Top 10 Best Platform Bed With Headboards – Guide & Reviews of 2024

The secret to having a comfortable sleep is a good quality bed frame. It might sound strange to you, but bed frames have a lot to do with your sleep. Many of us love platform bed frames that come with a super comfortable headboard.

Apart from that, platform beds are a thing of beauty as they just compliment the bedroom so well. Although when it comes to buying a platform bed with a headboard, you will feel puzzled. Platform beds have become a must for enhancing the look of your bedroom. Also, read our complete reviews about the best twin size bed frame with headboards.

Best Platform Bed With Headboards

These frame beds come with a tonne of utility that makes it a must-buy. There are several things you need to know about platform beds before you hit the stores. Platform bed frames with headboard is a great addition to your bedroom.

If you’re hunting for a bed that supports your mattress and the aesthetics both, platforms bed are the finest. This guide covers all the questions you might be having regarding picking a platform bed frame with a headboard.

Benefits Of Having A Platform Bed With Headboard

If you are buying a bed, you will surely want to reap maximum benefits from it. Platform bed frames come with a surprising number of benefits. These beds will prove themselves to be extremely valuable furniture than any other furnishings at your home.

Once you get to know all the advantages of this bed, they will feel like a good bargain.

StylishAmolife Stylish Modern Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard

Platforms beds with headboards are modern pieces of furniture. With so many designs and styles, they are good for any kind of bedroom. These extremely versatile beds will be a good fit for any contemporary designed bedroom. You should go for beds that are not only comfortable but can also justify their presence in your bedroom.


Platform bed frames with headboards are highly adaptable to your budget. They can be inexpensive or high end; it depends on several factors like the material, size, and style.

Platforms bed layouts start from the most basic to unique concepts for a contemporary home. Since they are cost-effective, you can adjust the budget towards buying a high-quality mattress.

Great support

Platform bed frames provide great support for your mattress. A platform bed frame is a firmer sleeping choice than other kinds of bed frames.

A platform bed with smaller space between the slats, comparatively provide more support. Therefore if you are thinking of getting your best customized, don’t forget to mention the slats.

Extra comfort with headboard

All bed buyers are keen to buy bed frames that come along with a headboard. Moreover, it makes the bed cozier. Whether you want to read a book or have a movie marathon, with a comfortable headboard, you will have a pleasant time. Headboards provide your bed with a more prominent and unique posture while keeping a minimal look.


Most of the platform beds are very durable and won’t be causing any troubles. Also, the durability of the bed depends upon the make and material of the frame. Those rigid slats hold the bed strongly. They won’t bend or wear with time, and they maintain sturdiness for a long time.

Offers extra storageExtra storage of the Platform Bed

The perks of buying a platform bed frame is that they come with a generous amount of storage space. If you have a small apartment, you should consider buying these bed frames. The storage drawers are generally built under the mattress platform.

Keeps your mattress healthy

One benefit unknown to many people is that platform bed frames ensure the good condition of your mattress. Through platform bed frames, it becomes easy for your mattress to breathe through. It ensures optimal airflow and keeps the mattress cool for a tight sleep. Besides, they prevent moisture from trapping inside your mattress.


Platform bed frames are very low-lying beds. Hence, it increases the stability and also makes them a safe option. The platforms make a more stable than the other type of beds. So, if you are a sleeper who likes to toss and turn, put platform beds to your list.

Top 10 Best Platform Bed With Headboards In 2024 – Chart

PreviewPlatform Bed FrameMaterialAdvantageOur Rating

1. Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Queen Platform Bed with Headboard

Wood, MetalDurable wood slat, upholstered headboard and bed frame4.4

2. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood King Platform Bed with Headboard

Wood, Plywood, SteelFinest quality materials & craftsmanship4.6

3. HomeLife Premiere Classics 51" Tall Platform Bed with Cloth Headboard and Slats - Queen

Linen, WoodSilver button accents, Headboard height: 48"4.4

4. Zinus Kellen Upholstered Scalloped Button Tufted King Platform Bed Frame

WoodSmartly packaged in one carton with the frame, legs, and wooden slats4.8

5. Amolife Modern Queen Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard

Pu leather & multi-layer boardMagic buckle on the bedside, all the ribs are hidden in it4.5

