Top 10 Best Full XL Memory Foam Mattresses in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Best Full XL Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have become quite familiar over the years; this is because of the different advantages it provides, which many people find useful. However, since these mattresses are not cheap, you need to make sure that you buy the best full XL memory foam mattress.

One thing that you must remember is that all memory foam mattresses are not the same. There are different types, and even in the same kind, the quality of the bed can vary, which can cause a significant change.

Many people still believe that these mattresses are the same as they used to be, which is heavy, dense, and hot. Nowadays, these mattresses are designed to be more firm and cold and comfortable enough for everyone.

Read on our complete reviews about the best full size memory foam mattresses.

What is a memory foam mattress?

The material used for making this mattress is viscoelastic polyfoam, which is more commonly as memory foam. It is a type of polyurethane foam that has unique viscoelastic properties, which makes it different. The meaning of the word is a combination of thick and sticky, and also something that can go back to its previous shape.

There are few extra components added to the making of memory foam mattresses; these are the reason why it feels different. As the foam comes with close conforming properties, it allows the surface to take the shape of the body. Since the weight is distributed evenly on the surface area, the mattress provides relief of pressure as well.

The material of the mattress feels like a hug as it outlines your entire body. This is also one of the reasons why people feel hot when sleeping on a memory foam mattress; the heat gets trapped when the foam hugs the body.

Types of memory foam mattresses

There are three main types of memory foam mattresses that you can find:

  1. Traditional – these mattresses use a closed-cell plan. It is also denser than other models, and since it was the most common, many people associate this one to the heat and memory feel. If you go for the basic form of a traditional mattress, then you will not find any cooling with it. However, you can get cooling gel-infused.
  2. Gel Foam – as memory foam can trap heat and get hot, opting got a gel-infused mattress means that there will be an extra conductor inside, which will take the heat away from the body. Different materials can be used for cooling; this includes gel beads, graphite, and even copper.
  3. Open-cell – this foam is denser than the closed-cell type. However, it is designed with an open structure, which ensures that air can easily flow through the foam. You can even get additional cooling gels added.

Using memory foam in beds

The foam is best suited for people who suffer from joint pain; its viscoelasticity allows the foam to take the shape of the body, ensuring that there is no tension on the joints. The material has a lot of cushions and is softer than most foam that you find. Some manufacturers cut the foam in a way that ensures proper cooling and airflow.

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Not many memory foam mattresses are being sold today. Most of the beds available have a memory foam layer on the surface. In a memory foam mattress, you will find that the first one till three layers will have Visco foam; these are wither embedded in the cover of the bed or lay beneath the surface cover. Then comes a base of polyfoam (high-density) to add to the support of the mattress. There is also an option of adding memory foam in other mattresses to provide a little bit more comfort to the sleeper.

Memory foam can be used in many different ways, but unless you go for a dual-sided mattress, you will not find memory foam layers on the bottom. This is mostly because it is not a very supportive material; this is also one of the reasons a stronger and denser material is added to the mattress. These materials mostly consist of latex, polyfoam, or coils.

Top 10 Best full XL memory foam mattresses in 2024 – Chart

There is a lot to consider when you are buying a memory mattress; it can be a daunting task. To make it easier for you, we have listed the best full XL memory foam mattresses you can find in the market.

#PreviewMattress NameAdvantagesOur Rating

Modway Emma Full XL Memory Foam Mattress - Firm

Best mattress for fast growing Kids4.0

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Medium Feel Mattress

10-Year Warranty4.1

Dreamfoam iPedic Sanctuary 13-inch Plush Mattress

Made in The USA4.8

Live and Sleep Elite Full XL Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Full XL Cooling Gel Mattress In a Box4.1

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Memory Foam and Motion Isolating Springs Hybrid4.3

Full XL Graphite Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Made in America
Graphite Infused Memory Foam
Better than Gel Foam

Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

Waterfall Edge Cover4.3

LUCID 12 Inch Full Latex Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam

Responsive Latex Layer
Premium Steel Coils
Temperature Neutral

Ultimate Dreams Full Extra Long Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Cloud Supreme4.2

Best 2 Rest Full XL Memory Foam Mattress

Soft Cool Gel-Infused4.4

1. Best Firm Full XL Memory Foam Mattress – Modway Emma 6-inch Mattress

Firm Full XL Memory Foam Mattress

An excellent fit for the budget, this product is a 6-inch mattress that comes with responsive foam, which is about 5.25 inches thick. The cover of the bed is made up of polyester, and the fabric is also quilted for extra comfort. It is an excellent bed for a kid’s room or even the guest room. The mattress can also be compressed and stored away easily in a small box once it has been vacuum packed. The foam will take about 72 hours to decompress in winter, and 2 hours in summer. It is also fire resistant.

