Top 16 Best Brass Bed Frames in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Have you been thinking of decorating your bedroom with a wonderful brass bed frame? These bed frames come in elegant colors and finishes. Hence, they can make quite the centerpiece for your space.

Best Brass Bed Frames

You will find pure brass frames and some great variations that will fit your space just right. You can use this frame in your master bedroom to add a little bit of charm to the room. It will make a grand statement and turn your bed into a luxurious space where you can simply relax.

Good sleep is the key to a healthy, stress-free life. Hence, the bedroom becomes just the space to furnish as well as you can. You will think of bed size, mattress, bedding, and of course, some ventilation for an aesthetic and hygienic space. How can you add to this? A brass bed frame fits into this equation to make your bedroom the stuff of dreams.

If you’re entertaining guests, this statement piece is just what the designer prescribed for your guest bedroom. Your guest bedroom will have all of the aesthetics to make your guest feel comfortable and luxurious. Why not add a brass bed frame for the perfect finish?

If you have taken the time to think it through, you may have narrowed brass bed frames as an addition to your house. Here comes the part where you pick the right one for you. We have reviewed 16 brass bed frames to give you an idea of the pros and cons of each.

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Before we proceed, read ahead to know what you should consider before picking the right brass bed frame for you.

What Exactly is a Brass Bed?

To begin with, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and makes for a bright yellow, well-finished material for your bed frame.

A brass bed frame is not a furnishing item whose nature is contemporary. Yes, it has been around for ages and was used by commoners and royalty alike. When you bring a brass bed frame home, you should know that you are bringing a small piece of furnishing history home.

What’s better? Because of its rich past, the bed makes for an excellent conversation starter. The first brass beds were made in the 18th century and the craftsmanship around it has changed across time. A manufacturer marking will be able to tell you just how old a bed frame is.

As far back as the 18th century, these elegant frames were put together by artisans who used handmade bolts to bring the frame together. Following the Civil War, this quickly transitioned to the use of machine-made bolts.

A horseshoe joint later came to be used in the Victorian era and this is still used in a couple of beds that are manufactured today. What does your brass bed frame look like today? It will be put together with sturdy screws and bolts and will have a thin metal side rail to hold it all together.

In today’s day and age, the brass bed frame that you pick may not be made of brass at all. Instead, modern, durable metals are used with a look of brass. These can be yellow, brass, gold, or brown. This keeps the old world charm intact while ensuring that the metal on your brass bed frame is modern and functional.

What Makes a Brass Bed the Right Fit for Your Space?

Intricate Design

brass bed design

One of the key advantages of the brass bed frame is its exceedingly precise and intricate design. It is designed to make your bedroom space look and feel luxurious. You will want to furnish it with some mattresses that add to the old world charm emanated by this frame.

These designs also come with headboards and footboards so that they can add to your bedroom aesthetics.

Standard Sizes

Yes, you can go ahead and buy a custom made brass bed frame. However, these require custom mattress sizes that are difficult to find and even harder to maintain. How can you solve this?

Brass bed frames made by manufacturers today, offer standard sizes like a queen size bed frame. The design is customized so that standard bed sizes are followed. This means that the right mattress for you can easily be found in the market and you will be spoiled for options.

Polished Look

So far, we’ve told you that brass bed frames can have an exceptionally elegant look and feel to them. Here’s the primary reason for this. This kind of frame has a lovely polished sheen to it that can make any bedroom look stately.

When you think brass, you are naturally led to think of sheen. Yes, your brass metal bed frame will be highly polished so that it can stand out in any setting. Most modern brass bed frames will have a sturdier metal like steel beneath the brass finishing. It simply means that the frame’s polished look will last you a long time to come.

Sturdy Frame

As a metal, brass itself is not the sturdiest and strong material. How do modern manufacturers counter this? The bed frame is generally made from steel or other tough material so that you can sleep soundly at night.

If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, you don’t want your slumber to be disturbed by the fear of a weak frame giving way to your weight. For this reason, a frame that is colored and finished in brass is preferred by most manufacturers. This gives you the best quality, sturdy frame, and a great look.

Rest assured, a combination of compelling aesthetics and a strong foundation are just what your bedroom called for.

Temperature Regulation

You may want a quick nap on a hot summer day or hours of comforting sleep on a cold winter night. What does this have to do with your brass bed frame? Well, this frame is a great temperature regulator and remains at a temperate condition relative to the weather.

It simply means that you won’t have to come home to a freezing bed on a winter night. The option is superior to aluminum frames that tend to get very cold in the winter and can shock you at the touch. Rest assured, if you have guests over, they will also be coming home to a warm, snuggly brass bed. Even a simple brass coating can assure this.

Rust Resistant Material

Polishing and rust prevention of brass bed frame

If durability is on your mind, a brass finish is an excellent option. No, brass will not rust. It will also keep your frame away from tarnishes. If you have children at home, this simply might be the best option for you.