6. Allewie King Size Modern Platform Bed Frame with Curved Headboard

Frame Material: Wood
Upholstery Material:Fabric
Upholstery Fill Material: Foam
Linen Fabric Fully Upholstered/Strong Wooden Slats Support/Mattress Foundation with Adjustable headboard4.4

7. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered California King Platform Bed Frame

Wooden slats, Steel FramesMattress Foundation
Wood Slat Support
No Box Spring Needed

8. WeeHom 14 Inch Full Size Metal Bed Frame with Wood Headboard

Pine, Metal, Wood, SteelComfort 600 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support Mattress Foundation, Easy Assembly,Non-Slip Without Noise4.5

9. SHA CERLIN Full Size Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

Metal, Engineered Wood, IronMetal Bed Frame, Strong Slat Support, No Box Spring Needed4.6

10. VECELO Classic Upholstered Platform Bed Diamond Stitched Cloth Panel Headboard

Wood, MetalDurable wood slat foundation
Spot clean with cloth

What Are The Types Of Platform Bed Frames?

The material of the frame determines if the platform bed will be a flat-top surface or consists of slats. Newer versions of platform beds have adjoining headboards and footboards, unlike the older ones.

There are many types of bed frames that you should know before you choose your platform bed frame.

Solid Platform Bed: These beds are also popularly known as no clearance beds. These beds simply do not offer and room underneath it. This is purposefully done to maintain the aesthetics of the bed. Typically, these platforms are for buyers who are looking for sturdiness and aesthetic appeal over storage.

Floating Platform Bed: As opposed to a bed with visible legs, a floating platform bed has a center support. This gives an illusion of the bed to be floating. Floating beds are perfect to place in bedrooms that have modern aesthetics. Just like solid platforms, these beds also offer no storage.

Storage Platform Bed: As the name suggests, these beds offer optimum storage. Buyers who are looking for some extra storage space should opt for buying these platform bed frames. These beds are discreetly designed to place storage in such a way that does not catch attention. If you are running low on closet space, you can buy this platform bed, which will solve your problems.

Headboard & Footboard Platform Bed: These beds are a modern take on the traditional style of platform beds. Headboards and footboards are very useful. Headboards and footboards can increase the appeal of your bed and make the bed more elegant. They have additional benefits like they are comfortable and keeps the mattress and sheets stable.

Features To Look For While Buying A Platform Bed With Headboard

Zinus Kellen Scalloped Button Tufted Platform Bed Upholstered Headboard

When you visit a furniture store, understanding all the features can be mind-boggling. You may not understand the correct features. A bed frame may have an array of features. Therefore it is essential to know what features a perfect platform bed frame with a headboard should have.

The material of the headboard: The most basic headboards are made of wood. But if you want to buy more comfortable and lavish ones, you have various options. Moreover, the material and style of the headboard should complement the frame of the bed. Nonetheless, the headboard material should be easy to clean. So pick a material which you can deal with and looks appealing.

Adjustable slats: It will be convenient for you to buy a platform bed with adjustable slats. Adjustable slats allow excellent pressure distribution. As a result, you will have comfortable back support.

Footboard: You may not see many platform bed frames consisting of a footboard. Having a footboard also adds a sense of completion to the bed frame. Beyond the decorative point, footboards avoid the mattress from shifting.

Storage drawers: Having a little extra space is always useful. Many platform bed frames come along with storage drawers. Choosing a frame with a storage option under the bed is a smart choice.

Platform beds with rolling drawers are easy to pull and can store a considerable amount of things. Even if they do not have drawers, they have plenty of space for storing additional boxes.

