Top 16 Best Folding Sofa Beds in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Folding Sofa Beds

Have you been thinking of making the best use of the space that you have with a folding sofa bed? Do you think that multifunctional furniture can save space in your home? Whether it is for your home or your working space, here are the top 16 best folding sofa beds with a comprehensive guide that will help you narrow down your preferences.

By themselves, sofas and beds tend to take up a lot of separate space. By simply adding a foldable sofa bed to the furniture in your home, you will be able to club two functional items into a single space.

Do you spend several late nights in your workspace? Do you feel so exhausted by the end of the day that you tend to fall asleep on your work sofa? Adding a fold-out couch bed to this space might be just the change you and your workspace need. At the end of a tiring day, you can simply fold the office sofa out into a bed and enjoy some sound, undisturbed sleep.

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If you are thinking about aesthetics, you should know that sofa beds come in a variety of colors, finishes, and makes. Whether it’s sleek furniture for your workspace or a comfy addition to your home, it is important to consider which folding sofa bed works best for your needs.

For this reason, we have outlined the various pros and cons of each folding sofa bed on our list. Before we proceed, let’s consider what a folding sofa bed is and what you should consider while buying it.

What is a Folding Sofa Bed?

Simply put, a sofa bed is a couch that can be converted into a bed by folding its body out. It is a great addition to your home or office to save space and to up the aesthetic quotient. How is this multifunctional piece of furniture structured?

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Sofa Bed

There can be several structures for a folding sofa bed. However, the basic structure often involves a metal frame that contains a mattress. This mattress can be folded under the upper body so that it snugly fits into a sofa.

These beds are often found in queen size designs. However, it does not fit the exact dimensions of the queen size. Instead, it falls short of a few inches so that it can comfortably transition between a sofa and a bed. While this is the popular size, you will find the foldable sofa bed in various other sizes.

This can include full mattresses, single mattresses, and even twin mattresses. You should also know that the foldable sofa bed has other cousins that are similar to it. For instance, there is the futon which includes an extended frame that releases a flat sitting extension to make the bed.

A folding sofa bed, on the other hand, must simply be folded under the cushion frame and folded out to be used as a bed. When you buy a sofa bed, you want to ensure that its size, design, and comfort level suit your liking just right.

You also want to ensure that its material and firmness are compatible with the space that you use it in and how often you use it.

What are the Benefits of Using a Folding Sofa Bed?

The foremost benefit of using a folding sofa bed is that it can save up on space. Read ahead to understand just how it can do this. You will come across other benefits that can make this piece of furniture ideal for your space.

Saves Your Precious Space

If you live in a populated city, you know just how difficult it is to fit pieces of furniture into small spaces. The multifunctional foldable sofa bed comes as a blessing for most folks living in urban areas. Its dual function lets you fit a sofa and a bed into the same space.

It also lets you save space in an office area if you tend to spend nights there. Hence, it is a cost-efficient way of furnishing your office or commercial space. Further, since two furniture items fit into a single space, you can go ahead and add other furniture or design items into all of the space that is left free.

Add to the Aesthetics

Don’t let its multifunctional feature fool you. Sofa beds can be very pleasing to the eye and wonderful to feel. They come in various designs and elegant upholstered fabric. They can sit as a stylish statement piece in your living room or office space.

If you have a room dedicated to a home theatre for movie nights, an aesthetic folding sofa bed is just what the room called for. Whether it’s a daytime formal movie or a late-night popcorn binge, this piece of furniture can act as a formal sofa, and a bed to lie down in.

You can choose any of the multiple color palettes and shapes that the folding sofa bed comes in. Rest assured, your space is bound to look stylish and well put together.


folding sofa bed Versatility

Home designs often shift and new needs crop up in a household many times. For all these changing times, multifunctional furniture can come as a blessing. A foldable sofa bed can be one of the most versatile options for changing spaces.

If you decide to change the look of the living room, you can simply move the sofa bed into the study. If you want to begin entertaining more guests, you use to make all the sofas in your house a folding sofa bed. In this way, you will be adding ample room to accommodate all your guests.

You can also move the sofa bed to your workspace. Many companies tend to work night shifts that can be taxing for employees. A sofa bed option in a lounging area can provide quick comfort to employees after a long day. Come daylight, you can simply fold it back into a sofa.

Easy to Use and Operate

Folding sofa beds have had somewhat of a bad reputation in the past. They have been known to be difficult pieces to assemble. However, manufacturers today add ease of use ad operation as the top priority on their list.

This means that your foldable sofa bed will be easy to operate and will come undone into a bed seamlessly. This will save up time on busy days when you don’t want any additional hassles to deal with.

Many sofa beds today have a click-clack setup that lets you assemble the sofa bed very quickly. Hence, it also makes a great setup for the elderly as they can use the folding sofa bed with ease.


Yes, folding sofa beds can be a very comfortable addition to your home or workspace. They are made sturdy so that you can comfortably transition from sitting to sleeping on this versatile piece of furniture. The sturdiness of modern sofa beds is comparable to that of plain old beds.