Children are curious little ones and sleep time may turn to little explorations around your bedding. Rusted surfaces may pose a danger to their health. With a well-done, brass-finished bed frame, your children and their curiosity will be in safe hands.

Brass is also resistant to corrosion, making your bed frames look wonderful for a long time to come.

Can Benefit Your Health

When you know that you’re sleeping on a sturdy, safe material like brass, you are bound to enjoy some sweet, sound sleep. If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, good sleep is just what the doctor prescribed. It affects your mood and even what you choose to eat the next day. If healthy choices are guided by good sleep, shouldn’t the choice of the frame have health benefits as well?

Brass is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial. It takes about two hours for brass to get rid of harmful germs. Brass jewelry is often worn because it balances your digestive system and brings your body back on track. It is also known to increase immunity. Sleeping against the metal finishing over other metals should bring you multiple health benefits.

That being said, some brass bed frames may have other finishes. Each metal has its benefits and you may want to look into the specific finishing that your manufacturer provides you with.

What Should You Know Before You Purchase a Brass Bed Frame?

A brass bed frame is a large investment for any household. You really should pick ones that offer you the best experience and cater to all your needs. We recognize that this can be a complex process. For this reason, we’ve taken our time to research what matters most and what you should know before you purchase a brass bed frame.

Read ahead to know just what we found.

It’s Not Always Brass

We’ve specified this before but you should consider this before you proceed to buy. Historically, beds were made out of brass because of their elegant look and finish, and their anti-rust property. At the moment, however, manufacturers use other materials for several reasons.

Instead of a whole brass body, metal and stainless steel are often used. This is because brass is not a very strong material and may affect the weight limit on your bed. Yes, a stainless steel bed frame is a stronger investment. With a brass coloring, these manufacturers now bring both strength and the superior polish of brass metal to your bedroom.

If you want a hint of brass, look for brass finishes. This is the most cost-effective and healthy option for a brass bed frame for your bedroom.


Now that you know you want a brass bed frame, you should consider the design. Most of these frames have a stable, elegant design that reminisces centuries past sensibilities. Think of a headboard with metal pillar and you’ve arrived at the brass bed frame design.

Most beds offer a low seat that can hold an extremely thick mattress for the classic luxurious look and feel. If you like using fewer mattresses, pick one with a slightly higher height. This deviates from the classic brass bed frame design but is a good modern take on the same.

Also, ensure that the casting is well-finished and that the sheen is in place. This keeps the finish elegant and your bedroom stately.


Are you very fond of your mattress and want to look for a frame that makes it the centerpiece? Do you already have a mattress and are simply looking to switch the frame? These questions are important to consider the brass bed frame. The height and weight of the mattress you choose will guide you as to the capacity of the bed frame you should purchase.

Simply add the weight of the mattress to that of the people that will occupy it. It is better to calculate a slightly higher capacity to make room for weight fluctuations. This is especially necessary if will have guests over often.

Now look for a brass bed frame that can take the weight of your mattress and of the people who will be occupying it.


A good quality bed will last you that much longer. Look for the nuts and bolts and the finishing on the metal. These two are good indicators, to begin with. You can then take a look at the metal slats and side rails to inspect their condition.

Once you have done this, you can bring this home to make the most of your bedroom space.

Clearance Storage

Many of you may use the space under your bed as a storage option. Many brass bed frames will not have a storage container beneath. If storage is important to you, look for clearance space under the bed.

A higher frame will not allow as much mattress space but will give you a good clearance space for storage options. You can use little boxes or anything you fancy and tuck it under the ample space beneath the frame.

Size of the Bed

queen size brass bed frame
queen size brass bed frame

The size or dimensions of your bed are especially important to note. A good-sized bed is one that fits just right into your space. Make sure that you take a look at the size and compare it to the size of your bedroom.

See how much space you are willing to spare in your bedroom space for a bed. Standard sizes are a good cue for you. One of the most popular sizes for a brass bed frame is the queen-sized bed.

You may also find it in twin sizes. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Brass bed frames take an age-old aesthetic and give it a lovely modern touch. The colors are a great indicator of this. If you love the classic aesthetic, opt for a dark yellow color. This will keep the frame true to its authentic brass feel.

Manufacturers now offer this brass bed frame in a couple of other modern colors. You can pick from colors ranging from pink to gold. Color is central to any well-decorated bedroom. Do pick one that suits your sensibilities best.