1. Classic Brands Upholstered Queen Platform Bed Frame With Headboard

Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed | Headboard and Metal Frame with Wood Slat Support, Queen, Grey

The Classic Brands DeCoro Brighton Upholstered Platform Bed is built with a wooden slat surface that features a sturdy center. Therefore, this provides you with maximum sturdiness for your sleep and relaxation. Priced under $300, this makes the product a great deal with so many features.

This platform bed boasts of being an elegant centerpiece of a bedroom. This bed may not offer extra storage like others, but with such durable built, it scores maximum points. Its beautiful and elegant structure comes in different sizes.

The headboard has a subtle grey color, which has a plush feel. The headboard has a typical button-tufted style. Apart from the appeal of the headboard, it features a stunning height to provide comfort.

The product comes with a promising strength to hold 700lbs. Its sturdy surface keeps your mattress healthy and prevents it from sagging. Also, don’t have to worry about the tools for installation as all required material is packed along. This low-lying bed is well supported with 8-inch solid wooden legs.


This platform bed is fully upholstered and equips a fabric headboard. The frames’ outline includes a delicate dark upholstery that feels graceful to the touch.  Therefore, allowing you to relax around on your bed in complete solace.

The headboard is comfortable and provides great support for the back. The beautiful headboard is emphasized with diamond stitching. The flawless stitch does not only embrace creativity but also refrains the padding from losing its shape.


The overall built and material make the bed a comfortable one. It’s wood slat foundation supports the mattress with great impact and hence, enhancing your sleep. The headboard is also carefully designed to provide the buyer with maximum comfort.

The material of the upholstery gives a sense of relaxation. The size of the bed is also the determiner of comfort. Undoubtedly this bed comes in various sizes to accommodate you comfortably.


The structure of the bed is built with the utmost premium materials. This bed frame is center supported with a wooden slat foundation. Hence, it has enhanced stability and sturdiness. Not to forget, the 8-inch tall wooden legs tapered for aesthetics provide extra firmness to the structure.

  • Equipped with a headboard as high as 4 ½ feet tall, facilitating more comfort
  • 8-inch tall legs providing more sturdiness to the bed frame
  • Center support with durable slats ensure that the mattress is well supported
  • Stylish design and modern look
  • Available in various sizes
  • No box spring required for additional support
  • Set up and installation is difficult
  • Upholstery may get stained and dirty
  • Offers no storage space
  • Lacks elegant aesthetics

2. Zinus Suzanne Metal & Wood King Platform Bed with Headboard

Zinus has been the pioneer of making the finest quality bed frames. This platform bed comes with a headboard and is undeniably one of the best in the market. With the most minimal look, it will sure make a cozy addition to your bedroom. It has a sleek metal structure and fine wood accents.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard / Box Spring Optional / Wood Slat Support, King

This bed frame from Zinus is just more than a standard bed. With a variety of options for the same bed, you ought to get confused about the purchase. This Zinus bed frame comes in four sizes. Moreover, it has unique choices like canopy, footboard, standard, and even a USB shelf.

That’s not all, with a warranty of 5 years, you can sleep trouble-free without worrying about any damages. This bed can be assembled in under an hour and be ready for relaxing.


Zinus has minimal and subtle looking beds which are partially made up of wood. The headboard, as well the surface, is made of wood and feels extremely sturdy. It also has a metal framing to contribute to the strength of the bed.

If you are wondering about buying this bed with a canopy add-on, note that it is made of metal too. The finish of the wood is somewhat matte hence giving an impression of a smooth finish. This bed does not feature any kind of upholstery.


This bed is not going to be squeaky or shake as you wobble while sleeping. Especially with the multitude of added features like a canopy, USB shelves, and footboard, this product ensures comfort at all levels. With a king, queen, twin, and full-sized beds, you will be able to comfortably stretch in this Zinus bed.

Your comfort may be a bit compromised with the wooden headboard. Few people generally find wooden headboards to be uncomfortable and prefer a padded fabric option.


The slats that come along with the bed frame are thick enough to support any kind of mattress. It can easily support a 12-inch mattress without breaking or bending. The metal framing is also light and strong. The wooden panel that makes the headboard is also thick. The design of this platform bed makes it extremely solid and long-lasting.