Just as with good sofas, and beds, the folding sofa bed will last very long. It means that you can enjoy a good comfort level for a long time to come.

Cost-Effective Option

You can save not just space but also money when you choose to use a folding sofa bed. Instead of spending on separate furniture, you can simply invest in a sturdy sofa bed that gives you the best value for your money.

Because of its durable nature, it will also last you for a long. Hence, it is a great option to save money.

Top 16 Amazing Folding Sofa Beds in 2024 – Chart

PreviewFolding Sofa Bed NameMain FeaturesOur RatingCheck Price

1. Milliard Folding Sofa Couch Bed Queen to Twin

Versatile 3-in-1 sofa bed, easy to fold and use4.0

2. Vonanda Multi-Function Folding Sofa Bed

Very strong construction material4.6

3. LUCID 4 Inch Folding Sofa and Play Mat

comfortable seating and safe playing4.3

4. Best Choice Products Linen Upholstered Folding Futon Sofa Bed

3 adjustable positions, Perfect for any occasion4.0

5. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Sofa Bed

it unfolds with minimal effort in seconds4.4

6. MAXDIVANI WOTU Foam Folding Bed Couch

Multi-Function foldable sofa bed4,1

7. Harper & Bright Designs Double Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair Floor Couch

Suede Fabric, Soft and Comfortable4.1

8. DHP Emily Futon With Chrome Legs

Can quickly convert into a bed4.1

9. Giantex Fold Down Sofa Bed

Flocking Surface & Sponge Filling4.4

10. YAHEETECH Foldable Futon Sofa Bed

Made with Artificial Leather4.0

11. Magshion Folding Bed Mattress

Available in 16 different colors4.5

12. Follure Folding Sofa Bed

Can be used without installation4.0

13. D&D Futon Furniture Folding Foam Bed

Multi Colors Stripes Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed4.6

14. Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper Bed

4 in 1 Multi-Function Adjustable Ottoman Sofa Bed Bench4.6

15. Milemont Foldable Memory Foam Sofa Bed

Stylish Look & Convertible Comfort4.3

16. GIA Tri-Fold Sofa Bed

4 different and comfortable positions4.5

1. Milliard Queen to Twin Folding Sofa Bed

Milliard Fold Out Sofa Couch Bed Queen to Twin Folding Mattress (Queen-Twin)

Milliard is a brand that provides premium bedding and experience for all its valued customers. They have onsite responsive customer service that addresses all the queries you have during the purchase and even after you buy from them.

Every bedding item that reaches you is investigated and is subjected to rigorous checks to maintain safety and quality standards. For each product you buy from Milliard, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of the population with special needs.

They enable this by donating a part of their profits and products to the special needs population.

Material & Design

This fold-out sofa bed is made with durable foam construction so that this piece of furniture can have a long life. This gives you good value for your money. This foam has a high density and is certified by CertiPUR.

It is designed to be a 3 in 1 daybed that can be used as a sofa that can be unfolded into a twin mattress. Unzipping it will further make it into a queen mattress.  If you flip the couch, you can use it as a floor couch. Whether you want to use it after a tiring workday or simply use a bed for your guests, this multifunctional bed is just right for you.

Thickness & Size

The folding sofa bed has a surround mattress where you can rest your head.  If you are using the twin mattress, it will be 9 inches thick. If you are planning on using it as a queen mattress, it will be 3 inches thick. If you are using it as a sofa, the folding sofa bed will stand 18 inches tall.  Hence, it is a versatile style and lets you switch between multiple heights to ensure your comfort.

It weighs 39.2 pounds in all, making it great for dorm rooms and family homes where furniture is often moved.


We took our time to look at the covering of this furnishing to see just how long-lasting it is. This folding sofa bed has a cover that sits snugly over the foam insides. It keeps it protected and away from fluids and air. Hence, the piece stays durable.

  • Extremely versatile 3 in 1 folding sofa bed
  • Dust and fur resistant
  • Easy assembly with simple unzipping feature
  • Lightweight and can be easily moved around
  • It has a relatively low height and low back

2. Vonanda 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Sofa Bed

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment, Dark Gray

Vonanda is a trusty manufacturer that offers multifunctional products like the folding sofa bed. With a great reputation, the brand is known it’s for its elegant designs. This Vonanda folding sofa bed can add a spark to any living area while saving up on space. Its signature style also makes for a great furnishing option for your workspace.

Material & Design

The folding sofa bed is essentially an Ottoman. The Ottoman can be converted into a sofa for when you need to accommodate more people. For relaxed sunny afternoons, it converts into a relaxing lounger.

For your sleeping needs, you can simply convert it into a bed. Hence, this versatile folding sofa bed will cater to all your needs during all seasons. The fabric that covers this aesthetic sofa bed is linen.

This linen covering is stuffed with the high-density sponge. This makes the folding sofa bed sturdy but also adds comfort and support to your back. For this reason, this piece of furniture is not just versatile but also exceedingly comfortable in each of its positions.

