AC Pacific Mattress Reviews in 2024 – Luxury Soft, Charcogel Gel Infused, Green Tea

This is a huge universe and the human is the best living beings among all. They have just increased their creativity by innovations of various things and also made this world for the ideal of living. Nowadays, life is circulated and also covered in an area like a room. By sitting on a chair in a room with some electronic gadgets a human being is working for the whole world by taking various responsibilities. Their every time is equal like the last minute before launching a space shuttle. Their every signature is the same as the autograph of a valuable person like a celebrity. To whom the position is higher, his/her responsibilities are larger than that. So at the end of the day or the end of their duties to mankind, they have only heaven like the idea to chill or to relax on the bed after going home.

AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury Soft Bedroom Aloe Vera Extract Infused Fabric Covered Memory Foam Mattress

Many people cannot get a proper place for sleeping for working stress. As per doctor’s desk sleeping is so much important for working people. It is like a glass of water in the time of walking on deserts. For less sleeping people, suffers often from acidity, digesting problems and also those affects their organs like hearts, lungs, and also brains after an age. So, one must sleep for 7-8 hours at least for proper functioning.

Here the US mattress production company, the AC Pacific comes with taking various featured of mattresses for giving one stressed person of ultimate pleasure and joy in the time of deep sleeping or in relaxing. Here we have presented some featured models of the mattresses; those are so much efficient and also well-rated by both buyers and also sellers. Here is some information for purchasing these models of mattresses for long term uses.

Best AC Pacific Mattresses in 2024 – Chart

1AC Pacific 6" Foam Mattress Covered in a Stylish Navy Blue Waterproof Fabric, Twin, Navy BlueStylish Navy Blue Waterproof FabricTwin
Twin XL
2AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury Soft Bedroom Aloe Vera Extract Infused Fabric Covered Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size2 styles: 8-inch & 10-inch
3 layers: 1-inch 3 LBS memory foam, 2-inch comfort support foam, 5-inch High-Density base support foam
Twin XL
California King
3AC Pacific 10" Green Tea Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size, White2 layers
Green Tea Infused Memory Foam
8-inch & 10-inch available
Twin XL
California King
4AC Pacific 12-inch Charcogel Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress With Shape Contouring Features, Queen Size, Whitemade without ozone depleters, PBDEs, and Mercury.
made without formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates

1. AC Pacific 6-inch Foam Mattress Review

This is the first edition of the mattress this year with various unknown features. The features are unbelievable to carry out and also this epic one mattress in some features. Here are some valuable pros and cons for this product.


Breathable fabric Design: The mattress has an upper side in a diamond cutting. Moreover, the foam is also breathable. Sometimes for deep sleep and also for overworking the extra oxygen is needed for sleeping. If the mattress cannot dissipate heat, one can feel a patchy atmospheric condition. So these foams are made of breathable qualities of fabrication to provide ultimate oxygen for good breathing.

AC Pacific 6-inch Foam Mattress Covered in a Stylish Navy Blue Waterproof Fabric

Soft Foam: There we can see the uses of high qualities of memory foam. Those are very soft and also gentle with the loaded actions of consumers. The foams are non-breakable and also do not contains moisture. Moreover, when you fall your body after a day, you will feel like a feather sleep on it. So the quality and the design of the foam are well-rated.

Spacious Area: In that budget, everyone thinks that the small mattress will come. But this company has designed this mattress for middle-class affordability So that the mattress has a larger dimension than others. It has 74 inches of height, 38 inches of width, and also 6 inches of thickness. One family can fit on it with proper comfort.

Attractive in Color: Many of the mattresses come in one single color. Most of the mattresses have a common color of white. But this mattress has a navy blue color with proper designs. It is too attractive and also one can get the guarantee of fading of this color.

Green Certified: The certification authority of the United States of America, the CertiPUR-US has certified these products having biodegradables ingredients and also totally safe from children. So, one family can use it for the long term with the children.

AC Pacific mattress cover waterproof Fabric

Waterproof Cover: This is a new technology as the waterproof linen cover is used over the top surface. Sometimes for the accident, the mattress may be wet and that time it becomes non-suitable for sleeping. But this lamination cannot absorb water droplets and make a slippery layer on that. It is a great feature to attract the consumer who has children.

Designed for Family: Primarily This design is spacious for a family to be fit. Another side the foams are so soft and bouncy for playing like jumps and a little bit wrestling on it. So the family can get fun without tension on it. So it is ideal for every family with kids.


Zero Number of Pillows: It is sorry to say that no pillows are in this pack for over comfort. One can order a set of pillows if they get a proper discount in a set or combo pack.

Absence Of wooden Packaging: There is no cardboard packaging. Only the mattress is rolled and shipped. But the packaging is good for avoiding all strains as a mark or damaging elements.

2. AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is the second attractive product which comes not only with the mattress but also with foam made bed with a head guard. The multi stored mattress is look-alike a complete luxurious bed cum mattress in users. Moreover, it is too attractive to look at. Here is some precious information to the consumers about that product. You may also like to read our Home Life memory foam mattress review.


AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury memory foam mattress layers

Foams of Multilayer: The super mattress is attractive in look and also one can get proper comfort with the specifications. The three types of foams make your bed like the Eden Garden. There is 1 inch of memory foam and also there are 2 inches of comfort foam as the supportive layer. At last there one can get 5 inches of base support foam for bearing the ultimate load.

Aloe Vera’ on the Top Foam: The Aloe Vera is used for nourishing your skin. The layer is on the top of all foams. The Aloe Vera gel repairs your muscle and also damaged tissues with the green sense so that your skin glows and shines. The mattress is like a touch of the spa without making ready all pieces of equipment for nourishing your skin. The Aloe Vera shows a hygienic property against the germs for not attacking the consumers, who are sleeping.