  • Comes within an expected price range
  • Has various sizes for all needs
  • It is very stylish and blends well with any modern room
  • Footboard option is available
  • Does not have a comfortable headboard
  • Does not consist of rubber pads, which make moving the bed difficult

3. Home Life Premiere Classics Queen Size Platform Bed with 51″ Tall Headboard

This bed is all set to give you an extravagant experience. With its unique aesthetics and antique color, it will give your bedroom a royal makeover. This bed carries a linen upholstery with a stunning headboard design. It has a variety of rich shades to match the decor of any bedroom.

HomeLife Premiere Classics 51" Tall Platform Bed with Cloth Headboard and Slats - Queen (Light Grey Silver)

The headboard has a classic silhouette and elegantly tufted button accents. This platform bed from Home Life is an amalgamation of design and strength. Thankfully, the setup process is uncomplicated. This bed is available in queen size only, which makes it easier to fit in smaller bedrooms.


This bed is crafted with fine-quality polyester linen. The upholstery is of top-notch material with great cushioning for the headboard. The surface and base material is essentially made up of wood. With fine padding and linen fabric, it will be comfortable to recline.


The supportive slats ensure that the box springs are not required. Several slats running across the bed facilitate good support and cushioning to the mattress. These slats reduce any kind of friction. Hence, while you turn during your sleep, there will be minimal sound. The drawback of the bed is that it might get difficult to get off the bed since it’s close to the floor.


The exterior of the bed may look smooth and soft, but the bed is solid and strong from within. Since it uses the most high-quality fabric for the headboard, it is expected to be resistant to any kind of regular damages. The wooden slat is thick and strong and provides firmness to the mattress.

  • Eye appealing design
  • Padded and comfortable fabric
  • No box spring is required
  • Inexpensive compared to other bed frames
  • Upholstery will fade with time
  • Has a low height

4. Zinus Kellen Upholstered Button Tufted King Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

Zinus started as a provider for outdoor furniture like tents; however, with time, they became a leading producer of all kinds of bed frames. The highlighting character of this particular Zinus platform bed is that it is extremely affordable.

Zinus Kellen Upholstered Scalloped Button Tufted Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support, King

This simple yet elegant bed frame from Zinus is one of its typical products. The grey-toned headboard will mingle well with the walls of your bedroom. This beautiful bed features a scalloped headboard and a low-lying footboard. It will be more efficient when used without a spring box. This metal-made bed is well-built and can be the centerpiece of your bedroom for a long time.


This bed does not only boasts of having a charming design, but the material of this platform bed frame is impeccable. The framing is made through metal, and the slats are done with wood. The upholstery, which is so fine, has used good quality fabric for longevity. The tufted headboard makes the bed more impressive.


Zinus has put maximum efforts to deliver one of the most comfortable beds. Non-slip padded framing has been added to deliver a noise-free bed.  The setup is seamless with a well-detailed guide and useful tools. With this bed, you will have a nearly perfect experience. It supports all kinds of mattresses and protects them from sagging.


Many proclaim that this bed is significantly durable and is long-lasting. It will not squeak or creak when you are moving while sleeping. The presence of thick slacks can withstand bulky loads. The use of metal for the frame makes the bed sturdier. Also, the presence of various legs makes the bed stable.

  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Good quality and color of the fabric
  • High comfort
  • Box spring is not required
  • No additional features
  • Expensive

5. Amolife Modern Queen Platform Bed Frame With  Adjustable Headboard

This modern bed from Amolife will settle itself in your bedroom in a glamorous way. This bed from Amolife has a stylish make with over the top features.

Amolife Modern Queen Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard,Mattress Foundation Deluxe Solid Faux Leather Bed Frame with Wood Slat Support (White with Black Border, Queen)

Its comfort and sleek design is appreciable. Whether you have an innerspring, foam latex, or hybrid mattress, Amolife platforms, bed frames are suitable for you.