Do note that its structure is made of high-quality metal and materials that provide excellent support in the long-run.

Further, the folding sofa bed is designed to be dustproof. This is allowed by the built-in magnet that you can attach to the metal frame.

Thickness & Size

The thickness and size of this folding sofa bed make it an extremely sturdy design that can withstand weights of up to 440lbs. Hence, you can easily avoid any risk of injury from a sofa that can collapse anytime.

The Ottoman is a height of 17 inches. The sofa stands 32 inches high. This is a good option for anyone with long legs as it will not sit too low. As a bed, it stands at 17 inches high making for a comfortable, cushioned bed.


The cover is made from breathable linen that lets the folding sofa bed air out and stays fresh and dry. The linen is also durable and is easy to clean.

  • 180-day trial and 3-year promise
  • Comes with a pillow and instructional manual
  • Adjustable height
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Relatively heavy for moving around

3. LUCID 4 Inch Durable Foam Folding Sofa

LUCID 4 Inch Folding Sofa and Play Mat - Comfortable and Durable Foam - Washable Cover - Queen

If you’re looking for a clean and easy to maintain folding sofa bed, LUCID may be the best option for you. These manufacturers make great quality sofa beds with some of the best foam filling in the market. You can opt for this trusted manufacturer for great service during and after purchase.

Material & Design

If you are planning on buying a versatile folding sofa bed for your family home, this is the ideal option for you. It is specially designed for play so that your little ones can spend their playtime on the mat. The design is a folding sofa that can open up to a flat mat.

The design is also great for your children’s sleepovers, or even for an evening spent camping on your lawn. If you simply need a piece of furniture for relaxing and lounging, sitting, and sleeping, this folding sofa bed is for you.

For sturdiness, the sofa bed is made of foam.

Thickness & Size

The sofa stands 4 inches high with dimensions of 60″ x 80″ x 4″. When folded, the sofa bed folds to 28″ x 60″ x 12″. This means that this piece of furniture can serve several purposes. It stores very well and takes up little space when folded.

When folded out, it is a large bed that is big enough to serve as a play pad for children. Further, it is a light bed that can be carried anywhere you go. For this, it also has carry handles that let you do this. Two adults can fit comfortably on the mat when spread out.


If you have children playing on the mat, there are bound to be stained. You won’t have to worry as this folding sofa bed comes with removable covers that you can wash and slip back onto the bed. The fabric, hence, can be reused several times and is very durable.

  • Great for small spaces
  • Portable with a handle for carrying
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • Issues with foam expanding to its real size

4. Best Choice Products Linen Upholstered Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

Folding Futon Sofa Bed for Compact Living Space, Apartment, Dorm, Bonus Room w/Removable Armrests, Metal Legs, 2 Cupholders - Beige

Best Choice Products is a versatile brand that is dedicated to making your home complete with the range of products it offers. From great furniture like folding sofa beds to holiday furnishings like Christmas trees, you can find just what you need at this store. They bring you their expertise in the furniture so that you can comfortably enjoy your folding sofa bed experience.

Material & Design

This folding sofa bed is designed in the form of a futon. It has three adjustable positions. It can be used as a sofa for all of the conversations that you have over warm drinks. For movie nights, you can roll it out and lie down comfortably.

It is made of upholstered linen and is extremely stylish and aesthetic. It will look great in your living room and office space. Made with chrome metal legs, it adds to the look of any room that it is put in.

Size & Thickness

This folding sofa bed is extremely spacious and can take up to 300lbs weight and can comfortably accommodate two people. It has adjustable armrests that can be placed so that you can settle with ease. With dimensions of 30″ x 66″ x 30.5″, it makes for a great sofa and a bed with appropriate height.


The folding sofa bed is made of upholstered linen that does need some maintenance. You will have to regularly vacuum it so that you can it can stay clean and fresh. You will also have to ensure that any stains are promptly taken care of. Take a look at our care directions at the end of the review.

  • Durable
  • Removable arm pillows
  • Adjustable positions
  • Pleasing to look at
  • Not very comfortable for regular sleep

5. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Sofa Bed Mattress

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests - Queen 78x58x4.5 Inch (Blue)

Milliard is one of the leading producers of bed frames and mattresses. From space-saving frames to foldable mattress, they have it all. This tri-fold mattress is a multi-utility piece of furniture for your home.

This foldable mattress by Milliard is one of the best buys. This bed will be perfect for your guests. If you are running short on space, well that’s one more reason you should rush to grab this one. Next time you have an unexpected guest, you don’t have to worry.

Material & Design

This foldable mattress is all set to blend perfectly in your home. When the bed folds up, the sofa structure will look elegant in your living room. The design is very convenient and easy to use. The design is simple yet classic and a good match for modern homes. If you think that foldable beds provide compromised comfort you are wrong. This Milliard foldable mattress has been constructed with high-density foam

Thickness & Size

The 4.5-inch internal layer of foam provides ergonomic support to the sleeper. The memory foam ensures a golden sleep. The mattress is also ventilated to allow airflow that helps regulate the temperature. The size of the bed is 78 x 58 x 4.5 inches. The bed comes only in a single queen size.