16 Elegant Brass Bed Frames In 2024 – Chart

PreviewBrass Bed NameFeatureOur Rating

1. Hillsdale Furniture Chelsea Bed Set with Rails, Queen, Classic Brass

traditionally designed sleigh bed featuring classic turn of the century styling4.0

2. DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame, Gold - Queen

Multifunctional Piece with Adjustable Heights for Under Bed Storage4.2

3. Novogratz Nicole Metal Bed with Storage, Gold

Lavish and chic design4.2

4. Walker Edison Furniture Company Vintage Metal Iron Bronze Bed

Made of powder coated metal4.7

5. Vintage Sturdy Queen Size Metal Bed Frame, Antique Brown

9 metal support legs and central support bars4.4

6. Little Seeds Monarch Hill Wren Metal Bed

Sturdy metal frame4.3

7. DHP Victoria Bronze Metal Brass Bed Frame

Victorian design with finials detail4.2

8. DHP Bombay Metal Bed, Queen, Bronze

Slats allow Air to pass freely beneath your bed4.4

9. Novogratz Bushwick Modern Design Gold Metal Bed

Headboard and footboard feature decorative round finial posts4.3

10. WeeHom Twin Size Bed Frame Metal Platform Bed

perfect for residence bedroom,Dorm,guest room,boys girls kids student children room4.6

11. TRIBECCA home LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Bed Frame

beautiful and durable bed4.6

12. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Nashburg Metal Bed


13. URODECOR Antique Bronze Brown Baking Paint Metal Bed Frame

Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Suppot4.4

14. Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame, Gold, Queen

Stylish and classy design in a clean silhouette4.3

15. Vintage Sturdy Metal Antique Brown Bed Frame Queen

with Vintage Headboard and Footboard4.5

16. CJLMN Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame

Foundation Headboard Footboard Heavy Duty Steel Slabs4.0

1. Hillsdale Furniture Chelsea Bed Set with bed frame, Queen, Classic Brass

If you’re looking for a brand with good quality materials and well-crafted designs, look no further than Hillsdale. The brand is committed to making your beds and bedroom suites exceptional for you.

Hillsdale Furniture Chelsea Bed Set with bed frame, Queen, Classic Brass

They keep their furniture affordable while not compromising on the fashion quotient of their products. You will find canopies, sleighs, and futons in addition to the elegant brass bed frames that you can pick for your bedroom.

Material & Design

The bed is designed to resemble your classic brass bed frame. It features some elegant round finials and turned castings to give your bedroom a stately feel.  You won’t have to worry about your head on the wall with its design.

This is because it has a headboard to support your back. It means that you can place it even in the center of your room and you will still have ample support for your back. If you prefer a footrest, the brass bed frame has a footboard too.

As far as the material is concerned, it is made of gauge tubular steel and cast metal. This makes it a heavy bed that stands sturdy in your bedroom. If you’ve been wondering, it does have a classic brass finish.


The brass bed frame is designed to be comfortable. It sits low. Its dimensions are 51.50 x 62.5 x 88.5. It means that you can use a thick, multi-layered, comfy mattress to ensure the ultimate luxury. It is a very comfortable frame if you use the right mattress on it.

Because it is made sturdy, it will not creak and shift as you settle on it. This adds to the comfort. It is sturdy but light to look at, which couples comfort with style.


As discussed earlier, the frame is made of steel and cast metal that makes it last for a very long time. If you have kids, you may want a very sturdy bed. Yes, this is the right bed for you. The brass finishing is well done. With good maintenance, it is bound to last for long.

To extend durability, do make sure to regularly polish it. This will keep it shiny and elegant.

  • An elegant addition to any room
  • Shiny brass finish
  • Durable
  • Good Value for Money
  • Accent details
  • Moderately difficult to assemble
  • Shifting knobs that don’t stay put

2. DHP Winston Gold Metal Brass Bed Frame Queen

DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame, Multifunctional Piece with Adjustable Heights for Under Bed Storage, Gold - Queen

Have you been looking for just the brass bed that can save you some space? DHP might be just who you are looking for. This manufacturer is a small-space expert. For the children’s bedroom or even the master bedroom, you may be looking for a functional bed that makes the best of your space.

To add to this, you may not want to compromise on elegance. What else comes in the kitty? Well, if you are also looking for an affordable brass bed frame that ticks the above boxes, DHP is just right for you.

Material & Design

You now know that you can expect a great, cost-effective brass bed frame from this manufacturer. What exactly is this design? This brass bed frame is made to resemble a vintage aesthetic with a very sturdy frame to add to it. You will not require an additional foundation.

The foundation of the bed is made of metal slats. This keeps the bottom airy so that fresh air can pass through your mattress. Yes, this makes maintenance so much easier. It also comes in multiple colors of white, black, gold, and bronze so that you can cater to your design sensibility.

The frame is completely made of metal. It is also finished in metal. Keep this in mind so that you can care for it accordingly.


This brass bed frame is made to keep your comfort in mind. To specifically allow this, DHP has constructed a central metal rail and also additional legs so that the bed remains sturdy and safe while you sleep.

It comes in twin, full, queen, and king size. You can pick your brass bed frame depending on which one will add the most comfort to your home. Further, the bed can be adjusted to sit at 7 inches or 11 inches. This creates a clearance space below it.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust it to reveal a little or more clearance space for storage.


This bed frame is made of a metal body that makes it durable. What adds to this is that it can hold a weight of up to 500lbs. It is hence a great option for your mattress and you.