Main Features

The bed fits perfectly in XL bed frames, and it makes an excellent product for kids as well. The memory foam layer of the bed is about 0.75 inches thick on top of responsive base foam, which is 5.25 inches thick. To cover it all up, quilted polyester fabric has been used.

Setting up the mattress is very easy, all you have to do is take it out of the box and unroll the bed where you want to keep it (make sure that you do not cut the mattress in the process). Give it some time, and the mattress will expand itself. The time it takes for it to recover its shape entirely will depend on how hot or cold the weather is. It will take more time for it to expand in winter and lesser in summer. The mattress is portable as well; you can easily take it with you for camping or in an RV, you can move it from one room to another without any hassle as well.

The mattress is suited for any sleepers, especially side sleepers, as it takes the position of every curve of their body. It ensures that you get a good night’s sleep every night.

  • It is easy to set up
  • It has a 0.75-inch thick memory foam layer
  • The base layer is responsive and 5.25 inches thick
  • It is portable
  • Easy to store
  • It takes little time to decompress
  • It fits the budget

    2. Best Medium Plush Full XL Memory Foam Mattress – LUCID 10 Inch Gel Mattress

    Full xl medium feel memory foam mattress

    The company has been in the business since 2010, and they ensure that they provide their customers with the best quality and durable products. The product is built with memory foam on top of a good support base to ensure that there is no pressure build-up. A person can get a good night’s sleep with this mattress. The product has dual layers that consist of gel and are properly ventilated as well, so heat does not get trapped. The product is also responsive and will ensure proper support no matter what sleeping position you take.

    Main Features

    The first layer of the matters consists of 2.5-inch memory foam, which is ventilated and gel-infused. Then comes a supportive layer, which is 7.5 inches thick and gives a medium feel/firmness. The memory foam ensures that it curves every part of the body, and the gel prevents the heat from getting trapped, so you do not get hot.

    Since it is made breathable, it is excellent for the person sleeping and the night time environment as well.

    The top fabric cover is made from TENCEL blend fabric, which also works in controlling the moisture and regulating the temperature. The product also comes certified by CertiPUR-US, which means that it has been tested for performance and safety (and it passed).

    Another great feature about this product is that it decompresses quickly. It comes packed in a box and is compressed. All you have to do is take it out of the box, roll it where ever you want to keep it and let it sit for some time till it decompresses.

    Once you order the product, it will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. There will be no retail markup, which is why the price is not that high. Plus, the quality and every other thing about the product is up to mark.

    • It has a 2.5-inch layer of memory foam, which is ventilated and gel-infused.
    • The cooling gel ensures that there is no heat build-up.
    • The top cover is breathable and soft.
    • CertiPUR-US have certified the product.
    • It comes with a ten-year warranty
    • The manufacturer ships it directly
    • It is easy to set up.

      3. Best Plush Full XL Memory Foam Mattress – Dreamfoam Bedding iPedic Sanctuary 13-inch Gel Mattress

      Full XL, Made in The USA

      The primary purpose behind the design of this product is to provide the sleeper with proper rest that they feel rejuvenated. The memory foam takes the appropriate shape of the body and features reduced motion transfer. It comes with cooling properties, too, which are because of the copper-graphite infusion. The product is also one of the most luxurious ones you will find, as they have infused different layers of high-end foam.

      The Dreamfoam Bedding mattresses are made in the USA and are custom designed as well. The company ensures that they use the best products available in the market. The company has ten years of experience in making, planning, and engineering beds.