Before we went ahead to put this mattress on the list, we checked a couple of online reviews. The current users are extremely satisfied with the longevity of the bed. The outer material is extremely durable. The dense foam is enduring and does not bottom out. The seaming of the bed is flawless.

Your guests and you will sleep like a baby in this super soft comfy bed. This foam mattress is encased in a 3D mesh cover. The cover is made of 100% polyester. For easy care, the fabric cover can be zipped off and is machine washable.

  • Breathable fabric
  • Portable
  • Outstanding support
  • Washable fabric
  • Space saver
  • Available only in a single size
  • Not appropriate for a side sleeper

6. MAXDIVANI Folding Foam Sofa Bed

MAXDIVANI Folding Bed Couch, Folding Foam Sofa Bed Memory Foam Mattress Convertible Sofa,Floor Couch Sleeper Sofa Foam Queen

This Maxdivani sofa bed is unique in all ways. From the stylish color to the design everything is top-notch. This sofa bed has a strong resilience and therefore provides enhanced sleep. The sofa bed is perfect for guests and family coming over for sleepovers.

This lightweight bed is ideal for camping and traveling. If you own an RV or mobile home it’ll be a perfect fit. This multi-purpose bed is sure to be your favorite.

Material & Design

This Maxdivani bed has a versatile design. The two-way use is extremely useful yet stylish. The unique sofa design will brighten up your place. The design is a great option for a kid’s area and can be used as a playmat.  Be it a folded sofa or a mattress the design ensures maximum comfort.

Maxdivani understands the importance of having a high-quality fabric. The outer layer is made with skin-friendly cotton and linen. Both of these materials are great for hot climates. The manufacturer claims that the materials are resistant to fading and balling.

Thickness & Size

This bed is constructed with an 8-inch multi-layer, 50D memory foam. The thick foam has a premium high-density that has a firm and supportive feel. The thickness of the foam is known for its therapeutic properties. The mattress when folded as a sofa, it measures 16” H x 80” W x 8” L.  The full mattress size is 60” H x 80” W x 8” L and the mattress comes in dual sizes.


Since the cover is removable it is easy to clean you can sit back and relax. The next time your kids spill some juice you can immediately unzip and wash it. The cover is available in 5 colors, which will look great in any living room. The cover is soft on your skin and is very smooth. You do not have to worry about rough fabric or dirt with this Maxdivani folding mattress.

  • It can be used in various ways
  • Prevents mites
  • It has strong resilience
  • Available in two sizes
  • Equipped with 50D memory foam
  • It is suitable for traveling and outdoor purposes
  • It is pricey compared to other folding beds
  • It is uncomfortable to get on and off the bed
  • The cover is not durable
  • The bed is not comfortable for adults

7. Harper&Bright Designs Adjustable Floor Couch and Sofa

Adjustable Floor Couch and Sofa for Living Room and Bedroom, Foldable 5 Reclining Position with 2 Pillows, Love seat, Blue

For all the couch potatoes and gaming nerds, this will be a great addition to your abode. You are going to love this sofa from Harper&Bright. The color and design of this bed are beautiful.

You can spend hours on this bed reading books, playing games, and watching TV. The bed also comes with a headboard like structure that reclines at various angles. The bed is also accompanied by two pillows.

Material & Design

This feather-soft material is very smooth and comfortable. The suede fabric is soft to touch and feels plush when you touch it. The design of this sofa bed is the unique selling point here. It has an elegant structure that will complement your home in the best possible way. You can adjust this bed in 5 ways and set it according to your convenience.

Thickness & Size

This 70.87-inch long floor sofa is pretty cozy for relaxing and sleeping. The thickness of this bed is 3.94-inches, which means it is considerably low. The size of the sofa is 23.65” x 45.28” x 3.94”. The pillow is 7.09” x 21.65”, which is sleek than normal pillows. The thickness of the head support is 5.31-inches.


The cover is made up of suede fabric which has a luxurious look. The drawback of the cover is that it is not removable. Moreover, suede is a material that can trap dirt very quickly. You need to use special cleansers to keep the material healthy and clean. The cover is available in two colors namely blue and brown.

  • The headboard is adjustable
  • The structure is comfortable
  • This bed compliments all kinds of decor
  • It is very easy to setup
  • The cover is not removable
  • It is a very low-lying bed

8. DHP Emily Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

DHP Emily Futon With Chrome Legs, Black Faux Leather

Modern homes deserve sophisticated and stylish pieces of furniture. This DHP Emil Faux Leather futon bed is a suitable choice for contemporary homes. This sofa bed is slightly different than other sofa beds. You can position this bed in multiple ways.

It can be a sofa, a bed, and much more. The bed stands at a higher height which is comfortable for sitting and sleeping both. Once you receive the bed, you will find it very easy to set up the bed. The manufacturer also provides a warranty period of 1 year.