Do keep it maintained so that the metal does not lose its sheen.

  • Durable
  • Adjustable height for better storage
  • Great aesthetics
  • Can be a noisy bed
  • Color variations in product

3. Novogratz Nicole Brass Bed with Storage, Queen

Novogratz Nicole Metal Bed with Storage, Gold, Queen

Were your designer to recommend a brass bed frame for you, this one is bound to be on the list. You cannot expect less as the faces behind the brand are Cortney and Robert Novogratz, a husband, and wife that design incredible home pieces for you. The products are stylish and affordable.

The sensibility of this brand comes from the 25 years of experience that the duo has had in designing boutique hotels and high-end residences. Rest assured, a brass bed frame from them should keep your space truly aesthetic.

Material & Design

Novogratz is committed to making your brass bed frame bespoke and truly reflect who you are. To do this, they picked out a frame that speaks to the millennial design aesthetic. The design is chic and lavish and has a tall, sleek headboard.

Further, it has integrated round finials to make your brass bed frame look seamless and stylish. The aesthetics are great and so is the make of the bed frame. It is made of steel slats that are heavy duty and do not require any extra spring box under it.


While the brand prioritizes your aesthetic sense, your comfort is also catered to. How do they do this? This brass bed frame is constructed with a sturdy metal frame that has side rails and extra legs for added support.

It can hold up to 500 Pounds weight so that you and your mattress can snugly fit in. Further, assembly is made extremely easy as all parts arrive in a single box to avoid confusion. If you want storage space, the frame stands 11 inches high so that you have ample space to stack things away.


The metal frame on this brass bed frame makes it extremely durable. It lasts for a long time given the capacity that it can hold.

Because of its sleek and elegant aesthetic, it requires timely maintenance. This will keep the finish for a long time.

  • Extremely chic and elegant design
  • Comes in millennial pink and gold colors
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent storage options
  • May squeak
  • May not have clear instructions for setting up

4. Walker Edison Furniture Company Vintage Metal Iron Pipe Queen Size Bed, Bronze

Walker Edison Furniture Company Vintage Metal Iron Pipe Queen Size Bed Headboard Bedroom, Bronze

The Walker Edison Furniture Company is committed to turning your bedroom into a dreamy escape. Their aesthetic is aimed at bringing you back to a home that can take you away from all of the stressful moments in daily life. If this is what you are looking for, then a brass bed frame from them should sit right with your aesthetic.

Material & Design

This elegant brass bed frame is made for a comfy home. The body of the frame is made of metal and the finishing is of coated powder. It is a one metal pipe bed that adds to the cozy feeling of your room.

If you’re looking for a vintage aesthetic for your bedroom. It comes in a bronze color to maintain just the right old-world charm. Do note that the frame requires a box spring for support. With this, it can support up to 500 lbs. weight.


Yes, given its cozy ambitions, this metal bed frame is designed for comfort. Good sleep is an essential part of the experience that it hopes to provide. Hence, it is kept sturdy so that you can enjoy just this.

It is also available in queen and king sizes so that you can bring one home that suits your comfort.


Made of a metal frame, this bed proves durable in the long run. To increase its durability, make sure to use a box spring. This can raise its height so that you can move in and out of the bed easily. It also absorbs shock so that your frame can remain intact.

You will also need to take care of the metal frame consistently so that its bronze color stays put.

  • Elegant design
  • Good comfort level
  • Well-made solid bed
  • Good value for money
  • Screwed legs that are not welded

5. YALAXON Vintage Sturdy Queen Size Metal Antique Brass Bed Frame

Vintage Sturdy Queen Size Metal Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard Basic Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed,Antique Brown.

Brass bed frames never go out of style and look magnificent in bedrooms. Yalaxon is one of the top-rated bedding solution providers. Their impeccable designs have found their place in many homes across the country. Brass bed frames are a statement piece for your bedroom. This bed is a perfect mix of comfort and style.

From the headboard to the low-lying footboard everything has been taken care of. This beautiful bed comes in two sizes namely full and queen. The buyers can select from colors like antique brown, black, gray silver, grayish-white. These beds may have a vintage design, but their structure and built is modern.

Material & Design

This Yalaxon bed has a full metal built to give a vintage feel to the buyer. The headboard has the same material as the rest of the bed. The design of this bed will take to the good old days. This bed frame is perfect for people who are a bit old school. The design is very simple yet elegant.


If you are fond of soft and plush headboards, you might have to look for other options. The only drawback of this metal bed is that it does not have a comfortable headboard. Apart from that, the wooden slat base provides good support to the mattress. A well-supported mattress will distribute your weight equally.


Most people buy brass beds for their durable and long-lasting characteristics. This bed is one of the most durable beds you will find in the market. Yalaxon provides five years of after-sales service with this bed frame. The structure is held strong by 9 metal legs which provide sturdiness to the bed.