      Main Features

      The base layer of the mattress is about 6 inches thick and is made up of the best quality support foam; it provides plenty of durability and support. Then comes a layer of transitional foam, which is 2 inches thick, which ensures gentle compression between the top and the base layer. The product then has a thickness (2 inches thick), which is made up of memory foam, which ensures that it contours the body and lessens the pressure on the main areas. Lastly, the top layer (3 inches) is made up of memory foam, which is infused with copper graphite; this ensures that heat does not get trapped between the mattress and the body.

      The product has been certified by CertiPUR-US, which ensures that the bed does not have anything harmful to people of the environment. It is safe and reliable. It also comes with a ten-year warranty; you can replace it if something goes wrong.

      Set up of this product is quite easy as well, all you have to do is take it out of the box, roll it out, and since it is compressed for secure packaging, it will decompress. You will need to let the mattress be for at least 24 hours to that it can decompress adequately, and so that the odor (if any) can sufficiently dissipate.

      • It has multiple layers: 3 inch top layer, 2-inch contouring layer, 2-inch transitional layer, and 6-inch base layer
      • CertiPUR-US have certified it
      • It comes compressed for secure shipping and set up
      • You will need to give it at least 24 hours to decompress
      • It comes with a ten-year warranty

        4. Best Full XL Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Live and Sleep Elite Mattress in a Box

        Certipur Certified Bed in a Box - Full Extra Long Size

        The company has made sure to use all the highest quality materials during the manufacturing of these beds. The mattresses are designed to provide luxury and optimized sleep for its users. Premium quality memory foam, infused with cooling gel, has been used for the top structure, which curves perfectly with your body. The cooling gel ensures that heat does not get trapped, so you get the best rest possible. This product is one of the top-rated products, and it is suitable for all types of sleepers.

        Main Features

        The mattress is made up of three different layers to ensure proper firmness and support for the pressure points. It also provides that there is little to no motion disturbance during the night. It aims to remove the pain from three main pressure points: shoulder, feet, and hips. The top layer is made of viscoelastic memory foam, which has cooling gel added; it takes the proper shape of your body.

        Suitable for every type of sleeper, the comfort provided by the mattress ensures that there is less tossing and turning during the night. The firmness ensures that all pressure points are relieved, no matter how you sleep. It has an extra-thick profile, which gives it a luxurious feeling.

        The cooling gel makes sure that the mattress is breathable and soft. The product has been created using the highest quality and expensive ingredients, which is why it makes the perfect bed for your room. The mattress is covered by flex thread textile, which is highly comfortable and soft. It comes with a no-flip design, which makes it suitable for any place.

        The mattress has been certified by CertiPUR and OEKO TEX, which means that it is safe to use and also gives excellent performance. You get an extra memory foam pillow with the bed as well. The foundation comes in a conveniently packed box; you can place it anywhere you like, either on the floor or a platform; it will take a little time to decompress, and it will be ready to use. The product does not use any latex, spring, or coil. The manufacturer also provides a 20-year warranty with the product.

        • Is made up of three layers; the top has memory foam infused with cooling gel
        • CertiPUR and OEKO TEX have certified it.
        • It comes with a 20-year warranty
        • It comes conveniently packed and compressed
        • It will take about 24 to 72 hours to be completely decompressed.

          5. Best Full XL Memory Foam & Motion Isolating Springs Hybrid Mattress by WEEKENDER, 10 Inch

          Memory Foam and Motion Isolating Springs - Medium-Firm

          The mattress has a very classic feel and look; it has been designed to provide luxury sleep and fit a hotel’s preference. It has been built to outfit all types of sleeping positions. It has been optimized to provide maximum comfort no matter where you keep it. The total thickness of the mattress is 10 inches; this includes a 7.5-inch layer of heavy-duty coils wrapped individually, 2.5 inches of comfort, and memory foam.

          Main Features

          The product has a hybrid construction, which is also highly durable; this means that it has coils that are individually wrapped, topped by conforming memory foam. The structure ensures that you get a decent night’s sleep, just like the one you would get in a five-star hotel. The coils in the bed also make sure that there is motion isolation, so the other person sleeping will not feel any movements.

          The contouring memory foam of the mattress includes three layers of comfort foam; gel infused memory foam and convoluted foam. The design ensures that your spine is aligned at all times and relieves the pressure points. The bed is breathable and ensures that heat does not trap between your body and the foam. It provides the right firmness and support to the body as well, no matter the style of sleep.