Apart from its unique design and feel, it is a very durable bed frame made out of timber. The premium black color bed has leather upholstery.  It has adjustable features that set it apart from all platform bed frames.

The headboard can be adjusted from 25.6-inches to 26-inches. The design of the bed is complicated, but it is easy to install. The bed is available in a single black color. Amolife offers you the flexibility of choice with the bed being available in both king and queen sizes.


This bed carries significantly different features. The faux leather adds drama and dimension to your bedroom. It has a timber-made interior. Both these materials used to make the interior and exterior can be quite expensive.

Despite using good quality raw material, this bad comes at a very low price. Nevertheless, leather is a fabric that can tear easily. Since this bed frame has a largely leather exterior, it needs routine cleaning.

Check our complete guide about the best leather beds.


For many people, a bed that is close to the ground may create health issues. Many people complain of disrupted sleep and a sprained back. It is difficult to on and off this bed due to its proximity to the floor. However, the adjustable headboard provides satisfactory comfort.

For noise-free and undisturbed sleep, this bed is furnished with padded tapes. Due to the shape of the bed frame, you can comfortably recline for reading books or watching tv. As far as the assembly is concerned, it is hassle-free.


This bed has a typical metal and timber frame. The legs of the bed are of high quality. Though the structural factors indicate that the product will last long, it’s upholstery may shred soon.

The wooden slats can support all kinds of mattresses without letting them sag from the center. The core area is built to disperse the weight of the sleeper. Therefore the interior is not the worrisome factor, but the upholstery may not withstand time.

  • Stylish and Unique looks
  • Adjustable headboard
  • Inexpensive
  • High-quality hardware
  • Upholstery can damage easily
  • The bed is extremely low-lying

6. Allewie King Modern Platform Bed Frame with Curved  Headboard

This elegant looking grey colored bed is an eye-catcher the moment you enter the room. The platform bed upholstered with fine fabric is an elegant touch to any bedroom. The frame is suitable for all kinds of mattresses, but for better experience using an 8-12 inch mattress is recommended.

Allewie King Size Modern Platform Bed Frame with Curved Headboard, Linen Fabric Fully Upholstered/Strong Wooden Slats Support/Mattress Foundation with Adjustable headboard, Grey

This Allewie platform bed frame is enhanced to be simple and easy to enjoy. This king-size relaxing-looking bed will add modern charm to your home. The slightly inclined headboard will make binging videos calmer for you. The overall build slightly looks complicated, but the upholstery is kept to minimal.


Like other platform bed frames, this Allewie platform bed is built with metal and hardwood. The upholstery does not have a foam filling and is made with fine-quality linen.

Linen fabrics are great for people living in warmer regions, as this fabric is breathable and light.  This structure makes the bed firmer and stable. The fabric offers great texture and a luxurious feel. The linen fabric is prone to staining and fading.


This platform bed frame comes with the added advantage of the inclined headboard. The optimal gaps between the slats provide proper suspension and airflow, which subsequently ensures an undisturbed sleep.

There is no need to use box spring. However, a box spring can be used to increase the height of this bed for convenience. The bed is close to the ground, which makes it safe, though it might be uncomfortable for a few people.


Upholstery is a challenging factor when it comes to durability. However, it may be easy to clean but even with maximum care susceptible to damage. Especially this bed features a lighter colored fabric that can stain easily.

Since this platform bed is low-lying, you do not have to worry about the general support structure. With the presence of metal bars, wood slats, and numerous legs, this bed is a piece of heavy-duty furniture.

  • Inclined headboard for extra comfort
  • Modern and subtle design
  • Effortless installation
  • Fabric not resistant to stain

7. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered California King Platform Bed Frame

This masterpiece is produced by Zinus to provide years of comfort. The classic platform style and strong wood slat feature a slat spacing of fewer than 3-inches. The frames have a clean, streamlined look, which makes any bedroom look aesthetic. Featuring a headboard, these beds complement your room and walls.

Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, California King

This bed has stunning looks and the ability to transform any bedroom setting. The best part is that it offers you clearance space, which makes optimum room for storage. The bed comes with slats, frames, a headboard, and all the necessary tools for a quick installation. Using a box spring is optional, but can be used for convenience.