  • The bed features an anti-slip design
  • It has ample storage space
  • The seller is providing five years of after-sales service
  • No box spring is required along with the bed
  • The non-slip feet cap comes off very soon
  • The seller needs to improve packaging

6. Little Seeds Monarch Hill Wren Metal Gold Bed

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Wren Metal Twin, Gold Bed

Little seeds are specialized producers of kid’s furniture. Their beds and other work has been appreciated by thousands of users. If you want to revamp your kid’s room this Little Seeds metal bed is an excellent choice. They are available in multiple sizes and colors. Little Seeds aims to make your little starlet’s room more unique than ever.

Along with the metal bed, you can tag along with some cute side drawers and chairs to go with the bedroom. This pink, white, gold, black frame creates a classic fairytale look. The size of the frame is ideal for small apartments and compact spaces.

Material & Design

This Monarch Hill bed has a full metal construction. The metal bars and headboard has been covered in semi-matte finish color. Your kids will love the color and design of this bed. The design of this bed reflects the delicate yet sturdy design of its butterfly namesake. The curved scrollwork design is flawless.


The bed requires an additional foundation to support the mattress. The frame of this bed is close to the ground and hence, a bit uncomfortable. Little seeds have taken care of all sharp edges and legs so that your child is safe. Without a box spring, the comfort and height of the bed are compromised. Since the slats have wide-spacing, the mattress can sink with time.


This bed is very sturdy, durable & safe for your kids. A high-grade metal has been used for the structure of this bed frame. A simple foundation can ensure the healthy life of the mattress. It can easily hold the weight of a teenager.

The metal frame is resistant to basic wears and tears. The bed frame has a very durable structure.  The metal welding done in this bed is an example of great craftsmanship. Whether your kid’s jump, roll, or relax this bed is durable enough to stand all their activities.

  • The color scheme is beautiful
  • The bed has an innovative design
  • The size of the bed is compact
  • The bed is needed additional support
  • It is not ideal for adults

7. DHP Victoria Bronze Metal Bed Frame, Adjustable Height for Underbed

DHP Victoria Metal Bed Frame, Adjustable Height for Underbed (6.5" or 11"), Queen Size, Bronze

DHP claims that they are small space living experts, and this bed is an example of that. This bed is a great space saver yet has a very attractive design. You can save some bucks with this metal bed frame as it does not need any additional box spring.

Your bedroom deserves class and elegance, and there is no better choice than metal bed frames. This bed frame is suitable for rooms of all sizes. You can buy this for your master bedroom, kids room, or even a guest bedroom. This superior and trendy is ought to become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Material & Design

This unique bed is made from metal bars and rods. The iron structure bed looks like it just came out of a period drama. The design will add a touch of superiority to your bedroom. The design has not completely left out of the modern approach. The metalwork in the headboard and footboard gel perfectly with modern homes.


The proximately placed metal slats provide enhanced support to the mattress. The bed frame can easily accommodate all weight sleepers. This DHP bed has acknowledged the requirements of all the users. Even if you toss and turn in your sleep very often, this metal frame is very stable. The setup and installation of this bed is pure bliss.


There is no bed more durable than a metal frame bed. DHP has always been appreciated for its fine materials and long-lasting creations. This bed has outstanding endurance and stability. The metal slats and legs have been carefully planned while designing. DHP also provides a warranty period of 1-year.

  • The frame is easy to assemble
  • The bed has a high clearance
  • It is available in many sizes
  • Both the colors complement all types of decor
  • The structure squeaks and makes noise
  • The outwards placed legs can stub the toe

8. DHP Bombay Metal Antique Brown Bed Frame

DHP Bombay Metal Bed, Queen, Bronze

The intricate and detailed design of this bed will make your bedroom more graceful than ever. The details of this bed can attract anyone to buy this bed. This is another great bed from DHP. If there is any bed that qualifies for a vintage Victorian style, it is this bed. This bed is moderately priced and affordable.

What’s more? This bed also comes with under-bed storage space. The 13” storage space can easily accommodate medium-sized boxes and drawers. The bed is a must-have for all vintage lovers. Moreover, this bed comes with two base height options.

Material & Design

Just like other vintage beds, DHP has also used metal framing for this bed. From the headboard to the slats, all construction has been done through metal. This classically designed bed has a fashionable appearance. The retro headboard and footboard are in perfect sync with the decor. The metal bed frame also sports a no sound design.


The first thing buyers check is the comfort of the bed. This bed is provided golden sleep without an additional box spring. The no sound design is ideal for light sleepers. The height of the bed is perfect. The structure also prevents the mattress from slipping and moving. This queen bed is comfortable for two people.


One of the prime reasons you should buy this bed is because of the quality metal used in it. You surely don’t want to grab a bed that will lay flat in a couple of weeks. This bed has a high weight-bearing capacity of 550-660 lbs. DHP is an exceptional seller that offers a 5-year warranty period. The metal tube has a powder coating that avoids rusting for a long period.