          The top cover of the bed is made up of two-tone polyester, which gives an excellent look at the product and also makes it highly durable. The bed has been manufactured such that it provides lasting comfort, ensuring that you get proper value for your money. The mattress also comes with a ten-year warranty; you can return it if there are any manufacturer defects.

          • It is 10 inches thick
          • It is highly durable
          • Comes with a ten-year warranty
          • Come with comfort foam, gel memory foam, and convoluted foam.

            6. Best Graphite Infused Full XL Memory Foam Mattress – American 10-inch Sleeps Cooler Mattress

            Graphite Infused Memory Foam mattress

            The memory foam mattress has been built to ensure that the sleeper gets the utmost comfort and comprehensive support throughout the night. It is designed to relieve any pressure points and contour to the body to ensure pain-free sleep. The manufacturers are based in the US, which is why all products are entirely made in the USA.

            Main Features

            The total thickness of the bed is 10 inches, which includes 7-inch thick base foam, a 1.5-inch thick transitional layer (HD Flex), and then 1.5-inch memory foam infused with graphite. The base provides a suitable firmness level and support to the sleeper; you would say it has a medium firmness level. The memory foam contours the body and relieves all pressure points, especially the hips and shoulders.

            The graphite in the memory foam ensures that there is no heat trapped between the body and the foam. It provides more breathability to the foam, and it performs better than cooling gel.

            The product comes conveniently packed, compressed, and shipped in a box, which you will need to open carefully. Once you have taken the mattress out of the box, place it where ever you would like, and roll it out. Give it 24 to 48 hours to decompress correctly.

            • The bed is 10 inches thick: 7-inch base, 1.5-inch transitional layer, 1.5-inch memory foam
            • It is infused with graphite
            • Comes compressed and packed in a box
            • It will take about 24 to 48 hours to decompress

              7. Best Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress – Classic Brands 12-Inch Cool Gel Mattress

              Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, Full size

              The product is built to provide ultimate comfort and the best sleep experience possible. The highest quality materials are correctly stitched together; the cover is knit fabric; it has waterfall edges and also gray side panels, which gives it a unique look.

              The bed is designed with three layers, which include gel-infused memory foam, a breathable poly foam, and then a base foam of high density. All provide the perfect support and firmness level to relive the pressure points and provide painless sleep.

              Main Features

              The first layer of the best is 2.5 inches thick with cooling gel-infused in the memory foam, which provides cooling and makes sure that heat does not get trapped. Then there is 3-inch poly gel foam, which ensures excellent breathability. The last layer is 6.5 inches base foam of high density to provide the best comfort and enough support to all pressure points.

              The overall look of the mattress is fantastic, with waterfall edges and charcoal gray sides. The materials used for the construction of the bed are of the highest quality, and it provides temperature regulation. The memory foam is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to bacteria, allergens, mold, etc. CertiPUR-US have certified it.

              The mattress has a medium firmness level, and also it is adjustable base friendly. You also get a 100 night trial period, after which you can get a full refund, but you need to have re receipt with you. The mattress comes compressed; you can place it anywhere you like and allow a couple of days for it to decompress.

              • It is a three-layer mattress
              • It has a 100 nights trial period
              • CertiPUR-US have certified it
              • It is hypoallergenic
              • It looks great

                8. Best Memory Foam & Latex Hybrid Mattress – LUCID 12 Inch Temperature Neutral Mattress, Full

                Premium Steel Coils - Medium Firm Feel - Temperature Neutral

                The product ensures pain/pressure relief and also allows the sleeper to stay cool all night long. The bed is made up of responsive latex, memory foam, and supportive coils, which makes it the perfect luxury mattress. The coils also ensure motion isolation so the other person can have a peaceful night’s sleep as well. The fabric cover is two-tone and circular knit, and highly durable.

                Main Features

                The base layer is 6.5 inches of steel coils, which have been wrapped individually; this provides better airflow, motion isolation, and proper conforming properties for every sleeping position. The memory foam is plush and also infused with natural latex, which allows for sink and spring.

                The latex also gives the mattress breathability and hypoallergenic properties. The look of this bed is two-toned to provide a great design. The product also comes with a ten-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.

