Serta Futon Mattress – Quality, Comfort and Not Cheap

Futons basically are the traditional beddings from Japan that have quilted and padded mattresses. They serve two purposes in one. They enable saving space as well as increase the utility of a room.

Japanese people are well-known for the concept of minimalism. It is therefore not surprising that the concept of futons began in Japan. Futons generally can be utilized as both a bed as well as a couch. Therefore, they have two purposes.

A futon basically has a mattress, frame, and a cover. The futon mattress is constituted of wool, cotton, or latex material. It can also be shifted easily from room to room.

There are many things to look at when purchasing a futon. These include the price, construction kind, firmness, weight, as well as the size of it. There are also many manufacturers that make futons, and it can be confusing which is the best one.

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In this article, we will be reviewing the Serta futon mattress from the Serta brand.

What Is Serta?

Serta is a brand that originates from Illinois, in the United States of America. They are specialists when it comes to manufacturing and developing mattresses. Serta was founded back in the year 1931 by David L Swift.

Serta has a good reputation for selling mattresses that give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Serta website also has a blog explaining many common questions that customers may have regarding mattresses. This helps the general public gain knowledge on many aspects of mattresses.

Serta also offers a trial period at your home so that you are sure you are comfortable with their mattress before you purchase it. They also offer a warranty period of 10 years on their products. Their shipping and returns will not cost you a penny, it is completely free. All their products are Certipur-US Certified.

When it comes to futon mattresses, one of the best mattresses is sold by Serta. Read on to get a full detailed review of the Serta futon mattress.

Serta Memory Foam Futon Mattress Review

This Mattress made in the USA is one of the best Futon mattresses in the market. Let us dive into the details regarding this mattress.

What is it made of?

This 8-inch mattress is made up of 2 layers of CertiPUR foam, one layer consisting of Polyurethane CertiPUR foam, as well as one layer consisting of the Visco CertiPUR foam. Surrounding this is the heavyweight cotton-based fiber made for comfort and ease.

The Serta mattresses have Cottonique. This is essentially a blend of polyester as well as cotton fibers to make durable and unique upholstery that is ideally better than regular cotton fibers.

The futons from Serta are made to be very reliable, resilient, comfortable, and light. Also, the kind of foam that is used in these mattresses is basically CertiPUR. This is a breathable, premium type of foam that gives great comfort to the body.

Is this futon mattress double-sided?

Yes, this mattress is double-sided. This means that it can be flipped.

But are there any benefits of a double-sided mattress?

What are the benefits of a double-sided mattress?

They last for a longer period of time

If you flip your mattress frequently, you are letting the mattress padding recover from time to time. You are then helping to extend the life of the mattress.

Double-sided mattresses cost the same or just a little more than regular mattresses

For the same price, you will be receiving a lot of benefits with a double-sided mattress

Enhanced weight distribution

A single-sided mattress will possess a thick padding system. This means that it will be difficult to toss and turn at night as the mattress will take the weight of your body and form an impression. However, a double-sided mattress lets you distribute your weight evenly.

The padding on the lower side of the mattress can recover while you lay on the top part of it.

What are the dimensions of this futon mattress?

It is important to know the dimensions of the mattress you want to sleep on. There are various sizes of mattresses, from single to queen to king-size mattresses.

There are many things to consider while choosing which size mattress to buy, including how many people are going to use it and the amount of space your room allows.

The full size of this khaki-colored fabric mattress is 54 “ x 75 “.

How is it Delivered?

All of Serta’s mattresses follow the process of being compression, rolling, and boxing before they are transported to reach you. This makes it easy to ship and install at home.

What is the weight of this futon mattress?

This mattress weighs 49 pounds.

How is the firmness level of this futon mattress?

The firmness is plush.

What is plush in a mattress?

Plush in a mattress is basically a feeling of softness. You can very gently sink in it. It will cradle you as you sleep. A plush mattress is often described as a “cloud-like” feeling.

What is the construction type?

The construction type is memory-foam and Cotton. Memory-foams is a very popular option when it comes to mattresses.

What are the benefits of memory foam?

Memory foam was first made for NASA’s seats for their airplane in the 1960s. Memory foam is created using viscoelastic. It is a soft and energy-absorbing material.

Memory foam is a material that molds according to your body shape, responding to pressure and heat. It helps in even distribution of your body weight. After you remove any pressure, the foam aids the mattress return to the initial shape and form.

Can You Sleep On A Futon Mattress Every Night?

There is no evidence that says one cannot sleep on a futon every night. Earlier, people in Japan used to sleep every night only on a futon. Even nowadays, people in Japan use a futon to sleep on every day.

A futon mattress can even be laid on the floor, unlike other beds that require a bed frame set up. There are subtle differences between a Japanese futon bed and an American futon.

Laying a futon on a floor can be beneficial for your back. However, if you are already suffering from a chronic backache, other mattresses can be better when compared to a futon.

So, yes, you can sleep on a futon every night. However, if you have serious back problems, you may want to consider specific mattresses for back problems, such as orthopedic mattresses for back pains.

Why Should You Buy A Futon Mattress Online?

There have always been opposing opinions about whether purchasing products online is better or offline is better.

Serta Futons arrive in a box

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways of shopping. However, shopping online seems to be having more advantages compared to shopping offline.

The same applies to mattresses. Many people believe that shopping offline from a store will allow them to feel a mattress, which will give them a clear idea of whether to buy it. However, feeling a mattress is not the same as sleeping on it for the entire night time.

Given below are the reasons why shopping for mattresses online is better.

Buying a mattress online is said to be better than buying it in an offline shop. This is because when it comes to buying mattresses online, people usually research well when compared to directly buying a mattress in a store.

Buying a mattress online means you will not be surrounded by salespeople pitching to you. This means that you will have a clear idea of the features every mattress offers you. When in a physical store, one is usually surrounded by employees trying to get you to buy a mattress.

Mattresses sold in online stores have more chances of being on sale when compared to a mattress that you buy in a physical store. While shopping online, you can even use promo codes to your advantage.

It is easy to compare prices and features of products online. You can keep various tabs open on your internet browser and compare brands. However, in a physical store, it is not that easy to compare features and prices.

You will have to visit store after store physically, to know the products in each store as well as their features and prices.

Summing Up

Futon mattresses have many advantages in general. Futons are very easy to maintain that is clean as well as wash. It is also easy to roll them up and store them away. You can use this when guests are over.

A futon can act as a place to sleep as well as a place for little kids to play on. The best part is that futons are very affordable for more people. A regular bed is pretty elevated and tends to occupy a lot of area in the room. It can also be quite difficult to store it away.

Futons allow redesigning of a room as per one’s liking. You can literally utilize every corner of your house the way you wish to.

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