  • It has two heights for selection
  • The manufacturer is providing a 5-year warranty period
  • The structure prevents mattress slippage
  • The bed is available only in one size
  • The seller needs to improve delivery & packaging

9. Novogratz Bushwick Gold Brass Metal Bed, Queen

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size - Gold

This Novogratz bed will be a fresh piece into your sleepy space. The style and color of this bed can easily be mixed with accessories and colors to brighten up your room. This bed comes in a range of sizes and colors. The bed is available in pure white, black, blue, gold, and grey color.

The overall product dimensions are 82.5” L x 62” W x 42.5” H. Novogratz suggests to use the headboard and footboard to maintain the sturdy structure of the bed. This elevated bed has a storage capacity as well. You can store seasonal clothes and old stuff under the bed.

Material & Design

This bed frame from Novogratz has an all-metal headboard, footboard, and framing. The bed frame has an impressive metallic finish. Industrial modern design is chic and trendy. The headboard and footboard feature decorative round finial posts.


What can be more comfortable than a huge, warm, and cozy bed? The various sizes provided by the manufacturer ensures that you have a comfortable bed. The clearance underneath the bed allows storage which is beneficial for buyers. This frame is super relaxing and does not need an additional box sprint.


This bed frame just looks old, in reality, it has all the strength of a modern bed. The metal framing is sturdy with additional side rails for stability and durability. The strong and stable structure eliminates the need for a box spring. The warranty provided by the manufacturer implies the strength and longevity of the bed frame. However, the metal slats need to be improved for sturdiness.

  • The bed has adjustable clearance space
  • It is available in all standard sizes
  • The bed has secured metal slats
  • Assembling this bed is easy
  • The bed caves in a short time
  • The delivery time needs to fasten up

10. WeeHom Twin size Brass Metal Platform Bed Frame

Twin Size Bed Frame,WeeHom Metal Platform Bed Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement with Headboard Gold

WeeHom beds are one of the finest in this collection. Weehom has been doing an impeccable job with bed frames. They have a large and happy consumer base throughout the world. The bed frames and mattresses from Weehom have always top-rate products across all e-commerce websites. This Weehom metal platform bed is one of their best-sellers.

The bed is available only in twin size and has a 12.7-inch under bed clearance. The bed frame comes flat-packed in one box for easy home installation. You could put some storage boxes under the bed to arrange your clothes, quilts, and toys.

Material & Design

The twin bed frame has a metal structure and is equipped with both footboard and headboard. The updated metal steel structure solves the noise problem as well. The design is the cherry on the top here. The style of the bed’s gels well with dorms, guest bedrooms, boy’s room, and girls’ room. WeeHom promises the use of superior material for this bed.


This Weehom bed caters to all your comfort needs. It has a maximum capacity of 280 lbs and does not require much time to assemble. The mattress receives good support from the steel slats placed in the structure. The mattress will not sink or cave while you are sleeping.


The middle backbone of the frame can easily be removed and locked. The strong steel bed frame with steel slats prevent the mattress from sagging and increases its life. Weehom recommends buyers to tighten up the screws and bolts every 6 months. The legs and slats can withstand basic damages.

  • The bed has a large clearance space
  • The transit and delivery time is quick
  • It has a noiseless structure
  • No box spring is needed
  • The bed is ideal for only for little sleepers
  • The mattress keeps slipping off

11. TRIBECCA home LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Bed Frame, Queen

LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Bed Frame (Queen)

If you love classic and old structured beds, this Tribecca bed is going to capture your heart. The detailing and design of this bed are stunning. Tribecca offers a range of products for your home. If you are still uncertain what kind of bed you need, this bed frame will clear the air. This bed stands grand in your room and catches the eye the moment you enter the room.

The manufacturer offers this bed only in queen size. This bronze iron baed is a great value for money. This bed frame complements bright & stylish rooms, as well as modern and sophisticated spaces.

Material & Design

The frame is made up of iron tubing and not solid wrought iron. The headboard and footboard are designed with the same materials as the rest of the frame. The reason this bed made it to this list is because of the design. The design is an exemplary piece by Tribecca. It is difficult to find such a good work of art these days.


If you like to sneak into your bed and read books, watch movies, and relax, the headboard might not be the best fit. The headboard is hard on your back and head and does not allow you to recline comfortably. Even though the mattress is well-supported, the bed is too close to the floor, which is inconvenient.


Thick iron rods have been used to provide better support for the structure. The durability of the structure is doubtful until you are using a box spring. Though the headboard is uncomfortable, it is sturdy enough to lean back.

  • Offers value for money
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It can blend along with all types of rooms
  • The assembly and installation is easier
  • You need additional investment for box spring
  • The headboard is uncomfortable

12. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Nashburg Metal Bed, King – Bronze Finish

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Nashburg Metal Bed - Complete Headboard and Footboard with Rails - King - Bronze Finish

You will definitely find this Ashley bed to be uniquely designed. This bed has a bronze finish and an extraordinary detailing in the headboard and footboard. Whether you want a single bed or a king-size, the Ashley store has it all. This bed looks like a true piece de resistance.