                The bed comes in a box and is compressed for easy setup. all you have to do is roll it out at your desired place and let it decompress, which can take a couple of days.

                • Comes with a high-quality coil base
                • Has a memory foam with latex
                • It is hypoallergenic
                • Has a two-tone finish
                • Comes with a ten-year warranty

                  9. Best Full Extra Long Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding

                  12" Thick Gel Memory Foam Mattress

                  The manufactures of this product are based in the US so all products are made in the USA. They focus on creating quality products, which are the perfect mixture of support and softness. The firmness level of the product is medium. The top layer ensures a restful night, one without any pain. It provides excellent support and is made from high-quality ingredients.

                  Main Features

                  The total thickness of the foam is 12 inches; this includes a three-layer design, which is 1.5-inch gel-infused memory foam, 2.5-inch memory foam (which weighs approximately 4 pounds), and 8 inches of base foam of premium quality.

                  The Dreamfoam Bedding memory foam mattress and its components are made in the USA. The mattress does not cost a lot, and it provides perfect value for money. It gives the right amount of comfort and support and relieves pressure on all the significant points. It has a medium firmness level and is suitable for all types of sleepers.

                  • It is 12 inches thick with three-layer construction
                  • It does not cost a lot
                  • It provides excellent support and comfort
                  • It is made in the USA

                    10. Best to Rest Full XL Memory Foam Mattress, 6 Inch Cool Gel-Infused, Soft

                    MADE IN USA. 10 Year Warranty

                    The company that makes these beds tries to make its products unique; this mattress is no different. The size of the product is similar to that of a traditional mattress; it is 8 inches thick with memory foam. It does not matter what type of sleeper you are; this mattress will mold itself to your body and will also take away the heat.

                    Main Features

                    The bed is of medium firmness, but it can become a little softer during the night. That in no way will cause any disturbance to your sleep as it will remain just as comfortable and calm. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel, which regulates the temperature of the body and the bed throughout the night.

                    Two inches of memory foam (infused with the gel) lies over 8 inches of support foam of high density; this ensures proper support and firmness to relive all pressure points. The cover of the bed is comfortable and soft.

                    The mattress has been certified by CertiPUR-US, which means it is safe to use and of high quality. It comes compressed in a box; you can roll it out wherever you like and allow it to decompress. The product has a ten-year warranty as well.

                    • The bed is made in the USA
                    • It has a ten-year warranty
                    • CertiPUR-US have certified it
                    • It has 2 inches of memory foam with cooling gel and then 8 inches of high-density support foam
                    • It provides a medium firmness level

                      Full Xl Memory Foam Mattress Buyer’s Guide

                      Advantages of Buying a Full xl Memory Foam Mattress

                      There are many advantages of buying memory foam mattresses, some of these include:

                      • Supportive capabilities – memory foam is known for its softness, but they can be firmer if you opt for higher density ones. These provide the right amount of support to sleepers. Temper materials can also be used in various ways to make the mattress more supportive. When added on top of a base layer, Visco materials can become stronger. Users will find the base layers to be more supportive and the front layers to be highly comfortable. There are a few materials that come with copper, which not only adds to the desirable feature but also ensures that the mattress stays cool. Copper tightens under pressure provides more support to the body.
                      • Ensures pain reduction – the features that memory foams offer to ensure that they help support the joints, especially those that tend to hurt. It is excellent for people who have arthritis. It is one of the reasons why this foam was invented in the first place; people who suffer from joint pain can sleep comfortably on supportive mattresses. The entire structure of the bed is such that it elevates back pain mainly and also decreases the pressure buildup. The different density foams in one mattress help in this instance, and it also helps with the spinal alignment. The body’s weight gets distributed all over the bed. Keep in mind that it may not help in getting rid of the pain completely, but it will help in elevating them to a reasonable extent. It ensures that a person gets a good night’s sleep.
                      • Excellent pressure relief – it is annoying when you wake up at night because of the pressure. Getting a memory foam can take that struggle away. Even though we have mentioned it before, memory foam can wipe away different pressures and strain that a person feels. The foam takes the shape of different parts of the body and ensures that they don’t sink further into it; this ensures that there is no pressure on areas such as shoulders and hips. The thicker the foam, the more pressure it will relieve. But you need to know how thick you can go, because if you go too thick then instead of relieving the stress, you may feel more. This happens because the proper support is lost. For people who are buying memory foam individually for this purpose must make sure that they have foam between 1 to 4 inches thick.

