-mentioned features, a headboard can as well be attached to the bed frame. However, an additional amount has to be paid to buy the hardware to connect the headboard.

  • Adjustable frame
  • Gliding legs and center framework for support
  • High-quality metal material
  • Hardware for headboard sold independently.
  • Assembly requires some time.

Guide After Buying a Full XL Bed Frame

A bed is an expensive purchase; therefore, it should be considered as an investment. It stays with you for a very long time, and it needs to be kept in proper shape for longer life.

There are few things that you need to keep in mind for the proper maintenance of your bed frame. These are precautionary steps that will make sure that your bed frame lives up to the promise of durability and longevity.

Installation should be proper

Make sure that the process of installation is done perfectly. If any adjustment is improper, it might lead to the entire structure falling apart or, worse, resulting in an accident. Double-check every screw and bolt used for fitting the bed frame together. Check if the frame is holding together properly and has the strength to bear your weight.

Make sure the bed frame is clean

Keep the bed frame clean. Dust accumulation can cause the shine and beauty of the bed frame to get tarnished. It can also become a cover for some serious damage that needs your immediate attention. Make sure to regularly clean the frame using a dry or damp cloth. It will keep the bed clean and shiny and will also prevent you from breathing dust particles while in bed.

The mattress should be kept clean and tidy

Keep your mattress neat and clean. Your mattress makes direct contact with your bed. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your mattress fresh and tidy. Try to vacuum the mattress and the bed top at least once a month. It is also a preventive measure that saves you from any infection that might be residing in your mattress.

Storage space should be clean

Keep the storage space clean. Most of the time, it is seen that the storage space is the source of bugs or rotting damage. Make sure the things that you are storing in your bed box aren’t wet or hold the potential to attract bugs. Keep it dry and put mothballs in every corner of the box to prevent damage from rotting.

Don’t play around

Don’t use your bed as a trampoline. Even though your bed is of sturdy built and construction, jumping on the same can weaken its foundation. The bed frame might lose its integrity and lead to some accidents. It can also weaken the legs of the bed and make the entire frame wobbly. So, keep your bed for comfortable sleep and cozy mornings only.


A well-purchased bed can last you a lifetime. This guide will help you choose a flawless full XL bed frame that fits your bedroom perfectly. Keep in mind all the factors to consider and all the precautions to be taken. With proper maintenance and care, you might never have to purchase a bed again!

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