Material & Design

When you speak of elegance the first material that comes to mind is leather. This faux leather bed will settle itself perfectly in your home. The low profile design futon frame provides multiple positions. The chrome metal legs elevate the bed to an optimum height. The square tufted backrest and seating is a tasteful choice for your home.

Thickness & Size

The bed is elevated and supported by four legs but that’s not enough for comfort. The thickness of the mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort. The futon dimensions are 71” W x 34” D x 32” H, while the sleeping dimensions are 71” L x 43” W x 16” H. The manufacturer advises a maximum weight of 600lbs.


The structure is covered with faux leather fabric. While this kind of upholstery is very popular but their longevity is very doubtful. The leather fabric is prone to basic wears and tears. Even the slightest scratch in the cover is permanent. The cover of this sofa bed quickly chips off. The cover is available 6 unique colors.

  • The bed has an optimum height
  • The manufacturer is providing a warranty
  • It is easy to assemble
  • You can position this bed in multiple ways
  • It is available in multiple colors
  • The faux leather cover is not enduring
  • It is available only in a single size
  • The structure is weak and flimsy
  • The foam padding is very thin

9. Giantex Fold Down Sofa Bed

Foam Folding Modern Futon Chaise Lounge Convertible Upholstered Memory Foam Padded Cushion Guest Sleeper Chair (Brown)

Folding beds or sofa beds are great space savers but sometimes you need something more in terms of size. This Giantex bed is perfect for compact homes. This bed is smaller than the normal sofa beds. It is suitable for video gaming, reading a book, watching tv, and snoozing.

It has a simple appearance and could sneak easily into the tiniest places. You can use this bed as a sofa, like a bed, and even as a lounger. This guest sleeper chair from Giantex is ideal for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens, and traveling.

Material & Design

This mattress from Giantex has a flocking surface and is stuffed with a premium sponge. This bed is fully upholstered and is water-resistant. The surface of the bed has a skin-friendly feeling. The innovative quarter-fold design allows the user to store it and carry it whenever needed.

The fixed magic stick ensures the overall security of the bed. The main materials used are flocked cloth, sponge, and polyester wadding. The design is very convenient to fold and does not take much space.

Thickness & Size

The size is comfortable enough for adults who want to relax and enjoy leisure time. Apart from that, this bed may feel uncomfortable for adults due to its size. It can perfectly accommodate a child. The sofa dimension is 28.5” x 30.5” x 26”, the bed dimension is 77.5” x 28.5” x 6.5” (L x W x H).


The upholstery or the cover has been done with a water-resistant material to protect the inner foam. If you want to clean the cover, you can simply remove it. The cover material is somewhat durable and long-lasting. You may have to wash the cover more often if you are choosing a light grey color.

  • Its allows convenient storage
  • The fixed magic stick provides further security
  • It is available in 2 colors
  • The cover is easy to clean
  • The bed is not ideal for adult sleepers
  • The bed is very low to the ground

10. YAHEETECH Futon Foldable Sofa Bed

Convertible Sofa Couch Sleeper with Armrest Home Recliner Couch Home Living Room Furniture Black

If I tell you a bed can be stylish, comfortable, affordable, and versatile you will not believe until you see this bed. This Yaheetech futon sofa bed is an example of a perfect bed. Whether you want an armrest or reclining features this bed has it all. Your guests will be pleased to see this stunning bed in your living room.

This bed is an all-rounder piece of furniture for your home. The mattress sports a modern design and is fused with maximum comfort. You can easily convert this sofa into a bed for unexpected guests. This futon is efficient for any apartment or studio.

Material & Design

The material used to do the upholstery is faux leather. The manufacturer claims that the material is scratch resistant. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. This bed is equipped with a high-density sponge. When you see the sofa for the first time it will be hard to believe that it can be unfolded into a bed.

The sofa bed carries an armrest on either side. The armrest in the middle has a space for holding cups. All-in-all this bed is a great buy. The structure of this sofa bed is supported with 4 legs. The backrest can easily be reclined when you are using it as a sofa.

Thickness & Size

The sofa dimensions are 66” x 32” x 28.7” (L x Wx H). The floor to seat height is 15”, which is quite elevated. It will be easier for you and your guests to sit on this medium raised bed. The bed is available only in a single size. The flat dimensions of the bed are 65.7” x 37” x 14.4” (L x W x H). The backrest has sufficient coverage with dimensions 65.7” x 17.9”.


There is no doubt that leather upholstery is one of the best. Yaheetech claims that the cover is tear-resistant. The leather material is smooth and comfortable for the users. You don’t need to hesitate when you spill food on the sofa, it’s easy to clean. The material may not be removable but the cover does not trap any dirt or stains.