The button-tufted headboard has been crafted using fine linen fabric, which provides a sense of quality. The structure of the bed is constructed using steel frames and wooden slats. The neutral-toned upholstery settles perfectly in any bedroom.


The closely placed slats will give the mattress the support it needs. Better support for the mattress means you will experience no discomfort due to the sagging and sinking of the mattress. The headboard of the bed has used linen upholstery to provide sheer comfort to the user.

The presence of foam-padded taping prevents any sound from the joints. To keep the mattress at the place, the bed has been latched with velcro straps. Hence, the mattress doesn’t keep slipping and causing any disturbance for the sleeper.


Due to the proximity of the wooden slats, this platform bed frame can hold heavier loads and is not prone to easy damage. The metal frames have been used to increase the stability and strength of the bed.

Although the plastic legs affect the beds’ longevity. Apart from that, the upholstery is tightly stitched to the metal frames, and the sewing is well intact. Overall the bed frame has a structure and framing which is long-lasting, except the plastic legs, which are unreliable.

  • Provide clearance space for storage
  • Padded, upholstered headboard
  • Less spacing between wooden slats
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Features a plastic leg which is less durable
  • Side legs can often cause toe stubbing
  • Time-consuming installation process
  • Bed bug infestation is common on these type of woods

8. WeeHom 14 Inch Full-Size Metal Bed Frame with Wood Headboard

Weehom has been producing metal beds since 1983 and provides quality assurance. This platform bed designed by WeeHom is enhanced to fit all modern and minimalistic homes. For industrial-style bedrooms, this airy and structural bed will add a touch of elegance and simplicity. Moreover, this bed from Weehom has a steel-supported structure to make the bed withstand more weight.

WeeHom 14 Inch Full Size Metal Bed Frame with Wood Headboard Comfort 600 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support Mattress Foundation Easy Assembly/Non-Slip Without Noise

This platform is a great bargain at less than $250, which comes along with trending aesthetics. It eliminates the need for a box spring and facilitates spacious storage options under the bed.  If you are looking for lighter bed frames, which are easier to move, this bed is a viable option. This platform bed is an all-rounder when it comes to functionality and viability.


The general requirements of buyers have been kept in mind, and therefore Weehom has constructed a bed with superior materials. The bed has a powder-coated steel structure, while the headboard is made with a melamine board.

The usage of top-notch materials for this platform bed will give a comfortable home environment. These materials do not require any extensive maintenance, which makes the bed frame hassle-free.


This bed will ensure a restful sleep by providing the mattress with extra support and stability. The setup is easy with the detailed guide provided along with the materials. A strong structure keeps the wobbling of the bed at check.

The headboard material and height is a matter of concern. The height of the headboard is just 35.4-inches, which will feel lower for a lot of buyers. The melamine board is hard; therefore, reclining can be uncomfortable.


The bed is assembled with powder-coated steel and wood, which makes these platforms beds sturdier than the rest. A middle rail running between the frame secures that the bed is steady. The bed is certainly durable as the wielding is nearly perfect, and the good quality of the hardware has been used. Wider slats also add to the overall strength of the bed frame.

  • Storage options under the bed
  • Light-weight and easy to move
  • Metal slats that support the mattress better
  • Structured with 9 legs to ensure sturdiness
  • Legs are equipped with a gasket to protect the flooring
  • Wooden headboards are not comfortable
  • Headboard height is low
  • Fixed slats

9. SHA Cerlin Full Size Metal Platform Bed Frame With Headboard

The combination of elegant design that uses unique colors and sturdy design makes this bed frame from Sha Carlin a must-buy. With a price tag of under $300, this bed frame offers much more value than what it is charging. Bed frames like these make the bedroom seem to be more spacious and gorgeous.

SHA CERLIN Full Size Bed Frame with Headboard, Platform Bed Metal Bed Frame, Strong Slat Support, No Box Spring Needed, Black

Sha Carlin offers two sizes of this platform bed at variable prices. The array of colors used in the framing of the bed will add a modern outlook to the bedroom.