                      What to consider and look for when buying a full xl memory foam mattress

                      Before you decide to buy a memory foam mattress, there are a few things you need to find and also look for in a product before you make your decision.

                      The price of the mattress and your budget

                      Memory foam mattresses are expensive, which is why you must set a number aside, which you are willing to spend on the purchase. You can find a memory mattress to range anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You should assign a budget to yourself so that you do not overspend. You can find the right product worth the money.

                      It is a good idea to check your mattresses for the materials it consists of; it will tell you whether it is worth the price, and how much you are getting for your money. Do some research and look for all the products available in your budget. Compare different brands as well so that you can get the best deal.

                      You can even find some coupons and discount offers on mattresses; this will help you get an even better product in your price or help you save a bunch of money on the one you want.

                      Adjustment Period

                      A few companies give their customers a trial period on memory foam mattresses; this can vary from a month to a year. Take benefit of this time and check how memory foam serves you. You will figure out whether you want to keep the product of return it to the manufacturer.

                      It takes time for the body to get used to memory foam mattresses and for the bed to be broken into, so be patient with the process and give yourself ample time to try it out. If you do not like it, an adjustment period will ensure that you can quickly return the mattress.

                      Density of layers

                      Memory foam mattresses are different from each other, and the main difference lies in the density of the layers. The density of the mattress will also define the durability in the elastic materials. Foams become denser as the amount of foam cells increases, as there are more cells to support and distribute the weight amongst themselves.

                      The rating of the density of the foam will determine the longevity of the foam and the comfort level it provides. If the foam is less dense, then it may not last as long, but the plus side is that the mattress will be cheaper.

                      A good density of memory foam should be somewhere between 3 and 7 pounds. The higher the number goes, the denser the material, and better in quality and price. Keep in mind, the lower the number, the chances are that you get your hands on a cheap material that may not last long. Also, this factor will have an impact on your budget; its best you know what you want before you make the purchase.

                      Indentation Load Deflection

                      This is a measurement of the hardness or the softness of the material. These ratings are mostly calculated and written down in 101 pounds to 151 pounds. This test helps to figure out the number of pounds (of pressure) needed to indent 4-inch foam at 1-inch depth or 25%. Mostly you will find that the higher an IDL, the better the quality of the mattress.


                      The feeling you get on your bed, and the comfort level the mattress provides will depend on its thickness. Even though a thicker mattress will be great to relieve the pressure, but there is a possibility that support might be compromised. Dense foams tend to be thicker as they give more support. .the thickness of memory foam layers can be between 2 to 4 inches. You may even find two different density foams on top of each other.


                      Even though we discussed it a little bit, this is one feature that needs to be highlighted. When you purchase a mattress, you look for something that has a long life as you will be investing a lot of money. Memory foams with a higher density will last longer.

                      But then there is a matter of warranty as well. If your chosen brand is providing a guarantee for a year, later, it shows confidence in the product. As there are other materials used to build a mattress, you need to make sure that you are covered for repairs or exchange, in case anything happens to the bed.

                      Level of firmness

                      Different people prefer different levels of firmness when it comes to mattresses. You will find that mattresses come to a rating of their firmness level (soft, medium, firm, etc.). A firmer mattress would be suitable for someone who is plus size, as it will provide them with better support. In a soft bed, they might sink inside. The case goes vice versa for people with lesser weight. Know what firmness level you prefer before you make your purchase, that you will not have to suffer from buyer’s remorse.

                      Sleeping position

                      Every sleeping position is different, and they can even define the firmness of the mattress. In case you didn’t know, there are different positions and related pressure points.