Certified by the US: The CertiPUR-US has certified these products made with biodegradables raw-materials and its ultimately safe for children to use. So the volatile chemical materials are totally less and also negligible in quantity. The products get 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. So, there is no tension about the safety of the product.

Spacious in Area: The mattress has 80 inches of height, 60 inches of width, and also 12 inches of thickness for the fitting of four people at a time. So it is considered as spacious and luxurious with the qualities of foams also.

Ideal for Family: Every family wants to touch their family members as children in one space. This mattress is ideal to play with children like indoor games after a day of working very hard. This mattress is suitable for children also due to its nature.

AC Pacific Soft Aloe Collection 8 Inch Luxury Soft Bedroom Aloe Vera Extract Infused Fabric Covered Memory Foam Mattress

Wooden Support: The bed is supported by the high quality of wood for putting up so many loads at one time. Moreover, the assembly of the bed is also easy from the day of purchasing. It takes only 10-15 minutes to assemble if one follow the manual instructions carefully.

Extended Warranty: This company provided 10 years of international warranty including all cons. The cons are the manufacturing defects and also shipping mistakes. One can claim the extended warranty by registering the id number of the mattress on that side from where they have purchased it. So, at that price, it is too much warranty on that kind of regularly used product.


No Box System: The products, especially as the mattress, come with just three layers of packaging with a company logo. There is no use of cardboard boxes for better showing to consumers’ sight.

No Pillow Added: The pillows are not available with that set and one can get it by increasing some budgets with that.

3. AC Pacific 10-inch Green Tea Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

This is another one Green mattress specially made of infusing tea. It does not only give you comfort but also gives you an organic sense all over the body. Here is some precious information through the reviews.


3-inch green ea infused memory and 7-inch High-density charcoal infused base support foam

Super Quality of Foam: There we can see a new type of foam design. There are two layers of foams. There is 3 inches of tea-infused foam and also 7 inches of high-density charcoal infused foam. Both are so hygienic and also reliable with the reviving of wounded parts.

Tea and Charcoal Infused: There is an infusion of green tea in this mattress, that cures the body of the infection and also allergic. In rational words, the tea snatches all the stresses from the body and rejuvenates you for a while. The charcoal deep extract clears your skin and attracts the oil particle from your body. So, that your body gets not the oily and patchy environment. Another side cools your body by clearing oil particles. It reduces the body pimples and also the dark side of your body.

Certi-PUR authorized: The CeriPUR-US has certified this product with a good rating and also this product contains a tiny bit of chemicals for manufacturing purposes. This organic mattress is ideal for children and aged persons, who have pain in their muscles and joints.

Superior Size: The size is the Queen of this mattress and also perfect for a couple and with one child. It has 80 inches of length, 60 inches of width, and also 10 inches of thickness.

Good Packaging: The mattresses have three-layer of packaging with a wooden box for the perfect look and also portable properties.

Total Family Comfort: One full family can live on it with proper comfort by playing all activities on bed. The soft foams permit the right meaning of having a soulful family.

Exclusive in Amazon: The product is available exclusively on Amazon. One can order this from the site at any time.

AC Pacific Green Tea Infused Memory Foam Mattress 10-inch and 8-inch


No Cooling Infused Gel: There is no other cooling gel layer under the foam. It is a minor con of this product.

No adding of Pillow: There is no added pillow in the box. The consumer will purchase it separately.

4. AC Pacific Queen Size 12-inch Charcogel Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

Another successful model of the mattress is this one. The design and the dynamics of the mattress are different from all. So, the reviews also indicate almost positive. Here we present some information as per reviews.


2-inch gel infused memory,8-inch High-density base support foam 2-inch charcoal infused memory foam,

Larger Dimensions: The mattress is King in size.  It has a length of 80 inches of length, 60 inches of width, and 12 inches of thickness. One family with four members can fit on it easily.

Premium Craft: The mattress is made of Bamboo Charcoal and gel for infusing organic sense all over the body. It nourishes the body all over the sleeping time intervals.

Super Comfort: The Charcoal gel banishes pollutes from your body and gives you wings at the time of sleeping. So, by sleeping on it one can feel heaven easily.

Modern Style in Price: Though the price is higher, this the only one that delivers these organic spas-like features thorough out your body without going to the spa.

Light Weight: The mattresses have only 90 pounds of weight and also tolerate 120 pounds of weight at a time without damage. It is an attractive point for calling consumers, who have a little bit of extra weight.

Proper Certification: The CertiPur-US has approved this mattress having low wastages and chemical emissions. This product is made without the use of Mercury and Lead.

Effective for Family-man: It features a full mattress that is ideal for a family, who are working hard for surviving. It is a gift from the company to the consumers for a luxurious sense of sleeping!

AC Pacific Charcogel Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress With Shape Contouring Features


No Cushions: If there were one set of cushions, the set can be considered perfect for the family. You have to wait for the next edition to get this little bit of cons.

No Cooling Fluid Layer: There is no cooling layer of fluid as a menthol sponge between the foams. That must be added.

Therefore, these are valuable pros and cons of these mattresses. There are so many models of the AC Pacific and also from many years the company is running successively. These products are highly rated and also moreover different in features and other positive sites. The mattresses are so big. So those cannot be purchased as wish. Nowadays there is a very short place for living in a flat or quarter. So, one must compare every item for choosing and also purchasing the best for living. Sleep is like a golden opportunity to relieve your hardware for a while. So the time cannot be neglected. For utilizing the time the mattresses are too good to complete your sleep with organic spa-like features. So, one should not miss these features if he/she is searching for this kind of mattress on that budget.

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