Ashley Store has a wide variety of home accents to complement this bed and your room. With this bronze bed frame, you can have a dreamy night, every night. The headboard and footboard keep the mattress at the place and prevents it from slipping. You can turn your bedroom into a dreamy retreat.

Material & Design

The headboard, footboards, and rails are constructed with welded tubular metal in a bronze color. The metal structure has a powder coat finish to prevent rusting. The knobby accents under the headboard and footboard have a striking appearance.

The circular headboard and footboard are what sets this bed apart from other frames. If you’re worried that your modern bedroom cannot adopt this vintage bed you’re wrong. You can easily use other home accents to create a beautiful bedroom.


One of the greatest disadvantages in terms of comfort is that this bed is low-lying. A low-lying bed is not appropriate for sleepers with spinal issues. On the other hand, the accents on the headboard are very uncomfortable when you are reclining on the headboard. The footboard, headboard, and side rails keep the mattress at the place.


The fine welding of the metal tube makes a sturdy structure. The twin size bed does not shake, but the bigger sizes need additional legs to withstand the weight of the sleepers. Each part of the bed is secure and resistant to rusting. It is recommended to use a box spring to make the structure more stable.

  • The frame is available in multiple sizes
  • All available colors are beautiful
  • The bed has a unique design
  • The structure is long-lasting
  • The bed is pricey
  • The backrest is uncomfortable
  • The metal slats are placed widely apart

13. URODECOR Antique Bronze Brown Baking Paint Sturdy Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Headboard and Footboard The Country Style Iron-Art Double Bed The Metal Structure, Antique Bronze Brown Baking Paint.Sturdy Metal Frame Premium Steel Slat Suppot

This is another fascinating bed frame from Urodecor. The antique bronze bed frame can find its place in all types of bedrooms. The queen-size available in this frame is apt for master bedrooms, whereas the twin size can be used for a kid’s bedroom. The three unique colors available for this frame are antique brown, black, and grayish-white.

The bed frame has a platform structure, hence the structure is supported by slats. The bed frame also consists of a headboard and a footboard. The under bed storage is very useful for compact homes. The bed is light-weighted and easy to maneuver whenever needed.

Material & Design

This Urodecor antique bed frame has a sturdy metal frame structure. The whole structure from the headboards to the legs is made up of metal. Get ready to bring home a Victorian feel with this Urodecor antique bed. The bedstead has a fashionable look. The old-timely headboard and pedal will enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom.


The best part is that the bed does not require any additional mattress support. You can comfortably snooze in this bed as the mattress has adequate support. The disadvantage of metal bed frames is that the headboard is quite hard on the back. It is not comfortable o lean on the backrest.


The method of welding used to create this structure is reliable. The screws and bolts are adopted in the design to ensure the safety of the structure. The rubber strip in the middle eliminates any squeaking and noise. You will also get a worry-free warranty along with the bed frame.

  • The bed requires low-maintenance
  • The bed frame is affordable
  • No box spring is needed
  • It supports storage space under the bed
  • The headboard is not upholstered
  • The legs of the bed bend with time

14. Novogratz Marion Gold Brass Canopy Bed Frame

Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame, Gold, Queen

This bed is not less than a royalty and sophistication. We all have a little corner inside our heart that loves canopy bed frames. Give your bedroom a makeover with this Novogratz Marion canopy bed frame. Even the twin size is equipped with canopy stands, isn’t that fantastic? There are numerous ways to decorate a canopy bed according to the accents in your room.

The design is an epitome of class and can become the centerpiece of your bedrooms. This canopy bed looks splendid in all colors and sizes. The appearance of this bed is clean and neat. It can easily with modern and antique themed rooms.

Material & Design

This bed is one of the best sellers from the Novogratz range of metal beds. The canopy, the headboard, footboard all things are made-up of metal. This eye-catchy piece has great metal detailing. The design of this bed is a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. The structure of this Marion bed is practical with 11-inches of clearance space beneath the bed.


The metal splat spacing is close so that the mattress receives the support it needs. The bed does not need an extra foundation to elevate the height or support the mattress. This metal structure lacks a comfortable headboard. The metal headboard is not enough to cushion your back as you lean on it.


The metal slats have been a source of complaints, and hence the durability of this bed is questionable. The structure beneath the mattress is not strong enough to hold the weight of an average sleeper. The metal used to create the structure should be more superior and strong.

  • The canopy is an excellent feature
  • The bed is appropriate for modern and antique rooms
  • It has plenty of clearance space
  • The slats are weak
  • It is highly-priced

15. YERPERFO Vintage Sturdy Antique Brown Bed Frame

Vintage Sturdy Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Platform Base Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Steel Bed,Antique Brown,Queen.