                      • Sideways – people who prefer sleeping on their side tend to feel pressure in their hips and shoulders. As these areas are dense and they rest on the small surface areas, the strain on them builds up. Most people prefer this way of sleeping like soft mattresses as they ease the pressure points and allow them to get a good night’s sleep.
                      • Stomach – people who like to sleep on their abdomen tend to dislike memory foam mattresses. As these mattresses are soft, they are not supportive enough for stomach sleepers. Such sleepers like firm mattresses more, as they ensure that their back is straight and their hips are raised. However, nowadays, there are many varieties of memory mattresses available that are firmer than what they used to be so that such sleepers can find a suitable memory mattress as well.
                      • Back sleepers – some back sleepers like soft mattresses while others like firmer ones. But what they should look for in a bed that supports the small of the back so that it does not become a pressure point. Memory foam mattresses are one of the best options for such sleepers as they take the shape of the body and ensure that they are adequately supported and comfortable.
                      • Different – there are people how do not have any preferred style of sleeping, they move around during the night. Though a memory foam mattress can serve well for other types of sleepers, combination sleepers may not find them very efficient. This is because these beds lack bounce and responsiveness. So when they move during the night, it will take time for the bed to take back its previous shape and align with the new one. However, one option is a memory mattress that comes with a layer of latex or coils as they might work faster in retaking the body position.

                      Lumbar Support

                      Unless you do not have excellent support for your lower back, you can witness the pain and sleepless nights. If you have a mattress that does not provide proper hip support, then the chances are that you wake up with a lot of pain.

                      People looking for excellent lumbar support should opt for a memory foam, which a firm base. The memory foam will ensure that weight is distributed correctly, and the bottom will ensure that there is enough support for the body.

                      Hypoallergenic and Allergy Considerations

                      Healthy sleep is key to a healthy life and body. What you may not know is that most mattresses tend to trap different substances such as mildew, pet dander, dust mites, and mold, and these can cause issues when you are trying to sleep peacefully as they may trigger allergies or asthma. You must check out all the materials being used in a mattress.

                      You will find some products that come with specific certification, which means that proper care was taken during the manufacturing process. Opting for luxury brands will ensure that you get the best of the best materials available, which are more natural. Ask the sales representative or look for information on the bed, whether they are hypoallergenic or not.

                      Brand Reputation

                      Many companies have been into manufacturing mattresses for years; they are more experienced and have created a name for themselves. Some have built their brand from scratch, and many people know their name. Such companies tend to develop a reputation for being more reliable. They ensure customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service, which is why you may find a lot of great reviews and backing of their products.

                      It is best to go for a brand that is trustworthy and has many satisfied customers. However, you need to do a little research to find someone like that. You will find other companies as well, new ones too, who offer similar beds but at lower prices; if you are interested in those, then ask around for customer experience. Keep different options in mind before finalizing one. We have listed down the best full XL memory foam mattresses just for this purpose.

                      Manufacturing Quality

                      While comparing different prices of beds, you also need to check what those products are made of. You will find that some materials support comfort, while others are just healthier. Once you look at these factors, you will be able to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

                      One thing that is important to acknowledge is the tufting and the bond between different layers of the bed. If you opt for tuft, then it will cost you a bit more, but then it is durable and stronger. One the other hand, adhesive bonding might be a good cheaper option. Look out for the manufacturing quality and process; it will tell you the value of the end product.

                      All beds are different from each other, especially if the manufacturer is different. However, mattresses, which include materials such as organic wool, cotton, latex, or pocket coils, will be more expensive.

                      Return policy

                      Many companies offer a 30 days return period, while some companies do not provide any. It is essential to find a brand that gives you a period; in case you do not find the mattress comfortable or are not able to adjust to it, you will not have any trouble returning it.

                      Some companies will charge you shipping if you plan on returning the mattress, so make sure you check up on the return policy before making the purchase.


                      There are many certifications that manufacturers can apply and pass. Getting a certification means that a different organization checked the quality and other features of the beds, ensuring that they are safe for infants, children, and adults. They also make sure that the materials used are organic before they certify the product.

                      Some of the certifications that you need to look for are:

                      • GREENGUARD Gold Certification,
                      • CertiPUR-US®,
                      • GOLS,
                      • GOTS certifications
                      • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

                      A company that ensures that their products have these certifications will pay special attention to products which are healthy and clean. If you find a product that is certified and you do not know what that means, look it up, so you have an idea of what the company is committed to. You can check online or check the company’s website, as well.

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