This platform bed is composed of iron frames and MDF board. The uniquely colored headboard is non-padded and made of a thick board as well. The headboard adds a rustic sense to the bedroom. The legs of this bed frame have foot plugs that protect the flooring.


All efforts have been put to make this bed suit the sleepers’ convenience and comfort. Even with the absence of a box-spring, the structure of this platform well is tailored to support the mattress.

It has a slightly increased height, which will further expand with a mattress makes it easier to get on and off the bed. The headboard has a sufficient width to provide comfort for the user. Lastly, due absence of any soft support, it might be hard on the back.


No compromises have been made in terms of quality for making this bed. Sha Cerling has produced this fine bed frame, which has enhanced durability.   With an increased thickness of steel, this bed is surely enduring.

Also, the MDF board is one of the most reliable materials which can provide the structure of the bed with added support. Moreover, the brand provides a 5-year guarantee that covers basic damages.

  • Unique design and color
  • Cost-effective and inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional leg support
  • No options for storage
  • Hard headboard

10. VECELO Classic Upholstered Twin Platform Bed Frame With Panel Headboard

Vecelo brings you this platform bed at one of the lowest prices. Platform beds generally start at a low cost, but this bed features a fine upholstery and starts at just under $200. Typically, like other bed frames, this is constructed with a combination of metal and wood. The product comes in a singular color, which is dark grey.

VECELO Classic Upholstered Platform Bed Diamond Stitched Cloth Panel Headboard/Mattress Foundation/Easy Assembly/Strong Slat Support, Twin, Dark Grey

The bed is versatile and flexible, as it offers two adjustments for the headboard.  Headboard stature alters in 2-inch, starting from 19.7 to 25.6 to easily accommodate different mattress sizes. Their friendly customer service and detailed guide will have the bed will be ready in no time. Therefore if you are bad with tools, you will have assistance.


A neutral color polyester fabric wraps the headboard of the bed frame. The interior of the frame consists of a wood and metal frame. The adjustable headboard allows the user to alter the size according to their convenience. The subtle winged look of the headboard blends well along with bedrooms.


With a neat and tightly knit headboard, it will make resting your back comfortable. The upholstered linen has high porosity, which enables a free flow of air. No material is added between the wooden slats and the structure; hence, it may make noise when turning.


With the support of 12 wood slats, this bed frame is suitable to hold a good amount of weight. Though, the presence of a middle railing would’ve provided much better support. The headboard has quality upholstery, but the interior doesn’t support much weight. Some slight deformations, such as recesses, may occur after prolonged use.

  • Comparatively low priced
  • Suitable for all kinds of mattress
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Neutral color that suits all bedrooms
  • The headboard is not sturdy
  • Mattress slides easily

These are some of the best platform bed frames with headboards which can you get in the market. Keep these points in mind while purchasing the ideal bed frame for your requirements and have a relaxing sleep.

Choosing The Material Of Platform Bed Frame

The surface material of the platform directly affects the durability of the bed. The price of the platform bed also depends on the surface material. The materials have a great impact on the price; it is due to the material a platform bed frame can turn to an expensive deal.

Wooden Platform BedsZinus Kellen Upholstered Platform Bed Strong Wood Slat Support

Wooden platform beds are inexpensive, durable, solid, and versatile platform beds. Due to their high demand, these are the most common frame you will find anywhere. Wooden platform beds are versatile because you can get multiple looks through them.

Depending on the finish of the wood, the bed can have a modern style or a more rustic look. The drawback of wooden platforms is that they can be on the heavier side.

Metal Platform Beds

Metal platform beds are made of steel and iron and are quite a popular choice. Metal options are very durable though, they might be a tad pricier.

If you are looking for a modern bed, metals are a great option. Unlike wooden or upholstery platforms, metal platforms do not stain or fade after a span of time.