Are you looking for a queen size vintage style bed frame? Well, your search ends here. This vintage bed frame from Yerperfo comes with an anti-scratch foot cover that protects your floor from scratches. The antique bed frame is not only ideal for bedrooms in different styles, but also to go easy with other bedding. The large base of the bed frame is sufficient for most mattresses.

Yerperfo has packed all the necessary hardware along with the parts so that you have a hassle-free setup. The size of this bed and storage capabilities are best for rooms with limited space. Their most popular color is antique brown, but you can select a black or gray silver frame as well.

Material & Design

To increase the life of this bed frame, Yerperfo has used an all-metal structure. The legs and the accents have been crafted with metal to enhance the vintage feel of this bed. The bed has an anti-mattress sliding design to prevent the mattress from shifting. The noise-free style of the structure does not disturb your sleep when you move while sleeping.


The design of this bed has been well-planned to increase the comfort of the bed. The queen bed is 13-inches off the floor, hence, it is easy to get on and off the bed. Even sleepers with spinal issues will find the support of this bed extremely comforting.


The bed frame and its structure are practical and delicate. The headboard does not bend even after prolonged usage. The structure requires more strong legs to carry the weight of sleepers easily. Past buyers have hailed this bed for its endurance and stability.

  • It is relatively low-priced
  • The bed is highly enduring
  • The setup is hassle-free
  • The colors are great
  • The delivery is very sluggish
  • The mattress slides easily
  • It has a few sharp edges

16. CJLMN Victorian Vintage Brass Style Platform Metal Bed Frame

Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame Foundation Headboard Footboard Heavy Duty Steel Slabs, Full Size(Yellow)

They say yellow is the color of happiness and positivity. CJLMN has introduced this Victorian Vintage Brass bed frame in a stylish yellow color. The color is perfect to brighten up your bedroom. Do not shy away from using bold colors in your room, It can bring freshness to the overall look. The yellow color is striking in a good way, it blends well with white painted walls.

The bed has a timeless design, it will never go out of trend. You can place this in your kid’s room or guest bedrooms. This metal bed stands 12.6” off the floor, and has enough space for storing boxes, quilts, shoes, and so on. The yellow bed frame is installed with a Victorian-style headboard.

Material & Design

Beneath that beautiful yellow color lies a solid metal construction. The bed is constructed with metal from top to bottom. The metal design makes and the yellow color makes the bed stand out. This bed will receive a lot of compliments for its design and color from your guests. The design of the bed frame is simple, so if you’re looking for something more elegant, you need more hunting.


The dimension of the bed indicates that the bed is appropriate only for a single sleeper. If you are buying it to accommodate two people, it’s a big no-no. You don’t have to worry about your backaches as the mattress has adequate support from the slats.


The seller promises a 12-months warranty and 100% worry-free after-sales service. The thick metals bars do not bend or rust easily. Apart from the 4 side legs, the structure has increased the durability with 5 additional legs. The powder-coating prevents the metal from wearing off.

  • The color of the bed is unique
  • It has a strong metal structure
  • It prevents the mattress from sagging
  • The bed can accommodate only a single sleeper
  • The design of this bed is common

How to Care for Your Brass Bed Frame Once You Purchase It?

You’ve purchased your brass bed frame and it is sitting tall in your bedroom. As you expected, it has only added to the aesthetics of your bedroom. Now that it is in your space, you want to make the best use of it. How can you care for it?

Whatever you do, do it consistently. A little regular attention goes a long way when it comes to caring for your brass bed frame. Wipe it down periodically and see that its nuts and bolts are in place. If you switch mattresses, make sure that they are well-aligned with the capacity of your bed frame.

You may have purchased a bed that has brass finishing. Your manufacturer would have polished it very well to ensure that it looks pleasing and shiny to the eye. It is now your responsibility to maintain this sheen. For regular maintenance, pick a good quality brass polish. Use it often so that your brass frame remains free from any tarnishes.

Brass does not get tarnished quickly. Sometimes, you may have overlooked a developing tarnish and it may have settled on the metal? Don’t panic yet. Simply use a mixture of mayonnaise, vinegar, and lemon juice. Mix it in a ratio of 1:3:3 and apply it on a soft cloth.

Once you’ve done this, rub the tarnish hard. It should quickly dissolve and keep your brass bed frame looking as good as new. Apply a brass polish following this. Here’s a fun fact. Each time you apply more polish, your brass bed frame will shine brighter than before. Yes, consistency is key.

Many brass bed frames are made of other metals and finishes. As a general rule, make sure that there is no moisture left on the frame. This will prevent any rust from forming. Dust the frame at least once a week to keep the dust from settling.

A nylon brush is a great option for cleaning metal furniture. For tricky areas like nooks and corners, there is nothing better than your toothbrush that can get the grime off in a jiffy.

Now you know how to maintain the appearance of your brass bed frame. Simply layer it with a mattress and bedding. You can go ahead and lounge your light afternoons or snuggle your cold nights on it.

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