  • It has a trendy design
  • The bed is easy to clean
  • The design and structure is extremely versatile
  • The manufacturer can improve the comfort
  • The bed is not durable

11. Magshion Folding Bed Mattress

Magshion Folding Bed Mattress, Full (5x46x74), Black

If you are a fan of simplicity you are going to love this bed. This Magfashion folding sofa is available in solid cover fabrics. You could place this foldable bed in the living room, guest room, family room, and patio. A lot of people who have compact places like a studio, RV trailer, a boat can also use this bed.

Magfashions claims to relieve pressure better than any other type of mattress. It provides optimum support for your back, hips, and joints. You can save more space and use it as a chair or bed whenever needed.

Material & Design

The design is as simple as it can be. If you like things neat and spotless, this sofa bed will surely do the job. The material is 100% polyester and filled with all foam. The innovative tri-fold design facilitates easy storage. The foam is quite firm and dense allows a night of restful sleep.

Thickness & Size

This bed is equipped with 5” thick foam that can easily be folded and used as a sofa. The product dimensions are 70” x 46” x 5”. The bed is further available in multiple sizes. It can easily accommodate two adults without any discomfort. The size is small and hence can be used for traveling purposes as well.


The polyester cover can be only cleaned by spot wash. Since the sofa is available in solid colors, the dirt can be easily visible. The user needs to maintain the cover to ensure longevity. The mattress is available in almost 15 colors. The color selection is quite impressive. Buyers who are looking for some intricate designs may have to look for another option.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to fold and store
  • The size of the bed can comfortably adjust adults
  • The design is oversimplified
  • It doesn’t look luxurious enough

12. Follure Folding Sofa Bed

Convertible Couch Bed Chair, Full Padded Sleeper Bed Chair Lounger Souch Bed with Pillow 5 Position (Coffee Plus)

This is by far one of the best folding sofa bed you will come across. Follure has done an impeccable job with this sofa bed. Straight from the design to the colors, all the things are top-notch. The sofa bed can be adjusted according to your needs. Different angles have different purposes.

If you are not good with tools and hardware you should know that this bed is ready to use and requires no setup. This sofa is cost-effective, enduring, and comfy. Follure is available 24 hours to solve any customer queries you have regarding this bed.

Material & Design

It has an amazing design that folds up to a bed, armrest chair, or chaise. The bed has a considerable height and comfortable for people with spinal issues. The structure of the sofa bed is supported with metal framing.

This lightweight bed is designed for hassle-free moving. This Follure sofa bed has a stylish design and simple and with single color cushions. The overall structure has been constructed with high-quality polyester, sponge, and steel.

Thickness & Size

The sofa size is 47” x 23.6” x 31.5” (L x W x H) and the bed size is 74.8” x 47” x 9.8” ( L x W x H). The thickness of the foam or mattress is not mentioned by the manufacturer. The bed has a high bearing capacity of 330lbs. The bed stands at a certain height from the ground. This bed is available in two sizes


It is common that all buyers look for removable and machine-friendly upholstery. Thankfully, this Follure bed is both removable and machine-washable. Polyester is a great fit in this Follure folding sofa bed. The coffee color of this bed is the best seller, but the bed is available in 3 colors altogether.

  • It provides ergonomic support
  • The bed can be used in multiple positions
  • The backrest is comfortable
  • The bed is available in multiple sizes and colors
  • It is not ideal for adults
  • The packaging of the product needs to be better

13.  D&D Futon Furniture 1.8 lbs Folding Foam Couch Bed

D&D Futon Furniture Multi Colors Stripes Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6 x 32 x 70, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch, High Density Foam 1.8 Pounds.

Furniture can be so boring and dull sometimes, it is difficult to find a perfect piece that defines your home. Buyers who are looking for colorful and bright sofa beds can consider this D&D Futon Bed. For a few buyers, the color may be too striking. This bed complies with the Federal Mattress Flammability Standard 16 C.F.R Part 1633.

A foam density of 1.8 lbs ensures that your bed gives maximum support. It contains certified flexible polyurethane foam. It is very convenient to use this foldable bed. It can be useful on all occasions like picnics, sudden guests, watching TV, playing with kids.

Material & Design

The solid color fabric used protects the mattress from stains and dust. The design of this bed is nothing out of the box. The look of the bed may be bright but the structure is simple and easy to use. This bed design does not require any kind of setup or installation.

Thickness & Size

This D&D Futon bed sports a 6” thick high-quality foam. The manufacturer has provided this bed only in a single size.  The compact size of this bed makes it easy to carry around and store it when not in use. The product dimensions are approximately 70” x 32” x 6”. The thickness of the bed is adequate but a longer and wider bed would’ve been more useful.


This bed sports colorful upholstery which will add brightness to your room. The 3 parts of the bed come with a removable cover. You can unzip the fabric and pop it up for a wash. The bed is available in numerous colors.

  • It is a lightweight sofa bed
  • The bed saves space
  • The color can be too shocking for simple homes
  • The bed is extremely low to the ground

14. Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper Sofa Bed

4 in 1 Multi-Function Adjustable Ottoman Sofa Bed Bench Guest Sofa Chair Convertible Sofa for Living Room (Dark Grey)

This bed is one of the best options when it comes to usage. This bed has 4-in-1 features that can be used according to space and requirements. It is suitable for all types of decors and homes. You will not regret buying this furniture for your home. This bed is not only versatile but it’s a great space saver.