Upholstered Platform Beds

The upholstered platform beds are a luxurious choice, which will make your bedroom feel cozier. If you want an upholstered platform bed, you will have a variety of choices and designs. But these beauties come with their own set of problems. Upholstered beds wear and tear off quicker than wooden or metal platform beds. These beds also get stained quickly and fade with time.

Considering Different Materials For The Headboard

Choosing the correct material for the headboard can be more difficult than choosing the bed itself. A few headboard materials can be very pricey and demand extreme maintenance.

Whereas the few basic ones could be cheap as well as useful. Each material has its pros and cons. Depending upon your requirement, choose the material of the headboard.

Wooden headboardsZinus Dachelle Platform Bed Upholstered Wooden Frame Headboard

The wooden headboards are the most valuable attachments to your bed frame. It can be easily cleaned and require very little maintenance. Also, these are perfectly priced to fit your budget. Their looks can be easily manipulated with a fresh coat of paint or just by altering their finish. Do note that wooden ones may be a bit uncomfortable.

Velvet Headboards

Velvet material headboards can be very soft and charming. This material will blend along with all bedrooms. They add a sense of sophistication to your bedroom. Velvet headboards are prone to trap more dust and dirt. Therefore you need to clean them regularly.

Leather Headboards

These are the finest material headboards you will find. Due to their superior quality, they are undoubtedly expensive. They are used in high-end beds. To keep these headboards clean, you need to vacuum regularly and clean them with a damp cloth.

Metal Headboards

Often crafted with a variety of materials, these metal headboards give a traditional look to your bedding. These headboards might no longer be used commonly but are very long-lasting. If you are willing to buy this headboard, keep in mind that it should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid rusting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a box spring for a platform bed with a headboard?

Most platform beds do not require box springs. Box springs are spacers and do not alter the comfort or longevity of the mattress. Its supportive design will allow you to directly place the mattress without a box spring.

With slats running through the structure of the frame, you do not have to worry about the mattress sagging. If you choose a box spring, understand that it may increase the height of the mattress and hide the headboard.

What are the sizes available in the platform bed frame?

The size of the platform bed varies from one brand to another. Many brands feature all four sizes, namely king, queen, full, and twin size. However, not all brands selling platform beds will have all the aforementioned sizes. In case you want a specific size of the bed, many stores will happily provide customized sizes.

By general standards, the king size is somewhere around 76- by 80-inches, a queen measures 60-by 80 –inches. The full sizes are 54- by 75-inches and twin being the smallest size available is 39- by 75-inches.

Which mattress is best for the platform bed frame?

Typically, all mattresses are feasible for a platform bed. There are certain things to consider when choosing the right mattress for this type of bed. Memory foam mattresses are a perfect choice for platform frames as they have a good support structure. Hybrid, as well as latex mattresses, are good to go with platform frames.

The type of mattress suitable is directly related to the support system of the bed frame. Refrain from choosing traditional innerspring beds. The innerspring beds require additional support of a box spring. This results in the overall height of the bed rising substantially.

How do I care for a platform bed frame with a headboard?

A platform bed is simple structures that do not require a lot of care and cleaning. However, if you are choosing an upholstered one, you will need to clean it from time to time. You need to vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt.

As far as the frame is concerned, if it is a wooden framing or steel, refrain from using wet clothes for cleaning it. There are a few cleaning liquids that are specially curated to keep wood healthy and shining.

How to check if the platform bed frame with headboard is sturdy while buying?

Firstly, enquire about the core material that has been used to construct the frame. Post that, check for the number of wooden slats and the spacing between them. Slats that are closely spaced will provide durability to the mattress and do not shake or wobble.

Check the quality of wood used for slats, they should be real and not engineered. If the platform bed frame has a center rail, it is likely to be more durable. A center rail running from head to foot does not allow the center of the mattress to sink.

The number of legs also plays an important role in keeping the bed frame sturdy. Examine the quality of the legs and their placements. The legs should be made of wood and not plastic to ensure maximum support to the frame.  Above all, look for a brand offering a maximum warranty with good coverage.

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