Its multiple folds will allow the user to fit this sofa in small apartments. During the daytime, you can use it as a chair or an ottoman. When you feel tired and sleepy you can easily convert it into a bed.

Material & Design

The design of this bed is multi-functional, you can use it for sitting, reclining, sleeping, and foot support. No assembly is required with this bed. It is upholstered in linen fabric. The bed has a semi-matte metal framework. The solid metal construction supports the bed effectively.

Thickness & Size

The thickness of the bed is not mentioned by the seller, but the dense foam provides great comfort. As a sofa, the furniture measures 74.02” x 37.4” x 16.93”. When the sofa is unfolded as an ottoman it measures 37.4” x 27.17” x 16.93”. The size is perfect for kids and adults.


You will agree with the fact that linen is one of the topmost fabric choices for upholstery. The cover is available in colors like dark grey, deep grey, light blue, deep brown, misty grey, etc. The cover is constructed using linen with stereo lines. The fabric is durable and the stitching is impressive. You will have a positive experience with this easy-to-clean cover.

  • The bed can be used in various ways
  • It is available in multiple colors
  • The cotton look complements almost all rooms
  • Not yet

15.  Milemont Foldable Sofa Bed Convertible Loveseat Futon

Sleeper Daybed Foldable Convertible Loveseat Black

This Milemont foldable convertible bed comes in a small size, which means it can fit even in compact spaces. This small yet cozy size is what makes the Milemont bed a great fit for areas like a living room and offices. This bed is great if often entertain overnight guests on short notice.

This bed can easily accommodate sleepers of all positions. This bed is tailored for people who want to enjoy a classic foam feel. This bed is an excellent choice for guest bedrooms and for adding a sleeping area.

Material & Design

The bed has a stylish look with an understated modern design in black faux leather. The futon upholstery gels perfectly with the chrome support legs. The design and the structure of this foldable bed are worth the price. The structure allows easy re-positioning from sitting to lounging to sleeping positions.

Thickness & Size

The overall thickness of the frame and mattress is equivalent to 7-inches. The thick mattress is neither too hard nor too soft. The memory foam is 2.5-inches and the dimensions of the bed are 70.5” x 41.5” x 15”. This bed is suitable for a single sleeper.


The cover of this sofa bed is non-removable. The faux leather upholstery is smooth and glazy, which is comfortable when sleeping. The firm padding under the cover provides good support for your back and spine. The PU leather is low-maintenance and has hassle-free cleaning.

  • Easy assembly in 15 minutes
  • The padding is dense and thick
  • The armrest and backrest is adjustable
  • Ideal for personal use and guest accommodation
  • The bed is available in one size only

16. GIA Tri-Fold Sofa Bed With Pillow

GIA Tri-Fold Sofa Bed, With Pillow, Peacock Blue

There are four comfortable positions to choose from in this Gia Tri-Fold bed. It is an economical and sturdy mattress that is recommended for individuals that are on a restricted budget. The best part of this foldable mattress is its value for money. It has an innovative structure that will surely stand on its promises.

Converting this bed is a breeze, you get additional legs that support the structure. It is ideal for apartments and compact spaces but functional for all rooms. The bed has a simplified look but that doesn’t decrease the utility of this bed.

Material & Design

This convertible chair from GIA has a polyester fabric upholstery. The look and feel of the material go well with the structure of the sofa bed. This bed is designed for contemporary or modern homes. Right from the structures to the color, everything implies a successful design. To add utility to the sofa, Gia has tagged a pillow along with the bed.

Thickness & Size

The dimension of this bed as a chair is 30.7” x 32.3” x 22.8” (W x D x H). The dimensions of this bed are 74.8” x 30.7” x 5” (L x W x H). The filling has been done with high-density foam, so you can expect the bed to be thick.


The cover of this bed is non-removable, therefore, you have to resort to liquid cleansers and microfiber cloth. The cover comes in multiple colors such as dark gray, powder blue, yellow, peacock blue, light grey, etc. The textured cover will surely receive loads of compliments from the users.

  • The manufacturer is providing a 1-year warranty
  • The color scheme is unique
  • The bed can be used in 4 different forms
  • The size of the bed is not comfortable for an adult
  • The cushioning of this bed insufficient

Features to Consider While Buying a Folding Sofa Bed

Buying a folding sofa bed can be a complex task at times. There are a variety of sizes and designs in the market. Here are the features you should consider before you buy one.


You will find folding sofa beds with varying designs and functionality across the spectrum. From the sofa to the bed, they can occupy various designs in between. You may want to consider the best design for your space.

Vonanda Folding Sofa Bed Multi-Function

If you are considering buying the folding sofa bed for your family home, you may want to opt for a larger sofa that can seat three people and folds out into a queen-size bed. Many sofas in this design will fold out to make a floor mattress.

On the other hand, you may want a stylish, statement piece that doubles up as a single bed for your office. In this case, there are sofa beds that occupy a single sofa or an Ottoman-style seater. These can be extended to turn into a comfortable bed.

The versatility of your sofa bed lies in its design. You can opt for one that fits your design sensibilities and needs the best. Sofa beds come in a few standard design types. You can opt for traditional pull-out pieces with good quality mattresses. These are queen size and last long.

Some futons are lightweight and tend to occupy lesser space than the pull-out. They are also less expensive. There are also daybeds. These are the size of a standard twin bed and are great for sleeping. They are a wise choice if you often have guests over. All of these come in various sizes.

Suitable Size

One of the most important features that you should consider while buying a foldable sofa bed is its size. Ask yourself a couple of questions before you narrow the size down.

Where do you want to place it? How many people do you want to accommodate? How small should it be when it is folded to its most compact size?

Once you answer these questions, you can begin deciding just how big you want your mattress to be. You may also want to consider the thickness of your mattress. The most compact folding sofa beds are also often the highest.

Some folding sofa beds close to a single-seating sofa in their most compact form. You can fold them out once for it to turn into a larger sofa. Folding it out another time will let it come out in the shape of a floor bed or a mattress of another design.

Other sofas come just with a dual folding function and shift between a sofa and a bed. Now you want to consider exactly how many people you want to accommodate on your sofa bed. If you want to accommodate your family, you may want to look for a queen size bed that doubles up as a sofa.

If you have guests over often, you may want to similarly consider a larger bed. However, for your personal office space, you can simply pick a compact sofa that can fold out into a single bed. This is an aesthetic, statement piece that you can add to your workspace.

The Material of Your Folding Sofa Bed

Your sofa bed can come in a range of materials. Some of the best quality sofas come in tufted linen bodies that add an elegant touch to your space. This is a great addition to your living room or office space.

Despite the material used, ensure that the foam on your sofa is of good quality. Ensure that it is durable and will last a long time despite constant use. Your manufacturer should be able to ensure you of this feature.

Some manufacturers will also offer sponge with a good density. This material also tends to last long. Sponge and foam are very similar. However, foam tends to hold more air while sponge tends to block it out.

Some manufacturers also offer inter-spring mattresses in your folding sofa bed. This keeps your mattress slightly bouncy.

Ease of Cleaning

folding sofa bed washable cover

This is another aspect that you should carefully consider before you buy your folding sofa bed. You will have to note that because of its multi-functionality, this piece of furniture may remain in use during all times of the day.

It will typically be used as a sofa during the day, and as a bed otherwise. This means that there may not be enough time to air it and let it breathe. Depending on how often you use it and whether you can air it, pick the right make and material.

If you think that washing is necessary, pick a folding sofa bed that has removable covers. This will save you the hassle as you can simply exchange covers often and keep them clean and tidy.


If you tend to move your folding sofa bed often, look for lighter options. Foam sofa beds can be the best buy in this case. If you move houses often, or like carrying your sofa bed on impromptu vacations, a foam piece will let you make the best out of your sofa.

It is also a great idea if you often move furniture around your house. If you happen to move the folding sofa bed from room to room, look for a lighter option.

You may also be looking for a sturdy piece of furniture that stays put. In this case, you may want to look for other options. This is a great option when you think of furnishing your office space. A small, compact sturdy folding sofa bed is heavier but can do wonders to retain comfort while pleasing the eye.

What Should You Know About a Folding Sofa Bed Once You Purchase It?

Now that you’ve bought your folding sofa bed, it is important to care for it right. The right kind of maintenance, when done consistently will make your sofa bed last for a long time to come.

The kind of maintenance that your sofa gets depends on its material. One of the biggest issues that crop up when you have to maintain sofa beds is the stains that it can retain. Because it is used so often for various purposes, it can gather more stains.

If you have a synthetic leather folding sofa bed and have stained it, you can simply use detergent and warm water to get the stain out and the dust off. You can do the same every week whether or not there are stains. This will keep in good condition.

For linen, you can use alcohol, glycerine, or a small quantity of petrol, depending on the type and intensity of the stain. This should get any pending stains off.

If you get a leather sofa bed, take care to first cover it with a leather care agent. For any future stains, you can reuse the leather care agent.

Whatever the make of your sofa and the textile used, make sure to clean it once every two to three months. This will make maintenance easy. If the covers come off, clean them, and change them out once every month.

It is also a good idea to regularly vacuum them. This keeps any dust-out. However, make sure that you do not use any varnish, soap detergents, or acid to clean your sofa. This is best left to professional cleaners if you come across an impossible stain or stench.

You may also want to note that ventilation is very important for your folding sofa bed. This keeps mold away from it. Since you will be sleeping your nights soundly on this piece of furniture, this becomes even more crucial.

A folding sofa bed is a blessing in disguise for anyone who wants to save space and make the best of a single piece of furniture. It is also cost-effective and a great investment for your home and workspace.

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